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Live and On-Demand TV in One Place for Fraction of Cable Cost

Best IPTV Review by Real User with Pros & Cons. There are many alternatives to watching TV but you probably are looking for one closer to your needs. More than likely you want to save money but you don’t want to lose what you’ve been accustom to watching. When it comes to watching everything online, there are several things to consider such as service reliability, channel stability, quality, performance, and interfacing.

Even if you haven’t thought about all those things, you can bet many good streaming TV services have thought about them. One such service is Best IPTVs that deliver TV entertainment everyone loves. They are not perfect but neither are all the others out there. You can connect multiple streaming devices at one time to this IPTV service provider. This means more than one household member can watch something different on another device.

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How to Install Nora Go

How to Install So Player

Switching IPTV Provider: Must Remove Device First

Note: Switch IPTV service may require contacting the new IPTV service if you can’t remove it on your own.

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How to Watch OTA TV Channels Here

There are 100s of live local, premium, and global channels available including PPV and channels/networks with sports, movies, shows, kids, etc. They also threw in some regional sports channels. You get something for the entire family whereas no one gets left out, not even kids.

In addition, you get 1000s of on-demand streaming content. This includes movies and new releases also including all the popular genres, UFC/NFL/NHL Replays, and TV series with episodes. And there’s other streaming content as well.

Best IPTVs Review: What Is It/How Does It Work/Who Is It For?

BestIPTVs is a 3rd-party IPTV service provider. They are not affiliated with any cable company. Simply put, you just need a compatible streaming device, install the free app, and get a Best IPTVs subscription. There is no hardware such as an antenna, receiver, or set-top box. All the streaming content comes from the Internet for you to watch online. This service provider uses the Nora Go app but I found out that you can also use the SO Player app. I’ll get into this a little more later on.

Since there is no geo-restriction, anyone worldwide can sign up and get access to the same streaming content. Your IP address or country doesn’t get blocked and there are no local sports blackouts. Once inside the Nora Go or SO Player app, all the channels and on-demand content are organized in their respective categories and sub-categories.

Simply point and click on a channel/network name or on-demand movie, for instance, to play it. There are many Best IPTVs channels to comb through and watch. If you love sports or movies or TV shows or news, this service delivers. And there is plenty for the ladies as well as children. For those who speak Spanish or Filipino, there are live channels available as well. Unfortunately, French channels were not working at the time of my Best IPTVs review.

Channels List

There is no channel list available but you can see everything in my Best IPTVs review video (click the link in the star review at the top). Here’s a list of all the live channel sub-categories with live channels/networks. This also includes PPV in the Sports sections:

  • All
  • USA
  • US Locals
  • Sports
  • Kids
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Spanish
  • French (not working during the review)
  • Filipino
  • 24/7
  • Music
  • Adult (locked by default)

On-Demand Content Included

There’s a host of on-demand streaming content with plenty of popular movies (old to new releases), TV series, and sports to watch. Here’s what you get access to:

  • Movies category (on-demand content)
  • All Movies
  • New Releases
  • TV Shows w/ Episodes (dropdown listing)
  • Genres (in alphabetical order)
  • UFC Replays
  • NFL Replays
  • NHL Replays

The Best IPTVs app which is actually the Nora Go app keeps track of what you watched prior and resumes where you left off. There is a Search tool to find a channel/network, city, or movie/TV series by name.

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Live channels come in full HD 1920×1080 which satisfies the eyes whereas the picture quality is crystal clear. They also expressed some channels come in 4K H.265 but are limited to devices that can handle the playback. Watching live sports is certainly a delight when watching them as if you’re watching OTA TV on your big screen. The on-demand also has crystal clear quality which you’ll appreciate as well.


Best IPTVs claims their channels are very stable and most reliable. I can’t attest to this just yet because I entered into the one-day free trial. That’s not enough time to test the stability of the IPTV service and app. But having reviewed many IPTV services in the past, the others held up pretty good so I’m betting this one will too. After the free trial ends, you can opt into the one-month subscription which will provide more time to test. I would do this before canceling your cable TV subscription.

They also claim their channels have an uptime of almost 100% which means subscribers won’t face issues such as many broken links or video quality.

Any Buffering Issues?

The answer is no. I don’t waste my time writing a review and creating a video review when an IPTV service has buffering issues. But if you experience ongoing buffering issues, don’t blame the IPTV provider right off the bat. More than likely the issue is on your end. It could be your device, Internet connection speed, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), or modem/router box. These are the areas that should be checked first. The IPTV provider should come last. To learn more about buffering issues and how to resolve them, Click Here.

Compatible Devices

  • Smart TV (LG & Samsung)
  • Amazon Devices (FireTV, Cube, Firestick)
  • Computers (Windows & Mac)
  • Tablet
  • iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad)
  • Apple TV
  • Mag Box
  • Android Devices (Box, TV, Smartphone)
  • iOS Devices (iPad & iPhone)

Since this IPTV service emphasizes installing and using the free Nora Go app, I started with my Samsung smart TV. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good experience. Mostly all channels didn’t work/play but many USA channels did play. You may experience the same issue. If you can find the SO Player app instead of Nora Go inside your smart TV app store, by all means, install SOPlayer. Either way, the free trial gives you enough time to test Nora Go on your smart TV and see what channels work.

At this time, I’m not recommending using Nora Go on smart TVs. The best streaming device, in my opinion, is the Amazon Firestick. You can also use the Fire TV or Fire Cube or any of the compatible devices above. The Firestick is cheaper and has great performance. It works very well with IPTV services and this is the device I have connected to my smart TV and HDTV.

As for smartphones, you must have 4g cellular data to connect to Best IPTVs to watch streaming content online away from home. You cannot connect to various WiFi areas.

Another Test…

During my Best IPTVs review I tested the following:

Although BestIPTVs don’t mention using the SO Player app on their website, I decided to test this IPTV with SOPlayer installed on my Firestick. I did this before with other IPTV services that used Nora Go and it worked great. And the app worked very well with Best IPTVs. Mostly all the channels I tested played in all sections. You can use Nora Go on the Firestick and other compatible devices. But should you experience an ongoing issue, I suggest removing NoraGo and installing SO Player.

Best IPTVs Free Trial and Subscription

With this IPTV provider, you can only opt into the one-day free trial as a new customer. No credit card is required when signing up. There is no subscription available when visiting the Store page to make a purchase. Obviously, they want you to test everything on your streaming device before paying. I also recommend opting into the free trial to see if Nora Go or SO Player installs on your device without an issue.

After the Free Trial ends, you can opt into the subscription — see the cost below…

One Month Subscription: $25.00 with 3 Device Connections | $28.00 with 4 Device Connections

After the month ends, you can pay to renew the subscription again to get another month’s service. You pay month to month as you go which means you have total control over when to pay to renew your subscription. There’s no need to request cancellation. To renew, you simply visit the BestIPTV website and click the ‘My Account’ link on their website. Sign in using the login details (email & password) that you entered when signing up.


It appears the owner is preventing new customers from the Free Trial and paying for a subscription on weekends. Perhaps this is to prevent new customers from watching PPV special events — the big fights for free — on weekends. And those who pay the subscription immediately request a refund once the big fight is over. If you don’t see any free trial and only a sign-in page for current subscribers, then it must be the weekend. You have to wait until Monday to get access to the Free Trial. This is what I observed during my review.

Get Your Free Trial Here (Not Available if Major PPV Fight/Boxing Event on Weekends)

Pros and Cons


You get 100s of live local, premium, and global channels with some regional sports channels as well. This also includes PPV events to watch all the big fights without an extra cost. There are many major TV networks available to watch movies, sports, news, shows as well as kids’ networks. They also deliver live channels from the UK, US, CA including Filipino and Spanish channels.

As for on-demand content, you get a wealth of entertaining old movies including new releases. This also includes TV series with many episodes and NFL/UFC/NHL Replays. The cost of $21.99 is all you pay. Compare this cost with the cost of cable and you see the big savings. No cancellation cost, hidden fees, or any other cost to worry about.


There are some downsides but nothing significant that would make you think twice. I listed some of the downsides in case any of these interests you:

  • No CatchUp TV, Record or Add to Favorites
  • IP Lock (only 1 mobile device [smartphone with 4G cellular data] outside the home)
  • Doesn’t have all local TV channels per city

Of course, no IPTV service comes without flaws and the same thing can be said about Best IPTVs. Some channels don’t play but many I tested did play. All the on-demand movies that I tested played and only one TV series with episodes I found that didn’t play. Keep in mind that I did not test 100s of channels and 1000s of on-demand content. This is where you come in when opting into the Free Trial

One account allows 3 device connections. You will need to purchase another account for additional devices. Another thing is you cannot share your IPTV account with other people outside of your residence. Keep in mind this service comes with an IP Lock. If you try to connect any other compatible device, with the exception of a smartphone with 4g data, outside of your IP address (residence), you will be locked out of your account.


As for me, I like this service and I think you will too. I put it right up there with other top IPTVs. This one has more on-demand sports, more working Filipino channels, an extra genre or two, and many working channels. Although I don’t recommend using the Nora Go app on smart TVs, you may want to use that app on other compatible devices. The SO Player app can be used as well if you experience an issue with NoraGo.

Cost-wise I can’t see how anyone doesn’t appreciate the great savings compared to cable TV. You may want to put the extra savings into increasing your Internet connection speed. With the entertaining streaming content available, you just need to add all your local channels. I provided a link near the top of this review to get local channels.

I highly recommend testing out this service for yourself by opting for the Free Trial. Just keep in mind the Free Trial is not available on weekends starting Friday. However, this could change in the near future.

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