IPTV Sensation Review

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IPTV Sensation Review. The time may have arrived when you no longer wish to pay the high cost of cable TV. The option to watch everything online may be causing you some reluctance but you may have seen or heard others do it. As a tester and reviewer of many streaming TV and IPTV services, I can honestly say you just need to overcome your fear and learn something new.

Internet TV is here to stay. It’s a great alternative to traditional TV which has its pros and cons. But IPTV services like IPTV Sensation make you rethink what you are paying now when seeing the very low cost and what you get in return.

Note: If you are using a security application that is detecting suspicious activity when visiting the iptvsensation.org website, ignore it and continue visiting the website. I did not run into any problems though my security app blocked wherever was coming my way. It’s in your best interest to always use a security app such as Bitdefender when browsing the web.

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What Does It Deliver?

Subscribers get access to thousands of IPTV Sensation Channels such as live premium, some regional and local, and sports channels. However, don’t use this IPTV service if all you want to watch are local and regional channels. This is where most IPTV services including IPTVSensation falls short of the mark. However, there are a wealth of live channels that you can shake a stick at.

You get access to many of the major television networks with movies, news, sports, kids, documentaries, and the list goes on and on. This also includes PPV and 24/7 shows. There are many global channels listed in their respective countries which also include the US, UK, and CA.

Besides live streaming IPTV Sensation channels, there are VOD (Video-On-Demand) movies and TV series where you get tons of them. You can watch movies from many popular genres and TV series with seasons and episodes. So if you are looking for an all-in-one or under one roof package, IPTV Sensation has you covered.

Watch Video Review below that takes you inside the app to see the host of live and VOD content. Unfortunately, you won’t see any of the steams play.

See Channels List Here

Original Account

Unfortunately, I failed to show you in the video above, the Original Account page, where you can pay a low fee to receive additional streaming content from different categories as follows: On-demand Only (Streaming and IPTV, Education, Sports), Streaming, Sports, and so on.

Who Is It For?

IPTVSensation is set up for everyone to use, people from all walks of life, no matter where they live in the world. It appears they are using a no IP Lock system which means you can use a VPN service. But don’t quote me on this. You can try your VPN service when entering into the trial or subscription once you have everything set up.

When I signed up to the service to opt into the 72-hour trial for a small fee, I was hit with many different payment methods that did not include PayPal or Credit Card payments. IPTV Sensation is not US-based, more like European-based, perhaps in the UK. They told me they no longer accept PayPal and Credit Cards due to issues.

They also allow cryptocurrency payments and have foreign (outside the USA) payment methods. So if you are from the US, UK, or CA, this could be a downside if you don’t want to use cryptocurrency and have to use a payment method that’s foreign to you. What I discovered in my IPTVSensation review is they appear to cater more to folks living outside the US. But they do deliver lots of streaming content from North America too.

Those who have some experience using IPTV services and different 3rd-party apps are better off using this service. Newcomers to IPTVs will more than likely get stumped with the available payment methods and setup instructions.

How You Benefit

  • Connect up to 3 devices at one time (depends on subscription package)
  • Watch TV online at home or on-the-go
  • Watch favorite channel (TV networks), shows, movies, and more
  • Great sports package
  • Access to many global channels by country (incl. the US, CA & UK)
  • Old and new movies
  • Watch many of your favorite TV series w/ seasons & episodes
  • Save $100 or if $1000s per year
  • Record TV shows from live channels
  • Compatible with many streaming devices
  • Can use VPN service
  • 24/7 support
  • Free trial & low-cost trial
  • Packages for 1, 2 & 3 device connections at one time
  • Watch in FHD, HD, 1080p, SD
  • EPG (Electronic Programming), TV guide

I suggest conducting your own IPTV Sensation review by entering into the trial. This way you get a hands-on approach to seeing how well your streaming device, app, and IPTV service work together.

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EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) & Record

IPTV Sensation simplifies choosing and recording live channels to watch later. Their panel allows you to see what’s currently taking place in your favorite channels–provides flexibility. The EPG is basically a programmable TV guide with names of TV networks and channels listed with descriptions and time slots. You can click to watch inside the EPG.

Take a look inside the app connected to IPTVSensation…


Compatible Devices

The Help Center will tell you what devices are compatible. They have conveniently categorized devices that includes instructions for each as follows:

  • PC/Laptop: Linux; Mac OS; Windows
  • Phone/Tablet: Android; iOS; Windows Phone
  • Players: Kodi; Perfect Player; VLC
  • Receivers: Enigma 2; Fire TV/Firestick; Mag Devices
  • Other Devices: Playstation 4, Smart TV, Xbox One, Roku
  • Website


IPTVSensation makes use of many different 3rd-party TV apps as follows…

  • SIPTV (Smart IPTV)
  • Perfect Player
  • Kodi
  • VLC Media Player
  • Android IptvSensation Apk
  • STB Emulator
  • Lazy IPTV Player
  • Wiseplay
  • iOS IPTV
  • IP Television
  • XtreamTV Plugin
  • M3U playlist player (Roku)
  • And More

You can find this information including setup/download/installation instructions when visiting the IPTV Sensation website and going to Help Center >> Tutorials.

IPTV Sensation Free Trial, Trial & Subscription Packages

There is an IPTV Sensation free trial and low-cost trial as follows:

Free Trial (1 Device Connection): $0.00 (No Credit Card Required)

  • Support for any platform
  • Delivery time up to 26 hours

Trial 72-Hour Pass (1 Device Connection): $4.99 – one-time charge

Subscription Packages

  • IPTV Basic – 1 Device Connection:
  • $9.16 (1 Month)
  • $50.99 (6 Months)
  • $84.99 (12 Months)


  • +3000 IPTV Premium Live Streams
  • Multilanguage Updated VOD
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Support all Devices
  • Delivery time up to 12 hours
  • IPTV Premium – 3 Device Connections:
  • $11.60 (month)
  • 2 Device Connections – $69.99 (6 Months) and $99.99 (12 Months)
  • Included Everything in IPTV Basic Plus 2 M3U at the same time connected, Support for any platform, only with username and password, no mac address (no mix)

Get Your Free Trial, Trial, or Subscription Here

What to Expect

IPTVSensation will send you two emails immediately after you complete the signup process for the trial or subscription. If you don’t see any emails, then check your Junk/Spam folder for them and move them to your regular email inbox. Those emails will have your account/order info, and link to your account.

It’s the 3rd email that you must wait on to receive setup instructions with M3U playlist URLs. However, while waiting you can go ahead and start the setup process by downloading/installing the app to your computer device. You can visit the Help Center from their website where you will find FAQs and tutorials. Just find your device with instructions.

If you come across any problems or need help you can ahead and make contact with them while you are waiting for the 3rd email to arrive.

Money Back Guarantee/Refund

There is nothing stating a money-back guarantee or return and refund policy which usually means no refunds. This is why IPTV services offering a free trial or low-cost trial want you to test everything on your compatible device.

Note: No longer accepting PayPal and credit card payments. Many other payment methods are available including cryptocurrency.

Pre-Sale Questions & Support

You won’t see any contact form, email, phone number, or chatbox on the IPTV Sensation website. If you have any pre-sale questions, you can simply click one of the trials of subscriptions on their website that takes you to the sigma-net section page. From there, you can click the Contact Us link to contact them.

As for support, once you complete the sign-up process for the trial or subscription plan, expect two emails immediately coming to your inbox. If you don’t see any email, then check your Spam/Junk mail folder for them. If any emails are there, just move them to your regular email inbox.

You can make contact through those emails when clicking the ‘Rely’ link inside their email to send your message. In other words, you can also reply directly back to them via the email they send you. And you will see their email address that has sigma-net written in it. Or contact them via the Contact Form Here.

IPTV Subscription Review: Pros & Cons

How can a review be honest without the pros and cons which is something you need to read. Though there may be other things not mentioned that are minor, you learn about the biggest issues that I ran across.


There are many perks to using this IPTV service from getting the TV networks and channels from many countries to 1000s of on-demand movies and TV series. Everything under one roof for your convenience to search, find and watch online. You can record channels to watch later on if you want.

If you are a movie buff, sports fanatic, love watching favorite TV shows, or even news, this IPTV service brings it all to you at a very low cost. Then there’s the Original Account page found on their website. For a small fee, you can get access to even more streaming content from their categories such as On-demand Streaming and IPTV, Education, Sports, Streaming, and so on.

There are subscriptions available that also allow 2 and 3 device connections so that you and your family members can watch everything from a different location in the household. And at the same time, watch something different from the other person on any compatible smart TV or other streaming devices.

Compare what it cost a year to watch cable TV to the low cost of IPTV Sensation and you see the big savings!


If you live in the US, there is no PayPal, credit card, or may not find a familiar payment method to pay the subscription. You can, however, use cryptocurrency as payment. More people these days are using cryptocurrency to buy stuff online. Newcomers to Internet TV and IPTV services will have a harder time understanding and getting set up.

Don’t expect to get all your local and regional channels online which is typical of all IPTV services. The same applies to some channels not working or working properly which is typical also. I could not open any of the FAQs on their website to read the answers even when trying two different web browsers. You may or may run into the same problem.

There is no Contact Form, email address, phone number, or chatbox on the IPTV Sensation website. Why I don’t know but I have provided the link to their Contact Form for you HERE to ask pre-sale questions. When you subscribe, they will send you emails with a way to contact them. Or just click one of the subscriptions and you can make contact also.


IPTV Sensation is better served for those who are already familiar with IPTVs, have downloaded/installed different IPTV apps in the past such as Smart IPTV. Once the setup is complete, there’s a wealth of streaming content ready at your fingertips to watch online.

I recommend giving this IPTV service a try. Entering into the free trial or low-cost trial is the smart thing to do especially when there’s no refund. Depending on what country you live in, such as the US you may have to use cryptocurrency to pay online which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Once you complete the setup process, it’s time to sit and enjoy watching all your favorites online with savings.

This Concludes Our IPTV Sensation Review

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