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Full Movies Online[mygeo_city], [mygeo_region], [mygeo_country_name] – If you want to watch full movies online or download them and at the same time want to avoid paying monthly fees, download/usage fees, installing hardware, downloading software, here’s how to do it. In fact, anyone can take advantage of these portals that offer unlimited access with no restrictions when using these top full-length movies online portals. Watch streaming films online or download any Hollywood or classic film from decades ago right up to the most recent via computer or mobile device.

These services provide thousands of films that are 100% legal, high quality and depending on the service you choose offers two viewing options unlike Netflix: Watch full movies online without download and/or download movies to view offline. As for the latter, movie buffs who want to build their own library can do so with ease.



Download City (Movies, TV Shows, Games, Songs, Etc.)
Download City 5 Star Rating


Download CityDownload City – Download Unlimited Full-Length Movies and TV Shows Including Games and Songs to Watch on Any Device. This download portal does not require users to download any software or pay any additional fee outside of the one-time payment requirement. Users can download all types of media content imaginable and can convert the download file if necessary.

The user gains access to millions of free content from an all-in-one source (website) with millions of free media files at his/her disposal. Talk about robust media content! This portal is compatible to Windows, Mac and Linux computers including just about any game devices and, mobile devices including xbox 360.

Users can search for their favorite TV shows, movies, games and songs a couple of ways and usually find what they are searching for within seconds. Download City has a extremely large database that’s fast and easy to use. The user can keep everything s/he downloads and even start his/her own library of games, TV shows, movies and/or songs.

Using this portal allows catching up on TV shows and movies missed in the past, watching the same content over again and watching TV Shows growing up on. Users can download practically any adult, old, classic, Hollywood or recent movie from the US and abroad in DVD-like quality.

If searching for an easy, cost-effective way to watch favorite TV shows and movies, play games and songs, and keep whatever you download to watch on your device, this Download City portal could just be the thing you’re searching for.

In fact, this download portal does away with buying TV shows/movies/games/songs on CD/DVD, whereas the quality eventually becomes sub-par due to wear and tear and money thrown out the window. With DownloadCity, the user can simply download what they want, when and where they want (24/7) without having to worry about CDs/DVDs becoming old and losing the quality of content or buying more movies, TV shows, games, songs, etc. Simply download whatever is of interest once the small one-time fee is paid.

Membership Includes:

  • Access to millions of Titles
  • Super fast download speeds
  • Large database for searching
  • Full access to new movies, music & games
  • Browse categories for easy find download
  • All-in-One Portal with many Titles
  • Plus much more


Unlimited Downloads: $39.95 USD (one-time payment)

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Movies Capital
 Movies Capital5 Star Rating


Movies Capital Banner – Movies Capital, Unlimited Legal Movie Downloads for PC, Mac, Kindle, TV, Mobile & Tablet. This portal allows you to watch streaming movies online or download and watch them offline. Simply search and click play or download to watch full-length films from different genres including ones marked with “HD” near the title name. All kinds of films available in movie archive and there is no monthly fee or per title fee. Also includes New DVD Releases, 14 genres, Hollywood News, Most Watched Trailers, and Upcoming To Theaters.

This service is the #1 best seller for movies in the CB marketplace with an enormous amount of classic movies and new releases from one year ago and older. No limits or restrictions of any kind. Download as many films as you want. Not included are P2P file sharing networks that often have illegal movie uploads/downloads.

Consider this service an alternative to TV/Movies websites like Netflix, Amazon Instant/Prime Video and Hulu Plus. Individuals can avoid paying monthly subscription fees and have the ability to download movies – unlike those websites previously mentioned. Watch movies flicks whenever 24/7, anytime, anywhere. Also great for the hobbyist who may want to create his/her own movie collection.

No installation, connecting wires, computer experience, or any work involved. Can play and download films on any computer and watch them on any small/large screen TV or device. The service also includes tools in the members area that allow you to burn movies to CD/DVD and watch them on your DVD player (internal or external).

Downloading films and watching them offline offers better video quality than watching them online with an Internet connection. You don’t need an Internet connection after downloading a film to watch offline.

You can also use this portal with Kindle fire. Just select “Download as MP4″ and then download the movie file to your computer. Everything including instructions on how to make the transfer are available inside the members area.

All plans are one-time non recurring payments; no monthly subscription – See Below:

Choose 1 of 3 Memberships with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee + tech support and upgrades:

  1. Platinum – VIP 1 Year of Unlimited Movies ($38.95)
  2. Gold Membership – 3 Months of Unlimited Movies ($34.95)
  3. Silver Membership – 1 Month of Unlimited Movies ($29.95)

See Full Review Here:

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MoviesDirect 4 Star Rating – Movies Direct, Unlimited Legal Movie Downloads for PC, Mac, Small/Large Screen TV, Mobile & Tablet. Allows members to stream and download movie portal that offers a host of movies for you to choose. Members can watch unlimited full movies directly online or stream them directly to any mobile device, table or computer. The portal is legally licensed with unlimited movies and also includes movies in HD as well as old and recent films. All movies are in AVI and MP4 file format which supports all mobile devices, android and Apple devices including tablets.

Signing up is simple to do. Just pay a small one-off fee to register, log on and start downloading full-length movies immediately.

All downloads are made available directly from the Movies Direct servers. There is no software to download, so don’t need to be concern about any compatibility issue. You simply download movies directly from your browser or watch them from a browser (Instructions will be provided). Be sure to read the FAQs when visiting the website for more information.

Watch video below to learn more…


Some of the key features include:

  • Legal and safe downloads
  • Watch films on any mobile, tablet, computers or TV
  • No P2P, torrents, or software to download
  • Instant updates of new movies
  • 24/7 support, guidance and tutorials
  • Wide range of titles, genres, films
  • All continents and countries supported
  • Small one-off fee or choose other membership plans
  • Download unlimited movies
  • No per title fees
  • No monthly or hidden fees
  • HD films available
  • No bandwidth limits
  • No geographical restrictions

Cons: Can use any Internet connection but expect longer movie downloads when using a slow connection speed; Many new releases will be in HD but don’t expect many older movies with HD quality. Must upgrade in order to get MP4 movies for tablets and mobile devices including HD movies with new releases (optional upgrade cost: $10 USD)

All plans are one-time, non recurring payments (No monthly subscription) – See Below:

Choose 1 of 3 Memberships with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee + tech support and upgrades:

  1. VIP 1 Year of Unlimited Movies ($39.95)
  2. 3 Month of Unlimited Movies ($29.95)
  3. 1 Month of Unlimited Movies ($24.95)

Special Offer…

MoviesDirect has a special going on right now where they let you watch one of the movies they carry if you Like them on Facebook. You can find this special offer when visiting their website (click button below to visit the official website).

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IMovieClub 3 Star Rating


IMovieClub200x200Imoviesclub.comWatch or Download Unlimited Movie – For PC, Mac, MacBook, iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, archos, Mp4, Tablet, iTV, Xoom. This is the #3 popular Unlimited full-length movie download portal from CB Marketplace but it was ranked higher than the next portal coming up for various reasons. First and foremost, this one offers just as much compatibility as the first two portals mentioned above which can’t be said about the next portal coming up.

You can get access to legal full movies downloads, 24/7 without paying any monthly fee or per title fees. No restrictions or bandwidth limits when downloading films from a huge library.

You can stream your films live (watch online) or download them to watch offline later — quickly, easily, and safely. You can create a huge selection of films by burning them to CD/DVDs and keeping them forever. This includes access to all kinds of genres and new DVD releases to Watch at home or on the go.

All-in-One membership offers user-friendly quick download interface and legal movies downloads with no P2P file sharing networks or 3rd party software requirements.

Also important to note, there are no geographical restrictions which means you can watch and download movies from any country available.

Cons: Not compatible to Linux computers

Although there is no monthly subscription, must renew plan to continue membership — see below:

Choose 1 of 3 Memberships with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee + tech support and upgrades:

  1. Plantinum – 2 Years Unlimited Movies ($39.95)
  2. Gold – 3 Months of Unlimited Movies ($34.95)
  3. Silver – 1 Month of Unlimited Movies ($29.95)

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FullMovies 2 Star Rating


FullMovies Banner ImageFullMovies.com5000+ Full Length Movies – For PC, Tablet, iPad, iPhone & Android. Perhaps the largest ‘watch full movies online’ portal that brings more classic movies to PCs and smartphones than anywhere else online. With 21 genres included, you get to choose your favorite Hollywood or foreign movie plus 1,500+ black and white classics. Either download and watch them or watch streaming films online, from year 2000 – 2010 without interruptions.

This full-length movies online portal is the #4 best movie seller in the CB Marketplace among other movie portals that are licensed to bring films you love most as well. It’s 100% legal (No P2P file sharing networks) to buy movies online, not individually but full access where you only pay a small one-time fee. Viewers get access to an all-in-one movie portal with a very large database. The service also has a couple of sister sites that you can review below:

Satellite Direct
Vampire Flicks

Or, Visit Official Websites Below…


SatelliteDirect Image VampireFlicks Image


No need to pay monthly fees or install hardware. No bandwidth limits or restrictions. Visit their website and use the A-Z index to take a peak at what kinds of films are offered. Find them alphabetically, by genres or Decades. You can download films from any country across the globe.

Beats having to pay for movie rentals and sites like Netflix that requires a monthly subscription payments and only allows you to watch films online. This way you get to watch movies online or offline either way you choose and build your own library the way you want it. Best way to to do this is burn everything to your CDs/DVDs.

Easy to use interface and access that doesn’t require a manual access full movies online. Internet connection required to download files but not needed to watch them offline. However, an Internet connection is required to watch films online. Broadband (DSL or Cable) offers the best performance. Wireless (WiFi) can be used also but 56K modem and dial-up not recommended to view streaming movies online.

You can also sign up to their newsletter and receive emails about limited time offers and discount membership plans when applicable, free movie downloads, holiday discounts and when new films are added to the catalog.

Cons: Not compatible to Mac and Linux computers. Although there is no monthly subscription, must renew plan to continue membership — see below:

Choose 1 of 3 Full-Length Movies Online Memberships with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee + tech support and upgrades:

  1. Plantinum – VIP 1 Year of Unlimited Movies ($39.95)
  2. Gold Membership – 3 Months of Unlimited Movies ($34.95)
  3. Silver Membership – 1 Month of Unlimited Movies ($29.95)

Note: To sign up or just see membership plans require entering your first and last name including email address. Everything is safe and secure. No email spam to be concern about. There is a 50% DISCOUNT that brings the price down to $19.95 for one year membership. Just close the website, a popup window will appear and ask you whether or not you want to stay on the page. Click Stay on Page and respond to the DISCOUNT popup window that appears.

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MyMoviePass 2 Star Rating


IMovieClub Banner – Watch/Download Unlimited Movies Online – For PC. The #5 unlimited movie portal from the CB Marketplace is not as potent as are two two portals. It made the number four slot only because of compatibility limitations.

You simply register online, select a move to download from any one of the genres and watch offline. You get access to 1,000 of film titles with HD picture quality, free movie library updates and user-friendly movie Search with no access limitation.

This portal lets you instantly stream full movies online legally at your leisure when gaining access to the wide selection of full-length movies. No monthly fees included or bandwidth restrictions. Bot HD and HQ picture quality available with digitally-enhanced video and audio quality.

While experiencing cinemaesque quality found in theaters, you get access to unique and diversified film library that provides blockbusters and cult classics 24/7. No file sharing networks included.

That’s it… Nothing more here.

Cons: Cannot watch streaming films online; Not compatible to mobile, Mac & Linux computers

All plans are one-time non recurring payments; no monthly subscription – See Below:

Choose 1 of 3 Memberships with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee + tech support and upgrades:

  1. 1 Year Membership to Unlimited Movies ($49.95)
  2. 6 Months Membership to Unlimited Movies ($39.95)
  3. 3 Months Membership to Unlimited Movies ($29.95)

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Now that you have a good grasp of these full movies online services you may want to enhance your Internet TV entertainment a bit more by adding watch TV shows online. Another service in particular you may want to review is TVFreeloader (a.k.a. The TV Hall & Formally TV Show Access).



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