Dark Media IPTV Review

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Dark Media IPTV Review

Product Name: Dark Media IPTV

Product Description: Subscribers of this IPTV service get HD & SD live TV w/ Premium Channels, Local TV, Sports, PPV, Music Channels, Sports Replay, and other streaming content including EPG (TV Guide). Something for the entire family including kids. You get everything under one roof. The free app can be installed across multiple devices, up to 5. No contract, set-top box, or antenna needed.

Offer price: $14.99

Currency: USD

Availability: OnlineOnly

  • Usability
  • Performance
  • Picture Quality
  • Compatibility
  • Live Channels
  • VOD/CatchUp
  • Sports/PPV
  • Global Channels
  • EPG (TV Guide)
  • Support

Dark Media IPTV Review

Thousands of HD/SD live TV channels from many popular networks delivered. Many of the same channels/networks are found on cable/satellite TV. Subscribers get access to US, UK, Sports, and entertainment channels. Watch TV shows, movies, news, kids channels, music videos, etc. EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) is a TV guide that can be programmed by the user.


Watch many of the same channels/networks found on cable/satellite TV. USA Local TV channels included as well. Great for sports fans with many of the popular sports networks included. Free app download for several compatible devices.

Monthly and Annual subscription plans available, up to 5 devices.


At the time of this review, there were no on-demand and catch up content. Also not included were PPV events and countries outside the US with exception to UK. Adult content was provided when not requested it during the low-cost trial period.

The trial is not a free trial. You must pay $7.50 to test everything on your device. But you don’t need to pay. Just watch my video review to get a look inside. Good for watching mostly sports, movies, news, all kinds of TV shows, and kids channels.

DarkMedia: 1,000s of Live Premium TV Channels and Sports from US, UK, Canada & Latin

Install on Amazon Fire TV or Firestick, iOS, or Android Devices

Dark Media IPTV Review by Real User, Tester, and Reviewer. This IPTV service caters to individuals only interested in watching live premium channels online. If you love watching sports, movies, TV shows, and news, there’s plenty of it delivered.

However, there aren’t any on-demand movies or TV series. If this is something of interest to you, then I suggest visiting our Top 10 Comparison Chart with IPTV and OTT Services Here. But for what it’s worth, you get all the top television networks to watch many if not all your favorites.

One of the highlights of using this is service is low-cost. When comparing this to cable/satellite TV, the cost savings can be huge. Another highlight is no set-top box is needed but there are many more highlights to cover. This Dark Media review will cover everything there is to know about this IPTV service including the pros and cons.


Dark Media IPTV Review of Service and App

It’s unclear how long this service has been online and how reliable. I only entered into the one week trial. Everything worked well enough with exception to some channels not working/playing. This is expected to happen with any IPTV service and I have tested many. Both the IPTV service and app they use work well together.

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What Is It, How Does It Work, and Who Can Use It

What is it? You get an IPTV service that doesn’t require any set-top box or antenna. They deliver live premium channels online via a compatible device such as the Amazon Firestick. There is no contract, hidden or cancellation fee, credit check, or local sports blackouts.

The Dark Media sign up process is simple to do. All you need is the Internet with 25 Mbps or more Internet connection (download) speed. Higher the connection speed better the overall performance.

They are not affiliated with any cable/satellite TV company which means they are independent but not license holders. People all over the world are using IPTV services but if you feel uncomfortable, then you might want to check out an OTT service Here that is licensed. Unfortunately, the OTT service caters only to US and Canadian residences.

How Does It Work? How to sign up for Dark Media is simple to do. Just visit the website and you will see the 1 Week Trial button and Choose A Plan button. I clicked the 1 Week Trial to sign up. You might want to do the same to test everything before subscribing to the monthly or yearly package.

Simply enter your personal information and follow the next steps. Once the Dark Media IPTV sign up and payment process is completed, expect to receive an email from them immediately. If you don’t see any email, be sure to look in your Spam or Junk mail folder.

The email will have instructions and links to download the app to your device (Fire TV, iOS, or Android). Also, included are the username and password to log into the app to watch TV Online. There is a video tutorial on their website that shows how to install the app on Firestick.

To watch everything on your HDTV or smart TV, you will need the Amazon Fire TV or Firestick. Learn More Here.

Click video image below to learn more, take the tour inside, and watch channels play…

Dark Media IPTV

Click Here to Sign Up Now: Watch All Your Favorites Online


Once you sign into the app, you are now ready to watch whatever is available. There are many popular Sports networks, movie networks, news networks, kids networks, and TV networks. Simply click the category or section that you want to watch channels from. And that’s all there is to it.

Dark Media Channel List
Click any category/section and all live channels appear in the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide). The same thing happens for any section that you choose to watch. All the channels appear in the EPG which is a TV guide.

Something to note. Sometimes when clicking a category, the column with TV network names appear but no TV program names. When this happens, I had to go back to the previous screen where 18 categories were listed. Then clicked the 3-dotted icon in the upper right corner. A popup listing appeared and I clicked the ‘Refresh VOD & EPG’ link.

This made all the TV programs names appear in their time slots. Click any TV program name in the EPG (TV guide) to watch it online.

Dark Media IPTV

As you will soon see, the Dark Media IPTV Setup is pretty straight-forward. There’s nothing else to do or install unless you don’t have the Amazon Fire TV or Firestick. There are no fancy features with exception to Favorites. When highlighting the TV program name and pressing the button inside the ring on my Firestick remote, adds the TV network name to Favorites.

You can tell it’s been added to Favorites when looking at the filled-in heart shape in the upper right corner. Clicking the TV program name again will show an empty heart shape and removes the same TV network name from Favorites.

Who Can Use It? Any individual no matter where s/he lives in the world can use this IPTV service. There is streaming content for US, UK, and Latin including Dark Media Canada. Content for adults, children, sports fans or fanatics, and those who love watching movies and TV series. There is no Geo-restriction which means no blocking a country or IP address.


Content, Performance & Interface


Dark Media Channel List or Dark Media Pro channel list. There is no channel list to look at before opting into the 7-day trial or subscription. However, you can watch our video review above to see the Dark Media IPTV channel list inside the app. Once inside the app, the EPG (TV guide) will show the list of channels.

On the Main Screen, there are 5 categories: 1) Live TV; 2) On-Demand; 3) Series; 4) EPG; 5) Account. However, Live TV is the only category that has streaming content. The other categories have no streaming content. In other words, there is no on-demand movies and TV shows to watch online.

After clicking the Live TV category, another screen appeared with more categories or sections. There were 18 categories at the time of writing this Dark Media review as follows:

Favorites, Sports Center, HD Premium Movies, UK | Entertainment, UK | SD Channels, UK | HD Sports, UK | SD Sports, USA | Entertainment, USA | HD Sports, USA | Regional Channels, USA | Fox Sports Regional, USA | Bein Sports, Can | Entertainment, Various Kids Channels, Various Music Channels, EU | Eleven Sports, Latino, and Adult.

Dark Media Pro

There are 100s if not 1000s of Dark Media IPTV Channels available. I couldn’t possibly test each channel in 18 categories doing my review of this DarkMedia IPTV service.

Some things to note:

1) Most of the content in the Various Music Channels section did not play or work correctly. I would get ‘Playback failed’ or no audio with the video.

2) Some of the live streams in other sections experienced the same issues. However, most of the live streams tested did work/play correctly.

3) There are many live sports sections, 7 out of 18 categories or sections to be exact.

Most of the live streaming content that I played did work and there wasn’t that much delay. The picture quality was in HD but I did come across a few channels with sub-par quality.

Live Sports. If you are into live sports, this service definitely delivers. Subscribers can watch local, national, and international sports. Also, regional sports channels for the US are included. There’s a section for European sports and UK sports but no PPV events included.

Dark Media Streaming Sports Dark Media US Sports

Movies, News, Kids & TV Channels. If you love to watch movies, news, and/or all kinds of TV shows, Dark Media IPTV certainly doesn’t fall short. There shouldn’t be any disappointment there. I found content for the entire family including children channels. Once again, no on-demand movies and TV series — just live TV channels.

Dark Media Smart TV Movies

Something to note: In the one week trial, there’s an Adult section included that I wasn’t happy about being there. When paying any one of the subscription packages, it does say, “Adult Upon Request.” It appears they leave it up to the subscriber to choose. Just be aware of the 7-day trial if you want your children to use this service, they can easily get access to the adult content.

Local TV. There are regional channels included but not all USA cities are included. When going into the USA | Regional Channels section, a list of clickable local channels from various cities appear. To get all your local channels from television stations in your if you don’t have cable/satellite TV, Click Here to Learn More.

You can scroll up/down the list to play and watch any city with a channel. I live in Philadelphia and was able to locate channels from any city when using the Search tool. You can do the same for your city (if listed) by clicking the hourglass icon to search. The icon is located in the upper right corner of the EPG.

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First off, you need a good Internet connection. You should have at least 25 Mbps or more Internet connection (download) speed. Higher the better. For the most part, the app and IPTV service delivering the streaming content worked well together. There is some delay when clicking a channel to play and watch. You get the initial loading/buffering but the channel soon plays.

I did get some other buffering issues when playing some channels. Either the buffering goes away or comes back periodically. Sometimes I had to stop the channel stream and then play it again and the buffering would stop. Overall, I was happy with the performance and did not experience many channels not working, with exception to the ‘Various Music Channels’ section.


As I said before, there’s not much delay when playing a channel. I didn’t find this annoying at all because each channel played fast enough for me. But not as fast as other IPTV services that I tested in the past. You have to wait a few seconds for the stream to load and play.


Compatible Devices

The Dark Media TV services claim their app is compatible with the following devices which are not that many:

  • Amazon Fire Sticks
  • Android Boxes
  • Computers
  • Smart TV
  • Mobile Phones


I couldn’t find the DarkMedia, Dark Media app or Dark Media Pro inside my Samsung smart TV app store. I had to use my Firestick connected to my smart TV to download/install the app. You can use an HDTV with the Firestick connected also. As for computers, IPTV services are generally compatible with Windows and Mac but not Linux.

However, I saw no link or instructions that would enable me to watch on my PC.  This device is listed as compatible on their website. Perhaps this was in the past but not anymore. I contacted support but haven’t heard them yet. If there is any change, I will enter the update here. At this time, it appears computers are not compatible. Otherwise, they would send instructions and links to download the app to computers.

The email that I received from them does include, “download our app iOS or Android.” Both links to download the app for each device does work. You can easily visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store on your device to find the DarkMedia Pro app. See ‘Subscriptions & Cost’ (in bold) to find out how many devices can be connected simultaneously.


Dark Media App/Apk or Dark Media IPTV App/Apk and Download

Don’t get confused on the app or apk type. All you need to be concerned about is how the app performs and where to find the Dark Media Download. After signing up for the service, you’ll receive an email with all the instructions and download links. Their website has a video tutorial on how to download/install the app to the Amazon Firestick.


Dark Media IPTV Subscription, Cost, Trial, Money Back Guarantee, Support

Dark Media Pro: 7-Day Trial. The one week trial cost $7.50. Although a credit card is required, there is no auto-pay. Meaning your credit card won’t be charged again after the trial is over. If satisfied with the IPTV service, you can opt into one of the subscription plans – see below.

Subscriptions & Costs. There are 3 subscription plans for monthly and yearly as follows:

  1. Dark Media Basic: $14.99 per month or $69.00 per year (both payment plans allow 1 device connection)
  2. Dark Media Pro: $24.99 per month or $98.99 per year (both 3 device connections)
  3. Dark Media Elite: $24.99 per month or $124.99 per year (both 5 device connections)

Get Your 7-Day Trial or Low-Cost Subscription Package Here


Each Dark Media IPTV subscription delivers the same streaming content and features. The only differences are the prices and number of devices you can connect. This includes over 1,000 live channels and support. They do list ‘Adult Upon Request’. However, this content that I didn’t want was included in the one week trial.

Money Back Guarantee. This service says, you can cancel at any time but says nothing about any money back guarantee. This usually means no refund. When canceling the service and subscription, more than likely they will allow the subscription to run until it ends. No more billing your credit card after that. I would contact support to get a clearer understanding.


Dark Media IPTV Review – Pros and Cons


This IPTV claims to have over 1000 live premium channels to watch sports, movies, news, and all kinds of television shows. You can watch everything on your smart TV or HDTV when using the Firestick. Or watch it all on your Android or iOS device.

There are more than enough sports channels to watch any type of sporting event in and outside the USA. No individual is restricted from getting access to Dark Media IPTV and it’s not hard to get set up.

Those who love to watch movies, TV shows, and news, get access to all the popular networks. The one feature that many web TV viewers like having is the Add to Favorites. This IPTV service has that feature unlike many other services out there.

There’s something to watch for the entire family including kids. And there are regional channels and regional sports channels included. You may find some of your local TV channels in your area.

Cons. I’ve already explained in my Dark Media IPTV review that none of these services are perfect. You’ll find some channels don’t work at all or no audio. You may find a few with sub-par picture quality. Most of the content in the ‘Various Music Channels’ section don’t play audio or work.

Not all USA cities are included to watch local channels. And if you do find some of your local channels, some of them may not work. This doesn’t have to be a downside. Most IPTV services have only a few local channels available. I found three local channels from my city but two of them didn’t work. I found this issue in other IPTV services that I tested as well.

One workaround you can do if currently living without or thinking about cutting cable/satellite. Purchase an HDTV indoor antenna and connect it to your HDTV or smart TV. Perform a channels scan on your TV to find all local channels in your area. Learn More Here.

You won’t find any on-demand movies or TV series but there are plenty of live premium channels to watch. If this is a deal breaker for you, then I recommend other IPTV services that include on-demand streaming content also. Click Here to Learn More.

But if all you want is live channels to watch sports, movies, news, and all kinds of TV shows, then you should find this service very appealing.



The most important question is does Dark Media delivers on its promise. From my experience, I would say yes but I’m not you. They never claimed to deliver on-demand content which is something you need to think about. Perhaps you already have Netflix or some other streaming service but now want live channels or more sports.

Perhaps having access to all major sports networks is of interest. If so, Dark Media TV doesn’t disappoint. No matter where your interest lies or family members there is something for everyone including kids.

If you have more than one TV in the household, simply purchase and connect an Amazon Firestick to each television. This is a very popular streaming device that most people use today. The reason for that is mostly all streaming TV services, IPTV and OTT services are compatible with the Firestick. This IPTV service works really well with that device.

You can watch everything on an Android or iOS device also if your subscription package includes additional devices. No contract, hidden or cancellation fee, credit check, delay, or local sports blackouts. Watch any seasonal ballgame, playoff, championship, Super Bowl, etc.

The Dark Media IPTV trial meets you halfway. You may be thinking why not a free trial. Point well taken. But that’s not the case with this service. Paying the $7.50 fee really isn’t that much to give up for 7 days worth of premium TV. I help you make a well-informed decision by including a video review of this service – see further up. This way you can see everything for yourself and see how channels play.

The subscription packages are low-cost and they give you 3 different prices for monthly and 3 for yearly. You simply choose the number of devices that you want to connect. You should see the savings when comparing the monthly to yearly to cable/satellite TV. But I would suggest opting into the monthly instead since there is no guarantee this IPTV service will be in service long-term.

If not having on-demand movies and TV shows is not a problem, then I recommend giving this service a try. You can opt into the 7-day trial or per month/yearly subscription.

This Concludes the Dark Media IPTV Review!

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