Voco TV Review

Voco TV Review by Real Tester/User. If you’re tired of paying the high cost of cable or satellite TV and looking for big savings without losing what you love to watch, VocoTV may be just the thing. Even if you’re living without cable TV, you should continue reading. In my review, I will provide you with inside information

I’ve test-reviewed the Voco IPTV service with the supported app. Besides my full review with pros and cons, you get access to my video tutorials that let you see everything with your own two eyes. Simply click the button in the star-rated review section above.

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What Is It and What’s In It For You

If you have not explored watching TV online or you have but wonder what else is out there, VocoTV adds another dimension to the mix. You get access to 1000s of live TV channels, including premium, US locals/regionals, major TV networks, and so on.

You can watch movies, sports, news, documentary, kids’ channels, and more. This also includes access to 1000s VOD movies and TV series as well as PPV and 24/7 streaming content. During the Voco TV review, I found channels from the US, UK, Australia, and CA–all English-speaking countries. And there are a large number of countries with their channels included.

You get an all-in-one streaming TV/VOD platform that entertains the entire family, which means adults, teens, pre-teens, and the little ones. And when looking at the cost savings compared to cable/satellite TV, that alone can make you take a closer look at Voco TV IPTV. Click Here to watch the video review.

Additional Info…

Unlike many typical streaming TV services or OTT TV services, Voco just adds another dimension. It uses a No IP Lock system that eliminates any restrictions. You can use any compatible streaming device with the TV app installed and connected when traveling outside the home. Travel near or far, even worldwide as long as you have and can maintain an Internet connection.

Just imagine using your laptop or Apple tablet which are portable devices to watch your favorites online. You’ll see in my VocoTV review the complete layout internally. The category, sub-categories, navigation, features, and even watch streaming content play.

Moreover, you can use a VPN service (optional) should you want to hide your IP address which doesn’t matter if your IP changes. Any person from all walks of life can use Voco TV to watch their favorites online. Watch channels from your homeland at your leisure. These are just some of the benefits I found when using this IPTV service and app.

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This IPTV service is no different from other IPTV services that don’t host any streaming TV/VOD content on their website. They use servers to store all the streaming content scraped from the Internet. The TV app installed on your compatible streaming device connects to the server.

Voco like most IPTV services is Not the content holder. Many IPTV services include legal documents on their website. Some of them also include the DMCA Take Down policy which has to do with copyrights. You can learn more HERE. However, VocoTV only has the Private Policy and Refund Policy on its website which you should read.

There are some gray areas that one must factor in but as I see it no authority is coming after millions of individuals worldwide. If anything should a content holder contact the IPTV service to remove the content they must remove it. The Voco IPTV service is legit in what it claims to deliver. I have test-reviewed and seen with my own eyes. If it makes you feel better, use a VPN service to hide your IP address.

Voco TV Customer Reviews – Complaints

Don’t take my word for it. You can go directly to Trustpilot customer reviews website to read what others have experienced. There’s a 3/4 star average rating out of 57 reviews. Like all IPTV services out there, you’ll get positive and negative experiences. And there are always those who complain about constant buffering, and crashes whereas others are not experiencing them.

Also, you need to make note of the following: Often at times when complaints were made the IPTV service corrected them or improved afterward that never gets posted. I wouldn’t take much stock in someone’s complaint from a year or more ago. But recent complaints should be taken into consideration.

My suggestion if you are skeptical but want to give it a try is to opt into the 24-hour free trial. It cost you nothing and no credit card is needed. IPTVs are not for everyone. You must have everything right on your end such as a High-Speed Internet connection, 30 Mbps or more. I recommend having 100 Mbps or more.

A new or fairly new streaming device is ideal with internal files up to date. Firestick and Fire TV device users need to have the latest version such as the 4K (at the time of this review).

What Are the Requirements?

The setup includes a high-speed Internet connection of 30 Mbps or more. But I say 100 Mbps or more would be ideal. Here’w why… Read this Article.

A compatible streaming device is required which I give you a breakdown further down in this review of Voco IPTV. More than likely you already possess both of these technologies in your household that I mentioned so far. This means you are halfway there already to getting fully set up.

You will need to download/install the free TV app which I break down further in this IPTV review. You will know exactly what TV player is supported and should be used for your compatible streaming devices or smart TVs.

A paid IPTV service subscription is required. Or you can enter into the free trial to get set up and activated. Either way will give you access to all the streaming content under one roof. Voco TV IPTV delivers all the streaming content and provides support for both the app and streaming content. Any issues you go back to their website to get support. This also includes renewing your subscription when time. More on this later.

IPTV Streaming Content

I paid the one-month subscription for 2 device connections and installed the VocoTV player app on my Firestick. It’s a brand app of theirs taken from a popular IPTV SmartersPro player app. They simply rebranded it. Channels play in SD, HD, and FHD. They also included a 4k section of channels to watch.

When the TV player opens the main screen appears where you will see 4 main categories as follows:

  • Live
  • Guide – EPG (Electronic Programming Guide)
  • VOD (all movies)
  • TV Series
Voco TV Review

You can easily navigate to any one of those categories to find what you’re looking for. It’s self-explanatory. When you watch the video tutorials, you’ll see the ease of use and navigation that makes watching TV online delightful. You can watch everything from an iOS, Android, Computer, Smart TV, etc.

Live Category (all live channels)

When I selected the Live category, it automatically took me to the section that showed all live channels. On the left side, appeared the sub-categories. Select a sub-category and all the live channels appear in the right column. Below are some of the sub-categories:

  • Favorites
  • Recent Search
  • USA Entertainment
  • USA Movies
  • USA Sports
  • USA News
  • And so on
Voco IPTV Live Channels

Also in my review of Vocal, I found the following: Channels for music, US locals, sports & seasonal sports, 24/7 TV shows & movies, Canada and United Kingdom channels, plus 60+ other countries. You can also watch PPV fights/special boxing events live without an extra cost. Further into my review of Voco IPTV…

Guide Category – EPG (Electronic Programming Guide)

Guide or TV Guide) is another sub-category on the main screen. This feature gives you the ability to program the TV guide with only the channels that interest you. For example, in the top portion of this section, there’s a long row of sub-categories.

I selected the sub-category for USA Movies and it loaded the TV guide with only those movies. When I selected USA Family & Kids, only those channels were loaded in the TV guide. I could play any channel that I wanted from the TV guide (EPG).

VocoTV Guide - EPG

You will see TV networks with TV programs (shows) in their timeslots just like a TV guide. Choose any channel to play right from the EPG–TV guide. You can select a different sub-category of channels at will to load the TV guide.

VOD (all movies)

The layout of movies with sub-categories is child’s play when navigating and finding what you want. You can use the magnifying glass icon to search by title or scroll through the sub-categories or the list of movie images to play any one of them.

In the left column, you will see the following…

  • Favorites
  • Recently Added
  • Continue Watching
  • New Movies (2023) **This changes by year
  • 4k Movies
  • Sports Replays
  • The list of genres
VOD Movies

As for movies, there’s something for the entire family. Simply select the movie title/image in the right column and you get the movie description screen. At the bottom is the play button to play the movie. I’ve seen movies that came with a movie trailer also. One worked but the other one I tried didn’t work.

TV Series Category

This section pretty much has the same setup and navigation as movies. In the left column, you’ll find the following:

  • Favorites
  • Recently Added
  • Continue Watching
  • The list of genres
VOD Series

You can search by title if you want the same way as the movies section. Simply select any TV series of interest to open. You find both seasons and episodes where you can select one to start watching it. Many popular TV series are available to watch.

Regular Updates

VocoTV doesn’t lay dormant by not updating the channels and VODs periodically. The updates will come and bring new streaming content to watch. This is one of the benefits of using the Voco TV IPTV service. The price may be cheap compared to cable TV but you do get the support they promise.

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Feature Enhancements

I’ve already told you about some of the features provided. Other features include:

  • Multiscreen (PIP) – Can play up to 4 streams at one time
  • Add to Favorites – Add any channels or VOD to favorites
  • Sort A-Z/Z-A
  • Search Tool
  • Parental Control (see Settings)
  • Record (not tested-need external storage device)
  • Update (manually update Live TV, VOD, Series & Guide)

IPTV Smarters Web TV Player

There’s another way you can watch TV online when using the Web TV player. After communicating with the VocoTV owner, he said he would create a web TV player at a later date.

Until then, you can Click Here to access the Web TV Player. Use the same Username, Password, and portal URL in the Voco IPTV email when signing up for the trial or subscription. This will get you inside the Web TV Player app to watch all the streaming content that way. Great for computer, and tablet users as well as those who rather take the easiest approach to watching TV Online.

With the Web TV Player, you don’t download/install any app. Instead, the TV Player app will open up in your favorite web browser — Easy Peasy.

Compatible Streaming Devices & Smart TVs Plus Apps/Apk

I have listed the compatible streaming devices and smart TVs. You will find this information on the Voco website as well as their written setup installation guides, and troubleshooting section.

  • Amazon Firestick/Fire TV: Voco TV App; IPTV Smarters Pro; IPTV Smarters Player; TiviMate IPTV Player
  • Android Devices (Smartphone, Box & TV): IPTV Smarters Player; TiviMate for Android TV Box
  • iPhone, Apple TV: IPTV Smarters App
  • MAG Device: Follow Step-by-Step Tutorial
  • Smart TVs (Samsung & LG): DuplexPlay is listed but the guide is for IPTV Smarters Pro
  • Windows PC: MyIPTV Player
  • Formuler Box/Device: MyTV Online Player
  • Enigma2/Dreambox/Vu+: Follow Step-by-Step Tutorial
  • Dreamlink: DreamOnline Player
  • Supports m3u

I test reviewed the very popular IPTV Smarters Pro app/apk many times over with other IPTV services. I love this app and you will too. IPTV Smarters Pro works seamlessly with IPTV services. Still, the IPTV service needs to do its part to deliver the best of web TV entertainment including very good technology.

Trial & Subscription Plans

Voco TV IPTV provides many plans to choose from. You can choose 1, 3, 6 & 12 subscription plans with 1, 2, 3, or 4 device connections. Connect up to 4 streaming devices at one time which lets you watch something different in each room of your place of living. Use any compatible mobile and portable devices to watch what you want outside your place of living.

Subscription Breakdown…

Each plan comes with 16,000 Live TV, EPG Guide, 130,000 VOD on demand, 20,000 TV Series, 3,000 24/7 Channels, PPV and Sports Events, and No IP Lock – Use Anywhere

1 Device Connection…

  • 1-Month: $15.00
  • 3-Month: $40.00
  • 6-Month: $60.00
  • 12-Month: $120.00

2 Device Connection…

  • 1-Month: $25.00
  • 3-Month: $50.00
  • 6-Month: $75.00
  • 12-Month: $140.00

3 Device Connection…

  • 1-Month: $30.00
  • 3-Month: $60.00
  • 6-Month: $90.00
  • 12-Month: $160.00

4 Device Connection…

  • 1-Month: $45.00
  • 3-Month: $70.00
  • 6-Month: $110.00
  • 12-Month: $180.00

Money-Back Guarantee/Refund…

VocoTV gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee, provided they cannot resolve your issue. That’s very generous considering most IPTV services don’t give as nearly as many days.

24-Hour Free Trial

You can get a free trial at zero cost, no credit card is required but you must select a payment method the sign up. Choose either debit/card via PayPal or Bitcoin cryptocurrency. If you don’t already have a free PayPal account, then you need to get one.

Additional Info & PayPal Payment Method…

Generally, IPTVs don’t automatically bill you so the same would be true for Voco. Whichever subscription plan you choose 1, 3, 6, or 12-month plan, you must return to their website to renew. You pay as you go. So always remember the name (Voco TV) and know where to find their website.

PayPal is used by millions of merchants and individuals like me and you. It’s easy and secure to pay for products and services with PayPal online. You can connect your bank account and/or credit card(s) and easily pay online if the merchant has the PayPal payment method on their website.

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Support Help

For presale questions and support, you will have access to their website’s chat box. They provide you with an email link and support ticket link as well after you sign up for the trial or subscription. There are plenty of helpful written tutorials available and troubleshooting sections on their website.

They’ve expressed that you will get 24 hours-7 days a week Technical Support.

Voco Pros & Cons

This review wouldn’t be legit without stating the upsides and downsides. I want you to know as much as me and decide whether this one-source for all TV entertainment mediums is right for you. First and foremost, understand that no IPTV service is perfect. You are bound to come across some non-working channels and VODs.

You could experience a buffering issue with certain channels which can result from an issue on your end. But this does not exclude the IPTV service where there might be an issue with certain channels. But you want to make sure your streaming device OS is up-to-date, has enough storage space, and has a fast Internet connection.

You can always search YouTube videos to help you troubleshoot/resolve issues. If you are getting consistent buffering from many channels from one device, try a different compatible device and see what happens. Try to isolate the issue and conclude whether or not the issue is on your end.


It has come to my conclusion that not all IPTV services are equal. Some have better technology, setup, and support, than others. So far I put Voco TV right up there until something tells me otherwise. Their channel delivery and technology so far are good. The streaming content they deliver is very entertaining and for the price you can’t beat it.

Movie lovers get access to both live movie channels and VOD movies. The same for those who love TV shows and TV series, they get access to live channels and VOD TV series. If you love sports, there’s enough that will fill your appetite such as local, national, and international sports including seasonal sports.

This also includes PPV events to watch boxing/special events. And then there’s the Sports Replays waiting for you to catch up and watch online. If you are looking to beat the high cost of cable or satellite TV or lack the TV entertainment you deserve, Voco TV IPTV delivers. There’s something for everyone.


I didn’t find any major downsides with the Voco IPTV service and app. However, one month of testing should tell the tale of how good they are. I have not tested 1000s of channels and VODs. I did come across some non-working streams which is typical to all IPTVs out there.

Many 24/7 TV shows were not working at the time and I reported this to support. If you are from the US or one of the other English-speaking countries, you may not like having all the other countries included. Some VOD movies and movie trailers that I tested didn’t work. This can also be reported to support.

Unfortunately, the multi-screen (4 PIP) limits you to only 2 screens that can be streamed at one time.

Voco TV doesn’t offer a Bouquet feature to select specific countries with streaming content of interest when subscribing. But most IPTVs out there don’t as well. I was told by support that you can make the request for countries and streaming content not to be included. This in turn could eliminate or reduce consistent buffering should it occur.


It was revealed to me by the owner that Voco TV IPTV experienced some issues in the past that led to many customer complaints. I was told those issues have been resolved and steady improvements are being made. In my video review that takes you inside the Voco app player connected to their IPTV servers, you will see what I saw.

I navigated through many categories and sub-categories of live channels including VOD movies and TV series. I covered the features and played some of the streaming content. You will see with your own eyes that I found no major issues with this IPTV service.

Go see for yourself and watch everything on my Firestick HERE as I demonstrated. Or watch it on my Samsung smart TV HERE. The Voco TV app is a rebranded app of the popular IPTV Smarters Pro player. Also, note that Voco improvements probably have already been made after this review was completed. If anything significant changes (good or bad), I’ll update this review.

Additional Info…

I paid the one-month subscription so I will be testing this IPTV service from the middle of June into the middle of July 2023. Should there be any issues, I will post an update here. Until then, I recommend signing up for the 24-hour free trial and testing for yourself.

No credit card is required. So there’s nothing to lose. If you end up not liking this IPTV service for any reason, the trial will end and you pay nothing. You never gave up any of your credit card info so nothing can be charged later.


This Voco IPTV review gave you a pretty good idea of what this service is, what it delivers, etc. You know the benefits and prices as well as the savings without losing watching your favorite channels and VODs.

So why is VocoTV a no-brainer? Well, there’s the 24-hour free trial that allows you to test everything without giving up your credit card. Once the trial is over, you decide whether or not to pay. If you decide to buy in, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you don’t like it or Voco TV can’t resolve something within the 30-day deadline, just request a refund.

This Concludes Our Voco TV Review.

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