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Top IPTV Service Providers for SO Player Free Trial and Subscription

If you’re searching for a SO Player free trial or SOPlayer Subscription, or don’t know how to get a SO Player renewal subscription, we need to clarify some things so that you don’t continue to be confused. Many visitors to our website think the SOPlay app is a free trial or subscription that delivers live premium channels and VODs by itself.

If this is what you’re thinking, then you have it all wrong. The free app is not a standalone app nor does it require a subscription to download/install the app to your streaming device. You need an IPTV service to activate the app. They are the ones that deliver live and VOD streaming content. The app connects to the IPTV servers for you to watch TV online.

Explaining the Video Above

The IPTV service in the video above that uses the SO Player app is pretty much set up the same way as other SOPlayer IPTV services. Some have free trials and some don’t. I don’t want you to get stuck on any one IPTV service name. You are only interested in knowing which one has the free trial and subscription you want.

You can click the link below to visit the IPTV service website to sign up.

If you paid a subscription in the past to use SOPlayer to watch TV online, don’t search for the app if you are having an issue or can’t renew the subscription. You must know the name of your IPTV service to search and find them online. But you should have received an email from your IPTV service right after you paid the subscription. You need to know the name of your IPTV service and contact them for support or visit their website and pay to renew your subscription.

If you don’t know the name of your IPTV service provider and are stuck, then you need to think about starting over and choosing another SO Player IPTV service. This time you need to remember the new IPTV name, keep the emails they send so you can find them in the future. Remember, the free trial and subscription come from the IPTV service provider that delivers live channels and on-demand content.

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NOTE: If there is no SOPlayer free trial when clicking the link at top, here’s another IPTV just like that one that uses the same app – CLICK HERE.

SOPlayer Pay My Bill: Don’t Know How to Renew Your Subscription or Know IPTV Service Provider Name?

If you are trying to figure out how do I pay my SOPlayer bill or how do I Renew my SOPlayer Account, then you are at the right place. I have reviewed and tested many SOPlay IPTV service providers and know a lot about them. I also know what is trending and often know what IPTV is no longer in service or stopped accepting new customers. This may be what you are experiencing right now. Read on…

The SO Player app is not a subscription by itself but you will need a subscription to watch TV online, which comes from the IPTV service. SOPlay is a free app download that doesn’t require signing up or subscribing to download and install it. It’s also not a standalone app that you can start watching TV online after it’s been installed on a compatible device. You need an IPTV service provider subscription to activate the app and deliver all the streaming content.

If you want to renew your subscription but don’t know the name of your IPTV service where you paid your subscription in the past, continue reading. You have a decision to make. We are not your IPTV service provider and don’t know who you paid a subscription to or have an account with. If you don’t know, nobody knows. They could also be out of service, meaning the IPTV website is no longer online.

Make Your Decision and What Not to Do

If you don’t have IPTV access to watch TV online anymore or your subscription has ended and can’t find any emails from your IPTV provider when you subscribed in the past, then it’s time to make a decision. If someone else paid the IPTV subscription on your behalf or in their name, you must follow up with that person.

Whatever email address that person gave when subscribing to the IPTV provider that’s where the IPTV sends their emails to the customer. So if it’s not your email address, then contact the other person you know that’s involved.

Don’t continue searching online and disturbing every website owner you see that mentions SO Player (SO Player). You would be better off starting over. No one can tell you the name of your IPTV service provider if you don’t know who it is. Don’t look for a SOPlayer support website thinking you can pay your subscription there or here.

You are wasting your time and it shows your ignorance when continuing to do this and bothering other people online. What you need to do is start over by clicking the link further down to visit a SO Player IPTV service website and subscribe.

This is how and where you can pay your bill and continue to renew your subscription. Only this time you will be doing it with another IPTV when entering their activation/login credentials inside the app, just like the other provider that you don’t remember the name or is no longer available. Read on…

More Important Information…

There are many SOPlay IPTV services out there where you can get a trial or subscription to use the app. You can find one further down — see the link for Free Trial or Subscription. We saved you time when testing and reviewing these services. We have not done this for every IPTV service out there. But we found the top services and the one we are recommending below is a Top 10 recommendation.

When switching SOPlay IPTV providers, you may or may not need to do a factory reset on your smart TV or streaming device such as the Firestick. If the activation/login credentials the new provider sends you via email don’t activate the app, you may get a message that says ‘Bad Credentials‘.

The IPTV may tell you to do a factory reset if they can’t do a reset from their end. See how far you get when entering the new IPTV service activation credentials. If you encounter an issue such as ‘Bad Credentials’, just contact the new IPTV website for support. Tell them the issue you are having. But you must have an IPTV account with them.

If you are looking to pay your bill (renew your subscription), don’t know your IPTV service provider, and don’t know what is an IPTV service, you need to trust what’s here. Watch the video above. You can either keep looking on your own and waste more time or start over and choose a different IPTV to start watching your favorites right now.

You can pay your bill and continue to renew your subscription with the new IPTV service by clicking the link below. Remember the name of the IPTV and save all emails they send you after subscribing. If you do not see any emails from them immediately after completing the signup process, then look for those emails in your Spam or Junk mail folder. Move those emails to your regular email inbox and save them somewhere. You will need them in the future.

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NOTE: No Free Trial will be available during special (BIG) fight/boxing weekend (Saturday). The Free Trial will be removed on Thursday or Friday and won’t return until Monday. This is subject to change. Any questions just ask the IPTV service support when clicking the link above.

SOPlay App Download/Install Instructions Here
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There are IPTV SO Player providers out there that will activate the app and deliver streaming content so you can watch TV online from your device. The app can be downloaded and installed first. Some individuals rather go to the IPTV service website to sign up before downloading the app. It doesn’t matter where you start first.

Just keep in mind that SOPlay is not a standalone TV app. When opening the app, activation/login credentials are needed which come from IPTV service providers. The SOPlayer pin code is also needed to activate the streaming device you want to use. There’s no getting around this. You can sign up to enter into the SOPlayer free trial or subscription when paying the low fee (click 1st the link below).

Click Here to Sign Up and Get IPTV FREE Trial or Subscription


Factory Reset When Switching From SO Player IPTV to Another SOPlayer IPTV Service

Unfortunately, after you activate and log into the app, it will lock the device serial number to that provider and most of them have IP Lock as well. So it will lock in the serial number and IP address. As you can see, a problem will occur when switching from one SO Player or Nora Go IPTV to another SOPlayer or NoraGo IPTV service.

You may not be able to activate the app when seeing a ‘Bad Credentials’ message. So if your IPTV service went out of service and you want to subscribe to another IPTV service, you may need to do a factory reset. I would remove/uninstall the app from the streaming device before doing the reset.

If the new IPTV service you subscribed to can’t do a reset on their end to help you activate the SOPlay app, then your only alternative will be to do a factory reset. See below…

Firestick Factory Reset – Click Here
Smart TV Reset, Look Here
For Other Resets, Go Here

IPTV SO Player Sign Up, Trial, Subscription, Free Codes, Pin Code Explained

To get started, you must visit the IPTV SO Player service provider website. You can click the signup link above. The website has important information to read such as device compatibility, trial, subscription fees, app download/installation steps, FAQs, etc. Take your time and read everything. There will be a chat box at the site that you can use to contact support with questions or for help.

When going through the SOPlayer sign-up process, you will be asked to enter your email address and create a password. Be sure to remember them. They will become your IPTV service login details. So Player providers generally have a “My Account” link at the top of their website. This is where you enter your login details to sign in to your IPTV account to get information or renew your subscription.

Once the sign-up process is completed for the free trial/subscription, you will be taken directly to a Thank You page with your account/order information. Do Not close this page just yet when you see it. It will have your SO Player free codes (1 per device) if you entered into the free trial or subscription. You get a username and password created by the IPTV service provider.

NOTE: Also referred to as SOPlayer pin code (all numbers) and SOPlayer provider ID (3 numbers).

Expect to receive a few emails from the IPTV service immediately after signing up. One of those emails will have your activation/login credentials.

SO Player Free Trial: Best Way to Start

I highly recommend starting with the SO Player free trial before paying the SOPlayer subscription. It cost you nothing — no credit card is required, and you get full access. This gives you the chance to test both the app and IPTV service on your device. I would not cancel cable/satellite TV right now if you have it. You might want to enter into the one-month subscription to test the service reliability. If satisfied, go ahead and cut the cable or dish the dish.

Here’s an another SO Player IPTV service…

Get Your IPTV Service Trial or Subscription Here


Using Smart TV

If you have a Samsung or LG smart TV with an internal app store and can find the SOPlay app, you can install it. However, it’s rare for anyone to find that app inside his/her smart TV. That being the case, use a streaming media device such as Fire TV/Cube/Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, or Apple TV. Other media devices are not compatible including game devices.

Connecting Router/Modem, Internet, Ethernet Cable & Wireless

I suggest doing what I did. At home, I have a router/modem/wireless network that I received from the ISP (Internet Service Provider). I connected my Ethernet cable to my smart TV. This gives me the fastest Internet connection speed. I recommend having 50 Mbps or more Internet connection download speed. Faster the Internet connection speed better the performance and picture quality.

I have over 200 Mbps but I don’t get that amount for each device I use. You don’t need to have that amount. If you experience major buffering issues when watching different streaming content online, then you should think about increasing your Internet speed. You may not want to cut cable or satellite TV until you test the IPTV service for reliability at least for one month.

I connect my computer, smartphone, and Amazon Fire TV Stick wirelessly. I get less Internet connection speed but I have enough not to experience major buffering issues. Your setup should be similar. You can use one mobile device (meaning smartphone) away from home. Laptops and tablets are portable devices, not mobile devices. The IPTV service allows you to connect to different WiFi areas using a smartphone but not other devices.

Live Premium Channels, VOD & Additional Info

The So Player subscription comes from the recommended IPTV service that delivers over 600 live channels and 1000s of VOD movies and television shows with episodes. You get all the popular channels/networks to watch movies, sports, shows, kids, and news. Also included are US and Canada local channels, catchup TV w/ DVR including US, UK, Spanish, French, and Filipino channels. Get all the popular live sports channels, seasonal sports as well as live and VOD PPV events.

Once you figure out what compatible device to use, you can download/install the SOPlay app. You can use a computer (Windows/Mac), iOS device (smartphone), Android (TV/Box/Smartphone/Tablet), Amazon Fire TV/Cube/Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, or Apple TV. Up to 4 devices can be used at one time whether you enter into the so player free trial or SOPlayer subscription.

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Web TV Guy says:

Please understand that you contacted an Internet TV info and Produce/Service Review website. We refer our visitors to Internet TV products/services. We are not an IPTV service or streaming TV service and we don’t provide any support. We offer a Free Guide: How to Watch TV Online and Quick Setup Guide, whereas a visitor must sign up and subscribe to get the guides. Is this what you’re referring to? If so, here is the link… It’s only a guide, not a service. If you are referring to an IPTV service, then you can visit our Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart here… . This is all we can help with.

Albert Matthew says:

Good day. Nice review. I have a few questions. Is there lineup of the available providers using that particular platform and what does the channel line up look like?

Web TV Guy says:

By platform, I assume you mean SO Player which is a free app download that requires an IPTV service provider to activate it to watch TV online.

Feel free to visit our Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart. For the most part, there is no channel list or line up. You will need to sign for the
trial or subscription to see what streaming content is delivered. Either that or watch our video review of the IPTV service and app to see
everything inside including watch streaming content play. You will see what streaming content, meaning channels and VODs are delivered.

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