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This post will be a quick summary of what is My25DollarBucket. It’s best that you watch the video above as I take you throughout the website and break down many important things for you. You will learn something about the SO Player app, IPTV service which is My $25 Bucket, streaming content delivered, and so on.

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How to Stop Buffering
Install SO Player on Firestick & Other Devices
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Some History on So Player IPTV Services

Here’s some history on SO Player IPTV services. These services were don’t quite well online when getting the interests of 10s or 100s of thousands of TV viewers. Those individuals no doubt were looking for a low-cost approach to watching live premium TV channels, on-demand movies, TV series, live sports, and so on.

However, something happened during 2020 that cause many SO Player IPTV services to disappear or stop accepting new customers. Our websites were being bombarded with SO Player users that could not log into their accounts or experience other difficulties. In other words, they could no longer watch TV online.

At first, some SO Player IPTV services allowed current subscribers to renew their subscriptions. But after a while, some of them couldn’t renew. As a result, we received even more messages whereas all of them thought we had something to do with the issue. They thought we were their IPTV service which many of them had no idea what was an IPTV service was.

The only thing they knew was SO Player and kept searching online for an SO Player website for support. Not being able to get the help they started going to any website, namely my site that mentioned SO Player, to get support. We were getting 1000s of chat box messages and emails as a result.

Website Visitors Can Get Nasty Sometimes

It got so bad that we had to shut down our chatbox because the update messages that we posted throughout our sites including our chatbox just weren’t getting through to those SO Player users. Often at times, I would get cursed out or they would say that I was disrespectful to them which I wasn’t.

They simply wouldn’t understand or trust what I told them including when I told them it’s time to find an alternative IPTV service that I provided. Fast forward…

New SO Player IPTV Service

We tested, reviewed, and helped refer many of these services to many TV viewers that were happy. We posted our Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart to let them compare side-by-side which seemed helpful. But as time went on, we had to remove all SO Player IPTV services that closed their doors. But one IPTV service provider contacted us. Read on…

We were contacted sometime during April or May 2021 by an IPTV service provider that we use to refer our site visitors to. They also closed their doors to new customers. But now they are opening the doors to their new SO Player IPTV service for new customers to sign up.

As a result, we created a video and posted what is My25Dollarbucket to help individuals learn more. I reviewed and tested this IP Lock service (opposite of No IP Lock) that uses the SO Player app (updated version). The test fared very well so I decided to push ahead and make more video reviews that also take our visitors inside the app to see everything. They also watch me play live and on-demand streaming content.

More SO Player IPTVs Could Be Coming

The same IPTV service provider has another SO Player IPTV service that I plan to review down the road. If that one passes the test as well, then I’ll write a full review and post video reviews. Either that or just post a link if the service is exactly the same as My25DollarBucket.

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