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You can always find the latest SO Player Update by going to the Google Play Store or Apple Player Store. You will see either the version number or the date when last updated. If you are using a streaming device such as the Firestick that requires the Apk version of the SOPlayer app, you can Learn More HERE.

Now let’s back up a bit. You don’t need to search online for the latest update if you already have an IPTV service subscription. And if you don’t have a subscription, then you need to stop what you are doing and find an IPTV to subscribe to.

Besides them providing all the streaming content and activating SO Player, they also provide support. Individuals that have a Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device that requires the Apk version of the SOPlayer app must get the Apk URL from the IPTV service.


My advice is to always start with your SO Player IPTV service to get information and SO Player updates before you do anything or listen to someone else. If you don’t know what I mean, it’s the website where you paid your subscription or continue to renew your subscription. That’s where you get support.

If you’ve gone ahead and installed the update but now you don’t have/know your username, password, device pin code, or Provider ID, understand that no one can help you but you. No one else has access to your activation/login credentials and where you paid but you and your SO Player IPTV service provider.

Hint: If you cannot remember the name or where to find the IPTV service website where you paid money, then you must start over. I repeat… you must start over even if you still have an active subscription. Going to other websites like ours that mention SO Player will not be of any help to you. But this article should be helpful depending on whether or not you take action using the info provided.

In Addition…

We are getting bombarded with all kinds of support messages regarding individuals completing a SOPlayer update and don’t have their activation/login credentials. If you want to continue searching online and bothering other website webmasters, good luck with that. But please Do Not contact us. We can’t help you with finding your credentials or where to go.

To help you move forward (start over), I have provided five SO Player IPTV services further down. Bookmark or save each one of them. Signup and subscribe to one of them. You can switch to another anytime you want and pay the subscription to get a new set of activation/login credentials.

They will email you the new Provider ID, Device Pin Codes, Username, and Password. You can resume watching your favorites instantly instead of wasting time searching to get no help. If you don’t see any emails from the IPTV provider, then look inside your Spam or Junk mail folder for them and move them into your regular email inbox.

Moving On…

Understand also some IPTVs prefer to use the old version of SO Player because that version performs better with their streaming service. So if you were you, I wouldn’t go ahead with the IPTV service/streaming TV service and do something on my own. Unless you know for sure what you are doing.

Anyone can go to the Play Store mentioned above to download/install the SO Player update app on their compatible devices. But not all compatible devices can do this. If you had SO Player installed for years with no upgrade, just contact the IPTV service where you have your subscription. Pose a question to them so that you know you are doing the right thing.

I provided a list of SO Player IPTVs that you can subscribe to. All of them have the same thing except for prices, subscription plans, and brand names. It’s good to have several IPTVs on hand should you ever need to make a switch.

Just keep SO Player installed and sign up to get a different SOPlayer IPTV service subscription if or when that time comes.

Click any Top IPTV Service below to Get SO Player Subscription…

IPTV Service 1 or Read Full Review

IPTV Service 2 or Read Full Review ***Must contact chat agent to get the subscription
NOTE: No longer compatible with iOS/Apple devices


Alternatives to SO Player IPTVs

LUX Player IPTV 1 or Read Full Review

LUX Player IPTV 2 or Read Full Review

LUX Player IPTV 3
NOTE: Compatible with iOS/Apple & Roku devices

Performing SO Player Update on Your Own

If your device allows you to check for app updates, by all means, do a check. I’m not exactly sure what this will do for you. Users of streaming devices that download/install the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store, can update easily. Just uninstall SOPlayer and go to the Play Store for your compatible device to install the latest SO Player update.

But if you are using a Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device that requires the Apk URL, then you need to get that URL from the IPTV service. If you want to find a SO Player IPTV service right now to signup and subscribe to, I listed several of them below.

Always remember, you get support from the IPTV service and no place else. There is no need to search for SO Player Update information online.

I have been using, testing, and reviewing all kinds of IPTV/Streaming TV services. Some IPTVs will tell you to update the app/apk but you may want to check yourself. SO Player is no longer compatible with Samsung smart TVs. Then there are some IPTVs that use an older version of SO Player due to better performance.

Additional Info…

If you have an old SOPlayer app installed on your smart TV, you can uninstall it and install the SO Player update if there is one. You should already know how to find the app inside your smart TV’s built-in app store. I wouldn’t do anything if you are not experiencing any type of issue.

If you can’t find the app, then it means your TV is not compatible so you might want to search before uninstalling the app. You can’t update the app directly from the Amazon Firestick. By the way, I consider the Firestick the best streaming device for IPTVs. But that’s my opinion.

How to Check SOPlayer Version on Firestick

If you have a Fire TV device, you can follow along and make adjustments on your end. This has nothing to do with the SO Player Update. I’m just showing you how to find the version number for the app without having an IPTV subscription. But you must have SO Player installed. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Amazon Firestick Home screen
  2. Scroll right to the end and select the round Gear icon
  3. Scroll down and select Applications
  4. Scroll down and select Manage Installed Applications
  5. Scroll down to find SOPlayer and highlight (see version number)

NOTE: You are not going to be able to do any update version for the Apk version of SO Player. The best thing to do is contact your IPTV service provider to ask for an update.

In Closing…

The best thing to do is always listen to your IPTV service provider where you paid your subscription. And if you don’t have a current subscription, get one and ask them about any an update. They will tell you where or give you the app/apk URL to download/install the latest SO Player update. Either that or give you the version that best performs with their streaming service.

Find a SO Player IPTV Service below…

IPTV Service 1

IPTV Service 2

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