SOPlayer-SO Player Not Working

There can be one or more things that cause the SOPlayer/SO Player not working issue. It can be your Internet connection, streaming device, compatibility, IPTV out of service/temporarily down, or error such as Bad Credentials. We will cover all of these issues to help you figure out where the problem is located and what to do.

I tested and reviewed many SO Player IPTV services over the years so you are in good hands when it comes to getting a good understanding. You can find many helpful video tutorials, full reviews, and even our Top IPTV Comparison Chart.

Firestick and Fire TV users can read this article that covers the Downloader TV app that must be installed first.

If you are looking for the best IPTV service we point the way so that you don’t need to continue searching online. Enough said, let’s cover all the areas that can cause the SO Player not connecting problem.

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SO Player Errors & Fixes

SOPlayer (SO Player) not working solution. When clicking the link above to visit the SO Player IPTV service, see Errors & Fixes at the top of their website. They break down each SOPlayer not working error and how to resolve the issue.

If you already have a subscription with another SO Player IPTV service someplace else, you must go to them for support. You should already know the name and how to find them online.

Do Not contact the IPTV service that I’m recommending to you for help with your SO Player app that’s connected to another website. In other words, the IPTV service where you already have a subscription. If your subscription ran out, go back to them or go with the recommended IPTV service.

If don’t know the name of your SO Player IPTV service and where to find the website to get support or renew your subscription, then you must start over. I gave you the link above to do just that — to start over. Subscribe to the new IPTV service for SO Player. They will email you a different set of activation credentials (Provider ID [maybe the same], Device Pin Codes, Username & Passwords).

Then and only then can you get support from them. Again, they created an Errors & Fixes page to help you more. This means you need to contact them for any SO Player not working error and they will resolve it for you. The worth case scenario is you have to do a factory reset.

How to Avoid Doing Factory Reset

See ‘Workaround Method…’ below for another way to activate SO Player if it failed to do so when entering your Username, Password, and Provider ID.

Another way to avoid doing a factory reset such as on a Firestick device is to subscribe to a similar IPTV service. There is an ISG GO IPTV service very similar to a SO Player IPTV service. They deliver relatively the same streaming content and you won’t know the difference when using the ISG GO app. This app is the upgrade to the Nora GO.

The ISG GO IPTV service will email you the same type of activation/login credentials (different Provider ID, Pin Codes, Username/Password). You must uninstall the SO Player app first if you are going to subscribe to the ISG GO IPTV. You will need to install the ISG GO on your device. You can use the Nora Go app for smart TVs.

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SO Player Not Working, Stopped Working, Not Connecting, Bad Credentials

When you pay an IPTV service subscription to activate/use SO Player to watch TV online the IPTV service, SO Player (activated), and your device will all be locked together. If you switch to another IPTV service later, you may get a Bad Credentials error message.

Let’s say you decided to move on from one SOPlayer IPTV service to another. You paid the subscription for the new IPTV service to use the same app. In turn, they send you the activation/login credentials which are not the same as the old IPTV service credentials. However, the Provider ID may be the same.

The activation/login credentials consist of the Username, Password, Device Pin Codes, and Provider ID. SO you enter the Username, Password, and Provider ID into the app. Then a Bad Credential error message appears (you can’t activate the app).

What you should try to do to resolve the issue is follow the instructions below first…

Workaround Method to Activate App

There is a workaround to get the app to activate when switching from one IPTV to another IPTV. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t work. It really depends on the IPTV service you used in the past, not the new IPTV service. Try this…

Enter the Provider ID and one of the Device Pin Codes given to you from the new IPTV service. See if this will activate the app. If it doesn’t work, uninstall and then reinstall the app on the same device. You can always use other compatible devices.

Now enter a different Device Pin code with Provider ID from the new IPTV service. If this doesn’t work, you can contact the new IPTV service. If they can’t do a reset on their end to clear your device/app, they may tell you to do a factory reset on your device. I had to do this only twice in the past after testing many SOPlayer IPTV services.

Here’s something you should think about doing if you are planning to leave your IPTV service for good. Before your subscription ends, log out of the SO Player app by going to Settings. This may help you avoid getting the Bad Credential message when switching to the new IPTV service. If not, just follow the above.

There’s more information below that might interest you as well.

Internet Connection (Not Connecting)

For something so simple, you will be amazed when individuals don’t check their Internet connection. Make certain you have a high-Speed Internet connection and at least 30 Mbps download speed. Some IPTV services will tell you that less is required. But I recommend more speed. If you have 50, 100, 200+ Mbps download speed, great. Your Internet comes from your ISP (Internet Service Provider), such as Comcast.

You should always test your streaming device speed via a speed test app or a website such as What we are really looking at is that none of the streaming content work/play on your streaming device. If your Internet connection is on and working and you have enough speed, we can move on to the next thing to look at…

SO Player Stopped Working (Your Device)

Of course, this can stem from having no Internet connection but we’ll now take a look at why SO Player stopped working. Have you updated your streaming device to the latest operating system and files when required? Make sure your device is up-to-date, new, or fairly new. Are you using an old device or connected to a WIFI area via smartphone.

You must make sure your device is in working order. If you could stream live channels and VOD before but not anymore something could have changed on your device. Simple things like disconnecting WiFi on a mobile phone or something on your device blocking SOPlayer.

Make sure you are not using a VPN service. The SO Player IPTV service is IP Locked, meaning you cannot use a VPN service. This could cause you to get locked out of the app and may need support from the IPTV service to do a device reset.

Compatible Devices Includes…

  • Computers (Mac or Windows)
  • Amazon Devices (Fire TV or Firestick)
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Apple TV
  • iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • Android Devices (TV, Box, Smartphone)
  • Tablet
  • Smart TV (Samsung or LG w/ internal app store)

Any device not listed above is not compatible so make sure you are using a compatible device.

IPTV Out of service or Temporarily Down

Any section above that we covered so far can cause the issue but let’s take a look at something else. Unfortunately, most of these IPTV services don’t communicate well enough with their customers. An IPTV service server could go down temporarily. The IPTV service website could go offline (website not working) due to a hosting issue which normally doesn’t affect the servers where the streaming content comes from.

If the servers go down so does the streaming content that SOPlayer connects to. So if the IPTV service delivering the streaming content to the app has a problem that causes a SOplayer not working issue, then you must contact their support.

The problem with many individuals is that they think SO Player is the IPTV service which is wrong. They don’t know the name of their provider and are totally confused. You must know the name of your IPTV provider where you paid your subscription. Otherwise, you will be at a loss and no one else can tell you the name of your provider.

Additional Info

The IPTV service will activate the app when giving you the activation/login credentials. They deliver all the streaming content and not the app itself. If you know the name of your IPTV, go to the website to request support. See if their servers are down. If you see some type of error message inside the app, let them what the message says.

IPTV services do come and go sometimes and you won’t be notified. This can be due to a requested shutdown or a payment processor issue whereas the processor no longer wishes to do business with the IPTV service. Any of the things covered above can be temporary or permanent that cause the SO Player app not working, not connecting, or stop working issue.

Here’s an article on how to pay for SO Player that may interest you.

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SO Player Bad Credentials

There are essentially two things that can cause a SO Player Bad Credentials:

  1. Entering the wrong activation/login credentials inside the SO Player not connecting app. In other words, you entered the wrong Provider ID, Username, Password, Device Pin Code, or any combination. If you are absolutely sure you entered the correct credentials when getting the Bad Credential messages, then the issue must be resolved another way. Contact your IPTV service provider if they are still in service to get support. Either they can reset your account or will tell you that you must do a factory reset. This is the last thing you want to do, right. I know how you feel but I had to do it.
  2. Switching From One IPTV Service to Another IPTV can cause this issue as well. Unfortunately, all SO Player users are confronted with having to get either the IPTV service to do a reset on their end or doing a factory reset on the user’s end when switching SOPlayer IPTV providers. The Bad Credential message will go away when entering the correct credentials or doing a reset.

Again, if you don’t know the name of your IPTV provider to get support, then you must start over and find another IPTV service. I can help you with that by recommending a top IPTV — see link above or below to visit the IPTV.

SO Player Not Working on Firestick, iPhone, LG Smart TV, or Other Compatible Device

I tend to use my Amazon Firestick 4k with the SOPlayer app installed more than my LG and Samsung smart TVs with the app directly installed. If you are experiencing a SO Player on Firestick not working issue, the same thing applies above. I had to do a factory reset on my Firestick connected to my Samsung smart TV, due to a Bad Credential message I kept getting when switching from one SOPlayer IPTV to another. Nothing else above caused the issue.

I contacted the previous IPTV and new IPTV. No one could help me and the new IPTV advised me to do a factory reset. This was not difficult to do. But if you are going to do the factory reset on your device, make sure you don’t save any previous data or files going forward. I also suggest uninstalling the SO Player app before doing a factory reset.

I am not saying a factory reset will be the case for the Firestick, iPhone, Samsung or Lg Smart TV, or another compatible device. Some IPTVs will be able to do a different kind of reset on their end. But the point here is don’t get taken out when the app is not working/connected or stopped working.

The only concern will be the IPTV going out of service permanently and you are left with nothing. You may also lose the money you paid for the previous month(s) as the IPTV service can no longer to contacted (gone permanently). Some will continue to accept current customers for subscription renewals when losing their payment processors. Everything I covered above applies to any device you are experiencing an issue with.

In Closing…

What’s also good about these services is they give you up to 3 or 4 device connections that you can connect simultaneously. Another way of looking at this is using extra devices to help troubleshoot the issue. If there’s a SO Player not working issue on one device, try connecting another device or two and see what happens. If the other device with the app streams the content (everything is working), then you know it’s the other device with the app.

You still may need to contact IPTV support if there’s nothing wrong with your Internet, WiFi, and compatible device, and the IPTV is still in service. There are only two things that the IPTV service can be at fault for with SO Player not connecting: 1) The IPTV goes out of service permanently, 2) IPTV Servers are down temporarily.

If you can no longer get support, the IPTV website is no longer online, cannot renew your subscription, don’t know the name of your IPTV while having a SOPlay app issue, you need to start over. Starting over means subscribing to a new SOPlay IPTV service to continue watching your favorites online.

Hopefully, this post helped you in some way or helped resolve the SOPlayer-SO Player not working issue. I’ve provided many links further up to help you more including links to visit the top IPTV service that uses the SOPlay app and DuplexPlay app, two great apps that you get to choose from. Any questions, feel free to use the Chat Now box below.

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