How to Watch and Install Dark Media on Firestick

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Dark Media IPTV Firestick

The video above takes you inside the Dark Media IPTV Firestick so you can see the content, performance, and interface. It also takes you through the information with subscription packages and costs found on their website.  The video below will provide how to install Dark Media on Firestick instructions with steps to download/install the app.

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There’s no other way to watch 1000s of live premium channels with this IPTV on your television but through the Amazon Fire TV or Firestick. You won’t find the Dark Media Firestick apk (app) in your smart TV app store. There are other compatible devices you can use such as Android and iOS devices. Other than that, no other devices are compatible at this time. Computers were compatible in the past so it seems but not now.

Nevertheless, more and more households today are using Firestick now that most streaming TV services have compatible apps. I have two Firesticks, one for my HDTV and another for my smart TV. This streaming device really works well with the IPTV service and app after testing everything via 7-day trial.

Are you in a Hurry?…

If you are in a hurry and just want a quick rundown on this IPTV service, then here it is. You get access to 1000s of live premium channels from popular networks to watch sports, movies, news, and TV shows. However, don’t expect to see PPV events or on-demand TV series and movies. You will find premium channels from the US, UK, Canada, and Latin. There are around 7 categories of sports to watch any sporting event you want online.

Also includes regional channels with local TV channels but not for everything and only a few channels included for different cities. All channel are displayed through the EPG (TV Guide) that you can click any TV program and watch it immediately. That pretty much sums everything up.

My experience with the Dark Media Pro on Firestick was good. There are 3 subscriptions for monthly and 3 subscriptions for yearly. Both sets of subscriptions provide the number of devices you want to connect such as 1, 3, or 5 devices.  The subscriptions are Basic, Pro, and Elite. By the way, if you don’t have a Firestick yet, Click Here to Learn More.

If you have two or more household TVs, you can purchase/use the Amazon Firestick for each television. This way each household members can watch something different online. There’s something for the entire family just like watch cable/satellite TV only much cheaper. You get many of the major sports networks, news networks, movies networks, and other TV networks.

If you decide to opt into the 7-day trial, I must warn you there will be an adult section. This content isn’t locked by default so if you are planning to allow your children to watch kids channels, you must supervise. When opting into one of the monthly or yearly subscriptions, you can tell DarkMedia whether or not you want the adult content included.

Just watch the Dark Media Pro Firestick video below to get set up. The steps will take you through another download first before you and download the DarkMedia IPTV apk.

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How to Install Dark Media on Firestick

Here are the basic steps to follow to download and install Dark Media on Firestick:


First, you need to set up the Firestick to download apk files. When apps are not found in the Apple store or Google play store, often you can download an apk. However, there are some steps you much complete first. Once the initial steps are complete, you need to download the Downloader apk. Watch the video below…

Note: When searching for the Downloader apk as shown in the video above, you might not find Downloader as shown. If this is the case, just watch the video below for an alternative way to find the Downloader apk; Another thing is the instructor in the video above tells you to go to Settings >> Device. You might not see Device on your end but may see My Fire TV instead which is the same thing.

Watch the video below for an alternative way to find the Downloader apk, if you could find it when watching the video tutorial above…


Either you can watch how to install Dark Media on Firestick below or visit their website to watch it there. The video will take you through the setup process including finding/installing the Downloader before installing the apk file (media player). Then you will see how to use another app if you so choose.

Download/Install Dark Media IPTV Firestick

Once Steps 1 and 2 are completed and you entered your username and password (from email) in the DarkMedia app for Firestick, you are all set. Now you can watch your favorite channels/networks with this IPTV service.

Note: The person in the video tutorial gives you two ways to download/install the app. Just follow the first method with steps. Once the app is installed on your Firestick, you don’t need to install anything else. Do Not follow the second method being shown in the video, unless the first method did not work for you.

Ok, this completes how to install Dark Media on Firestick. Enjoy!

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