Typhoon Labs Down

The Typhoon Labs Down is true. They experienced a server/website issue that’s caused them to go offline. I’ve been told by them they are still working on the issue which is taking a good while to fix permanently. So if you’re asking is Typhoon TV still working the answer is yes and no. The streaming content is still being delivered from what I understand but the website hosted on the server is down.


Is Typhoon Labs Down? There’s good news!…

As of now, Typhoon Labs is no longer down. However, the old TyphoonLabs website is gone for good but the new website is up and running. I suggest you head over there and bookmark or save the new website when you get there – CLICK HERE.

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Typhoon Website Is Back…

Click to Signup, Get Trial or Subscription, and Activation

If you have been trying to sign up to get the trial or subscription, you have to wait it out. Then again, you don’t have to wait. There are other top IPTV services out there similar to Typhoon Labs to choose from. I have test-reviewed them, just like Typhoon Labs.

As for the Typhoon Labs down issue, things like this do happen especially when a website gains so much popularity. I can only speculate the website getting a very high volume of daily traffic that caused the crash. But it could be something else. I expect them back because I was able to communicate with them.

Alternative to Typhoon Labs TV If You Want

While the Typhoon Labs down issue lingers on, you can explore other IPTV services. You can visit the Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart to review different IPTVs. There’s a lot of info available for each IPTV service listed. I have listed the TV app name, and streaming content delivered including the features, subscription plans/fees, and other information.

So putting aside the Typhoon TV still working question, you can conduct your own test review when finding a free trial. Each IPTV listed also has 3 links. 1) Visit Site link; 2) Review link, and 3) Video link. Again, I have provided a lot of information to help you make a well-informed decision.

Read the full review with pros and cons or watch the video review. On the video post, you can scroll down to the article to find video tutorial links. Videos such as signing up to get the trial/subscription, installing the app to Firestick, and more.

Click Here to Visit IPTV Service Providers Comparison Chart

NOTE: I suggest using a computer or tablet when clicking the link above to read the Comparison Chart.

In Closing…

There is no timeframe for when the Typhoon Labs down issue gets resolved. So you might want to take this time to check out some of the other top IPTVs. If you were already a subscriber of Typhoon the question is Typhoon TV still working wouldn’t need an answer. You would be watching your favorites online still.