Direct PCTV Review: Live/Local/Global/Sports TV & VOD Movies/TVShows

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Direct PCTV Review
(Robust, All-in-One Web TV / Sports TV Viewing Portal)
Over 9,000 Streaming Live TV, Radio & VOD Content Worldwide
Compatible to Computers, Tablets, Smartphones & All Devices w/ Web Browser
License Covers Up to 6 Computers Plus 3 Free Bonuses
Lifetime Membership w/ Service Package @ $39.95 (One-time)
Payment Processor: PayPal / 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Delivers Popular and Hard to Find Free Live/On-Demand TV Shows, Sports, Movies, News, Videos, Radio and Music

Direct PCTV Image by Real User and Tester. If you’re thinking Direct PC TV is affiliated with or part of satellite TV or DirecTV, they are not. In fact, they are not connected with any cable TV service either. And because of this, there’s no high cost, contract or bundled package one needs to opt in to watch favorite television programs online.

One of the main reasons many TV viewers look to the Internet to watch television online is to avoid high costs of cable and satellite. The other reasons include a la carte TV programming and catch up TV, without having to pay for channels you never watch.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the following rarely happens, I want to point out that some newcomers that signed up for this service paid twice. You must follow through with each step of the payment process. Once the payment processor/service receives and approves your payment, you will be provided a username and password. Either that or you will be asked to create your username and password.

You should receive an email immediately after the payment process is completed. If you don’t see the email, be sure to look in your Spam/Junk mail. If you don’t get your username, password or an email, Do Not go back to pay again. This is probably what some people are doing. Also, make absolutely sure your email address is correct when signing up.

You should be sent directly to the Direct PCTV login page to sign in I believe. So be sure to read any instructions and follow through what’s on the web page, after you sent your payment. If there is a clickable link that sends you to the login page (members area), then click it. If you end up not going to the login page and/or don’t receive your username and password, you need to contact their support people.

Do Not come to this InternetTvDotCom site to try to login or think this is the merchant’s website that has your purchase order number and login details. You must go directly to their website and contact their support people. Click any link below to visit the official website and click the ‘Contact’ link at top of their website. Or scroll to the bottom of their page to find their support email address.

If you want to ask me a question or need help, feel free to use the Chat Now box at lower right bottom of this page. Be sure to leave your name and email address in case I’m too busy at the moment or offline. I’ll get back to you ASAP.


Direct PCTV by eCorp brings together a wealth of TV streaming content from popular networks, under one roof, to watch online. They are 3rd party and built an Internet-based TV/VOD platform that direct-connect members to over 9,000 channels/sources online. This is not an app or TV software download, nor is it free but better than any free 3rd party TV software or free TV/VOD website.

The service doesn’t own the content they link to, nor are they licensed. Instead, they direct-connect members to Live, Local, Global and Sports TV online, including VOD Movies and TV Shows. And they included 150+ popular DirectPCTV on Televisionpremium live TV networks also. Sports fans should be happy when getting access to any live sporting event worldwide. This includes pro, college and European sports (local, national, international) channels.

And if you’re tired of local sports blackouts, then here’s how to work around it when using Direct PCTV by eCorp. There are no restrictions when trying to watch a favorite TV program while traveling (near or far from home). If an Internet connection can be made, you can watch all your favorites online from one source.

You may have heard of Sling TV, Select TV, and even Playon TV. These services have subscription-based TV channels/networks that you must pay to watch. The cost can add up, which can make these services less desirable. This is where Direct PC TV comes into play. The one-off price is much cheaper and you get lifetime access to many popular live TV channels/networks, VOD, and live sports. But this isn’t all you get.

If searching for another television option outside of cable or satellite TV to save cost, then Direct PCTV may be the service to consider. To make clear, there are no subscription-based TV channels/networks to pay. There is no contract nor bundled packages to choose from and pay. Just a small one-off fee for lifetime access. You can watch the same live premium TV channels/networks with sports networks included as well. And there’s plenty of entertaining on-demand streaming content as well.

Unlike cable and satellite, there is no hardware to install such as set-top box, receiver, or antenna. The content comes from the Internet. You can enhance better television viewing when connecting an Internet-connected computer to TV. Using Direct PCTV makes it easier to tap into favorite TV channels and other streaming content to watch on the web.

Whatever is broadcast offline (OTA) more than likely can be viewed with Direct PCTV. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll have access to all (if any) local TV channels from television stations in your area. But there is nothing that a good indoor HDTV antenna couldn’t do to get local OTA TV without satellite or cable.


To Visit Official Website Now — Click Here


Now that you know a little about DirectPcTv, we’ll provide more insight to what was discovered — the pluses and minuses. The following information will no doubt help you make a well inform decision to buy in or not.

There are four basic things you probably want to accomplish: 1. Watch TV, movies, news or sports without cable or satellite; 2. Save money without opting into a contract or losing favorite TV channels/networks; 3. A la carte TV programming without a bundled package; 4. Time-shifting, record (DVR) any television program online to watch later on or create your own video library.

What we found in our Direct PCTV review was that they offer most of the things above. However, they don’t offer a recording feature. But there’s an easy-to-use video recording software (low-cost) that can be downloaded. It acts like a DVR with a recording scheduler that records anything that plays on a computer. If interested, you can read our Video Capture Review.

Direct PCTV doesn’t fall short of the mark when delivering live and on-demand TV streaming content. Many of the same television programs found on cable/satellite can be found when using Direct PC TV for computer, tablets, and smartphones. However, there is a bit of gray area here that you may want to consider if this is something you want to use.

Is Direct PCTV Legit (Legal)?

This service doesn’t decode or descramble any paid television signals, so from that standpoint alone they are perfectly legit. They also don’t include any P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networks, which can have illegal video and movie downloads. Another important thing is they don’t host any streaming content on their website. But rather connect you to different types of streaming content from the World Wide Web, through open gateways.

There are legal documents to read on the (www direct pctv com) website. Those statements also include the DMCA Take Down Notice and Copyrights. Direct PCTV does try to keep things legit as much as possible. With this course of action, they’ve managed to stay in business for years.

I can confirm their longevity because I have been a member for many years. I still use the service as one of my sources for web TV entertainment. Of course, any service or product that manages to stick around for years is bound to have some customer complaints.

Any Direct PCTV complaints you may come across should be taken into consideration. But you shouldn’t make it the final decision because there’s much here to be desired. One customer’s bad experience doesn’t mean all customers will have the same bad experience. I certainly didn’t experience anything bad when signing up to this service years ago.

What is Direct PCTV?

Direct PCTV by eCorp is a 3rd party web-based TV/VOD service that brings together both live and on-demand entertaining web TV content. They offer a platform where any user, with an Internet-connected device and web browser, can watch their favorites online. And can do so from any location, in or out of the home.

Godzilla Movie - Full Screen Amazing Spiderman Mov - Small Screen Spiderman Movie - Full Screen

The content you get direct-connected to includes Live TV, Local TV, Global TV, Sports TV, VOD Movies and TV Shows. Again, there’s no software or app to download. You watch everything through your web browser when logging into the password protected members area. There is no Direct PCTV scam and there’s a money back guarantee — if for some reason you change your mind.

Direct PCTV Review: How You Benefit

  • Access to 9,000+ live/on-demand TV Channels, videos, music & radio
  • Access to 97 or more countries
  • Small one-time payment
  • No hidden, monthly, yearly or additional fees whatsoever
  • Full lifetime Access
  • Service package with tech support
  • Direct online access; No PC TV software nor complicated Direct PCTV download
  • No cards, hardware/equipment to install or wires to connect
  • One source for all web TV viewing
  • Daily content updates
  • Safe and reliable to use 24/7
  • Instant access, once fee is accepted and approved
  • Great for creating extra TV at home with desktop
  • Great for creating mobile TV with laptop, tablet or mobile device
  • No illegal satellite/cable decoders or descramblers
  • Access to all kinds of free/paid content online
  • Connects to rentals and subscription TV/Video websites

Get Streaming Live and On-Demand Channels From All Countries Around the World. Watch Channels From Your Homeland…

(USA, Canada, UK, India, Russian Federation, Pakistan, China, Romania, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, Egypt, Kenya, Mexico, Malaysia, Switzerland, Ireland, Serbia, Algeria, Turkey, Italy, Sri Lanka, Iran Spain, Greece, Portugal, Philippines, Netherlands, Singa Pore, and Many More) – No Bangladesh TV at this time.

Unlike other Direct PCTV reviews out there, I decided to record a Direct PCTV review (demo) video. You can watch over my shoulders as I take you inside the members’ area. And watch as I play some of the channels available.

See Video Review of Direct-PCTV in Action Below…

You can look over my shoulders, as I show you the Members area and play TV channels.

  • Video One: Introduction
  • Video Two: Play Sports
  • Video Three: Play TV Shows

Click Here to Watch 3-Part Video Review of Direct-PCTV

How to Use Direct PC TV?

Once you become a member and receive your username and password, just log into the members’ area with an Internet-connected device. Direct PCTV will appear in your web browser just like YouTube, New MenuNetflix, and Hulu. When inside, there’s a menu with links to different areas. Simply click where you want to go to watch something online or read instructions, etc.

Again, there’s no Direct PCTV download but you will have access to the Direct PCTV channel viewer (Direct PCTV player) to watch TV online.

Note: Be sure to read the FAQ section when visiting

To play a TV program or any of the on-demand content, simply point and click to the name of the link to watch it online. Members can watch everything from one source, which means there’s no need to search for television programs over the web. This eliminates having to visit one website after another to watch sports, movies, TV shows, news, etc. You stay in one place when using DirectPcTv.


To Visit the Official Website now – Click Here


Direct-PCTV Channel List

There are over 150 live TV channels provided under the Popular Channel List — in that section alone. These are the same live premium TV channels/networks you have been watching on cable and satellite. Here are some of the live channels you get linked to over the web:

ABC, A&E, AMC, Animal Planet, AXN, BBC, BET, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CBS, Cinemax, CNN, C Span, Discovery, Disney Channel, E and E4, Encore, Film, Flix, Food Network, Fox, FX, Hallmark Channel, HD Movie Channel, HGTV, History Channel, ION, iTV, Lifetime, The Movie Channel, MSNBC, MTV, National Geographic, NBC, Nickelodeon, PBS, QVC, ShowTime, Sky, Spike, Starz, Syfy, Star Movies, and many more.

Click Screenshots Below to See 150+ Live Premium TV Channels in Larger view…

Popular Channels List1 Popular Channel LIst2 Popular Channels LIst3 Popular Channel List4
Popular Channels LIst5 Popular Channels6 Popular Channels LIst7 Popular Channels List8

Compatible Devices

Any Internet-connected device that use a web browser is compatible to Direct PCTV. This includes any computer (laptop or desktop), flash-enabled tablet, smartphone, Google Chromecast, or Smart TV with web browser. All these devices haven’t been tested during the Direct PCTV review. I used my computer, iPhone, smart TV w/ web browser and computer connected TV to test the service.

Smartphone users won’t be able to access all the streaming content available. For instance, I couldn’t watch sports from the daily live sports TV list. But I could watch sports and other television programs in other sections including the Popular Channel List. You’ll have to experiment when it comes to other devices, besides a computer.

The Direct PCTV login webpage (members area) has additional information for mobile smartphone users. Don’t be discourage. I could watch many live premium TV channels from popular networks on my iPhone. As you can see, not only can you use Direct PCTV for windows, but for Mac and Linux computers also.

Update: I was told by support a small issue exist with iPhone smartphones. It seems to be an iOS issue not allowing those devices to view some of the videos that are in an iFrame format. Still plenty of streaming content to watch with this mobile device. This does not include watching live TV channels online. All other devices, OS, etc., work just fine.

iPhone Mobile Device Horizontal

Direct PCTV: Other Ways to Use Them

Whatever the goal is… TV for PC, PC for TV, TV on PC, Direct-PCTV can be the solution. It’s easy to connect a computer to TV via HDMI cable and watch Internet TV on the big screen. This is how cable and satellite can be replaced to save money. And you can watchTvOnline from any location, even while traveling abroad, without missing favorite television programs.

Direct PCTV makes all the above easier when logging into the members’ area to watch whatever is of interest. Buy an HDTV indoor antenna to connect to the back of the television. This is how to watch local OTA TV channels in your area.

Direct PCTV Sports

Sports fans will love having access to alternate ways to watch live sports online, so that they will never miss a sporting event again. You have access to all the popular sports TV networks to watch live sports over the Internet. And will have access to daily live sports TV schedules that list every sporting event/ballgame by name of the event, day, and time. There are three ways to watch live sporting events online:

  1. Popular TV Channels section that list over 150 channels/networks (sports & non-sports)
  2. Direct Sports TV Channels section
  3. Live Sports Links 1,2,3 (popular sports websites)

Here are some of the sports channels/networks included under the Popular Channel List:

Box Nation, BT Sports, ESPN, EuroSport, Fox Sports, Golf Channel, MLB Network, Motors TV, NBC Sports, NFL Network, Red Zone, NHL Network, NFL Now, Star Sports, UFC, Sky Sports, and so on. You can watch NBA basketball, NFL football, MLB baseball, NHL hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, boxing, NASCAR/Racing, cricket, wrestling, USA sports, UK sports, Olympics, Playoffs, Championships, World Series, Tournaments, or any sporting event broadcast worldwide daily. See screenshots below…

Direct Sports TV Channels

Direct PCTV Live Sports Channels Direct PCTV Sports Channels2 Direct PCTV Sports Networks
Live Sports Link 1, 2 & 3

Direct PCTV Sports LInk 1 Direct PCTV Sports Link 2 Direct PCTV Live Sports LInk 3
ESPN Baseball - Full Screen Boxing Direct PCTV NFL Football Soccer

Besides these sports networks, you also get access to the daily live sports TV listing. It list every sporting event being broadcast daily. Whatever is broadcast Over-the-Air you can watch it online. This list is also updated every 30 minutes so that you don’t miss a ballgame or event. Just click the ballgame link name or sporting event by name to start watching at the designated day and time.

Direct PCTV: Delivers Movies, TV Shows, and News Broadcast

This service brings together both live and on-demand content. Members get access to entertaining old/recent movies and TV shows including news broadcasts. All this content and more comes from across the globe.

Here are some of the other streaming content sections included: Global TV, Local TV, VOD Movies, and VOD TV Shows. Members can search whatever they want from these sections. You can drill down to country, state, city, and watch whatever is of interest. Just watch the Direct PCTV review video to see these sections.

Direct PCTV Internet Radio

Just when you thought that’s all there is to Direct PC TV, you get access to plenty of Internet radio stations worldwide. Remember this service brings everything together to one place from the World Wide Web. They make things convenient to access, which saves time and effort. It’s a one-source-for-all web TV/VOD content platform.


To Start Watching Now – Click Here


Internet Connection Speed Needed:

According to Netflix, 3 Mbps is needed to watch SD (Standard Definition) streaming content and 5 Mbps is needed to watch HD (High Definition). But I recommend at least 15-25 Mbps or more the better if you can afford it. Take into consideration the number of devices you are going to connect to your wireless (wifi) network when using Direct PCTV.

Also, consider peak hours when more people are online using the same ISP (Internet Service Provider) you are using. This can slow down the Internet connection speed. Additional devices connected to an in-home wireless (wifi) network at the same time, regardless of using Direct PCTV or not, can lower the Internet connection (download) speed.

To avoid any video buffering or playback issue, higher the Internet connection speed better the picture quality and overall performance. This will help eliminate buffering, whereas a TV program/video starts and stops playing repeatedly. And a faster Internet connection speed will help eliminate other playback issues.

Cost, Money Back Guarantee & Support

One of the things that make Direct PCTV interesting is the cost. You pay only $39.95 USD, a one-time fee, with lifetime access. No hidden, future, or subscription fee to pay. Compare this cost to any cable or satellite TV subscription and immediately you see the cost savings. Members don’t sign up to any subscription-based website like HBO, ESPN or Cinemax and pay a subscription fee.

Is Direct PCTV Worth the Money? For the one-time fee of $39.95 USD, this is a middle of the road price compared to other 3rd-party web-based TV/VOD services. In my case study of this service/product, I had to become an affiliate to get access to all sale/refund transactions. When the case study was completed, results revealed a 96% success rate among new users who made purchases during 2016. See below…

Period: From 1/1/2016 to 9/11/2016

Total Transactions: 84
Total Declines: 9 (8 Duplicate Transactions & 1 Credit Card Declined)
Sales Transactions: 75
Total Refunds: 3

Success Rate%: 96% [3 Refunds/75 Sales x 100] – 100
Failure Rate%: 4% [3 Refunds/75 Sales] x 100

Now see for yourself. Below are screenshots of all transactions made by real customers that made purchases (referred by this website). No other product reviewer reveals this information…

Direct PCTV Sales/Refunds 1 Direct PCTV Sales/Refunds 2
Direct PCTV Sales/Refunds 3

Money Back Guarantee

If you become unhappy with the service for any reason, there is a 30-day money back guarantee available. Just contact support via email to request a full refund within the 30-day period.


There is no phone number available, only email support. Usually they respond to customer/member emails within 24 hours. This is lifetime support, so you don’t have to worry about support being terminated after a certain time. If you experience a rare issue when signing up to the service (payment process) just visit the Direct PCTV website. Look for the ‘Contact Us’ link to submit a support email.

Once in a blue moon, a new member contacts me where s/he just signed up but didn’t get access to the members’ area. If this happens, look for an email from Direct PCTV in the Spam/Junk mail folder — if you don’t see it in the main inbox. You need the username and password to log into Direct PC TV to watch TV online.

Again, this is rare but if you don’t get your login details, just visit the Direct PCTV website. Scroll to the bottom of the site to find the ‘Log In’ link. Request a new password and login with that new password. Use the same email address that you gave when signing up to the service. If this doesn’t work, then contact support

System Requirements

To make this easy to understand, if you can watch YouTube videos, Netflix, Hulu or any live TV website on your device, then your device or computer and Internet connection should be enough to use Direct PCTV. However, an Internet connection speed of 15-25 Mbsp is best. But higher the download speed the better.

Picture Quality

The picture quality depends on your computer’s graphics card (does it support HD?), multimedia software, and monitor (computer screen). The quality also depends on the amount of disk space and memory. Also, one’s Internet connection speed can be factor in determining how good is the picture quality.

Also, the source where the steaming content comes from (another country) should be factor in. If the steam isn’t that good, then there’s nothing can be done to improve it. For most part, Direct PCT has HD-like picture quality on many channels. Other channels can have somewhat subpar quality but still viewable. Sometimes you don’t notice it until you watch a channel in full screen.

Direct PCTV Pros and Cons

This wouldn’t be a true review if I didn’t include both pros and cons. Many of the good points have been mentioned already, so it’s time to learn about the cons.

I enjoy watching the entertaining streaming content that Direct PCTV direct-connects me to, from movies to sports, from TV shows to news broadcasts. They direct-connect to many different websites but you watch everything from the DirectPcTv members’ area.

When going through the Direct PCTV review, there were times I had to close popups and ads that appeared on top of the TV player. The TV player is where the TV stream comes from and plays. At times, I can hear the stream play and had to close the popups when clicking the ‘x’. You need to click each ‘x’ wherever it appears to watch the television program.

This issue doesn’t occur with each channel but when it does, it takes a little patience to close popups. More information is provided in the members’ area. You can also do what I do, which I highly recommend that you download the free AdBlock browser add-on. This will help prevent closing every popup you see.

There will be commercials, so there’s nothing you can do to get around this. But what’s nice about watching TV online through a web browser is that you can do other things on your computer simultaneously. However too many open applications on your computer, especially those that connect to the web, can cause buffering and playback issues. If this occurs, try closing some of those applications. If any are connected to web like Yahoo Messenger or Skype, close them.
There will be times when a channel doesn’t play. There are a few things that can fix the issue. Try refreshing (or reload) the web page with the TV player, try a different web browser, or clear your browser cache. If the channel still doesn’t play, contact support.

Besides a little picture blurriness here and there with some of the content, a lot of the streaming content was HD like. But this solely depends on your device — the technology from within — monitor, and Internet connection speed. The source where the streaming content comes from can also be a factor.

My computer is fairly new and didn’t experience much picture quality issues. But this also comes with me having around 80+ Mbps Internet connection (download) from my wireless connection.

Unlike traditional TV, members can watch everything via computer, device or they can connect a computer to TV. Instead of a TV remote, there is wireless which allows individuals to watch Internet TV from any location at home. All devices can be connected to any wireless network in the household.

Case and point: I have a wireless/wired modem. My smart TV is wired (Ethernet cable) to the modem. All my devices such as laptop, wireless keyboard and smartphone are connected wirelessly. You can do the same. I have more than enough Internet connection speed to avoid buffering and playback issues.

A laptop is portable and mobile, so it can be moved to any TV in the household. I can connect via HDMI cable or wirelessly to other TVs in my household. The laptop sits near me so that I control what to watch on my large screen HDTV.


By now, you should have a pretty good idea of the benefits this 3rd party Internet-based service offers. You don’t need anything but a computer, Internet connection and web browser to use Direct PCTV. If living without cable or satellite, here’s a way to gain access to over 9,000 TV channels with on-demand content included.

This service can be used as an alternative to cable and satellite. Not only does Direct PC TV save you money, but you don’t lose the channels and entertainment you love to watch. Both live and on-demand streaming content is delivered to your fingertips, which translates to quick, easy access. You can start watching a popular channel within seconds after clicking it.

You are not limited to watching TV online with a Windows computer. You can use your Mac or Linux computer, flash-enabled tablet, smartphone, or any device with a web browser. Watch what you want, when and where you want when using high speed Internet connection.

DirectPcTv can be useful as a backup TV or extra TV, catch up TV. It can entertain the entire family and house guess. There’s TV channels and entertainment for everyone. No adult content whatsoever but adult language will be use when watching some of the premium live TV channels, movies, etc. Kids can watch kids channels like Disney channel, cartoon network. There are movie channels for kids and family as well.

If saving money is high on your list, no doubt Direct PCTV will save you money. Pay only $40 USD and get access to a wealth of entertaining streaming content. Add YouTube, indoor antenna, Netflix, and now you have a robust web TV and local OTA TV entertainment system at home.

This concludes Our Direct PCTV Review

To Learn More or Join Direct PCTV to Watch Movies, Sports, TV Shows, News, and More – Click Here

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