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TV Team Review (a.k.a. TVTeam) with Pros and Cons. For starters, this IPTV service is European-based. Although they deliver streaming content from the continent of Europe, they also deliver streaming content from other continents including North/South America. So if you’re looking for a way to watch your favorites online, you stand a better chance of finding streaming content from your country.

Not only that, you can beat the high cost of cable TV while doing it which creates a lot of savings. In addition, no matter where you live or travel in the world, you’ll get access to all the live channels with TV Team TV shows, sports, movies, etc.

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Install Downloader on Firestick (must install before installing Smart IPTV)
Install Smart IPTV on Firestick
Amazon Firestick Info & Where to Buy Online
Best VPN Service to Use (hides your IP address)

Their prices are in euros so if you have a different currency, you can find a free conversion tool on Google when searching for… convert euros to USD … or whatever currency you want. If you are relatively new to watching Internet TV and IPTV services, TV Team does try to make things easy for you. Maybe not enough but the attempt is made.

You can find all subscription prices and trial information further down this TV Team review.

IPTV Requirements

  • High-Speed Internet Connection: I recommend having at least 30 Mbps or higher/faster. The faster the speed the better. Your primary smart TV or streaming media device should use an Ethernet cable (wired connection) rather than a WiFi connection. For instance, I have the Amazon Firestick connected to my LG smart TV. I purchased an adapter from Amazon that connects to my Firestick on one end and at the other end, I connected my Ethernet cable for greater speed
  • Compatible Streaming Device: There are a host of streaming devices that you can use such as smart TVs, Android devices, iOS devices, computers, streaming media devices, and game devices. You will find a complete list of compatible devices further down
  • TV App: TV Team gives you many different apps to choose from that are compatible with different streaming devices. You are bound to find one for the device you have right now. Not all apps are created equally. Some are better than others and offer more or fewer features. The app does not deliver streaming content by itself…
  • IPTV Service: You are reviewing a No IP Lock IPTV service which means you can use a VPN service to hide your IP address. The TV app connects to the TVTeam streaming content servers that deliver all your favorites to watch on your streaming device. There are over 60 countries and many live channels to watch movies, news, sports, kids shows/cartoons/animations, documentaries, and so on. This also includes VOD movies and TV series. You will get a better idea of what’s delivered further down.

TVTeam Streaming Content Delivered

Not all IPTV services are created equally as well. TV Team focuses on delivering live channels and VOD from European countries, North/Central/South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. There’s a wealth of streaming content. One of the things that I like about TVTeam is that they have an enormous Help and Support section with plenty of set-up instructions, troubleshooting, etc.

You get access to 1000s of live channels, 1000s of VOD movies including TV Team TV shows with plenty of movies from countries in various languages. You get access to major television networks to watch live premium channels for sports, news, movies, documentaries, some local and regional channels.

There are also 24/7 shows but no adult 18+ streaming content in case you were wondering. The video-on-demand includes old and latest movies including TV series with seasons/episodes. There’s a wealth of streaming content that covers worldwide TV viewing. If you are bi-lingual or multi-lingual, you stand to benefit more.

As for English-speaking individuals, the US, CA, and the UK live channels and VOD for those countries are included. TV Team claims to have around 7,995 IPTV channels and 7,549 VOD that includes regular updates. As you can see that’s a lot of streaming content at one’s fingertips.

Compatible Devices

  • Android Devices (TV, Box, Phone)
  • Mag Devices
  • Fire TV/Firestick
  • Apple TV
  • iOS iPhone
  • Playstation
  • Xbox One
  • Roku TV
  • VLC Media Player
  • Computer (Macbook OS, Windows OS)
  • Smart TV (Samsung & LG)
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Kodi
  • Enigma (DreamBox, Vu+, etc.)
  • Dreamlink


  • IPTV Smarter Pro
  • Smart STB
  • Kodi
  • VLC Media Player
  • And more

Note: M3U playlist also provided. Although you can connect a number of compatible devices, you can only connect 1 device at one time to the TV Team IPTV service.

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Picture Quality, Interfacing, Buffering, Performance

You will get SD, HD (1080p), & FHD picture quality. I have not come across any live channels with poor picture quality. However, I did come across some channels that either didn’t play well or at all. One thing you can do when running into a channel with issues is doing the following: Go to a working channel and play it and then go back to the channel with the issue to play it again. Many times this corrects the issue and the channel will play. If not, you can report it to support.

As far as the app and user interface go, it really depends on the app in how good it is. For my Firestick, I was told the best app for it is the Smart IPTV app. Different apps for different streaming devices will have different features such as Record, PIP, Add to Favorites, etc. For the most part, I did not experience any major issues using the Smart IPTV app.

I don’t care what any IPTV service says about no buffering. All of them will have some buffering more or less. The key is to find an IPTV service with very little buffering. But there are some things you need to do to resolve any buffering which usually starts on your end. When visiting the TV Team website, you must visit the Help and Support section before entering into the trial or subscription. More on this later.

TV Team Free Trial, Trial, Subscription Plans & Refund

There is a free trial and a low-cost trial – see below…

TVTeam Trial

  • 6-Hour Free Trial: £0.00
  • 48-Hour Trial (Full Access): £5.00 [$6.13 USD]

TV Team Subscription Plans [Euros to USD conversion tool]

Newbies 1 Month: £24.95 [$30.58 USD] (Bitcoin 17.50 – 30% Off)
Includes over 7995+ HD+ HD SD, TV Guide (EPG) | works on many devices

Basic 3 Months: £47.00 [$57.60 USD] (Bitcoin 39.95 – 15% Off)
Includes premium + (Chat/Email 24H), over 7995+ HD+ HD SD, more than 7549+ VOD,
available on many devices, personalized playlist, TV Guide (EPG), and more

Commercial 6 Months: £70.00 [85.79 USD] (Bitcoin 59.00 – 15% Off)
(Same as Above)

Premium 12 Months: £127.00 [$155.65 USD] (Bitcoin 99.95 – 21% Off)
(Same as Above)

There is no information or policy listed on the TV Team website regarding refunds. IPTVs that do not post a refund policy usually don’t allow refunds. This is why you should consider paying the low-cost fee to enter into the trial. The free trial may not give you enough time to test everything on your devices.

Note: When clicking any one of the Buy Now or Checkout buttons for the subscription, the price list £0.00. That’s because the IPTV service doesn’t know which payment method will be selected by the customer. Unfortunately, credit cards and PayPal are not acceptable payment methods. TVTeam has many payment methods that may be foreign to you.

They do allow cryptocurrency whereas more and more users online are using cryptocurrency to pay for stuff online. You can sign up to Bitcoin and get an account to pay online HERE or just click the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Check Out’ button.

Cryptocurrency Payment Method

You will have the option to pay with cryptocurrency. There are other payment methods that may be foreign to you. Keep in mind that credit cards and PayPal are not acceptable methods. Instructions on how to sign up and get cryptocurrency are provided on the TV Team website.

You will also find info when clicking the Check Out or Buy Now button for a subscription.

Bitcoin or Litecoin (Cryptocurrency)

  • 1 Month plan — £17.95 was £24.95 — Get 5 Weeks
  • 3 Months plan — £39.95 was £47.00 — Get 4 Months
  • 6 Months plan — £59.95 was £70.00 — Get 7 Months
  • 12 Months plan — £99.95 was £127.00 — 13 Months

You may want to sign up to Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency to get an account first if you want to go that route. If you already have cryptocurrency to pay, then you can check which ones they have and when clicking the button to subscribe to TVTeam. There may only beable two use Bitcoin or Litecoin. I not sure if there are others.

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During my TV Team review, I came across the Help & Support section that had the following: Tutorials, Getting Started, Setup and Troubleshooting by App or Device, FAQ, General Questions, Set up guides for different devices, General Troubleshooting and Support, Mag Device, Important – Must Read!!, Firestick, Xbox, Apple TV, Android, iPhone, Macbook OS, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, NVIDIA Shield, Enigma, Kodi, Dreamlink, Windows, Smart STB, Roku, Beginner, Our News Section, and Bitcoin.

There’s a wealth of written support articles that cover a lot of things but no chat box, phone number, email address, or Contact Form on the TVTeam website.

After you sign up to get the trial or subscription, TV Team will send you an email with info and setup instructions. You will have their email address at that time to contact them. Just make sure you enter the correct email address with signing up to their service when visiting their website.

TV Team Review – Pros & Cons

TV Team support gave me a free M3U playlist URL to test and play live channels available. I had to download/install the Smart IPTV app. Then go to the SIPTV app website to enter the Mac Address provided by the Smart IPTV app into the SIPTV app website. I also had to enter the M3U playlist which allowed me to get access and test those live channels.

I also suggest clicking the videe links further up to learn more and how to install the app if you are going to use the Firestick or Fire TV. Otherwise TVTeam will provide all the instructions in the Help and Support section.

I did not have access to features or EPG (Electronic Programming Guide). It was a very limited way of getting access so there’s not much I can tell you regarding features. So let’s start with the Pros first…


TVTeam claims they deliver over 7000 live channels which they may very well deliver. There’s a wealth of channels available inside the playlist, many of which I tested. I played channels from the US and other countries. For the most part, most played with 1080p picture quality, and the audio was very good as well.

You will get access to many of the major TV networks to watch movies, news, kids, sports, and everything else. I counted around 60 countries and they had movies from many countries. VOD includes both movies and TV series. Getting back to the live channels. This includes premium, some US local and regional channels, plenty of sports channels. In addition, I found 24/7 shows and other streaming content.

No way did I come close to play everything. There’s just too much streaming content as you will see. There is something for the entire family to watch. So when you get full access via the app that you are going to use, you will see and get more than what I was able to test.


If you are from the US, like me, you may come to a full stop when opting to pay one of the subscriptions. You will eventually see a host of payment methods but nothing you might be familiar with if you are from the US. Credit cards and PayPal are not included as payment methods.

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is one of the payment methods that you might want to consider. You will need to create a Bitcoin account and provide personal info, undergo a verification process, etc., which will take some time to complete everything.

Some channels not playing is typical to every IPTV service including some buffering issues. I did not experience much of this but you must understand that I didn’t test any other app other than Smart IPTV. I explained earlier in my TV Team review that they gave some thought to helping newcomers watch Internet TV. Still probably not enough but there are plenty of instructions available to getting set up.

The task at hand will be downloading/installing the TV app for your compatible device. The step-by-step instructions should help but no video tutorials to actually see how things are done. Nevertheless, I have provided some video tutorials to help as much as possible. See the links further up to watch videos to review further.


TVTeam is European but they have enough streaming content to go around that should satisfy many TV viewers around the world. I suggest entering into the 48-hour trial for a small fee to get access to everything rather than the 6-hour free trial. Do this before shelling out any more money for the subscription.

Again, because the are so many different TV apps and devices that can be used, there’s no way in telling how good or bad everything is. So do yourself a favor and enter into the low-cost trial.

Since my TV Team review had limited access from the free M3U playlist URL they gave me to test, I could only test live channels/VOD. There were no features or EPG to test. I have no reason why you shouldn’t give this IPTV service run for the money and give it a try. You just might find what you’ve been searching for when able to watch all or most of your favorites online.

This Concludes Our TV Team Review

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