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Top 7 Portals to Watch Unlimited Movies Online (Watch MP4 Movies Online) or Download

Use for Windows or Mac Computer, Tablet, Mobile Phone (iPad, iPhone, Android) or Smart-TV

Full Movies Online If you want to watch watch mp4 movies online (unlimited movies online, full movies online), or want to download them, then you’ll want to read further. Doing so will help you avoid paying high fees, download/usage fees, installing hardware, or downloading software. Anyone can take advantage of these portals. No country is restricted when using these services. You can watch streaming films online or download any Hollywood or classic film from decades ago right up to the most recent. Watch everything on your computer, mobile device, or connect computer to TV and watch that way.

These services provide thousands of films that are 100% legal, high quality and depending on the service you choose offers two viewing options unlike Netflix: Watch full movies online without download and/or download movies to view offline. As for the latter, movie buffs who want to build their own library can do so with ease.




Download City (Movies, TV Shows, Games, Songs, Etc.)
Stars: 4/5

Download CityDownload City – Download Unlimited Full-Length Movies and TV Shows Including Games and Songs to Watch on Any Device. This download portal lets you watch mp4 movies online as well as access to unlimited movies online. Members are not require to download software or pay any additional fee outside of the one-time payment requirement. Users can download all types of media content imaginable and can convert the download file if necessary.

User can gain access to millions of free content from an all-in-one source (website) with millions of free media files at his/her disposal. Talk about robust media content! This portal is compatible to Windows, Mac and Linux computers including just about any game devices and, mobile devices including xbox 360.

You can search favorite TV shows, movies, games and songs a couple of ways and usually find what they are searching for within seconds. Download City has a extremely large database that’s fast and easy to use. The user can keep everything s/he downloads and even start his/her own library of games, TV shows, movies and/or songs.

Download anything you want — Full Unlimited Free Movies, Games, Music, or TV Shows (directly, quickly, legally & safely) to your computer (PC or Mac), Android Devices, iPad, iPod, iPhone, even MP4 Player, or Nook Color, PSP, Archos, Mobile Phone.

Using this portal to watch mp4 movies online allows catching up on movies and TV shows missed in the past also. There’s so much entertaining content available that you choose to watch. Enjoy watching TV Shows that you watched growing up. Users can download practically any watch mp4 movies online — old, classic, Hollywood or recent movie from the US and abroad in DVD-like quality.

If searching for an easy, cost-effective way to watch unlimited movies online and favorite TV shows, then this service is one to check out further. You  can also play games and songs, and keep whatever you download to watch on your device. The Download City portal offers all kinds of entertainment — something for everyone.

In fact, this download unlimited movies online portal does away with buying TV shows/movies/games/songs on CD/DVD, whereas the quality eventually becomes sub-par due to wear and tear and money thrown out the window. With DownloadCity, the user can simply download what they want, when and where they want (24/7). And can do this without having to worry about CDs/DVDs becoming old, losing the quality of content or buying more movies, TV shows, games, songs, etc.

Simply download to watch mp4 movies online or whatever is of interest, when paying the small one-time fee.

Membership Includes:

  • Access to millions of Titles
  • Super fast download speeds
  • Large database for searching
  • Full access to new movies, music & games
  • Browse categories for easy find download
  • All-in-One Portal with many Titles
  • Plus much more


Unlimited Downloads: $39.95 USD (one-time payment)

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LiveTvWeb (Sports, Movies & TV Channels )
Stars: 4/5

LiveTvWeb Movies, TV Shows, Sports, NewsLiveTvWeb – Sports and Satellite TV Channels. The brand name this service uses make it seem like it’s not a movie site. That’s because it really isn’t one. It’s a web-based channel feeds site where you click channel link names to watch live sports channels, movie channels and TV channels. There are way more sports channels than there are movie channels by design.

However, there are enough movie channels available to keep you entertained – whether or not you like sports. Here you have a relatively new service that was discovered not too long ago. Unlike the movie sites listed below where you download movies or TV player software or watch everything online, Live TV Web actually allows you to watch movies channels online with a clear picture. So why fool around with the other movie sites below?

If you like watching live sports, then you get a bonus. But the movie channels that allows you to watch old and recent moves are really entertaining to say the least. Don’t worry about issues associated with TV player software and lack of support. This service doesn’t disappoints in the entertainment you love most.

Here are some of the movie channels available to watch online:

Channel List…

  • Film4
  • Fox
  • FX
  • HBO
  • Sky Movies Action & Adventure
  • Sky Movies Comedy
  • Sky Movies Crime & Thriller
  • Sky Movies Drama & Romance
  • Sky Movies Family
  • Sky Movies Premiere
  • Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror
  • TNT
  • True Movies 1
  • True Movies 2
  • And More

Although you may not see other movie channels you come to know, there is enough entertaining content here to watch. Each movie channel will continue to play back to back movies until you had enough. There are more films here than meets the eye.

All movies are in English so if you understand English, no matter what country you are from, this service could be what you’re looking for. There are plenty of movies broadcast from the US and UK, with and without commercials. It doesn’t take long to start watching a film because the password protected members area simplified maneuvering around. You simply point and click a channel name from anyone of the three sections and the channel will play fairly quickly. However, some channels will have timed advertisements that you have to wait for the countdown to end.

The service is compatible to any Internet connected Windows or Mac computer including mobile iOS and Android. In fact, you can connect your device to any TV and watch all channels that way. If you have a smart TV with an Internet browser, you can log into the LiveTvWeb members area and start watching your favorites.

These are some pretty exciting movies including many recent films, not mostly old or classic flicks. The content is not video-on-demand but actual movie channels that you can watch all day or all night long if you want.

The Sports Platinum (Sports & Satellite TV Channels) was reviewed and was found to be a good site to watch any sporting event online as well as movies, TV shows, news, etc.

Membership Includes:

  • Access to 100+ sports, movies, TV shows
  • Streaming content for English speaking individuals to watch
  • tech support
  • Sign in members area
  • 7-Day money back guarantee


Sports & Satellite TV Channels

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StreamDirect Pro Movies
Stars: 3/5

StreamDirect Pro MoviesStreamDirect Pro Movies – Watch Old and Recent Movies Online Plus Live TV and On-Demand Content (TV shows, news broadcast & Live Sports). This 3rd party, web-based service offers the best of both TV worlds when direct-connecting you to over 11,000 live TV channels and on-demand content worldwide (100+ countries). Watch watch mp4 movies online and movies from live premium TV channels and be entertained day in day out.

There is nothing to download or install. Once a member, you simply log into the members area where you search streaming content by genre such as movies or channel name. There are movies for the entire family. Not only can you watch movies from popular live TV channels online but also VOD movies, which offers a wealth of films to watch.

But that’s not all, you’ll also be entertained if you love to watch television shows, news broadcast, and live sports. With over 11,000 channels and counting, this service tries to accommodate all countries and individuals no matter what language they speak. There is something for all with this service, which doesn’t own the streaming content they connect you too.

Included with the lifetime membership for a small one-time fee, you get a service package consisting of the following:

  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Channel Updates
  • Platform Upgrades

What’s even better is they offer a 7-day trial with full access to everything. Great opportunity to test everything on your device (Windows/Mac/Linux computer, tablet, smartphone, or any Internet-connected device with web browser including smart TV with web-browser). Or you can connect Internet-connected computer to TV and watch everything that way as well.


StreamDirect Pro Movies: Free Trial @ 2.95 USD and Automatically Rebills to $39.95 USD (one-time payment).

Note: No other payment required; No hidden fees

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Movies Capital
Stars: 3/5

Movies Capital Banner – Movies Capital, Unlimited Legal Movie Downloads for PC, Mac, Kindle, TV, Mobile & Tablet. This portal allows you to watch unlimited movies online or download and watch mp4 movies online offline. Simply search and click play or download to watch full-length films from different genres including ones marked with “HD” near the title name. All kinds of films available in movie archive and there is no monthly fee or per title fee. Also includes New DVD Releases, 14 genres, Hollywood News, Most Watched Trailers, and Upcoming To Theaters.

This service is the #1 best seller for movies in the CB marketplace with an enormous amount of classic movies and new releases from one year ago and older. No limits or restrictions of any kind. Download as many films as you want. Not included are P2P file sharing networks that often have illegal movie uploads/downloads.

Consider this service an alternative to TV/Movies websites like Netflix, Amazon Instant/Prime Video and Hulu Plus. Individuals can avoid paying monthly subscription fees and have the ability to download movies – unlike those websites previously mentioned. Watch movies flicks whenever 24/7, anytime, anywhere. Also great for the hobbyist who may want to create his/her own movie collection.

No installation, connecting wires, computer experience, or any work involved. Can play and download films on any computer and watch them on any small/large screen TV or device. The service also includes tools in the members area that allow you to burn movies to CD/DVD and watch them on your DVD player (internal or external).

Downloading films and watching them offline offers better video quality than watching them online with an Internet connection. You don’t need an Internet connection after downloading a film to watch offline.

You can also use this portal with Kindle fire. Just select “Download as MP4” and then download the movie file to your computer. Everything including instructions on how to make the transfer are available inside the members area.

All plans are one-time non recurring payments; no monthly subscription – See Below:

Choose 1 of 3 Memberships with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee + tech support and upgrades:

  1. Platinum – VIP 1 Year of Unlimited Movies ($38.95)
  2. Gold Membership – 3 Months of Unlimited Movies ($34.95)
  3. Silver Membership – 1 Month of Unlimited Movies ($29.95)

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Stars: 4/5 – Movies Direct, Unlimited Legal Movie Downloads for PC, Mac, Small/Large Screen TV, Mobile & Tablet. Allows members to stream and download or watch unlimited movies online. This means you can watch mp4 movies online or offline, and as many as you like. Members can watch unlimited full movies directly online or stream them directly to any mobile device, table or computer. The portal is legally licensed with unlimited movies and also includes movies in HD as well as old and recent films. All movies are in AVI and MP4 file format which supports all mobile devices, android and Apple devices including tablets.

Signing up is simple to do. Just pay a small one-off fee to register, log on and start downloading full-length movies immediately.

All downloads are made available directly from the Movies Direct servers. There is no software to download, so don’t need to be concern about any compatibility issue. You simply download movies directly from your browser or watch them from a browser (Instructions will be provided). Be sure to read the FAQs when visiting the website for more information.

Watch video below to learn more…

Some of the key features include:

  • Legal and safe downloads
  • Watch films on any mobile, tablet, computers or TV
  • No P2P, torrents, or software to download
  • Instant updates of new movies
  • 24/7 support, guidance and tutorials
  • Wide range of titles, genres, films
  • All continents and countries supported
  • Small one-off fee or choose other membership plans
  • Download unlimited movies
  • No per title fees
  • No monthly or hidden fees
  • HD films available
  • No bandwidth limits
  • No geographical restrictions

Cons: Can use any Internet connection but expect longer movie downloads when using a slow connection speed; Many new releases will be in HD but don’t expect many older movies with HD quality. Must upgrade in order to get MP4 movies for tablets and mobile devices including HD movies with new releases (optional upgrade cost: $10 USD)

All plans are one-time, non recurring payments (No monthly subscription) – See Below:

Choose 1 of 3 Memberships with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee + tech support and upgrades:

  1. VIP 1 Year of Unlimited Movies ($39.95)
  2. 3 Month of Unlimited Movies ($29.95)
  3. 1 Month of Unlimited Movies ($24.95)

Special Offer…

MoviesDirect has a special going on right now where they let you watch one of the movies they carry if you Like them on Facebook. You can find this special offer when visiting their website (click button below to visit the official website).

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Stars: 3/5

IMovieClubImoviesclub.comWatch or Download Unlimited Movie – For PC, Mac, MacBook, iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, archos, Mp4, Tablet, iTV, Xoom. This unlimited full-length movie download portal also allows to unlimited movies online or offline. You can get access to legal full movies downloads 24/7, without paying any monthly fee or per title fees. Watch mp4 movies online or offline. No restrictions or bandwidth limits when downloading films from a huge library.

You can stream your films live (watch online) or download them to watch offline later — quickly, easily, and safely. You can create a huge selection of films by burning them to CD/DVDs and keeping them forever. This includes access to all kinds of genres and new DVD releases to Watch at home or on the go.

All-in-One membership offers user-friendly quick download interface and legal movies downloads with no P2P file sharing networks or 3rd party software requirements.

Also important to note, there are no geographical restrictions which means you can watch and download movies from any country available.

Cons: Not compatible to Linux computers

Although there is no monthly subscription, must renew plan to continue membership — see below:

Choose 1 of 3 Memberships with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee + tech support and upgrades:

  1. Plantinum – 2 Years Unlimited Movies ($39.95)
  2. Gold – 3 Months of Unlimited Movies ($34.95)
  3. Silver – 1 Month of Unlimited Movies ($29.95)

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Stars: 2/5

IMovieClub Banner – Watch/Download Unlimited Movies Online – For PC. The #7 unlimited movies online portal from the CB Marketplace is not as potent as the other portals above. But allows you to watch mp4 movies online as well as offline.

You simply register online, select a move to download from any one of the genres and watch offline. You get access to 1,000 of film titles with HD picture quality, free movie library updates and user-friendly movie Search with no access limitation.

This portal lets you instantly stream full movies online legally at your leisure when gaining access to the wide selection of full-length movies. No monthly fees included or bandwidth restrictions. Bot HD and HQ picture quality available with digitally-enhanced video and audio quality.

While experiencing cinemaesque quality found in theaters, you get access to unique and diversified film library that provides blockbusters and cult classics 24/7. No file sharing networks included.

That’s it… Nothing more here.

Cons: Cannot watch streaming films online; Not compatible to mobile, Mac & Linux computers

All plans are one-time non recurring payments; no monthly subscription – See Below:

Choose 1 of 3 Memberships with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee + tech support and upgrades:

  1. 1 Year Membership to Unlimited Movies ($49.95)
  2. 6 Months Membership to Unlimited Movies ($39.95)
  3. 3 Months Membership to Unlimited Movies ($29.95)

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Now that you have a good grasp of these full movies online services that offers unlimited movies online/offline, so you can watch mp4 movies online/offline, can try one or more that interest you.  For additional information on how to enhance your Internet TV entertainment more, visit how to watch TV shows online. Also see Watching TV Shows Online.

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