Install ATV IPTV APK on Firestick

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You can get the Download and Install ATV IPTV APK on Firestick instructions in the Video #3 above. You don’t want to mess up so I encourage you to pay strict attention as I walk you through everything. Just watch the video above to follow each and every step which includes doing three things:

  1. Going to Settings in the Firestick to make one change
  2. Download/install the Downloader app / typing in URL
  3. Download/install the ATV IPTV apk (app) file / entering the ATV IPTV code

And by all means, you must watch the previous videos if you have not as well as the next video. You will find them below…

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Step 1 & Step 2

You can also watch the video below that will take you through steps 1 & 2 listed above…

Step 3

You will need to watch the 1st video at the very top to follow all the remaining steps. I will not cover all the steps below because you need to see how things are to be done in my video at the very top.

Once the Downloaded app has downloaded and installed on your compatible device, which we are using the Firestick, you need to type in an unique URL. So that you are clear in the previous videos… I signed up to get a free account and then signed up to get the ATV IPTV Plus Free Trial and use the URL for the Firestick.

You must choose a subscription package from either the ATV Standard or Plus — either free trial or subscription.

Now we are going through the how to install ATV IPTV on Firestick process. You can visit the ATVIPTV website to read the FAQs section and Tutorials section where I show you in the video. I clicked open the instructions to download/install the ATV app onto my Amazon Fire TV Stick.

However, those instructions were very vague so again I encourage you to watch the video at the very top of this post.

What URL to Type Inside Downloader

ATV IPTV gives you the APK file URL to type into the Downloader app once it’s install on the Firestick or other compatible devices. Here’s the URL…

You can find this URL by going to the ATVIPTV website >> Download >> ATV Plus Download button >> ATV Plus APK/APP (Fire Stick Version)

You want to write down this URL or copy/paste it in Notepad on your computer. You will need to use a computer or smartphone to get to the ATVIPTV website to get this info, sign up, get the trial or subscription, the code, and instructions.

After typing in the URL to download/install the APK file, just follow through with the steps to the end as the video at the very top shows how. Once you completed the download/installation process the ATV IPTV app will open. You will see the Main Menu screen with 3 icon images as follows…

  1. VOD
  2. Live
  3. Rec

Download/Install ATV IPTV APK on Firestick Completion

Next, click to open the Live icon section and try to play a live channel. A popup window that appear. This is the Account section where you need to type in the ATV IPTV code which is the activation/subscription code. In other words, this is how to activate the app to watch TV online.

Keep in mind for this example, I chose the ATV Plus free trial to get the Plus code and used the Plus APK URL. You should copy down both the code and URL while at the ATV website to be prepared for the download/installation. Now you have completed the Install ATV IPTV APK on Firestick steps.

Learn More and Get Your Free Trial or Subscription Here


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