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The video above covers the My25DollarBucket Free Trial and Subscription. If you read below, as you will see as in the video, you’ll learn that the free trial isn’t always available. Unfortunately, this occurred on Friday when shooting my video review when going through the free trial process. Instead, I had to go through the subscription payment process to demonstrate the free trial process.

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It occurred to me that some time ago I already signed up for the free trial and never used it. Therefore, I already had a My 25 Dollar Bucket account and my free trial activation/login credentials. Even if the trial was available, I would not have been able to show you the entire free trial signup process because I already had an account.

My25DollarBucket Free Trial – When Not Available

If you go to the My $25 Bucket website and click the Free Trial image/link and are taken to the $25 subscription instead, it means one thing. Whenever there’s an upcoming big PPV fight/boxing match, the My25DollarBuck Free Trial is taken down. During this time, when clicking the free trial image/link, you will be taken to the subscription instead.

When the big fight ends over the weekend, I was told by the support the free trial will be made available again. This should occur by Monday I would think. Either you can wait for the free trial to come back or go ahead and pay the $25.00 to subscribe. Perhaps when watching the video reviews and seeing everything with your own eyes, you will be compelled to opt into the subscription whether or not the trial is available.

If the trial isn’t available on Monday or sometime after, go ahead and contact support to inquire about it. I don’t know why that would happen but you can always use their chat box (not ours) for any questions or when support is needed.

What to Expect After Signing Up

I cover everything in the video as I take you through the signup process. You can either opt into the trial if it’s available or pay the subscription. Either way, you can expect the following:

Once the signup process has been completed for the My25DollarBucket Free Trial or subscription, you will be taken to the welcome page or something to that effect. I don’t recall but with SO Player IPTV services like this one, the welcome page will usually include your activation/login credentials.

The activation/login credentials will include the Provider ID, Username and Password (all numbers), 4 device pin codes (1 code per device), and other info. Also, you will receive 2 or 3 emails immediately after you completed the signup process for the trial or subscription. So make sure when signing up, you enter your correct email address.

You can find some video tutorials on the My $25 Bucket website with instructions on how to install the SOPlay app. I also provided some video tutorials above as well. It’s important that you read their FAQ section and if you are going to use a Firestick, like me, then look for the instructions in the FAQ section. Again, You can look for the video tutorial above also.

My25DollarBucket Fee Trial – How Many Days/Hours

There are many IPTV services out there that don’t offer a free trial. Some offer a low-cost trial. Those who do offer a trial usually give you one day to test everything on your end. However, the My25DollarBucket Free Trial covers 3 days or 72 hours. This gives you more than enough time to test the app on your compatible streaming device(s). Including testing the IPTV service (My 25 Dollar Bucket) the app connects to.

One thing you must remember that many customers don’t know or fail to remember. The SO Player is not a standalone TV app. It doesn’t deliver streaming content by itself. You need an IPTV service provider like the one here that delivers all the live and on-demand streaming content. When something isn’t working or working well enough, don’t search online for the SO Player website. You go back to the IPTV service website and contact support instead.

You will be given a support email to contact them. I’ve seen too often a visitor sends a chat message and doesn’t know the name of their IPTV service. Don’t be one of them. Go them whenever something goes wrong such as channels not playing, no audio, can’t access the app, etc. Anything to do with the app delivering streaming content has to do with the IPTV service provider.

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