SimplePlayTV – What Happened

No matter which brand spelling you use (SimplePlayTV, Simple Play TV, or SimplePlay TV) to find the website, you come up empty. You get a blank website that tells you they are gone. There is no maintenance notice or any kind of notice telling you they will be back.

It’s unclear whether or not they are still in operation serving current subscribers but it’s definitely clear they are not serving new customers. I can imagine many individuals whether new or current subscribers puzzled by the missing website. And if this means the IPTV streaming content has been cut off without notice, that’s definitely bad news.

As for the latter, it would mean there’s no more SimplePlayTV Customer Service which makes matters even more worst. Worst as in you still had money left on your Simple Play TV subscription that didn’t expire when the closing occurred. What is IPTV?

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NOTE: First read the SimplePlay TV alternative section below so that you understand some things.

What Happened to Simple Play TV

So what happened? Your guess is as good as mine. However, having test-reviewed many IPTV services over the years, I’ve seen just about everything. There are some IPTV services that will close the doors on new customers/subscribers when they reached the maximum number of new accounts allowed. When this occurs, you generally see a partial website still accepting subscription renewals but not new customers.

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Then there are IPTV service closings and shutdowns for whatever reason which generally don’t get announced. In other words, they send you no email alerting you what has happened. You are left with nothing, no service, no support as in this case no SimplePlayTV customer service.

What happened to Simply Play TV is nothing new to IPTV services. It’s the nature of the beast and you have to be prepared to switch to another IPTV service. One that either supports the same TV app you installed or an IPTV service that supports a different app.

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Don’t worry, I’m going to give you some alternatives to resume watching your favorites online. In fact, you are going to have a number of them to put in your basket so that you are prepared to make the switch.

No SimplePlayTV Customer Service – What to Do

There is nothing you can do when there’s an IPTV service closing. You may have money left on your subscription and are upset that you can’t get refunded. Remember, I said this is the nature of the beast when dealing with IPTV service. There’s some risk but the reward is much greater. Just be prepared should be a next time dealing with another IPTV service.

There’s no point surfing the web to visit other websites to help you find SimplePlayTV customer service. No one can help you and it’s a waste of time contacting anyone else, let alone another website. Because we write reviews and articles, create videos, and provide info on different TV apps and IPTV services, many individuals think we are their IPTV service.

This is not the case. Provide free Internet TV information and product/service reviews, nothing more. We have no customers, and we are definitely not an IPTV or streaming TV/VOD service.

Additional Info…

The best thing to do is take the loss and move on to another IPTV service. You will find a link below to do just that. If you want to waste more time searching the web to find Simple Play TV, that’s certainly your choice. But I’ve seen closings like this before so again I say, don’t waste any more of your time searching.

SimplePlay TV Alternatives You Can Use

It’s time now to find a SimplePlay TV alternative to resume watching your favorite TV channels/networks and VOD movies/TV series, sports, etc. I tried to find out the name of the TV app that SimplePlayTV supported but could not. If you have any idea of the name of the app, please let us know by using our chat box below.

What I’m going to do is have you visit our Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart where you can find the ideal IPTV service. You may find one using the same TV app. If not, simply choose one and install the app they support. If I find out the name of the app and we test-reviewed an IPTV service supporting that, I post the link here.

The Comparison Chart has a lot of info on each IPTV service listed. You need to take your time to read, watch, and learn. There’s a Review link, Video link, and Visit Site link to signup, subscribe, and activate. It’s best to use a computer or tablet to read and navigate through the Comparison Chart.

Click Here to Visit Our Top IPTV Comparison Chart

Additional Info…

You can start by searching the Comparison Chart for the app name you already installed. Look in the far left column, see “Type of IPTV Service & Apps,” and scroll right. Each IPTV service in the chart has the app name. If you find the app, then you can click the ‘Visit Site‘ link at the top of the chart to visit the IPTV service website. You can pay the subscription after you go there.

Final Notes…

Now that you have some idea of what’s going on you can put Simple Play TV (SimplePlay TV) behind you. You now know there are alternative IPTVs out there that may or may not support the same TV app. I don’t know if SimplePlayTV had its own branded app or use a free 3rd-part app. More than likely, it’s the latter. Still, you can the ideal IPTV service perhaps a better one to continue watching your favorites online.

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