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Satellite Direct Review 2016

Multiple Memberships w/ Service Package
3,500+ Live TV/VOD Content From 98+ Countries
All Windows, Mac, Tablet & Smartphones
60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Virus & Malware-Free


UPDATE: The Satellite Direct website (3rd-party service) still appears online but you cannot make a purchase, due to being out service. Why this website still appears online is unknown but you have better options when cutting cable and satellite to save costs.

If you want access to best of live sports online (local, national & international) with two ways to watch sporting events, you can get the following: 1) Live premium channels from popular sports networks; 2) Daily live sports TV schedule with listing of each sporting event by name, date, and time.

To Learn More, See Top 10 Comparison Chart – Recommendation 2 & 3

If you want access to live premium channels and on-demand TV with sports, movies, TV shows, and news broadcasts, See Top 10 Comparison Chart – Recommendation 1-6.

NOTE: When visiting the Top 10 Comparison Chart, scroll down the page to find the chart. Any questions, use the Chat Now box in lower right corner.


Table of Contents (click ahead!)
What is Sat Direct (SD)                            Who is it For
Is it Any Good, Real, Legit, Legal             How Does it Work
How it Compares                                     Is it a Scam
Channel List & Sports                              Membership & Support
7-Day Trial                                               Mac Version
TV Player Features                                  System Requirements
Price & Refund                                         Pros & Cons

Note: If you want to watch live sports worldwide (local, national & international) with live premium sports TV channels from popular sports networks, Satellite Direct is not the service to use. Click the ‘Live Sports’ link in the menu bar at top and read the popup window if it appears when closing this website.

Satellite Direct Review Satellite Direct Review by Real User and Tester. Consider Satellite Direct the ‘here and now’ 3rd party, live TV/VOD platform. Past complaints and scam reports over the years were ‘then’. This revamped software, which was built from ground up, with greater technology, usability and compatibility is the ‘here and now’. So any negative thoughts, bad experiences or past scam reports about what happened years ago should be ignored, seeing how the new management service improved itself to ensure a better solution and customer relationship.

That said, this review focuses on the ‘here and now’ and brings to light what this service is offering to help those who want to streamline setting up a web TV system on their device. Or simply put, enhance their television viewing and entertainment without the high cost.

There are plenty of free-to-use TV player software out there to download but the scary part is getting some kind of virus or malware. And when that’s not the case, crashes and lock-ups become quit annoying to say the least.

SateliteDirect is a low-cost, pay-to-use web-based platform; there is no Satellite Direct download. It works inside your web browser, so there’s no need to download/install/activate software that eats up hard drive space. Without technology, you become burden with combing the web to find stuff to watch. Visiting one website after another to watch a live sporting event or movie or TV show isn’t practical.

Here, these time consuming things are eliminated. The all-in-one TV/Video content this service delivers to one place makes this happen.

Best Option to Watch Any Sporting Event Live Online – Not Satellite Direct, You Will Be Disappointed – Click Read Review Button Above


Update: It’s now confirmed this service/product is under new ownership/management. My email question to them was answered by support with the following…

“Dear Customer, We understand your frustration and mistrust with the previous ownership. However, this is a new product under a new management. Our new platform is accessible through our online website and offers you 10x more content than the previous software version. Plus you can now watch TV on any device which is unlimited.”

Recently, they sent all former members an email that read as follows…

“Dear Philip Sumpter, As a one-time valued customer of we would like to offer you complimentary 1 month unlimited access to over 3,500 channels worldwide. Watch Live TV, Movies & TV Shows from anywhere and from any device – computer, smartphone & tablet. To claim your Free 1 Month Unlimited Access pass please CLICK HERE. Hope we see you back!”

If you never signed up to this service before, I suggest you read the full review below and use the 7-day trial link at the end of the review. This way you can test this service/product before paying the full price.


You may know nothing about watching Internet TV online or where to go to find your favorites to watch. Perhaps living without cable and satellite is a good reason for wanting to try a quick, easy method, whereas a service like SatelliteDirect already completed the work for you – so that all you need to do is point and click, sit back and watch the show.

I think you can agree that using technology or software makes everything much easier and that’s where this service comes in. Question is… Is the product/service good enough now than before?

The Claims

Satellite Direct (sattelit direct) claims to deliver over 3,500 TV channels that also includes video-on-demand content. They claim their service cost less than your cable bill, and that no hardware is required including no bandwidth limits. All good so far. They also claim to deliver unlimited access to the content they deliver, once a member.

They provide 24/7 support and their service/product works with computers, tablets, and smartphones. And lastly, you get a 60-day money back guarantee. All these perks were explored and reviewed which are answered later in this review.

If you can look at this service and product in the ‘here and now’ rather than what occurred ‘then’ (in the past), there’s a way to test the software out for yourself for seven days – with full access for a few dollars.

Beware of Satellite Direct Reviews where so-called reviewers didn’t purchase or test the product/service and don’t provide an accurate, well informed review.

Watch 2-part video below and look over my shoulders as I show you the members area and play many channels from different countries. To choose a different video, play the video first to see and click the video list icon in the lower left corner of the media player…

Click Here to Watch 2-Part Video Review of Satellite Direct


To Get Access Now and Watch Live TV/VOD Online – Click Here


Review Satellite Direct with Pros and Cons, Benefits, Support Breakdown

What is Sat Direct? This 3rd party service is not part of, nor affiliated with, any cable or satellite company. They have been in service since 2004 and said to be an alternative to paid television companies. The web-based live TV/VOD software platform they developed delivers streaming content from the web to watch online. The web-based software, which opens inside a web browser, direct-connects to thousands of live/video on-demand content from around the world.

What is Satellite Direct

Members can watch entertaining TV shows, movies, sports and other content, which can be accessed and viewed from one source.

This means there’s no need to surf the web to find stuff to watch. There’s no need to visit one TV/Video website after another to watch a movie, sport, news broadcast or television show, unless a specific television channel/network is not available. However, members can make a request to support for a channel or network to be added, if it’s possible. The whole purpose in using Satelite Direct TV is to make watching television online as convenient as possible.

This is not a free service. They offer several, low-cost membership packages, whereas one membership is a 7-day trial that allows the customer full use of the web-based software. There is no hardware to install nor software to download. No antenna to setup nor wires to connect to watch streaming content via computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access.

It’s recommended to use a fast Internet connection to obtain the best picture quality and performance. You simply point and click to any TV channel or video-on-demand link to watch whatever is of interest. When logging into the Satellite Direct (satalite direct) members area via username and password, the user will get instant access to all kinds of entertaining content in different ways.
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Who Is It For? This service is designed for all ages. Cartoons for kids are included and there is plenty of content for pre-teens, teens, and adults – even seniors. Anyone, anywhere, from all walks of life, can use the service. Many countries are included with content in various languages. Those who enjoy watching a variety of different television programs should benefit from using this service.

Individuals who are bilingual/multilingual will benefit more but individuals from certain countries will benefit even more, such as US – which has the most content available (hundreds of channels and VOD content). It’s best to try the 7-day trial to see how many/what channels and countries are included.

This service is not for those who want access to premium cable and satellite TV channels, or don’t want to use a computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet connection to watch whatever is of interest online. If you frown at the idea of watching everything on a small computer screen, then this service isn’t for you. However, you can use this service and connect a computer to television to watch everything that way – many individuals are doing this today.
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Is Satellite Direct Any Good, Real, Legit, Legal? This service/product has a good source of entertaining streaming content, whether or not it appeals to everyone, remains to be seen. With the complete overhaul of the software, and content that continues to grow, it doesn’t appear to be a bad service or product as it stands today.

The service is legal from the standpoint of no decoding/descrambling paid television signals, no content delivered from P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networks, and doesn’t host any streaming content on their website. Instead, they developed a user-friendly web-based portal (client) where streaming content is provided by their host (servers).

However, there is a gray area concerning copyrights, as with all 3rd party services like this one. But this service does address copyrights in their Terms of Service as well as DMCA, which provides steps for copyright owners to take if they want to request removal of their content from Satelite Direct.

The service is real (in-service since 2004) and has proven to be legit in that they deliver streaming content from the web, with access to on-demand movies/TV shows and live television channels. The ‘here and now’ and what was then is what’s confusing. What happened in the past with complaints may be irrelevant going forward with all the new changes made.
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How Does Satellite Direct Work? When paying the small fee to sign up to this service, you get immediately access. Two emails are sent to the new member’s email that s/he used to sign up with. One email comes from SatelliteDirect with login details, information, and links. The other email comes from the payment processor (ClickBetter) with customer order information and links.

The user is issued an automated password along with his/her email address. It’s very important to enter the correct email address. Some new customers get this wrong and never receive any emails and cannot login to the SatelliteDirect members area.

Members Area Login Members Area After Login

Once inside the members area, the content is organized in three primary categories in the left sidebar:

  1. Movies (video-on-demand)
  2. TV Shows (video-on-demand)
  3. Live TV

Everything is self-explanatory; no Satelite Direct instructions are needed to figure things out to watch whatever is of interest. When clicking the Movies category, two sub-categories appear: 1) All Movies; 2) By Genre.

There is no sub-category when clicking ‘TV Shows’. When clicking ‘Live TV’, two sub-categories appear: 1) By Country; 2) By Category. There’s also a ‘Search’ bar available to search for a channel or movie name.

Each SatelliteDirect live TV streaming channel, movie and television show comes with an image and clickable link to play the content. You simply click the image or link directly below to start playing the content, which loads and plays automatically, within seconds on your device. That’s all there is to it!
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How it Compares. When comparing Satelite Direct to many 3rd party free TV software players online, the interface including look and feel are partly what separates this web-based software from other TV player software. You watch everything through a web browser when using SateliteDirect. When comparing this product/service to other pay-to-use, 3rd party products/services like it, the interfacing and technology that went into the software client is superior.

Computer lockups or crashes appear to be non-existent because you don’t download/install any software. There’s no entering any activation code that sometimes lock the user out or cause an issue when trying to activate the downloaded software. Any fear of your device getting a virus or malware should be removed from your thoughts when using this method.
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Is It A Scam? There’s a lot of history behind this service and product that started in 2004. It’s one of the oldest 3rd party web TV/Video services around today. Initially, they started out with a TV player software, whereas a lot of complaints were made. Just a few years ago, they converted to a web-based software platform – in order to add more device compatibility, and perhaps to stop complaints — Under New Management Now.

This service, even though they experienced more negativity than its competitors, still receives more monthly Internet searching worldwide – which can be translated as receiving more sales. There are scam and negative reports out there – most very old, some recent. But so many people are still searching for this Satellite Direct TV software.

To be frank, I was a member of this service for a number of years. I have been with this service through the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I even wrote product reviews when they were doing quite well – they had some really good entertaining content (old/recent movies, TV shows/sitcoms/episodes/soaps, including live sports section that listed each and every sporting event for that day, everyday). But all that changed later on and I was no longer a fan.

As a result, I purchased Sat Direct in 2016 to see have they improved – since the last time I reviewed the software. From what I have seen, I suggest putting aside any scam report or negative comment you may have read online — until you try out the new interface… the new SatelliteDirect.

As for the latter… Everything has changed so much and because support doesn’t seem to know me anymore, has given me the impression they are not the same people. Although a name is a name and whatever attached the name that’s negative, is where the real issue lies. You still may want to try the 7-day trial, which I suggest you do to put to rest any skepticism you may have.

The trial provides full access to everything for a few dollars. You can cancel before seven days are up, if you like (read more further down).

I was compelled to write this review, after seeing the new software and improved interface. However, this doesn’t mean there are no downsides (see pros and cons below) when using the SatelliteDirect software and service.

Take Scam Challenge Test…

How to Test on Your Device

The new and improved SatelliteDirect and whether or not its any good can be determined by you easily. One membership Scam Challenge Testpackage offers a 7-day trial that can also be used to test the software/service. This service isn’t for everyone but could be good enough for some. By opting into the trial, you get to see the picture quality for yourself, experience the look and feel, channel delivery, interfacing, etc. From then on, you get to determined whether or not it’s a dud, scam, etc.

Questions is… Does this product/service deserve a second change? I say yes, because they seem to be headed in the right direction and are still improving.

The trial last seven days which is enough time to make a decision before the full monthly fee is billed to you. Simply cancel the trial if you want. If the technology and delivery of content is satisfactory, then you can opt out and choose a different membership if you like.
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Satellite Direct Channel List. When going through my Satellite Direct Review, I discovered the content wasn’t as good as before. There use to be more live TV channels/shows, more popular channels/TV networks, more movies, and more live sports. Sporting events were listed by the name of the event or ballgame. Now everything listed by TV channel/network name.

Still, this service offers entertaining web television channels from popular and unfamiliar television networks. There’s plenty to explore which you’ll be the judge whether or not the content is entertaining enough. Opting for the 7-day trial will help make a determination, without shelling out full payment.

Channel List Channel List with Categories

Streaming channels also includes Movies (on-demand), TV shows (on-demand), along with live TV channels delivered to you to watch in one place. The ‘By Category’ includes the following genres:

  • Business
  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • General
  • Government
  • Kids / Cartoons
  • Lifestyles
  • Movies
  • Music News
  • Religious
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Weather

You can easily find all live channels from a specific country which clicking ‘By Country’. When I wanted to see all channels from the US, a list appeared with an image and link for each channel. There were many news channels/networks that appeared with other genres. But there’s plenty more content from the US.

What I also discovered in my SatelliteDirect Review were some pay-to-use streaming content providers such as Starz, Amazon Prime Instant Video, etc. You are not required to use these content providers where you must pay to watch. There are some movies trailers that I found as well.

During my physical review of Satelite Direct, there were 3,840 on-demand movies, in total, and 120 on-demand TV shows – so by that count, this service clearly delivers over 3,500 channels and VOD content but not in television channels alone, at least not at this time.

Live Sports. Satellite Direct Sports no longer list names of ballgames or events. You no longer know what person or team is playing the other for that day, whereas you would click the link with the name of the game you wanted to watch. Now, only names of television networks are listed. Whether this section has more or less live sporting events has yet to be determined – my guess is it’s less than before.

Sports List Sports Channels Playing1
Sports Channel Playing2 Sports Channel Playing3
Sports Channel Playing4

There are many sports channels/networks listed from many country, not just the US. Some of the networks (out of many) includes Fox Sports, Eurosport, AFL Classic, Big Ten Network, BT Sport, HBO Boxing, IndyCar, NBA AllStars, Sky Sports, and so on.

One-Year Support

Membership & Support Services. If you opt into the full price ($50 USD) one year support, you can also use an unlimited number of devices. However, keep in mind you only have one year of email support. If anything should go wrong, after one year expires, you simply don’t get any support. Question is what could possibly go wrong and that’s something you must weigh and determine whether this is a good option.

Obviously, this service would rather you opt into one of their subscription plans, which may be the best option. At least, they offer two subscriptions at different price sets, whereas you get on-going support until you decide to cancel.
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7-Day Trial. There is a 7-day trial, with full access, for $4.95 USD that automatically bills you $19.95 per month — this is optional as there are other price sets to choose from. If skeptical, then opting for the trial is a practical way to test this web-based software and service. You can always opt out of the trial period before the $19.95 per month charge kicks in, and perhaps opt for the $19.95 USD where you are billed every three months deal instead (see all price sets at bottom).

Cancel Subscription

You are not required to buy in this service long-term. But if you do, there are two ways to cancel the subscription:

  1. The email you receive from the payment processor ( provides information, with order number, to look up your order. You can request cancellation and refund if you choose
  2. Inside the members area, under Account >> Account Information is a ‘Cancel Subscription’ link. Clicking that link will notify the service you want to cancel

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Compatibility. Satellite Direct is compatible to all Windows operating system including XP and Windows 10; also compatible to Mac OS, Tablet, and smartphone. As for smartphone users with iPad, iPhone, android devices, its best to install a Flash Enabled Browser.

There are many available online for FREE. such as Puffin Browser. Similar browsers include Photon Flash Player, Skyfire Web Browser or any other Flash Enabled Browser.

For computers, Google Chrome browser is suggested but other browsers can be used such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


  • Great if living without cable or satellite
  • Can setup web TV system instantly
  • Works with many devices
  • Connect computer to television and watch on big screen
  • Setup extra TV for household without high cost
  • Create TV on-the-go system via laptop or smartphone
  • Few low-cost memberships to choose from

System Requirements. To watch videos, make sure you have following:

  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera
  • Internet connection with 50+ Kbps. The Higher the better. Click Here to Test Internet Speed
  • iPad/iPhone/Android users, you might need to use 3rd-party Flash Enabled Browser apps such as
    Puffin Browser, Dolphin Browser, Photon Browser, Skyfire Web Browser
  • Use any device with Internet connection, be it Windows OS, Surface Tablets, Mac (Intel based), iPad/iPhone, iOS, Android SmartPhones/Tablets, Home Theater, Smart TV w/ Web Browser

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Mac Version. This version could also be a Satellite Direct review of itself. If you are a Mac user, you can choose to download the Mac OS X when prompted to choose either that version or Windows version during the installation process. Mac users can reap the same enjoyment as do Windows users now.
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Feature Enhancements. The new software platform comes with some interesting features, unlike before. Of course ‘Full Screen’ is available on most TV players that play the content you want to watch online. This enables you to watch a streaming channel, movie, or television show across your entire screen or close to it.

When logged into the members area, you’ll see features like ‘Search’ that lets you search for a specific television channel/network. You can also search the content ‘By Country’ or ‘By Category’ with a list genres that follows. In some cases, an A-Z index bar appears that lets you search that way. Other features include ‘Recently Viewed Channels’ and ‘Recently Viewed Movies’, which automatically appears after you select a channel and/or movie.

Favorites Feature Add to Favorites Feature1
Add to Favorites Feature2 Watch Later Feature
Recently Watched Feature Theme Setting Feature
Recently Added Channels Recently Added Movies Feature
Recently Added Feature2 Top Movies Feature
Top Channels Feature Recently Viewed Movies Feature
Recently Viewed Channels Feature Popular Shows and Trending Now

In addition, members can select ‘Top Channels’ and ‘Top Movies’ where they get to see what’s popular. Next, is the ‘Add to Favorites’ which lets members store their favorites. And they can select ‘Recently Added Channels’ and ‘Recently Added Movies’ – this is where Satelite Direct periodically adds more content for members to watch online, which some were listed when I reviewed this section. As you can see, more content is added all the time.

The ‘Watch Later List’ lets you select the content to watch later on when you’re ready. And the ‘Recently Watched’ feature automatically list the content you already watched.

Report Problem (Broken Channel)

You can also use the ‘Report a Problem’ link to report an issue directly to support. This includes any broken channels you may come across as well.
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Price & Refund. Price & Refund. There are 4 memberships offered at different price-sets below. Opting into the $29.95/Yr may be the best option, since you are only billed once a year. There is no one-time fee with lifetime membership access anymore. You have up to 60 days to request a full refund. As for the $4.95 free trial that rebills to $19.95 per month, you can use this to test the web-based platform. You can also opt out before 7-day trial is over.

Membership/Subscription Fees

  1. 1 Year Unlimited Access: $29.95/Yr. (See ‘One-Year Support above)
  2. 3 Month Unlimited Access: $19.95/Mo.
  3. 7-Day Trial w/ Rebill: $4.95 USD Trial & Rebills to $19.95 USD/mo (Recommended for testing)
  4. 7-Day Trial w/ Rebill: $5.95 USD Trial & Rebills to $39.95/Yr.

Note: All fees above will give you access to same features and streaming content available. The only difference is the price.

As for refunds, there’s a 60-day money back guarantee that lets you request a full refund if this service/product doesn’t meet your needs. I recommend going directly to the payment processor, in this case Clicksure, to request a full refund – no questions-asked. The merchant/vendor has to go through the same payment processor they hired, anyway, to process the refund request.
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The only way I could show proof this service has a high success rate was to become an affiliate to get access to all transactions. I had to copy the transactions to a spreadsheet in order to not show other products/services I’m testing also.

Out of 12 sales, during the period below, only 1 refund so far. As it stands now the success rate is 91.66% and failure rate 8.34% which is pretty good right now. I will update this information after more months have passed.

Click Below to See Sale/Refund Transactions From January to February 2016…

Satellite Direct Sales/Refunds

Ways to Use Sat Direct TV. Members can use a desktop or laptop computer to watch everything online. However, a laptop adds more mobility. Besides creating an extra TV for home use, you can create a TV traveling companion for travel use.

This method can also be scaled up when connecting your computer to any large screen television via HDMI cable (or whatever video/audio cable connector is needed). Once this connection is made, simply open Satelite Direct and whatever you play will be seen on the big screen TV. (See YouTube videos on how to make this connection.)

Pros and Cons

product name pros ImagePros: The new web-based software interface is a lot better than any of the past versions. It’s 21st century, in regards to look and feel as well as very user-friendly. The interface is fast and smooth and usually takes a few seconds for a live TV channel or on-demand TV show/movies to play. I also like the images/pictures use for each channel, movie and television show, which gives you a brief description of what you’re watching.

The features included are helpful and come quite handy when wanting to manipulate content the way you want it, such as ‘Adding to Favorites’ and ‘Watch Later’. Using ‘Report a Problem’ is a quick way to contact support, rather than try to find their email address or visit their website. You can use this service/platform on any number of devices; there is no cap. However, your WiFi network will determine how many devices can be used to connect with this service. Too many devices on the same network, at the same time, could bring down the connection speed considerably, so you’ll have to experiment.

Picture Quality 1 Picture Quality 2
Picture Quality 3 Picture Quality 4
Picture Quality 5

There’s enough content available to be entertained, in regards to movies, TV shows and live channels. There is some interesting content that I want to see and will watch later on. The picture quality for the most part is good to very good, even DVD-like or HD quality at times. With new content always being added and the service allowing you to contact them to add a favorite channel or VOD, the perks look pretty good.

Cons ImageCons: Not as much entertaining content (live channels, VOD & live sports) that was delivered by the old regime. If you want to watch live sports online, this is not the service for you. I recommend visiting the Top 10 page and scrolling down that page to review #1 and #2 on the comparison chart. These services have all the live sports online you could possbily want.

Also lacking are live channels. There wasn’t a lot available at the time of this review, but more on-demand content was available. Considering the fact this service continues to add new content, I would think perhaps more live channels would be included. Again, if you want access to live channels, I recommend clicking the link directly above to review #1 and #2 recommendations.

You will experience some broken channel links here and there, which is to be expected with any of these 3rd party services. Keep in mind, there’s a link to ‘Report a Problem’ quickly if needed. There were some blurry picture with some of the content reviewed. I was using a wireless connection at the time which gives me around 7-8+ Mbps Internet connection download speed.

Perhaps if I used my wire broadband connection, which gives me 80-90+ Mbps, the picture will improve. However, sometimes when watching channels and VOD from other countries there will be some blurry picture – due to the source where the content comes from and there’s nothing you can do to improve the picture quality.

Some channels didn’t work and I’m not sure whether or not I needed to use my VPN service. If you think you’re being block by a certain country to watch channels, then you can always try a FREE Trial VPN service to see whether channel will play.

Further into my SatelliteDirect Review, I discover that out of 98 countries many only had 1-9 channels. Only 15 countries had 10-18 Channels and 12 countries had 29-61 Channels, with USA having the most channels (340+). This count does not include video-on-demand content. As for live channels, I would have to assume those numbers will increase over time, since the service continues to add more streaming content, from time to time.

You can select content when clicking either ‘By Country’ or ‘By Category’ that list all channels or TV shows or movies. Then choose something to watch from that list. However, there is no feature within the software that lets you go back to the original listing that appeared before playing something to watch.

However, there is a workaround. Simply use your browser’s ‘Back’ button to get the listing you had previously and select a different channel, movie, or TV show.

As for US channels, some of the content will come from Filmon, which generally have old video-on-demand content. However, this may not be a bad thing for some users who enjoy watching old movies, TV shows, etc. Don’t expect local channels in your area or some of the popular TV channel/networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox to watch talk shows, sitcoms, soaps, episodes, and so on.

As for live sports channels, ESPN isn’t included and again – no listings for sporting events and ballgames by name (sports channels/network names are listed instead). Still, there are many sports channels/networks available and some popular ones as well.

Overall, there is more video-on-demand content than live TV content. If you are looking for more live channels, you will be at a loss. But again, this service continues to add more content which is growing and you can always request content to be added as well.
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Conclusion: Is It Worth the Money?

I know how difficult it is for anyone who read negative posts about Satelite Direct or had a bad experience in the past to try the new version. There’s really not much that can be said to convince anyone to give this service a try. Whether or not you are new to this service/product, you can opt for the $29.95 USD with one year support (Be sure to read “One-Year Support” above) or $14.95 USD per month or any one of the two trials mentioned previously.

Because of the ‘here and now’ and what happened in the past, I feel individuals need to be given an incentive for the up and downs this service caused. With that in mind, I was compelled to get this service to let me offer my readers/visitors a $30 discount, which should help make a decision to give this service/product a try.

I purchased this product/service and still use it today. Any questions you may have, feel free to contact me anytime (see ‘Contact Us’ link at very bottom of this review page).

You may find the 7-day trial at $4.95 USD and canceling before you are billed the full amount the best way to go. It’s good that Satelite Direct meets customers half way by offering trial. Most 3rd party services don’t offer any type of trial or huge discount. This way users get to test and see where this service really stands with the ‘here and now’ compared to what happened in the past.

I have no doubt that many will find the interface, look and feel, ease-of-use, and channel delivery appealing. The content delivered being good or bad is something individuals need to determine for themselves. Only the individual can really determine whether or not the content is good enough.

Recent complaints are another matter but should be investigated further. Some former users experienced difficulties doesn’t mean you will experience the same. I certainly haven’t experience any issue, since my purchase of this product/service. Nevertheless, this is where the Satellite Direct 7-day trial comes in handy.

This Concludes My Satellite Direct Review

To Visit the Official Website and Pay $29.95 (One-Time Fee) with One Year Support (Be sure to read “One-Year Support” above) – Click Here


To Pay $14.95/Mo. – CLICK HERE


Try 7-Day Trial @ $4.95 USD, then $19.95 per Month – Click Here


Try 7-Day Trial @ $5.95 USD, then $39.95 per Year – Click Here

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  • Eric Taylor

    I have had Satellite Direct for a few years now. Unfortunately my hard drive crashed that it was installed on. Now I have a useless install file because it is past the 1 year support and they won’t reset my registration code. Their support told me I’m passed my 1 year support and to spend more money on their product and get the new version. What is the sense in having lifetime membership and only 1 year support. I bought the product for life and now can’t use it? The other problem I had when it was working is the channels constantly have ads popping up in the middle of your show about every 5 minutes on most of the channels. If I bought the full version of the product, I would expect not to see pop up ads anymore. The product was really good for it’s intended purpose, which was watching football during the season, other then having to close pop up ads every 5 minutes.

    • Eric Taylor

      Thanks for replying. In my case though, I didn’t cause the device change. As I said it was due to a hard drive crash and had to reinstall on a new hard drive. Unless SD changes and support is offered for the life of the software, I won’t throw more money at them just so the same thing can happen. There are entirely too many other alternatives out there to choose from. I only used the program during football season, and I’m sure I can find another alternative that will meet my needs. Again thanks for replying and giving honest, impartial reviews.

  • MsLadyDrifter

    a year ago the site crashed and to this date it hasn’t been fixed. When I enquire about it all they tell me is they are working on it. The only station I can get is COP TV. Sigh. Tonight I thought I would give it another try. I was watch A&E for 40 minutes and then it shut down. Now the site won’t even load up. They got my money so I am old news. All they care about is the newbies that are sucked into their scheme.

  • Beverley

    Have you got a contactable phone number for Satellite Direct. May i have it please. I need to speak to someone

    Hello Beverly… I sent you a personal email that answers your question. There is no phone number to ETV Corp Satellite Direct TV.


  • Mike Schinella

    Hi Philip,

    Great review, I was able to get everything I needed as far as information all in one spot. Thank you for providing value, quality posts such as this are a rare find.

    I like the pop-up on the bottom. What plugin are you using for that, if I may ask?



    Mike… I appreciate the visit and comment provided.


  • Janet

    Do you have information on connecting the SD TV Player to the TV screen? We have a blue-ray disc player BP 620.
    Thank you,


    Sure Janet… just go to and search for… connect pc to tv

    You will find many video tutorials there and can search further for videos
    that are more specific to your need. After you learn how to make the
    connection, you will need the right products such as video/audio connector
    cable, etc.

    You can cut through the chase and find exactly what you’re
    looking for at my webpage, click the blog button at top and search for… amazon video audio store


    • Mark Daniele

      I had used this product for several years on my dell laptop and truly loved it.My dell died and i now have an apple mac.I was a little Leary as apple does not like anything but apple .Well satellite direct now has mac friendly downloads so I am once again up and running.I am awful at tech and this is so easy.They are here to help.You have 60 days to ask for a refund so there is no risk at all.If your like me a person on a budget this deal is an absolute must.Good luck.

      Mark… Your comment is greatly appreciated! You are one of many (the majority) users of this technology who vary rarely post their satisfaction and I know why. Usually, no one spends time posting something that works for them because they are too busy enjoying what they purchased. I only hope other visitors here read my entire review and understand a lot more users still use this technology today than those who request refunds and post scam reports.


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