Top 10 Best IPTV Service Providers

Best IPTV Service(s) with UK, US, Canada, India, Australia, and Other Countries Plus TV Apps & Trials

Are you looking for a Top IPTV or Best IPTV Service Provider that’s low-cost but you don’t want to lose watching your favorites? If so, then you’ve found the right place.

UPDATE: Since the time many SO Player and Nora Go IPTV services listed in our Top 10 Comparison Chart were removed due to numerous reasons, we continue to search/find and test IPTV services that are worthy of our Top 10. The ones that met our standards after testing/reviewing them are greatly better than any SOPlayer or NoraGo IPTV service. Check them out in the Chart below…

IPTV Comparison Chart

You’re probably here because you had enough Cable TV and the high cost. Or maybe you’re living on a fixed income, tight budget, and want more TV entertainment. Whatever the case may be, we put together a Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart for your review. You can quickly find low-cost IPTV providers with tons of live channels and VOD coming from the US, UK, CA, and other countries.

We tested and reviewed many IPTV services over the years and compiled only the best of the rest in our Comparison Chart below. Why are they the best? You get very high reliability, support, great savings, and entertainment for the entire family. IPTV is a great TV alternative that gives you different ways to watch TV online.

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Top 10 Best IPTV Service Comparison Chart Service with All Your TV Entertainment Needs

The Comparison Chart below allows you to review each IPTV Service Provider side-by-side. You can compare prices, features, streaming content, and other info very quickly. Just scroll right to see more services and scroll up/down for more info.

Each provider has a ‘Visit Site’ link that takes you directly to the IPTV website. You can find more info there and sign up for the trial or subscription. Also, included is a ‘Review’ link if you want to read a full read with pros and cons. We’ve a created video review as well.

When reading the review, there’s a button to watch the video review to see everything in action. We even show you how streams play so you can see the quality.

Start reviewing the Best IPTV Service now that fits your needs…

Low-Cost IPTV Service Providers With TV Apps and Trials


Scroll right/left or up/down to read everything on our comparison chart below. If you have any questions about a service, feel free to contact us via our Chat Now in the lower right corner. We Do Not provide support for any product or service see on our website. And we certainly don’t provide any support after you choose and subscribe to the best TV stream website below.

NOTE: You May Not See All 10 Recommendations Due to An Update That's Forthcoming. You May See Additional IPTVs Beyond 10 Included That Offers Something a Little Different From the Other IPTVs.

Top 10
Topeba Streams
TruView TV
Comstar TV
IPTV Service Providers
No IP Lock & IP Lock

Topeba Streams Logo
$9.99 USD
(1 Month)


TruView TV Logo
$20.00 USD
(1 Month)


Comstar TV Logo
$14.99 USD
(1 Month)


IPTV Gang Logo
15€ ($18.14)
(1 Month)

AirTV Logo
$19.99 USD
(1 Month)

Visit Site

eBay IPTVs
See IPTV Costs


Amazon IPTVs
See IPTVs Costs



Overall 5 Star Rating Image
Overall 4 Star Rating Image
Overall 4 Star Rating Image
Overall 4 Star Rating Image
Overall 3 Star Rating Image
Overall 4 Star Rating Image
Overall 4 Star Rating Image

IPTV Service - No IP Lock - Can Use VPN Service; DuplexPlay App (How to Install to Any Compatible Device)

IPTV Service - No IP Lock; - Can Use VPN Service; Connect 1 Device at One Time; Media Player Apps: DuplexPlay (How to Install to Any Compatible Device)

IPTV Service - No IP Lock w/ Comstar TV App & 3rd-Party Apps (Smart IPTV for Samsung & LG smart TVs)

IPTV Service - No IP Lock; - Can Use VPN Service; Uses 3rd-Party Media Player Apps & DuplexPlay App => Easiest Setup & Recommend Using (How to Install to Any Compatible Device)Read Tutorial Section on IPTV Website, Not Here (Click **Visit Site** Link at the Top)

IP Lock IPTV Service; AirTV APK/APP (STB version); AirTV APK/APP (PAD Version); AirTV APK/APP (Fire Stick version)




1 Month - 1 Connection Digital Subscription Service - $9.99; 1 Month Movies Only - 1 Connection Digital Subscription - $6.50; 1 Month Live TV Only - 1 Connection Digital Subscription - $6.50; 6 Months - 2 Connections Digital Subscription Service - $59.99; 3 Month - 2 Connections Digital Subscription Service - $29.99;
UPGRADE SERVICES: 1 Extra Connection for 1 Month - $6.50; Digital Subscription w/ Adult Content/18+ - $6.50
* 12 Months 2 Connections - $99.95; 12 Months Family Plan w/ 5 Connections - $165.00

24-Hr. Trial / 1 Device Connection: $4.50, 1 Month / 1 Connection: $15.00, 3 Months / 3 Connections: $45.00, and 6 Months / 3 Connections: $75.00;
TVT 24 Hr. Trial / 1 Device Connection: $4.50, TVT 1 Month / 1 Connection: $15.00, TVT 1 Month / 2 Connections: $25.00, TVT 3 Month / 3 Connections: $45.00, TVT 6 Month / 3 Connections: $75.00, and TVT 1 Extra Connection: $4.50

$2 Device Connections @ $20.00 (1 month); 3 Device Connections @ 24.99 (1 month)

2Basic: 1 Device Connection - 1 Month at 15€ ($18.14 USD); 3 Months at 35€ ($42.33 USD); 6 Months at 45€ ($54.42 USD); 12 Months at 80€ ($96.74 USD)
(Approximate USD Currency Conversion - You can Do Your Own Conversions)
Multi Room: 2 Device Connections - 1 Month at 25€ ($30.23 USD); 3 Months at 50€ ($60.46 USD); 6 Months at 65€ ($78.60 USD); 12 Months at 100€ ($120.92 USD)
(Approximate USD Currency Conversion - You can Do Your Own Conversions)
Multi Room: 5 Device Connections - 1 Month at 55€ ($66.51 USD); 3 Months at 80€ ($96.74 USD); 6 Months at 145€ ($175.34 USD); 12 Months at 199€ ($240.64 USD)
(Approximate USD Currency Conversion - You can Do Your Own Conversions)
Must Convert Euros into Your Currency. Euros to USD - Click Here

AirTV: 1 Month: $19.99 USD, 3 Months: $49.99 USD, 6 Months: $79.99 USD, 12 Months: $139.99 USD
AirTV Extra w/ 7-Day CatchUp: 1 Month: $39.99 USD; 3 Months: $79.99 USD; 6 Months: $129.99 USD; 12 Months: $199.99 USD
AirTV Extra Sub-Device (incl. Both Packages Above) Plus 2 More Devices (Sub-Devices) 12 Months: $89.99 USD



Money Back

No Refund, Suggested to Enter into Trial to Test First.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee - Minus $5 Processing Fee. No Refunds Given for 1-Day Subscription or 7-Day Subscription; No Refund Given for 1-Month Subscription, 3-Month & 6-Month Subscriptions Active Over 7 Days

No Refund (No Automatic Billing) - Can Choose Not to Pay Again When Subscription Ends

10-Day Money Back Guarantee - Must Read Refund Policy on IPTV Website, Not Here (Click **Visit Site** Link at the Top) to Fully Understand. There are some Conditions that Must Be Met First.

Refund Within 3 Days Right After Subscription is Activated - Refer to Refund in FAQ on Website




24-Hour Trial @ $3.99

24-Hour $4.50 Trial

48-Hour Free Trial (No Credit Card)

24-Hour Trial for 2€ ($2.42) or 1-Hour Free Trial (Must Contact IPTV Service, Not Here)

3-Day Free Trial; No Credit Card Required.



Device Compatibility

Android box 4.4 or higher, Android phones, Android Tablets, Android Set-Top Boxes, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield, Windows 10, LG WebOS, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV

Android Devices (Android Box 4.4 or higher, Tablet, Phone, etc.), iOS, Mac, Windows, Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV & Firestick, iPad, Nvidia Shield

MagBox (250,254, etc); Apple TV; iOS; Android; Windows &; Mac PC; Dreamlink (T1, T1+, T6, etc);
Avov Tvonline (N, N2, N3, etc); Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android Box, Roku; Smart IPTV; STB Emulator; rIPTV; GSE Smart IPTV; Kodi; STB Emulator; Perfect Player; Best Player; VLC Player

Smart TV (Samsung & LG), Amazon Fire TV / Firestick, PC & Mac Computer (Must Install VLC Software), Android Devices (Tablet, TV [Perfect Player], Box, Phone), KODI (XBMC) Version 17 & Up, KODI Version V16 or Lower, STB Emulator, MAG250/254/256, Engima2/Dreambox/Vu+, Dreamlink T1,T1+,T2,T6, Openbox, Avov Box/Formuler, NVIDIA Shield, Xbox
DuplexPlay App (Easiest Setup and Recommended for Android Devices, Windows PC, Samsung & LG Smart TVs, Fire TV/Firestick, NVIDIA Shield & Xbox); Tivimate App (Recommended for Android Box, Phone, Tablet, Fire TV/Firestick); My IPTV Player App for Windows PC; GSE IPTV on iOS, iPad, iPhone & Apple TV; IPTV Smarters Pro for Firestick, Android Devices & iOS Devices

Android (Boxes & Apps), Android Smart TV, Android Tablet, Android PAD, Smartphones, Samsung Android Phone, NVIDIA Shield, Smart TV(Android OS), Zgemma, Dreambox (All Versions), FireStick & Fire TV Box, Vu Plus, Pixel, Enigma 2 (All Versions), Xiaomi Phone/Boxes; Does Not Support M3U File, MAG250, or PC



# of Installs

1 or 2 Device Subscriptions; Can Upgrade to 1 Extra Device or 5 Devices

Only 1 Device Can Be Connected at One Time; Subscription Can Be Attached to Max of 10 Devices - Total of 5 IP Addresses Per Requested Subscription Level When Activating Service via MAC Address. When Using MAC Address, Only 1 Connection Per Subscription Level allowed With a Max of 5 Devices on 5 IP Addresses' Can Request 2 Device Connections - Contact Support

Subscriptions for 1, 2 & 5 Device Connections. For Multiple Devices, Can only connect 1 Device At One Time per Subscription/Account.

1 Device Connection - Can Add 2 Extra Devices; IP Lock--Cannot Use VPN Service



Streaming Content

100s of Channels (USA/UK/CA & Many Other Countries, Live Premium, Local, Sports, Music & Some Regional Channels); PPV, 24/7 & More; Major Networks (Movies, Sports, News, Kids, etc.); Great Sports Package; 1000s of VOD Movies Plus New Releases & TV Series w/ Genres, Seasons/Episodes, Plus VOD Sports (Fights/Boxing); FHD, HD, SD & 1080p Picture Quality

1000s Live Channels/Premium Channels, Local TV; Watch Live Channels w/ Sports, News, Movies, Kids, and More, PPV, Some Regional Channels, VOD Movies w/Genres & TV Series w/ Seasons/Episodes, 24/7, Music Videos; FHD, HD, SD & 1080p Picture Quality

2,500+ Live Premium TV Channels w/ EPG (TV Guide); 9,000+ On-Demand TV & Movies; Adult Channels; Record/DVR; 24/7 TV; Live Premium Channels From 50+ Countries; Watch movies, TV shows & Episodes; News; Portugal & International Channels; Local, National, International Sports; Sports; PPV Fights

30,000+ Live Channels (Premium Local, Sports, Some Regional), 24/7, PPV, Netflix & Music; Channels from US, UK, CA and Over 100 Other Countries; Great Live Sports Package (Pro, College, International, Seasonal Sports, PPV); Over 1000 VOD Movies, TV Series & Sports/Boxing; Picture Quality in FHD, HD & SD. Many Major TV Networks to Watch Movies, News, Sports, Kids, Documentaries, Shopping, and Much More.

100s of Live Premium Channels (Major Networks for Movies, Sports, News, Kids & More); 1000s of Movies and TV Series w/ Genres, Seasons/Episodes





No Discount but Does Have Promotion







US, UK, CA, UK: Ireland, Latino, Chile, Honduras, El Salvador, Cuba, Ecuador, Dominican, Brazil Colombia, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Caribbean,

Too Many to List: 50+ Countries Including US, UK & CA

No Geo Restrictions - Anyone Worldwide Can Use. Too Many to List: 60 Countries Including US, UK & CA

US, UK & CA & 100+ Other Countries (Your Country/Language Should be Available)

USA, UK, France, Greece, Arabic (sport), Netherlands; Belgium,
Turkey, Asian Packs, Pakistani, H265(test), EPL, Cyprus, Arabic, Russia, Bulgaria, Albania, Balkan, F.Y.R.O.M



Features or Highlights

Add to Favorites, Search Tool, Preview & Full Screen, EPG (TV Guide), EPG Timeshift, Parental Control, Speed Test, Watched Previously, PIP (Picture in Picture), Record, Parental Control & More.

Add to Favorites; Search Tool; Preview & Full Screen; EPG (TV Guide); EPG Timeshift; Parental Control; Speed Test; Recently Added; Recent Search

Full Screen; Channel/Movie Search; EPG (TV Guide); Record; Add to Favorites; Time Shift/10s Increments; Tech Support

Add to Favorites, Search Tool, Preview & Full Screen, Record, PIP, Previously Watched, Parental Control, EPG (TV Guide) & More -- DuplexPlay App Recommended

Record, EPG (TV Guide), Full Screen, Search Tool, Add to Favorites, Parental Control



Topeba Streams TV C/D 5 Star Rating Image
TruView TV C/D 5 Star Rating Image
Comstar TV C/D 4 Star Rating Image
TruView TV C/D 3 Star Rating Image
AirTV C/D 4 Star Rating Image



Interface &
Topeba Streams I/P 5 Star Rating Image
TruView I/P 4 Star Rating Image
Comstar I/P 4 Star Rating Image
TruView I/P 4 Star Rating Image
AirTV 3 Star I/P Rating Image



Topeba Streams TV PV/Q 5 Star Rating Image
TruView TV PV/Q 4 Star Rating Image
Comstar TV PV/Q 5 Star Rating Image
TruView TV PV/Q 4 Star Rating Image
AirTV PV/Q 4 Star Rating Image



Ease of Use
Topeba Streams Ease 4 Star Rating Image
TruView TV Ease 4 Star Rating Image
Comstar TV Ease 4 Star Rating Image
TruView TV Ease 4 Star Rating Image
AirTV  Ease 3 Star Rating Image



Initial Setup
Topeba Streams Setup 5 Star Rating Image
TruView TV Setup 3 Star Rating Image
Comstar TV Setup 3 Star Rating Image
TruView TV Setup 3 Star Rating Image
AirTV Setup 3 Blue Star Rating Image



Topeba Streams Support 5 Star Rating Image
TruView TV Support 5 Star Rating Image
Comstar TV Support 4 Star Rating Image
TruView TV Support 4 Star Rating Image
AirTV Support 4 Star Rating Image
Other Products
or Notes

Best to Install DuplexPlay App. Otherwise, Requires More Steps to Setup

Best to Install DuplexPlay App. Otherwise, Requires More Steps to Setup


Best to Install DuplexPlay App for Ease of Use and Great Features. Otherwise, Requires More Steps to Setup with Other Apps

iView (Other Brand); ATV IPTV (Other Brand)

It’s the most affordable way to watch television in the 21st century for which the entire family will love while lowering your cost. Watch everything online and moving away from traditional TV is something everyone needs to consider. These are the top web TV services we found without buffering issues for the most part. However, IPTV Services are not perfect and not for everyone.

IPTV Firestick and Other Streaming Devices

To find IPTV Firestick instructions on how to download/install the app, you can find on the IPTV website when visiting. Some of them have video tutorials as well. We’ve also included video tutorials to help you get set up on different compatible devices. To see what compatible devices can be used, we’ve listed some of them below — ‘See Requirements’.

When using a Firestick, there are more steps involved to get set up but don’t worry. Following instructions will take you through each step until completed. There will be written instructions and/or video instructions. The best streaming media to use is Firestick in my opinion. I have two at home. One connected to my smart TV and the other connected to my HDTV.

Never had any real problems and I like having Alexa Voice and Remote Control. Compared to other streaming media devices, the Amazon Firestick is the cheapest but powerful.

IPTV Provider Can’t Do Without

Once you’ve chosen the best IPTV service that fits your needs, you’ll find supreme enjoyment using your Firestick to watch all your favorites online. You will also experience a lot of enjoyment from using other compatible streaming devices. However, streaming media devices connected to your TV brings more excitement.

Many IPTV services deliver live premium channels and on-demand content. Some deliver only live premium channels. Depending on which service you choose. You can get access to 100s of live premium TV channels to watch TV shows, sports, movies, and news. This includes all the popular TV networks for kids, movies, shows, news, and sports.

Individuals can also get access to PPV events (no extra cost) to watch all the fights. Get CatchUp TV with DVR, music channels, and live channels from other countries. The best IPTV providers deliver local TV channels from the US and Canada.

Also included are 1000s of VOD movies, TV series, PPV events, an EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) which is a TV guide. Each of the top ten IPTV and OTT services come with a written review with pros and cons. And we created a video review that takes you inside to the app and IPTV or OTT service to see it in action.

Most of these web TV services have free trials (no credit required) to test everything on your device. No doubt you will find the IPTV provider of your choice that meets what you want. Compare prices, features, and content among the top 10 we reviewed and tested above.

How to Watch IPTV Channels From Countries Outside the US

If you’re searching for an IPTV service to watch channels from your country or different countries, see IPTV MARKETPLACE 1 or MARKETPLACE 2 or MARKETPLACE 3

4 Streaming TV Site Requirements

  1. Internet connection (20 or 25 Mbps but recommend 2x or 3x as much)
  2. Streaming Device (Amazon Fire TV/Firestick, Windows/Mac Computer, Android Device, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, iOS Device, Apple TV, Smart TV)
  3. App (SO Player or Nora Go or another app)
  4. Best IPTV provider (one that suits your needs)

Note: IPTV services are not compatible to Roku, Xbox, Playstation, Chromecast, and other game devices. You can contact the service to see what other devices are compatible.

If you have a smart TV, you may find the required app in your smart TV app store. If not, then it means your TV isn’t compatible. In that case, use or purchase the Amazon Fire TV Stick. As for the best TV stream website or websites, many of them have apps compatible with the Firestick.

If you have more than one TV (HDTV and/or smart) in your household, you can connect the Firestick to each television. This way other members in the household can watch something different online.

Best Live Streaming TV sites UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Spanish, French, India, and Filipino Channels

Best IPTV Provider

If you searching for live TV streaming sites UK, there are many live premium UK channels delivered. It doesn’t matter if you live in the UK or outside, there are no geo-restrictions. You can get access to all the countries available including US live premium channels and local channels. The same for everyone else no matter what country they live in. Many top TV networks are available with something for the entire family.

There are many live streaming tv sites (a.k.a IPTV Service Providers) with sports, movies, TV shows, and news from the United Kingdom also. When reviewing the comparison chart, you will see which streaming sites with live UK channels are listed. I suggest you opt into the free trial to test live channels on your device. Since these services don’t cater to one thing, there will be other types of content included.

If you are looking for TV streaming sites Canada or TV streaming sites Australia, some services include them as well as US, Spanish, French, or Filipino channels. We included streaming TV sites for everyone. Sports fans, movie buffs, TV series lovers, kids shows, those who want local TV channels, DVR features, TV guide, should be delighted. This includes live TV, CatchUp TV, Sports TV, and On-demand TV where many services have all.

Live TV Streaming Sites India, Australia & Other Countries

If you are searching for live TV streaming sites India, we reviewed and tested a streaming TV site or two that has over 50 countries with India included. Another has service delivers International channels. As for Australian TV streaming sites, you can find live Australian premium channels as well.

These IPTV services are at the bottom end of our top 10 but that shouldn’t deter you from entering into the free trial. They are good web TV services to try out. To find these services with your country, just scroll down the comparison chart until you see ‘Streaming Content’ section in the far left column. Now scroll to the right to find which service delivers 50 countries and International channels and review them. Not every country is included.

IPTV Service for You and Entire Family

When choosing the best IPTV Provider for you and your family or just yourself, be sure to read the full review. There’s a video review available that takes you inside to see all features and see streaming content play. If you are satisfied with what you reviewed, click the link that takes you to the streaming TV site. You have a choice to either download/install the free app first or opt into the IPTV subscription or free trial first.

I highly recommend that you enter into the free trial first for two reasons: 1) No credit card is required; 2) Test everything (TV services & app) on your devices. When seeing what devices are compatible, decide which device(s) to use. Keep in mind that you can also connect an Internet-connected computer to any TV via HDMI cable. Or you may be able to connect your computer and smart TV wirelessly. Find Out More Here.

IPTV or OTT service has all the instructions needed on its website. After signing up for the free trial or subscription, expect an email from them immediately. If you don’t see any email, check your Junk or Spam folder.

You will receive your activation/login credentials by email including account information. We made it very convenient for you to find Streaming TV sites with the content you want. Most services have a few ways to contact them such as chatbox, phone number, contact, support email address. For a quick answer back, use their chatbox. Often at times, you’ll find a representative online ready to help you.

The live streaming TV sites either come with money-back guarantees or no refund. This is another reason why you should go for the free trial first when there is no refund. I helped some of my family members find the best TV stream website. They are happy with all the entertainment and cost-savings. What you see in our Top 10 Best IPTV Service Comparison Chart are many but only 1 will become the best for you.

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