SO Player Support for Customers

If you think you can get help when searching for SO Player Support, you are sadly mistaken. Even if you search for SO Player Customer Support, this is not how you go about it. Firstly, SO Player is a free app download. It does not deliver streaming TV/VOD Content alone. Secondly, it must be activated by a SO Player IPTV service and this is where you go to get help. They also deliver all the live channels/VODs.

DO NOT Contact Us for Any Support. Don’t Get This Wrong. This Is NOT a Support Website.

Understand the following:

There is no SO Player support phone number (SO Player phone number, SOPLayer phone number) and no SO Player customer service (SOPlayer customer service). Whatever search term you are using trying to find support or a phone number you will come up empty. Don’t waste any more time.

You need to search for your SO Player IPTV service. Go to the IPTV website where you paid your subscription. It’s the same IPTV website where you renew your subscription. They have your account

You should already know the name of your SO Player IPTV service and how to find them. After all, you did visit their website initially to sign up for and paid the subscription. Afterward, they sent you a few emails which you were supposed to save somewhere to refer back to them when needed.

In Addition…

Hopefully, you are starting to see that your search for SO Player support or SO Player Customer Support does nothing but waste time. As a result, many individuals end up visiting any website that mentions SO Player wanting someone to help them.

No one knows the brand name of your SO Player IPTV service and where to find them. And it’s a bit silly to ask people who have no clue.

If you don’t know the name and where to go and can’t find the emails they sent you, then you must start over. Find another SOPlayer IPTV service to signup for the subscription.

Take Heed…

I’m not going to dwell too much on this but I want to make this point. Too many individuals searching for SO Player customer support come to our website for help. We can’t help, no one else can help but your subscription service.

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Who Am I and Why You Should Listen to Me

I have been reviewing IPTVs over the years and helped many visitors to this website watch web TV. I’ve written many reviews and created video reviews. I’m very familiar with many apps including SO Player. I’ve seen it all and have used SO Player to watch Internet TV.

If you follow what I explained here and trust what I say, you may find a way to get SO Player Support which comes from SO Player IPTV service. Otherwise, you need to find another IPTV.

You can signup for the new IPTV provider mentioned below and pay to subscribe. Then look for their emails immediately. One email will have your activation credentials. If you don’t get any emails, be sure to look in your Junk or Spam folder for them.

If any emails are in that folder, just move them to your email inbox where you normally receive emails. It’s no different from the other IPTVs that you subscribe to in the past.

You can sign up to get our Free IPTV Setup Guide that helps you more when giving you a deeper understanding. So if you are still relatively new to all this, I suggest you do just that. In other words, if you didn’t know the difference between the SO Player and IPTV service before you came here, then there’s a lot more you don’t know. Do yourself a favor and get the Free Guide.

SO Player Issues and Fixes

The new SO Player IPTV service that I’m recommending to you when all is lost and you cannot find your IPTV service provider, has something extra. When visiting their website, you will find an Issues & Fixes link in the top portion of their site. Click either link above or below to visit the SOPlayer IPTV website.

They define all types of SO Player errors including the ‘Bad Credential’ error. Then they tell you what to do to correct the issue. They tell you to contact them but only if you have a paid subscription with them.

DO NOT contact them about your other SO Player IPTV service where your SO Player app is connected. That’s a big no-no. You must have a subscription with these guys to get SO Player support. Do you follow me? I want to make this crystal clear. Do Not give them your information if you Do Not have a subscription to the new IPTV service.

I’ve already told you what you must think about and do such as look for your emails. If someone else helped you set everything up on your own end, then go to that person. Have them read what’s written here. But if you are on your own, then start over. This time you will understand better so that you don’t make the same mistake with a new subscription service for SO Player.

In Addition…

I am not the one to contact to help with your subscription, app not working, or error message. We are not a support website. Remember, no one can help you with a SO Player issue. Only your IPTV service can help you so don’t waste time contacting someone else. You must find the name of your IPTV subscription service and know where to locate them online.

If you can’t do this, then it’s time to get a new IPTV service to continue watching your favorites online. Don’t continue to search for SO Player Customer Support. I’ve already told you what you must think about and do such as look for your emails.

Get New IPTV Service with SO Player Support

If you exhausted every means to find your IPTV subscription service to get SO player support, then find another. You can move away from a SOPlayer IPTV to another but you cannot use the same login (activation) credentials.

The new IPTV service for SO Player will email your activation and login credentials (4 Device Pin Codes, Provider ID plus Username & Password). You must use the new credentials for the new IPTV service to activate the same SO Player app installed on your streaming device.

DO NOT go to the new IPTV service to ask for SO Player support for your other IPTV service. They have nothing to do with that. This is about you starting over to get a new IPTV service subscription. If you have paid your money and your subscription is current, then you can continue your search.

But if you want to resume watching your favorite channels and VODs online right now, I’m giving you a way to do it. If you decide to signup to get a new subscription from the new SO Player IPTV service, remember their name and where to find them.

Save the emails somewhere when they send them to you. This way you can refer back to the emails to get support or renew your IPTV service subscription. So stop searching for SO Player Customer Support or SO Player support or SO Player support phone number and follow what I posted here.

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