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SO Player Download, Install, Plus Best IPTV Service to Use to Watch TV Online

You can perform the SO Player download and install it to your device when following the instructions below. But before you do that you should find an IPTV service that has live premium channels and video-on-demand content. They will have app download/installation instructions as well as tell you what devices are compatible.

Get Your SO Player IPTV Service Trial or Subscription Here

If you want, you can check out another subscription service CLICK HERE.

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NOTE: Write down the following URL to type inside the Downloader app address bar if using a Fire TV or Firestick device. Read further down to be a get clear understanding. Here’s the URL

Visit Recommended SO Player IPTV Service with Free Trial and Subscription Here

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Note: When clicking the link above to watch a tutorial on how to download SOPlayer, Do Not play the video at the top of that page. Just scroll down that page to find the video tutorial for your device.

Devices with or without Web Browser: Download and install SOPlayer

  1. If your streaming device has a web browser and depending on your device type, you can download the app from the Apple Play Store or Google Play Store when searching for SOPlay
  2. Click the ‘Install’ button to commence the download and installation process or see links below for your device type…
  3. Streaming media devices such as Amazon Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, and Apple TV requires a different download for instructions – Click Here

Device download links below…

Note: You may be required to have a Google account in order to download and install the app or any app for that matter. If a popup window appears asking you to sign in, click the ‘Sign in’ button and then click the ‘Create account’ link.

Once the app is installed on your device, you will need an IPTV service that delivers all the streaming content. The IPTV service will email the activation credentials to activate the SOPlay app. A small subscription fee is required to watch their streaming content through the app.

HDTVs and smart TVs require a streaming media device (Amazon Fire TV/Firestick/Cube, Apple, NVIDIA Shield). HDTVs don’t have an internal app store to download/install apps like Samsung and LG smart TVs have where you might find the SO Player download app

However, many smart TVs will not have the app inside the app store. In this case, a streaming media device must be used to connect to the TV – in order to install the SO Player apk.

Doing Factory Reset – Switching From SOPlayer IPTV to Another SO Player IPTV Service

One of the downsides… Once you activate the SOPlay app, it locks the device serial number to that IPTV service provider whereas all of them have IP Lock also. It will lock the serial number including the IP address. Therefore, you may run into a problem when switching from one SOPlayer or NoraGo IPTV to another SO Player or Nora Go IPTV service. You cannot activate the app using the new IPTV service

If you get a ‘Bad Credentials’ message when trying to activate the app with a new IPTV service, you may need to do a factory reset. I would remove/uninstall the app from the streaming device before doing the reset.

If, however, the new IPTV service you that already subscribed to cannot do a reset at their end to allow you to activate the app, then the alternative is to do a factory reset. See below…

Firestick Factory Reset – Click Here
Smart TV Reset, Look Here
For Other Resets, Go Here

Link to Video Tutorials on How to Install on Your Device Below…

You can look below and click the link that takes you to the video tutorial for your device. But I highly recommend that you take your time and read everything here if you are very new to all of this.

Understand the SOPlayer download is not a standalone TV app that delivers its own streaming channels and VODs. Simply put, you need an IPTV service provider that will activate the app to watch TV online. The app is not a subscription; it’s a free download for everyone to use.

Click the link below to watch a video tutorial on how to install the app to your device. Do Not watch the first video. Just scroll that page to find the video tutorial for your device…

How to Download/Install the App to Your Streaming Device

So Player App Download

This app is very similar to the Nora Go app but it’s a better performing app across many compatible devices. This is why many IPTV services now want you to download SOPlayer.

The only downside is smart TV users with an internal app store, in most cases will not find the SO Player app. If you have a newer model Samsung smart TV, maybe you can find the app to download/install it on your smart TV. If not, then you must use a different compatible streaming device.

The best streaming device to use is streaming media devices such as Amazon Fire TV  or Firestick (highly recommended), NVIDIA Shield, Mag Boxes, and Apple TV. Non-compatible devices include PlayStation, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, etc. No gaming devices can be used.

You need an IPTV service provider to activate the app. They also deliver live channels and VODs to the app. The app is not a subscription or standalone TV app.

Click Here – Best IPTV Service to Use with SOPlay App

OR… Read Full Review with Video Review Here

SO Player APK Instead of APP

Using an Amazon Fire device and some of the other compatible will need to install the SO Player APK file. The APK offers another way to download/install SOPlay when your streaming device cannot find the SOPlayer app download in its internal app store. There are more steps involved to complete the installation. But don’t worry, the steps are relatively easy to do and there are video tutorials available.

3 Requirements to Get Setup

1. High-Speed Internet Connection. I recommend having at least 50-60 Mbps Internet connection speed and the higher the better

2. Compatible Streaming Devices: Computer (Windows/Mac), iOS devices, Android devices (TV/Box/Smartphone/Tablet), NVIDIA Shield, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV/Firestick, and Mag Box.

3. Download SOPlayer app and install it on any compatible device above.

Now let’s go over the most Google searches that people are asking…

How to Download App to Your Device

You have two ways to approach this: One way is to find and choose an IPTV service provider first that uses SO Player. The IPTV service will provide all the information on what compatible devices can be used. This also includes information about the free trial, subscription package(s), and so on. They provide download/installation instructions and generally include an FAQ section.

Here’s the #1 IPTV service we tested and reviewed…

Click Here to Sign Up and Get IPTV Service FREE Trial or Subscription for SOPLayer

Once you sign up to enter into the free trial or subscription, you get login details. This allows you to sign in to your IPTV service account to renew your subscription and see order/account information. To login, simply visit the IPTV service website and look for the ‘My Account’ or ‘Account’ link to sign in. This is how you renew the one-month subscription. There is no recurring billing. You pay as you go.

They will also provide your activation/login credentials that include the Provider ID, 3-4 Device Pin Codes, Username, and Password. This is how you activate the app once you complete the SO player download.

Another way is to download the SO Player app download first. However, you still need to subscribe to the IPTV service provider to activate the app and deliver streaming content.

When you sign up to an IPTV service provider through their website, you will be taken to your order/account page immediately. This will also include your activation/login credentials to activate the app. Once you do that, your in and watch whatever you want.

Choose your device below for download/installation instructions. Just click the link in the section that interest you and you will be taken to There will be video tutorials and written instructions that you can follow:

SO Player Download Firestick, Fire TV, or Cube

There are more steps involved to complete the SO Player app download and installation process. You must first download the Downloader app in order to download/install SO Player. That’s because the app cannot be found inside the Fire device app store. Same thing for most if not all smart TVs including some of the other compatible streaming devices.

Click Here to Follow Steps on How to Download to Fire TV/Cube/Firestick

Note: When clicking the link above, don’t watch the first video. It’s the same video at the top of this article. Instead, scroll down that page to find the video tutorial with steps on how to download SO Player on your device.

SO Play Download Windows

Any Windows computer with a workable HDMI port can be used. However, much older computers more than likely will experience poor performance. It’s better to use a new or fairly new computer.

Now if you want to watch TV online using your computer and TV, just purchase an HDMI cable long enough to connect the computer HDTV and smart TV. You don’t have to do this. You could simply watch everything on the computer screen when installing the app and subscribing to the IPTV service.

Whatever appears/plays on the computer screen will appear on the TV screen with audio included. One thing to note, however, is a laptop computer is not considered a mobile device. You cannot use a different WiFi network as you can do with mobile devices such as smartphones.

To Install the App to Windows Computer, Click Here

SO play Download Mac

I’m not going into full details about using a Mac computer because it’s the same setup as the Windows computer. Just read above and click the link for instructions.

Download and Install SOPlayer App to iOS/Android Devices and Other Devices

Smartphones can be used when traveling which can connect to different WiFi areas. Once the app installation and IPTV subscription are in place, you can watch everything on the go. However, the IPTV service that activates the app and delivers streaming content only allows one mobile outside the home/location or IP address. Mobile devices generally mean smartphones but I’ve only seen one IPTV service where the tablet is also a mobile device.

SO Player Download on Samsung Smart TV Plus Unique Alternative

My Samsung smart TV does not have the SOPlay app inside my smart TV app store. Depending on your Samsung or LG model, you might not find the app. If this is the case, then you must use/buy a compatible streaming media device: Apple TV, NVIDIA Shield, or Amazon Fire Devices. Devices like these are the best to use compared to computers and smart TVs if the app can be installed. Learn More About the Firestick Here.

Alternative Setup

Of course, you have the option to use other compatible devices. The IPTV service website reveals what compatible devices can be used. If you have an Internet-connected computer, you could connect to the smart TV with an HDMI cable. Simply connect one end of the cable to the HDMI port on the computer and the other end to the smart TV or HDTV HDMI port.

What appears or plays on the Windows or Mac computer screen will play on the smart TV or HDTV screen. There is no TV remote control with this setup but you can purchase a wireless keyboard to control the computer from a distance. Simply subscribe to the IPTV service from your computer. Whatever you watch TV from the IPTV service it will show up on the big screen TV.

SOPlayer Download on Roku – Not Compatible

Many Roku owners have asked can they download So Player to their Roku device. Unfortunately, many IPTV services don’t have a compatible app for the Roku device. There is, however, an OTT (Over-the-Top) TV streaming that’s compatible with Roku. If you live in the US or Canada, you can Read the Full Review Here.

On Your Way to Watching Great TV Entertainment with Great Savings

Now that you know a little something about the SO Player Download and install, it’s time to sign up for the best IPTV service provider. Click the link below to get over 600 live premium channels, 1000s of VOD TV series w/ episodes and movies, catchup TV w/ DVR, local TV, live sports, PPV, and more…

Best IPTV Service Provider for SOPlayer App – Click Here for FREE Trial or Subscription

NOTE: The Free trial may or may not be available. Whenever there’s a big PPV fighting event, the free trial will be removed temporarily. It will come back after the fight is over, more than likely on Monday. You can either wait and signup for the trial later or enter into the subscription now.


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