How to Get SOPlayer Pin Code

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In the video above, I provide information on the SOPlayer pin code or SO Player pin code depending on how you want to spell it. I also tell you the recommended IPTV service to use for that app. More on this later. My guess is you are already familiar with the app and probably downloaded/installed it on your device. And if you haven’t installed it yet, that’s ok.

The SOPlay app is totally free to download to a compatible device. It’s one of the easiest app to setup on your device and use to watch TV online. So let’s cover what devices are compatible to the SOPlay app.

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Compatible Devices

If I have not listed a device below, then that means it’s not compatible to the app. This also applies to the device you already have and want to use.

  • Smart TVs (LG & Samsung w/ internal app store)
  • Amazon Fire TV/Firestick
  • Apple TV
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Computers (Mac & Windows)
  • iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • Android Devices (Phone, TV, Box)
  • Tablet

Clarifying Device SOPlayer Pin Code or Device SO Player Pin Code

The pin code is actually called a device pin code which identifies individual devices being used to connect to the IPTV service. The code can be 8 numbers long and is part of the activation/login credentials provided by the IPTV service.
In other words, when you sign to get a subscription plan from the SO Player IPTV provider, they give you 4 device pin codes. One per compatible device that you are going to use.

Let’s say the second device you want to use is a Samsung smart TV with the app installed. You will be required to use one of the 3 remaining SOPlayer codes. Then you decided to add another device, such as NVIDIA Shield or a computer. You would then use one of the remaining 3 SO Player Codes.

You can use up to 4 device connections and connect all devices at one time to the IPTV service. Again, this is easy to do. Just make sure all the number you enter are correct (double check).

If want to know what all is included with activation/login credentials, see list below:

  • Provider ID (3 numbers)
  • Username (9 numbers)
  • Password (9 numbers)
  • 4 Device Pin Codes (abt 8 numbers)

SO Player Firestick Pin Code

If you are Amazon Fire TV or Firestick user, the same thing applies. Yo must subscribe to an IPTV service (have a paid subscription) to get the activation/login credentials. I put links in this post that you can click to visit the SOPlayer IPTV service website learn more and subscribe. I’ll reveal more later in this post.

However, using the Fire TV or Firestick streaming device requires more steps during the setup. Because the Amazon store doesn’t have the SOPlay app to install on either one of those devices, you must sideload the Apk file of the app. The Apk file is found in a different directory. Don’t worry, there is a video link that takes to video tutorials to get setup.

The IPTV service will also have video tutorials to get setup as well. But before you can install the SOPlay Apk file you must first install the Downloader to do a search for the Apk file to install. Again, don’t worry about this, you will be following step-by-step instructions.

You will be required to enter the Provider ID, Username, and Password, for the first device connected to the IPTV service. The 2nd, 3rd, or 4th device will each require a pin code.

You will be required to enter the Provider ID, Username, and Password, for the first device connected to the IPTV service. The 2nd, 3rd, or 4th device will each require a pin code for SOPlayer app installed on each device.

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SO Player Free Codes

Let me give you a brief history what happened SO Player IPTV services in 2020. Many of them went under, meaning out of service or no longer accepted new subscription due to payment processors. You know the ones that take your credit card info and payment over the Internet. This went on for many months and now some of them have come back.

Some IPTVs offer no trial, free trial, or low-cost trial. As far as the low-cost trial for a few dollars don’t let this deter you from paying it. There is a great SOPlayer IPTV service that I’m recommending you to use. Wait until you see what all this IPTV provider gives you which is more other SO Player IPTV services out there. Paying a few dollars to test everything out on your device shouldn’t hurt your pockets.

SO Player free codes can be available for 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours depending on the IPTV service you choose. If you are still dead set on getting free so player codes (device pin codes), you can visit our Top 10 Comparison Chart Here to find a SOPlay IPTV service with a free trial.

I suppose some people want to make a living out of getting free access without paying anything. This means switching from one IPTV provider free trial to the next, and the next, and so on. However, this can be a pain in the butt when certain IPTV services tell you to do a factory reset if the app cannot be activated. I ran into this issue when testing and reviewing one IPTV after another IPTV.

Best SO Player IPTV Service Provider

The IPTV provider that I’m recommending here is the only one I tested and reviewed that provides more than other IPTVs like it that are using the same app. Besides getting the same live channels/networks and VOD, here’s what separates them from other IPTVs out there to name a few…

  • Offers two different app (SOPlay – IP Lock & DuplexPlay – No IP Lock)
  • SOPlay IPTV service also provides CatchUp TV, VOD sports replays, US & other countries, TS Player
  • Subscription Plans (1/2/4-month plans w/ 4 device connections each)
  • TS Player (Watch everything inside your web browser)

You can click the link at the top to read a full review. Or, watch the video review–see link at the top. I highly recommend that you enter into the low-cost trial to test everything on your compatible streaming device. Keep in mind there are no refunds and this is what you will be agreeing to when subscribing.

In closing…

I certainly hope my how to get pin code for SOPlayer information and instructions have been helpful to you. Whether it’s spelled soplayer pin code or so player pin code, it’s the same app. It’s a very good app for newcomers to Internet TV as well. When you add a very good IPTV service, you get the best of both worlds.

You now know where to get the codes, there’s no other place than an IPTV service or streaming TV service. Enjoy!

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