Clear Fire TV SOPlayer-SO Player

Stop searching for Clear Fire TV SOPlayer or Clear Fire SO Player. The website is gone from the web. Therefore, they are out of service. If you weren’t notified by them via email directing you to another IPTV service website to continue your subscription, then they are gone.

Newcomers that want to subscribe are in the same boat, they can’t. You can continue to search Google for Clear Fire TV or Clearfire TV but you are wasting time hoping. I’m going to give you alternative IPTV services to get you back up and running again to watch your favorites online soon. Read on…

I’ve tested and reviewed many of these IPTV services over the years. I’ve seen some come and go, change their brand names, go down for maintenance and come back online again. In other words, I’ve seen it all but there’s something you need to know.

What Happened to Clear Fire TV SOPlayer (SO Player)

All IPTVs like Clear Fire TV SO Player or Clear TV SOPlayer at some point and time will reach the max number of subscribers. When you see only a partial website showing (or just a web page) and no longer accepting new subscribers, this is what happened. They do, however, accept subscription renewals.

But I’ve seen after a while these SO Player IPTVs closed down completely and no one can renew their subscriptions. No one gets notified, knows what happened, there’s no support, just nothing. Here’s what I want to point out to you and everyone else still looking for this IPTV service.

Do a Google search and Bing search. Don’t use any other search engine, just those two. Search for Clear Fire TV SOPlayer. If you come up with no Clearfire TV website, then search for Clear Fire TV SO Player. Again, if you don’t come up with any website for those two search terms from two different search engines, then this should tell you something. They are gone.

Alternative IPTV Service for Clear Fire TV SO Player

I suggest you do the following if you want to resume watching TV online. It’s time to find another SO Player IPTV similar to the Clear Fire TV SOPlayer service. Keep in mind that SO Player is a free app download that doesn’t deliver any streaming content by itself. You must subscribe to a SO Player IPTV service that delivers all the streaming content.

They also send you activation/login credentials to activate the app as well as provide support. Never go looking for support for the SO Player app. Always go to your SO Player IPTV service where you paid your subscription.

Now with that out of the way, I’m going to point you to not only one IPTV service but five of them. If one is no longer in service, then you have the others. If one is not accepting new customers, again you have the others that you can subscribe to.

Here is the list of SO Player IPTVs:

SO Player IPTV #1
SOPlayer IPTV #2
SOPlayer IPTV #3
SO Player IPTV #4 or Read Full Review Here
SO Player IPTV #5

You can now stop searching for Clear Fire TV SOPlayer or Clear Fire TV SO Player. You get pretty much the same everything as before with any one of the IPTVs above. IPTVs 2-5 have the same ownership so if you want to keep the same ownership you can do so when subscribing or switching to the other IPTV service 2-5.

In Closing

I have given you a solution to not being able to find the Clear Fire TV SOPlayer website anymore. And if you tried searching for Clear Fire TV SO Player for days or weeks, you should know by now they are gone. There’s no need to waste any more valuable time. Just subscribe to any one of the SO Player IPTVs I listed above. Enjoy!

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