Top 10: TV Software and Internet Based TV Services


Pay-to-Use Internet TV Software vs Low-Cost Internet Based TV

No Longer Recommended: Third-Party No-Cost and Low-Cost Software to Watch TV Online, With Exception to One (PlayOn). See Top 10 Comparison Chart Below.

Do You Want to Watch On-Demand and Live Premium TV Channels from Popular Networks Online without High Cost of Cable/Satellite TV?

Play Video Below to See Channel List and Watch Some of the Live Sports, TV Shows, Movies and News Broadcast this Service Offers. Highly Recommended for USA TV Viewers and Individuals from Other Countries that Want to Watch USA TV — See #1 Recommendation in the Top 10 Comparison Chart Below.


Coming Soon!…

New Premium Online TV Software for PC (Windows Only) is now under full review and will be available here for your review once completed. If you are looking for a great piece of software that brings together both on-demand content and live premium TV channels to watch sports, movies, TV shows, and sports, then you will want to review this software. Better than any freeware to watch TV online.


Best Internet TV SoftwareWhen comparing Internet TV software downloads to Internet based TV services there can be pros and cons to both. Each have their own restrictions, so its just a matter of which one is best suited for your needs. Very seldom do I recommend software to watch TV online but the ones you see here have been tested and safe to use. All of them come with iron-clad money back guarantees.

To be clear, stay away from all those freeware download websites with all kinds of software to watch TV on your PC. Many of them are not supported and have old technology. You’ll see many of them compatible to old operating systems, not Windows 10 or higher. Many of them will cause your computer to crash or harm your computer with a virus, malware, and so on.

Always use good common sense and install a good Antivirus Application, Free Malware Application, and Free Registry Cleaner Application. Run those applications on your device periodically to keep it clean. This will improve your device overall performance. I also suggest installing the Free AdBlock plugin for your computer to help block popups ads when visiting TV websites to watch your favorites online.

Never will you face any of these issues here when choosing a product/service that meets your needs. Whether it’s software or web-based TV, you can enjoy the best of web TV has to offer for a one-time fee or small subscription fee. Unlike what you may find elsewhere, the products/services here offer the best television online entertainment. You can get access to 100s, if not 1,000s, of on-demand content and live premium channels without paying any kind of subscription if you want.

As for Mac users that rather download software to watch TV on Mac, the windows-based applications here should run on your Mac OS X machine when using
WineBottler for Mac. You can watch the video to learn more and download the free WindeBottler. I don’t own a Mac so I am not 100% sure how well this works. But if a kid can do it, certainly you can too – Click Here to Learn More


Ask Me… Can I Watch ______________? or How Can I _____________? (you fill in the blank). Now give me the same question when using the Chat Now box to Get My Answer – see lower right corner. If I’m offline, be sure to leave your name and email address so I can contact you to provide an answer. Be sure to give me the TV network name and country.


Best Online TV Software and Live Sports Web-Based Packages *** TOP TEN *** Comparison Chart [Low-Cost, Pay-to-Use Services]

Explore most sought after and popular Web TV software and Web-Based TV Streaming services today that have best ratings and track record. Get instant access Popular TV channels and VOD to watch any live sporting event online including entertaining TV shows old/recent movies, news, music videos, radio stations and music. Watch everything on your device [Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers (desktop or laptop) or Smartphone). Quickly scan through comparison chart below and choose one or more services to review further.

FREE Ebook Download: The Ultimate Guide To Watching TV Online and Local OTA TV Without Cable, When Using What You Already Have

Use keyboard up/down and left/right arrows (or bottom horizontal scroll bar) to see other parts of the comparison chart. Use Your 'Browser Full Screen' - Best way to view chart below...

Any Questions About These Products/Services, Do Let Us Know. Or, Tell Us What Product or TV Solution You Are Searching For or Personal Feelings About This Website So That We May Improve It.

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Top 10
Direct PCTV
PlayOn TV
Select TV
StreamDirect Pro

Watch Live Premium TV Channels and Any Live Sporting Event Online. Watch On-Demand TV Shows & Movies

Direct PCTV ComparisonChart Image
$39.95 USD (One-Time)

Visit Site
i-PCTV ComparisonChart Image
$29.95 USD (One-Time)

Visit Site
PlayOn ComparisonChart Image
$39.99 USD (One-Time)

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Select TV Image
$24 USD (Annual)

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StreamDirect Pro  ComparisonChart Image
$29.95 USD (One-Time)

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SatelliteDirect ComparisionChart Image
$29.95 USD

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Download City Comparison Chart Image
$39.95 USD (One-Time)

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Watch Online TV ComparisonChart Image
$29.95 USD (One-Time)

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Overall Rating

Overall 5 Star Rating Image
Overall 4 Star Rating Image
Overall 4 Star Rating Image
Overall 4 Star Rating Image
Overall 3 Star Rating Image
Overall 3 Star Rating Image
Overall 3 Star Rating Image
Overall 3 Star Rating Image
Platform Type

Web-Based Live TV & VOD - Includes Live TV, Local TV, Global TV, Sports TV, VOD Movies & VOD TV Shows. Dedicated Live Sports TV Section.

Web-Based Live TV & VOD - Includes Live TV, Local TV, Global TV, Sports TV, VOD Movies & VOD TV Shows. Dedicated Live Sports TV Section.

TV Software Download. (Also See FREE Download). All-in-One Source for Live and On-Demand TV w/ Cast and Record Features)

Web-Based Live TV/VOD Aggregator (Includes TV Episodes, Movies, Radio Stations, Live Channels, VOD, Pay Per View, Premium Add-ons, Games, Apps & More)

Web-Based VOD/Live TV. Very Entertaining Streaming Content. Software Without Downloading). Dedicated Live Sports Section.

Online TV Software - No Download - VOD/Live TV (Live TV, On-Demand Movies & TV Shows, News, Some Sports)

TV Shows, Movies, Games & Songs Download Website

Web-Based TV


Windows, Mac, or Linux Computer, Tablet, Smartphone, or Any Device w/ Web Browser

Windows, Mac, or Linux Computer, Tablet, Smartphone, or Any Device w/ Web Browser

Windows 10 or Higher (See PlayOn Cloud at Bottom)

Laptop or Desktop - PC (XP or Greater), Mac (Ver 10.6 or Greater), Linux, Tablet (Flash-enabled), Mobile Devices (Android & iOS)

ALL WINDOWS, Mac (Intel based), Windows OS, Surface Tablets, Mac (Intel based), iPad/iPhone, iOS, Android SmartPhones/Tablets, Home Theater, SmartTv, Linux OS, Nokia Lumia Phones, Micorsoft Mobiles, BlackBerry, PlayStation, XBox or any device which supports Internet.

All Windows Including XP and 10 OS; Mac; Tablet; Smartphone

All Windows OS; Mac; Linux; Mobile; Game Consoles

All Windows OS; Tablet; Smartphone

Success Rate

90+% (Subject to Change)

90+% (Subject to Change)


(Not Enough Data)

New Service - Not Enough Data

Revamped Software - Not Enough Data

Not Enough Data

Not Enough Data

Streaming Content

9,000+ Live TV and VOD Entertainment. Daily Live Sports Listing/Scheduling - Updated Every 30 Minutes; Most Complete Entertainment Package. Also Includes Radio Stations. Many Entertaining Premium Channels Included and Channels From Many Countries. See Video to Watch Channels Play and See Channel List - Click 'Review' Link at Top

6,000+ Live TV & On-Demand Content, Including Radio and Music. Daily Live Sports Listing/Scheduling - Updated Every 30 Minutes; Most complete Entertainment Package. Many Entertaining Premium Channels Included and Channels From Many Countries. See Video to Watch Channels Play and See Channel List - Click 'Review' Link at Top

Free and Pay-to-Watch Live TV Programs and Video-On-Demand (Movies; TV Shows/Episodes) Including Sports; News; Music)

300,000+ TV Episodes; 200,000+ Movies; 50,000+ Radio Stations; 5,000+ Live Channels; Sports; VOD; PPV; Premium Add-ons; Games, Apps & More

Best Live TV, Live Sports and VOD for Many Countries 11,000+ TV Channels and 100s of Radio Stations; Best Suited for English Speaking Individuals and English as Second Language; Many English and Non-English Speaking Channels Work.

Best Software Interface w/ 3,500+ Live Channels with VOD Movies/TV Shows (Improving Service/Product)

2,900,000+ Files Download (Movies; TV/Shows; Games; Songs)

6,000+ Popular TV Networks, Live Sports, VOD Movies and TV Shows


$10 Discount; Now $39.95


No Discount but Can Purchase Annual License at $24.00 USD per Year

$19 USD per year & $49 USD 3-Year

Limited time Offer $3.95 per Month

$10 Discount



Money Back

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

No Refunds. All Sales Are Final

60 Days

60 Days

7 Days

30 Days





Monthly, Annual & 3-Year Subscriptions (No Lifetime)


Every 3 Months - Unlimited Access or One-Time Fee w/ One Year Support



Countries & Continents

100+ (Recommended Best for USA TV but Other Countries Included

100+ (Recommended Best for USA TV but Other Countries Included

US, CA, UK, Australia or English Speaking Individuals

USA Residents Only w/ 150 Countries (See Recommended VPN Service Outside USA)

128 and Counting - including US, UK, Germany, Canada & Australia, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, The United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Malaysia, Algeria, Philippines, Israel, Russia, and many more.

98+ Countries (See 7-Day Trial to Check Available Countries and Channels)




DVD/CD Burning Software; Video/DVD to iPod Converter; Web Look TV; nternet Security Software

Security software; Net Spyware Remover; Registry Cleaner; Pop-Up Blocker; CD Burner software; Weblook TV Internet



No-Cost RAM/Internet Booster Pro Software When Discount is Available


CD/DVD Burning Software

1,000s of Radio Stations; Security Software Suite; Weblook TV




Free PlayOn TV Software Download. Click 'Download' Link at Website to Sign Up for Free Account and Download.


7-Day Trial @ 2.95, then Rebills to $39.95 (One Time Fee)



# of Installs or Devices Can Use

Use Up to 6 Devices w/ Web Browser Logins at One Time

Up to 6 Computers

No Limit
(Depends on How Many Streams PC Can Handle simultaneously)

Unlimited Devices

Up to 3 Devices But Cannot Use All There at Same Time


Unlimited Downloads

Up to6 computers (desktop/laptops) - Tablets - Smartphones


Full Screen; Auto Channel Updates; Members Area updates; TV Guide; Tech Support

Full Screen; Auto Channel Updates; Members Area updates; TV Guide; Tech Support

Watch, Cast, Stream or Record Any Video Online (Movies, TV Shows, Episodes or Music From Streaming Sites (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and more); Works w/ Gaming Consoles, Streaming Devices, Mobile Devices, Media Players, and Smart TVs; Browser Extension with Playmark Feature to Bookmark Video Website Urls; Tech Support

PPV Price Comparision; Organize Content by Genre; Recently Added; Ratings, Year & Popularity; My Favorites; My Interest; VPN Service Recommendation

Full Screen, Live TV/VOD, Live Sports, Radio Stations, Select from 128 Countries, Many Popular/Entertaining Channels, Tech Support 24 x 7

Full Screen; Search Bar; Add to Favorites; Auto Channel Updates; Watch Later; Software Upgrades; 24/7 Tech Support; Dedicated Live Sports Section; Report Broken Channels

Download Full-Length Movies & TV shows, Games, Songs, etc.; Download to Any Device; New Download Added Daily; Keep All Download; No Additional Costs

Full Screen; Auto Channel Updates; Members Area updates; TV Guide; Tech Support

DPC 4 Blue Star Rating Image
i-PCTV 4 Blue Star Rating Image
Play On 5 Blue Star Rating Image
Select TV 4 Blue Star Rating Image
SDPro 3 Blue Star Rating Image
SD 4 Blue Star Rating Image
LTVS 4 Blue Star Rating Image
DPC 2 Blue Star Rating Image
Interface or Platform
DPC 4 Red Star Rating Image
i-PCTV 4 Red Star Rating Image
Download PlayOn 5 Red Star Rating Image
Select TV 5 Red Star Rating Image
SDPro  Red Star Rating Image
SD 5 Red Star Rating Image
DwnLdCity 4 Red Star Rating Image
DPC 3 Red Star Rating Image
DPC 4 Green Star Rating Image
i-PCTV 4  Green Star Rating Image
PlayOn Download 5 Green Star Rating Image
SelectTV 4 Green Star Rating Image
SDPro 4 Green Star Rating Image
SD 4 Green Star Rating Image
DwnLdCity 5 Green Star Rating Image
DPC 3 Green Star Rating Image
Ease of Use
DPC Ease 5 Blue Star Rating Image
i-PCTV Ease 5 Blue Star Rating Image
PlayOn Video 4 Blue Star Rating Image
Select TV Ease 5 Blue Star Rating Image
SDPro Ease 5 Blue Star Rating Image
SD Ease 5 Blue Star Rating Image
DwnLdCity Ease 5 Blue Star Rating Image
DPC Ease 5 Blue Star Rating Image
DPC Support 4 Red Star Rating Image
i-PCTV Support 4 Red Star Rating Image
PlayOn VOD 5 Red Star Rating Image
LIveTVWeb Support 5 Red Star Rating Image
SDPro Support 4 Red Star Rating Image
SD Support 4 Red Star Rating Image
DwnLdCity Support 4 Red Star Rating Image
DPC Support 3 Red Star Rating Image
Other ProductsSee iPCTV
See Direct PCTV


PlayOn Cloud (25-100 Cloud Credits) @ $17.50 - $100.00 USD: Select movies and TV shows from PlayOn Cloud app; Record in cloud and download to any device, no PC required; Store recordings in the cloud for 30 days; Download recordings to any PC or Mac with no expiration date


As of late, some of the top 3rd party software TV services (including live streaming download) have converted to web-based and for good reason. One being, many bad freeware and pay-to-use services that created their own software turned many people away over the years — due to scams, security risks associated with them, many non-working channels, lousy content delivery, etc.

Popular Internet TV Software doesn’t work well with every computer, even though they are said to be compatible. They can cause a computer crash or lock up your computer. Services that created their own streaming software have to make sure it’s updated regularly, as Adobe Flash and computer operating system continues to upgrade periodically. This in itself can cause conflict with any streaming application designed to deliver instant television online.

SmartThings Monitor Your Home or Office while away at Order here!


Users must make sure video/audio plugins on their computers are updated regularly. Any computer change such as installing other software, driver updates, hard drive replacement, IPS change, and so on, can cause the TVPC software to stop working (conflict). And there’s usually some maintenance or troubleshooting work required every so often — more so than web-based platforms.

Device compatibility is also limited when using software TV online. In many cases, the entertainment is not as good. Also there are more steps involved such as downloading and installing the TvSoftware in order to use it. Sometimes you must enter a license or activation key to use the TV player software. As for Internet based TV platforms, there’s no initial work involved nor periodic maintenance required on your end.

Compared to Web based TV, whether the service offers live channels and/or VOD content, you have very little setup to do and less problems. Unlike software, you get more device compatibility (Windows, Mac, Tablet & Smartphone). In most cases, better entertainment which comes closer to cable and satellite television entertainment. We are talking about 3rd party software versus 3rd-party Internet based TV/Video services — brands that you may not be familiar with or trying to find more information about.

If you can get your mind off no-cost software you will find something much better here that offers the next best thing to cable/satellite at low-cost.

Consider the web-based services I discovered and put together for you below, especially my 1-5 recommendations. Trust me, you will be more happier, more entertained, have more device compatibility, and enjoy more perks than downloading any no-cost or paid-to-use television player software.

Mac, Linux, Tablet and Smartphone Users:

See StreamDirect Pro below. This new, up and coming, Internet based television Software service is compatible to many devices. Many popular and entertaining live TV channels and VOD content. Very good support. See 7-Day Trial!


Visitors From United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Other Countries:

See StreamDirect Pro in comparison chart below. Many popular entertaining channels do work and more will be added soon. Watch Live/VOD channels from your homeland instantly from one place. Very good support if help is needed. See 7-Day Trial and try it out!

If searching for Internet/Online/Web/Live TV Software, TV Player, TV Download, or TV Tuner Software Alternative, You are at the right place.

All English Speaking individuals (US, UK, CA, Australia & other English speaking countries) >> Take a look at Direct PCTV below. Great for Watching All Kinds of Popular Live Streaming TV Channels/Networks and On-Demand content with Live Sports section. Watch all Kinds of Entertaining TV Shows/Soaps/Sitcoms/Episodes, Movies, News Channels, and So Much More. I also use these services to watch everything on my Windows computer connected TV.


Top 10 Best Internet TV Software and Web Based TV Services for Windows/Mac Computers and Mobile IOS/Android Devices… Watch TV Shows, Sports, Movies and News Worldwide

All Operating Systems (Windows Including 10 and XP, Mac, Linux – Where Applicable, Tablet, Smartphone & Smart TV with Web Browser)

TV PC/Mac Software and Web-Based Streaming Websites with service packages (top brands) are now made available for your review. For those who want to automate setting up an Internet television system with a desktop or TV traveling companion with a laptop or computer connected television, system these are the most popular and affordable brands today.

If you are looking for a quick, easy and most cost-effective alternate to cable/satellite or don’t have any service in your area, then these products/services may be considered the next best thing. They offer quick, easy access to all kinds of popular television programs and shows from across the globe. No need to look elsewhere for the best low-cost applications for watching television over the Internet. This technology also allows you to watch everything inside one area instead of visiting many different television/video websites, one after another to watch your favorites.


For the best quality and performance, use a broadband connection (DSL or Cable). Remember… Higher the connection speed better the picture quality and overall performance. At times, even DSL and Cable broadband can be sub-par and cause low quality. You can always check your connection download speed online. You should always have 7 Mbps or higher (download speed) to play HD content at all times (5 Mbps is the minimum required but higher the better).


Please note the following before choosing a top 10 online TV software or non-software service…

  • Do Not Purchase if you expect HD crystal clear picture/video at all time. Sometimes the source where streaming content comes from may cause low quality but the picture is still watchable
  • Do Not Purchase if you expect Paid Premium Internet Satellite and/or Cable television programs like Prism and Starz
  • Do Not Purchase if you expect all or most programs you see on your television at home
  • Do Not Purchase if you have no patience to explore and scan through 100s if not 1000s of Internet shows that are organized by country and genre – You can always add channels to favorites to view later on



Best Screen Capture Video Recording Software for Windows and Mac (Very Affordable Price)

Replay Video Capture software lets you record Live and on-demand web media content that plays on your computer. It’s like a DVR on your computer and there’s no monthly nor high cost. Record from any streaming content provider such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Record any sporting event or match, video, movie and TV show from any website. You can also record from any DVD, Media/TV player, webinar, Skype, etc.

For More Information, Read Review

NOTE: This screen capture software can be a nice addition to any one of the InternetTvSoftware packages below where many of them don’t offer a record feature.


The Best Internet TV Software and Web-Based VOD/Live TV Reviews Below…




Direct-PCTV (Not Software for TV)

Pros: Direct PCTV offers a large variety of on-demand and live Internet TV entertainment with 9,000+ channels; This online TV software for PC service switched to web-based, and have been in existence for a number of years. They withstood the test of time and still remains one of the more reliable 3rd party services today.

They offer a good selection of worldwide live and vod channels including radio stations. If the decision is to try the application out, there’s an iron-clad money back guarantee which helps take risk out of getting scammed. Requesting a full refund is not an issue if making request but honestly, you wouldn’t want to.

Cons: There are similar downsides associated with this Internet TV service as all the others like it, but there’s more Internet TV content to choose from and be entertained with. There’s enough entertaining content available to make anyone forget about cable and satellite.

To Visit Official Website Now – Click Here!

Compatible OS: Windows; XP; Vista; Windows 7
Trial: None
Price: $39.95 (one-time fee)
Perks: Lifetime Membership + Support + Bonuses: 4
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Television Channels/Radio Stations: 9000+
Countries: 100+
1-5 Star Rating: 5/5




i-PCTV (Not TV Software)

Pros: ipctv delivers over 6,000 live TV channels, vod, radio, and music from around the world in different languages. This means you a watch all kinds of movies, TV shows, sports, news, and so on. When last checked there was no main TV software download. Instead, you get access to a Web TV members area with all sorts of links point to content throughout the web.

The members area is well organize and help different of content quickly. There’s also access no-cost software (plugins) needed for your computer to play all types of media files – just in case your computer doesn’t have one or more of these plugins. Users can use this ipctv service to watch television programs on any Windows desktop or laptop with an Internet connection (broadband is preferred).

The take away here is users will gain access to streaming content in a very quick, easy way. No need to surf online to find content to watch. Everything is accessible through the password protected members area where you can assess it no matter where you are in the world. There also six bonuses included and 60 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. When visiting the website, be sure to check out the FAQ area which also list system requirements when using this service.

Cons: The merchant mentions TV on PC, laptop, Mac, tablet, and mobile. However, it’s wise to contact the merchant fist to make sure the device you want to use, outside of Windows computer, is indeed compatible for all or some of the content.

To Visit Official Website Now – Click Here!

Compatible OS: All Windows including 7 and 8 (Mac OS X, mobile & tablet – contact merchant)
Trial: None
Price: $29.95 (one-time fee)
Perks: Lifetime Membership + Support + Bonuses: 6
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Television Channels/Radio Stations: 6000+
Countries: 100+
1-5 Star Rating: 4/5




PlayOn (VOD/TV App)

Pros: If you are familiar with Google Chromecast, then you may love the PlayOn TV for Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7 that can add more to Chromecast and make it better. But its greatest gift comes as a standalone client (online TV software for PC) that adds a lot of flexibility to your video-on-demand empire, with DVR capabilities included.

You can watch, cast, stream, and even record videos (with AdSkip) from any streaming content provider such as Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube, and the other non-subscription and subscription-base providers. What this means is you have a one-source client that gives you the ability to get access to and watch all your favorite movies, TV shows and episodes, news, sports, and music from one place. This is video-on-demand at its best where you control an unlimited amount of content and watch it any way you want.

Can also cast from a browser when downloading/installing the PlayOn browser extension for your browser, or you can use the PlayOn Mobile free app when installing on your mobile device.

Some of the features included:

1. Cast anything and watch it on your television

2. Record TV shows/episodes, movies and watch them from any device

3. Stream or cast to any gaming console, streaming device, mobile device, media player, or smart TV. The PlayOn software brings all the video-on-demand streaming providers together in one place for instant access. This includes both non-subscription and subscription-base content at your fingertips. More content than Google Chromecast but makes a great companion to Chromcast, nevertheless, including other devices listed previously.

4. Cast any video or media content on your local machine to your large screen television.

5. Can also add all your personal media from music and photos to movies and recordings.

There is also a PlayOn free download version (TV software download for PC) with limited record and cast features. The Plus version provides everything previous mentioned but gives you full access — more flexibility and control of unlimited video-on-demand content from all your favorite streaming providers. You can start watching no-cost streaming content available to you right now.

This online TV software for pc also lets you bookmark all your favorite vod and live TV content when searching for them through your web browser, once you download the plugin. When clicking the PlayOn Browser Extension (plugin) within your browser, it automatically bookmarks and creates a folder with the name of the website for the content you bookmarked.

Inside the PlayOn TV app for laptop or desktop there’s a link called PlayMark where you’ll find all your bookmarks. You can watch, cast, stream or record the bookmarked content.

Cons: There’s hardly anything to complain about. With all the features included, it can take a little time getting the hang of everything. However, there is plenty of help — quick guide, user guide, and support. Unfortunately, only Windows PC users can take advantage of this technology but a Mac version is underway, according to the company.

Although the following is not a big downside, there is no live TV content available with this video-on-demand software. However, you can bookmark your favorite live TV content or choose any service that delivers live TV channels in the top 10 comparison chart above. This addition will make a great companion, whereas you get all your live TV and video-on-demand entertainment within your fingertips.

The new PlayOn Cloud app is here. The Cloud allows you to select movies and TV shows from the PlayOn Cloud app. You can download and record your favorites as well as sync your recordings across iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone. No PC is required to store recordings in the cloud for 30 days. Can also download recordings to any PC or Mac computer with no expiration date. Can get 25-100 Cloud Credits) at $17.50-$100.00 USD.

To Visit Official Website and Sign Up Now – Click Here!

Compatible OS: Windows 10 & Higher; Windows 8/8.1; Windows 7; Windows Vista
Trial: Free Download Version
Price: $24.00 USD Annual License ($2 per Month) or $39.99 USD (Lifetime License) – Subject to change
PlayOn Cloud Price: For 25-100 Cloud Credits) @ $17.50-$100.00 USD
Perks: Lifetime Membership + Support
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Video-On-Demand: Unlimited
Countries: US, UK, CA, Australia (or English Speaking Individuals)
1-5 Star Rating: 4/5




Select TV (Web-Based, No Software Download)

Pros: Media aggregation platform (formally Rabbit TV) that aggregates all kinds of live TV and on-demand content from the web to watch from one source. The main difference from Rabbit TV is Select TV brings premium TV/VOD services. Users will get access to 200,000+ Movies, 300,000+ TV Episodes, 5,000+ Live Channels, 50,000+ Radio Stations, Sports, VOD, Premium Add-ons, PPV, Apps, Games, & More.

Members can sign up for a low-cost monthly, yearly, or 3-month subscription and stream favorite live TV channels and on-demand contest from many popular content providers. Many feature enhancements included help navigate through Select TV channel guide (platform), some of which include PPV Price Comparision, Organize Content by Genre, Recently Added, Ratings Year & Popularity, My Favorites, My Interest, and VPN Service Recommendation.

Both non-subscription and subscription-base content are included (almost unlimited). Unlike Sling TV, Select TV users can use any number of devices such as Laptop or Desktop – PC (XP or Greater), Mac (Ver 10.6 or Greater), Linux, Tablet (Flash-enabled), Mobile Devices (Android & iOS).

In a nutshell, Select TV collects, organizes and updates millions of movies and TV Shows from multiple video streaming providers, and then brings it all to one place. This saves users a lot of time and money compared to expensive cabls/satellite subscription.

Cons: While there is streaming content from over 150 countries, Select TV is setup for USA residents to watch favorites online. SelectTV does, however, recommend a VPN service for those who travel outside the US. The same VPN service can also be use for those living outside the US as well, that may want access to the same content to watch online.

Unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee. All sales are final, so if you are not satisfied for any reason, there’s no refund. There is no recording feature either but there is plenty of on-demand content to watch, such as TV episodes.

Still, one must pay to watch premium TV channels from popular networks, including live sports. But at lease individuals can pick and choose as well as pay only for the content that interest them, unlike cable/satellite that throws adds all those other channels no one wants to watch but must pay anyway.

To Visit Official Website and Sign Up Now Click Here

Compatible: Laptop/Desktop – PC (XP or Higher), Mac (Ver 10.6 or Higher), Linux, Tablet (Flash-enabled), Mobile Device (Android & iOS)
Price: $24.70 per Year
Fee Options: Discount $19 USD per Year and $49 USD 3-Year
Content: 300,000+ TV Episodes; Free Video on Demand; 200,000+ Movies; 50,000+ Radio Stations; 5000+ Live Channels; Games, Apps & More
Perks: Support service; content updates
Money Back Guarantee: None
Live Sports/TV Shows/News/Movies: Entertaining content for many countries, not just USA
Countries: 150
1-5 Star Rating: 4/5




StreamDirect Pro (Web-Based, No Software Download)

Pros: This new, up and coming, Web-based VOD/Television service delivers over 10,000 live TV channels and counting, with all kinds of video-on-demand and live content including radio stations. One of the improving services that cater to many countries, whereas many popular channels are available to watch online and many worked at the time of this review.

Not only is the service/product compatible to Windows Vista operating system and higher, but also compatible to Mac, Linux, Tablet, and Smartphone. If you are looking for an alternative to Satellite Direct, then this service would be it. Or if searching for a great way to watch television online that’s extremely easy to connect to 1,000s of entertaining content, then this service doesn’t fall short of the mark.

You can watch live sporting events and many sports channels will be added in the near future, according to the service. Watch any number of popular TV shows, news, and so on, from your homeland. You’ll love watching movies, as there are plenty of old/recent films available. There are 128 countries (more will be added) so there’s something for all to be entertained, either at home or on-the-go.

There’s no scam here nor security risk. After testing this new service/product out myself, I found it good enough to introduce it. If you are looking for a quick, easy solution and want entertaining channels to watch in full screen (no matter what country), then taking advantage of the 7-Day Trial (with full access) for a couple dollars should be even more appealing.

However, understand this a new service. They have many barriers and glitches to undergo and correct. There is a new version coming out that’s said to be completely different than before, which will improve the technology and customer experience.

You are not required to download any software. You simply login to the members area (easy-to-use interface) where you will find many countries to search with all the content included (TV and video-on-demand).

Unlike Satellite Direct and many of the other 3rd party web TV services, StreamDirect Pro wants to do better and have committed to giving superb support when help is needed. They also want to be the best service/product of its kind and not become a dead-in-the-water service/product. The other good news is this service is not a scam and have expressed they will do everything within their power not to let customers down.

Cons: There aren’t many feature enhancements included right now but the service said they are planning to add many in near the future. Improvements are needed, which they alluded to developing a completely new web-based platform. They also plan to add a members area loaded with valuable information to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of their web-based platform. This service knows what the software is lacking and plans are in the works to make it extremely better. At least the content is very entertaining (at time of this review).

Lastly, I encourage to contact this service when visiting their website. Ask questions and don’t think one bit this is some kind of scam. If you do, will be missing out on an up and coming service that have many big plans.

To Visit Official Website and Sign Up Now – Click Here
To Take Advantage of the 7-Day Trial – Click Here

Compatible: ALL WINDOWS, Mac (Intel based), Windows OS, Surface Tablets, Mac (Intel based), iPad/iPhone, iOS, Android SmartPhones/Tablets, Home Theater, SmartTv, Linux OS, Nokia Lumia Phones, Microsoft Mobiles, BlackBerry, PlayStation, XBox or any device which supports Internet.
Price: $$29.95 (One-time, Lifetime Membership)
Trial: 7-Days @ 2.95 USD, then $39.95 (One-time Fee)
Channels: 10,000+ live TV channels and VOD, plus 100s of radio stations
Perks: Support service; channel updates; full Screen
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Live Sports/TV Shows/News/Movies: Entertaining content for many countries, not just USA
Countries: 128 and counting
1-5 Star Rating: 3/5




Satellite Direct – Software but No Download

Pros: Software TV PC, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone compatible. If you are familiar with Satelite Direct, then you might want to forget what you heard or experienced in the past. If you are new to this service/product, then you should also know this 3rd party software was totally revamped. It’s now a web-based Live TV/VOD software platform, only you don’t download/install software or enter an activation code. This means no more software lock up, messing around with an activation code, computer crashes, getting locked out from using the software, etc.

This web-based software is available for online use but no software to download. Requires you to enter a username (your email address) and password to get access to service. There is no hardware to install, antenna nor wires to connect. Just a quick, easy platform that delivers over 3,500 live TV channels plus on-demand movies/TV shows from 98 countries, in one place.

The service/software allows you to get instant access to all the content in different ways. Users can watch entertaining TV shows, sports, movies, news, and the list goes on. Satellite Direct constantly updates the content by delivering more channels and video-on-demand content. You can watch everything on any Windows, Mac or Tablet computer, as well as smartphone.

The service offers four membership subscriptions with service package, which includes 24/7 support as well as automatic software upgrades and channel updates. You can watch everything in ‘Full Screen’, ‘Add to Favorites’ and add content to the ‘Watch Later List. The technology used is very good — fast, easy interface. Very user-friendly with images and links for each live TV channel/network and video-on-demand movie/TV show.

Can take advantage of the 7-day trial for a few dollars to test the software and service (get full access).

Cons: Many countries only have 1-9 channels, some countries have 10-18 channels, others have 29-61 channels. USA have over 340. Not as many popular channels as before but service still delivers many entertaining channels and content to watch online. Has more VOD content than live TV. Live sports section no longer includes names of sporting events, ballgames and matches — Not as many sporting events as before and no ESPN. Everything is now listed by TV channel/network name and this goes for all the content listed in Satellite Direct. This service is still improving.

Expect some broken channels but software does have a ‘Report a Problem’ link inside the web-based software platform that makes it easy to report a broken channel. Some blurry picture to be expected but many good to very good picture quality from content delivered.

To Visit Official Website to Sign Up Now – Click Here $29.95/Yr. Or Click Here $14.94/Mo. Or Click Here $4.95 7-Day Trial, Then $19.95/Mo.

Compatible: All Windows OS Including XP and 10 OS; MAC and Tablet Computers; Smartphones
Price: $29.95/Yr; $14.94/Mo; $4.95 7-Day Trial, then $19.95/Mo; $5.95 7-Day Trial, then $39.95/Yr.
Channels: 3,500+ Live TV channels, VOD movies/TV shows, sports news, and more
Perks: 24/7 support service; channel updates; software upgrades; Many membership options
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Live Sports/TV Shows/News/Movies: All included
Countries: 98
1-5 Star Rating: 3/5




FilmOn – Web-Based Live TV & VOD

Pros: In a nutshell, FilmOn is YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, and UStream, all wrappeed into one live broadcast and social networking platform. They are said to be one of the largest IP-delivered digital television platform that brings true TV anytime, anywhere. This web-based platform/service is available worldwide on smartphones, tablets,
computers, and IP-enabled set-top boxes, and devices, FilmOn offers tons of free and pay-to-watch
streaming content from the web.

You can watch TV shows, news, movies, sports, and other content from many different countries, provided
the content isn’t blocked. However, there is a workaround – DNS or VPN service can help unblock the content if
that’s the case.

This platform comes with many different features, such as record where you must pay for DVR recording time at
different price sets. You can also add to favorites and use full screen to view whatever you watch in a larger view, across your screen.

There are free and pay-to-watch plans. You can buy/rent movies and TV shows also. A premium (paid)
subscription allows you to watch channels in HD quality. And can watch without advertisements. The free
plan offers content in SD quality only and advertisements are included. Users can watch for free any/all
channels available

You don’t have to register to get access to the free and premium content. However, it is suggested
that you do sign up. According to FilmOn, registration is necessary for identifying your location as their ‘channels’ distribution depends on copyrights. Some channels have worldwide rights and available everywhere, whereas other channels are available to specific cities, etc.

You can watch it all on any Mac or PC computer. There are free apps for mobile phones and many other devices,
including Apple TV and Roku.

Streaming Content Available: US TV; UK TV; French TV; German TV; Russian TV; Indian TV; Italian TV; Swiss TV; Hungarian TV; Latino TV; Somali TV; Greek TV; Caribbean TV; Asian TV; African TV; Kazakh TV

Cons: Not all countries supported. Linux computers not supports at this time. In most cases, cannot watch local TV stations in your area. Not all popular live channels provided but plenty of content to keep the entire family entertained. Requires high speed Internet connection.

Although FilmOn suggests at least 1.5 Mbps (download speed) for watching channels in HD mode, during Prime Time hours (7-11 PM), weekends, and holidays more speed may be needed. I suggest having at least 7 Mbps but more the better.

May or may not take the place of cable and satellite TV but seems to be headed that way. Cost savings are huge compared to paid TV.

To Visit Official Website to Sign Up Now – Click Here
Mobile Users: Click Here

Compatible: Windows and Mac computers (not Linux) including Mobile Devices and Stream Media Devices
Price: Free – Watch in SD w/ Advertisements; Premium Watch in HD w/ No Advertisements – Prices varies (buy/rent)
Channels/VOD: 45,000+ On-Demand and tons of Live TV content
Perks: Full Support w/ Knowledge Base Page for Help and More Information
Money Back Guarantee: No Refund w/ Exception (Read ‘Terms & Conditions’ at Website)
Sports/TV Shows/News/Movies: All included
Countries: 16
1-5 Star Rating: 3/5




Download City (TV Shows, Movies, Games & Songs)

Pros: No software or TV Toolbar to download from this service, just unlimited downloads of full TV shows, movies, games and songs to any portable, computer or device. Media content from many genres for small one-time fee. No extra cost and per download cost. Lifetime access with support if needed and daily content updates where new TV shows, movies, games and song are added. Also, no hardware or wires to connect, no bandwidth nor geographical restrictions. Users can search and find favorite content to watch, listen or play, 24/7, anytime and anywhere.

Some of the content includes all kinds of free movies (classic and recent) and adult films, TV shows and episodes, all kinds of games compatible to any gaming device, and all kinds of songs for your listening taste. Download to any computer to watch or convert file to any device as needed. Compatible to all mobile devices as well. Can create own library and keep whatever is downloaded for a lifetime. Never have to be concern about lose of CD/DVD quality or damage or shelling out more money to buy/rent movies, TV shows, games, songs, etc.

Largest download portal for entertainment most people want; Over 2 millions worth of content available that’s easy to search and find.

DVD-like picture quality after download and CD/DVD burning software is included as a bonus. DownloadCity indexes millions of sites online worldwide. There’s content for everyone no matter where they live in the world. Download City features provides an all-in-one membership portal and user-friendly fast download interface. Download any file directly, quickly, legally and safely to any Windows, Mac or Linux Computer or Tablet, iPad, iPod, iPhone, MP4 Player, Nook Color, PSP, Archos And Mobile Phone.

Download and Watch: New Arrivals, Horror, Cartoons, Family, Children, Comedies, Action, Romance, Action, Sci-fi, Adventure, Thrillers, Fantasy, Documentary, and Classics, Mini Series, New DVD Releases, and Much More.

Cons: Need Internet connection to download files but not needed after downloaded. Faster the Internet connection speed faster the download process will complete. For slow Internet connection, one consider downloading files during sleep or away from computer. P2P (Peer-to-Peer) shared networks included which means access to some questionable content uploaded and downloaded by users.

Must use some discretion with P2P file sharing networks as some content may have copyrights. Downloads can eat a lot of hard drive space on computer; better to download files to external hard drive or burn to DVDs. Some content not suitable for children (under age 18) due to adult movies and other content.

To Visit Official Website Now – Click Here

Compatible OS: All computers, portables, mobile and gaming devices
Trial: None
Price: $39.95 USD
Perks: Support; Content updates; CD/DVD Burning Software (Bonus)
Money Back Guarantee: 7 Days
Amount of Content: Over 2 Million
Countries: Worldwide
1-5 Star Rating: 3/5




Watch Online TV (Not Software for TV)

Pros: Watch Online TV direct-connects users to over 6,000 live TV channels and VOD content from 153 countries. Users are not required to download TV software. Instead they are provided a username and password to login to a web-based channel feeds site to play and watch channels including other types of content. This type of platform is compatible to Windows PC and laptop computers including tablets and smartphones. Members can login to the members area from any location in the world so long as there’s an Internet connection (broadband or wireless).

Watch anything from live sports, news and TV shows to videos and movies. Bonuses are also included that are related to watching Internet TV online such as 1,000s of radio stations, security software suite, and Weblook TV. Tech support and channel updates are provided with annual membership, not lifetime membership.

Cons: Not compatible to Mac computers and must continue to pay low annual membership to keep using the service to watch TV channels online. Although the service is quite affordable compared to satellite and cable, this doesn’t mean this service alone is an alternative.

To Visit Official Website Now – Click Here

Compatible OS: All Windows including mobile & tablet
Trial: None
Price: $29.95 (one-time fee)
Perks: Annual Membership + Support + Bonuses: 6
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Live TV and Sports Channels, VOD & Radio Stations: 6000+
Countries: 153
1-5 Star Rating: 2/5

Online TV Software versus Internet Based TV Services

It is my experience with both platforms above that I now lean more towards web-based platforms than Online television Software. You can download TV player software to watch TV over the web but keep in mind the quality, reliability, flexibility, compatibility, content delivery and entertainment should be taken into consideration when choosing a TV program to download. I have downloaded, tested and reviewed many free and pay-to-use products but my choice today is web-based.

If you want the best of web TV has to offer and next best thing to cable, then you should go after any one of the web-based services above. This in turn will give you access to many live television channels. StreamDirect Pro is a Internet based software for TV. You may want to explore it.

To fulfill all your video-on-demand needs, whereas you can watch, cast, stream and record unlimited vod content (movies, music, TV shows/episodes/sitcoms/soaps, sports, news, etc.), I recommend PlayOn (see above).

If you’re not interested in having the best of web TV entertainment at low-cost, then you can opt for a no-cost TV software download. Just remember that you won’t get live premium TV channels to watch entertaining movies, TV shows, sports, news, and so on. In other words, you won’t get channels from popular TV networks that you see on cable/satellite TV.


This Concludes our Top 10 Internet TV Software and Internet Based TV Services

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