ShowJacks WebPlayer App

The ShowJacks web player app is another good reason to give this a try, especially for iOS and computer users. Whether you are going to use a computer desktop/laptop or iOS device, just open your web browser. Then enter the webplayer URL to open the app inside the web browser.

You can use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firestick web browser, or whatever browser you want to use. In the video above, I used the Microsoft Edge browser and my Windows 10 desktop computer. You will get the setup installation instructions by email after signing up for the trial or subscription.

6/20/22 UPDATE: We got word from the support that they are currently working on fixing the non-working CatchUp TV section. In the video, it showed none of the CatchUp TV shows worked. This fix may not take long. Hopefully, CatchUp will be working when you subscribe.

When opening the ShowJacks web player app, you can create a profile name, as many as you want. Then you need to enter the Service ID, Username, and Password. This is no different from what I show you in the other video tutorial using my Firestick.

You will use your device’s keyboard or Android functions to navigate, play streams, and so forth. The entire layout is the same as the Thorium app installed on my Firestick. There is nothing new you will see or have to learn.

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How Good is ShowJacks WebPlayer App

The ShowJacks webplayer app performed very well overall. It appears to deliver SD, HD, and perhaps higher resolutions. I did not test many streams at the time of the review but the picture quality was good for the most part.

When trying to play one of the TV series seasons/episodes, it didn’t work. I tried playing another TV series and it worked. No doubt you will come across this as well. There is no perfect IPTV service out there. Some streams are bound not to work. In the CatchUp TV section, none of that content worked. I’m sure the ShowJacks are already aware.

The CatchUp TV shows do work for the most part in the Thorium app that’s installed on my Firestick. I tested more live channels than the one channel in the video above. Most of the channels played but understand no IPTV service is perfect. You just want an IPTV service where mostly all the streaming content plays which ShowJacks does.

Other Benefits…

Remember that you can use Amazon devices (Firestick & Fire TV) and Android devices (TV, Box & Phone) when installing the Thorium app/apk. And if you have a computer and/or iOS device, you have another way to watch your favorites. You can connect up to 5 streaming devices at one time.

If you plan to travel, it doesn’t matter if your IP address changes. Whether you want to use an Android device or laptop for traveling, you are good to go. I’m not sure about tablets just yet but you may want to try that device as well.

The ShowJacks web player app inside your website is another way to travel and watch your favorite shows, sports, news, and so on over the web. You can travel near or far, overseas. As long as you can get a stable strong fast Internet connection.

In Closing…

As you can see the ShowJacks web player app gives you another incentive that allows you to watch what you want wherever you want. Many people use portable devices when traveling and have all kinds of apps to serve their needs. With the web player app you get everything under one roof such as premium live channels, recent movies, all kinds of live sports, and the list goes on.

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