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Typhoon Labs TV Review

Product Name: Typhoon Labs TV

Product Description: No IP Lock IPTV services bring 1000s of live channels to android devices only. You get access to premium, local, US, some regional, North/Central/South American channels with access to top networks to watch movies, sports, news, documentaries, kids, etc. Can also watch all kinds of sporting events including MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, PPV-URC/WWE/Boxing (all special events) There are 1000s of VOD movies and TV shows included, and can search for title name or city name. Also, can add to favorites (live channels & VODs). VOD TV shows include seasons and episodes. VOD Movies also include new releases. Can connect any compatible android device to Typhoon to watch TV online when traveling near or far. Anyone worldwide can get access and use a VPN service (optional). Great for TV viewers that want to watch channels from North, Central, and South America.

Offer price: 15.99

Currency: USD

Availability: OnlineOnly

  • Usability
  • Performance
  • Picture Quality
  • Compatibility
  • Live Channels
  • VOD/CatchUp
  • Sports/PPV
  • Global Channels
  • EPG (TV Guide)
  • Features
  • Support

Typhoon Labs TV Review

Individuals living in or who want to watch live streaming channels from North/Central/South America stand to benefit more from this IPTV service. There are over 1000 channels with many channels from the US as well as 1000s of VOD movies and TV shows. TV shows include seasons and episodes, VOD movies also include new movie releases.  Has a great sports package to watch local, national, and international sporting events including seasonal sports (MBL/NFL/MLB/NHL/NCAA. In addition, subscribers get access to PPV events to watch UFC/WWE/Boxing events. There is something for the entire family to watch including the kids. You get many of the top TV networks to watch movies, sports, news, documentaries, kid channels, etc. There are US and CA local channels but a limited number of them. Some US regional channels are available to watch online also. Can use a VPN service (optional) and can connect any compatible android device (up to 5 at one time) to watch TV online. There is a 48-hour free trial with full access to test everything on your device first and a low-cost 48-hour trial if you want more time to test before paying for the subscription. You can register and can pay the subscription inside the TV app via QR-code or by entering the URL into a web browser. The free trial is automatic and comes as soon as you install the app and register inside the app. Can also register in a web browser and subscribe. All instructions are located at the Typhoon website


  • 1000s of channels (premium, local, some regional, N0rth (USA included)/Central/South America)
  • Add to Favorites (live channels & VOD movies/TV shows
  • Great sports packages w/ MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA, PPV-UFC/WWE/Boxing, plus many other sports
  • Major TV networks to watch movies, shows, sports, kids, documentaries, etc.
  • Latino and Mexican’s channels included
  • Can register and subscribe inside TV app when installed
  • Preview and full-screen TV viewing
  • Uses No IP Lock system (can use VPN service-optional & connect any Android device when traveling)
  • Connect up to 5 android devices at one time
  • 48-hour free trial comes automatically when installing and registering TV app


  • VOD movies & TV shows have no genres
  • Very limited features
  • Not all US/CA local channels provided – typical to all IPTVs
  • Not all local channels work – typical to all IPTVs
  • Some channels may not work – typical to all IPTVs
  • Only compatible with android devices

Typhoon Labs TV Review (Typhoon Labs IPTV Review) by a real user and tester reveals all you need to know. The Typhoon Labs IPTV service brings something a little unique than other IPTVs out there. Not only do you pay less to watch your favorites online compared to cable but you get a Non-IP Lock IPTV system. What this means is you are not locked into using just one IP address when activating the TV app.

Your IP address can change which means you can use a VPN service if you want to hide your IP address or change it. You can also connect any compatible Android device (no other devices) to the Typhoon Labs TV service when traveling outside your home or business. Many of the other IPTV services that use an IP Lock system only allow you to connect one smartphone when traveling. And you cannot use a VPN service.

In this Typhoon Labs TV review, I’m going to break down the upsides and downsides of using this service so that you can make a well-informed decision on whether or not to buy. So if you are going to read other Typhoon Labs Reviews, I’m sure you’ll find this one to be more accurate and I provided a few video reviews so that you can see everything with your own two eyes. Just click the button in the star-rated review to the What is TyphoonLabs TV videos.

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Who Is This IPTV Service For

Here is what I discovered during my Typhoon Labs TV review. TyphoonLabs IPTV delivers streaming content from North America which includes the US & Canada, Central America, and South America. It doesn’t matter if you live in or outside those countries or continents. Everyone gets access to the same streaming content. If you speak/understand English and Spanish, you stand to benefit more when watching channels and VODs in those languages.

I’m from the US and when test reviewing this IPTV service I found more than enough US channels and VOD movies/TV shows including other English channels from Canada and so on. Whether it’s movies or TV series you want or even Sports, you get it all. All you need is a compatible Android device, high-speed Internet connection, the Typhoon app/apk, and a Typhoon service subscription.

Recommended VPN Service (Optional) to Hide Your IP Address – Learn More Here

Typhoon Labs IPTV Review: TV Channels & VOD Movies/TV Shows

The streaming content is divided into two categories but there’s also another category (no streaming content): 1) All TV Channels; 2) Movies & TV Shows that you can click each one to get access to sub-categories within to watch what you want; 3) Profiles.

There are 1000s of live channels available to watch online (premium, US/CA local, some regional, North/Central/South America). You can also watch PPV-URC/WWE boxing and wrestling events. There are seasonal sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA), and all kinds of other sporting events. You get the major TV networks to watch movies, sports, news, kids, documentaries, and so. There are Latino and Mexican channels as well.

You will find 1000s of on-demand movies and TV shows (TV series). Movies also include new releases and live channels have the latest movies but there are no genre categories. With TV shows/series, you get seasons and episodes.

There is a search tool available to search channel names, titles, and US cities. You can also Add to Favorites and access the Categories list. Just watch the videos (click button in star-rated review) to see everything in action.

Request Content

Here’s something quite different from other IPTV services. You can request content from the TyphoonLabs service for a region, especially the USA, CA, Latino, South America, and Africa. So if there’s a channel you want to see added, you can go to the Content page.

You will find a link that says Content at the top of the Typhoon Labs website. There’s a form you must fill in and submit. They probably can’t do it for all content requests but who knows maybe they can. I’m sure there’s something you like to have added that interests you so give it a try.

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Categories for Movies & TV Shows:

  • All Videos
  • TV Shows
  • Favorite VODs
  • VOD (Continue Watching)
  • Latest Movies (EN)
  • IMDB Top 250
  • English Movies (2010-2020, 2000-2009, 1990-1999 & before to 1990)

The live channels will initially play in Preview. When clicking the name of the TV channel/network again, you get Full Screen.

Profile includes:

  • News
  • Purchase
  • Change Parental PIN
  • Profile
  • Settings
  • Sign Out

NOTE: Clicking the ‘News’ link TyphoonLabs TV, gives you an update on the service, upgrades, and other info.

Typhoon Labs TV Review: Interfacing and Performance

When inside the TV app connected to the Typhoon Labs TV service, I found everything to be user-friendly. There is no manual or guide to using the app. You should be able to figure everything out on your own but I posted videos to let you see how to do certain things. How the app connects with the IPTV service was fast and smooth. I did not experience any issues navigating around the app to find what I wanted to watch online.

The picture quality and audio are very good. Channels and VODs played with crystal clear quality and I did not experience any consistent buffering. That’s because I purchased an Ethernet adapter for my Firestick from Amazon that gives me more Internet connection speed. You need to do the same for any compatible Android device you are going to use primarily to watch TV online. As for your other Android devices, use a wireless connection.

Compatible Devices You Can Use Only

Here is a list of Android devices that you can use – no other devices can be used with this IPTV service and app:

  • Android TV Box
  • Fire TV / Firestick
  • Android TV
  • Mobile or Tab
  • Tablet
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • New Chromecast with Google TV

During my Typhoon Labs TV review, I used my Firestick connected to my LG smart TV. I really like using the Firestick because it works great with IPTVs.

You get 5 device connections and you can connect all devices at one time to the IPTV service at home or when traveling.

Free Trial, Trial, Subscription Plans & Costs

When going through the setup and app installation instructions during my Typhoon Labs IPTV review, I quickly found out this IPTV is different. You can find the setup and installation instructions on the Typhoon Labs IPTV website. You can also watch my videos. When installing the app the free trial comes automatically if you are a first-time user.

You get a 48-hour free trial immediately once the app is installed on your device and register the app. All of this is done inside the app. There’s no other IPTV service that I reviewed, and there were many, that let you register and subscribe inside the TV app.

There is also a low-cost 48-hour trial if you want to extend testing the app and IPTV service.

Here is a breakdown of the Trials and Subscription Plans w/ 5 device connections:

  • Automatic 48-Hour Free Trial
  • Low-Cost 48-Hour Free Trial: $2.00
  • 1-Month Access: $15.99
  • 3-Month Access: $39.99
  • 6-Month Access: $59.99
  • 12-Month Access: $79.99

NOTE: There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. You must revisit the TyphoonLabs TV website to renew your subscription plan. There is no automated or recurring billing. You can choose or switch to any subscription plan you want – 1, 3, 6, 12-month plan. The fees listed comes at the time of this review may change in the future without being updated here.

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Support Help

Before I conducted my Typhoon Labs IPTV Review, I contacted support via chatbox to ask some questions. I also asked some questions after entering into the free trial. The chatbox agent was available and answered all my questions. On one occasion, the agent didn’t answer as quickly but eventually addressed my questions.

They claim to have Live Chat Support 24/7 and they also have a Contact Form if you want to take the route. But if you want a quicker response, use the chatbox.

Typhoon Labs TV Review: Pros & Cons

As I stated earlier, there are other Typhoon Labs TV Reviews out there but they probably don’t give you the pros and cons including video reviews. No IPTV service is perfect so I want to make you aware of the downsides as well as the upsides.


There are over 1,000 live channels (local, premium, some regional & North/Central/South America). Plenty of US channels and VODs are available to watch online and something for the entire family. You can add channels and VODs to favorites as you choose and remove them. You get access to many of the major TV networks to watch sports, news, movies, and other shows.

This also includes getting access to 1000s of on-demand movies and TV shows/series with seasons and episodes. There are new movies releases as well. Typhoon has a great live sports package that includes seasonal sports and PPV events also. Besides English channels, there are Latino and Mexican channels also.

Some of the other highlights include Non-IP Lock system, connecting up to 5 devices, and Preview/Full Screen TV viewing. You can search channels and cities, and access the categories of Movies & TV shows. Just watch the videos when clicking the button in the star-rated review at the top.

There is an automatic free trial when installing and registering the app as well as a low-cost trial if you want to test further before shelling the money for one of the subscription plans.


TyphoonLabs IPTV is only compatible with Andriod devices and no other streaming device or TV. There are very limited features outside of the TV guide, Search, Preview/Full Screen, and Add to Favorites. There are no genre categories for movies but you can search for titles. The year of the movie is included for most of them.

Not all US/CA local channels are available and work which is typical of all IPTV services. The same goes for other channels, some don’t work. Should you come across a channel that doesn’t work you can always contact support. I did not experience any buffering issues.

But understand most consistent buffering issues comes from the user’s end. Previously in my Typhoon Labs IPTV review, I explained how to avoid consistent buffering issues when using an Ethernet cable and adapter. You can also watch this How to Eliminate Buffering Video Here.


There isn’t much to this IPTV service. My Typhoonlabs TV review (Typhoon Labs IPTV Review) didn’t take long to complete. This is because I did not test/play every single live channel or VOD, only some of them. You can do more testing yourself and play whatever interests you when entering into the free trial that comes automatically.

You can register and subscribe to one of the subscription plans inside the app/apk. There’s also an URL where you can go to register and subscribe in your web browser. Watch my videos and be sure to read the setup/installation instructions when visiting the Typhoon website.

For what’s it’s worth the free trial is a no-brainer. It cost you nothing to try before you buy. The subscription plans are affordable and when comparing costs to cable TV, you’ll see the savings. I’m sure this IPTV service has many of your favorites to watch online. The app doesn’t come with many features but nothing is confusing about using this IPTV service and app. Everything is pretty simple.

I recommend giving Typhoon a try. Then decide whether or not they have what interests you. When you register make sure to type your correct email address and write down the password you are going to create. Your email address will become your username. They let you create your username and password which is different from other IPTVs.

If you don’t get any emails immediately, look in your Junk/Spam mail folder for them. If any are there, move those emails to your regular email inbox.

This Concludes My Typhoon Labs TV Review (Typhoon Labs IPTV Review).

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