Nora Go App Review

Nora Go App Review: Developed by Setplex for TV Viewers Worldwide

Nora Go SubscriptionNora Go App Review Plus IPTV Best Nora Go Provider.

The Nora Go app is an application developed by Setplex. It’s available across many app platforms. Individuals can use it to stream their content or subscribe to a streaming TV service that provides the content to watch online. NoraGo (not Nor Go TV app) is not a TV app or subscription to watch TV online.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We found a Nora Go IPTV service provider that uses the ISG GO app that replaced the NoraGo app. If you already have Nora Go installed on your smart TV, you can continue to use that app. For other compatibles devices, use the ISG Go app. Do Not install both apps on the same device.

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This review covers what IPTV service to use with the Nora Go app to watch online TV. The IPTV service delivers streaming content and will activate the NoraGo app so that you can watch live TV channels and VOD. The service will send your activation and login credentials by email.

Unlike other TV apps out there that I tried, the IPTV service that uses the Nora Go app delivers a lot more live/on-demand streaming content. There are plenty of movies that come from popular live TV channels/networks as well as on-demand. Watch old, recent, and very recent movies that played in theaters or catch up on episodes you missed.

On top of that, subscribers get access to plenty of TV shows and episodes that come from live channels as well as VOD. If you like watching live news broadcasts, you’ll get access to many popular news networks also.

The on-demand section comes with a huge selection of movies (by genre) and TV shows/episodes. You may have plenty of catching up to do and this is only a small part of what the Nora Go IPTV app can do.

As for sports fans, the Nor Go TV app (with IPTV service) delivers a huge selection of live sports that come from many popular sports channels/networks. More on this later. You can literally watch any sporting event worldwide (local, national & international).

Where to Get Nor Go TV app and Best IPTV to activate and deliver live channels plus VOD to Nora Go TV? You must subscribe to an IPTV service and should do this first. See below…

Where to go and sign up for a FREE Trial or Subscription…

Click Here for the Nora App and Get the FREE Trial/Subscription

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Important Note: Sister site 1 and 2 allows you to use Nora Go for smart TVs specifically Samsung and LG and SO Player for all other devices. Do Not install both apps on the same device. SO Player is the better performing app but usually, you can find NoraGo inside the smart TV app store and not SOPlayer.

Compared to other TV apps online, I can’t find a better combination of live/on-demand TV and live sports at an average cost of $1 per day. Now that some of the perks have been covered, it’s time to dive in further.


This is an unbiased Nora Go app review with pros and cons by a real user. Many links to videos are included so that you can see everything in action. This should help make a well-informed decision. I also suggest you try the Free Trial (no credit card needed) and test the Nora TV app and service for yourself. There’s no better way to see all the benefits.

This NoraGo app review covers many questions to help you decide. Many video tutorial links are posted below to provide a better understanding. To activate the Nor Go TV app, you must first subscribe to an IPTV service. I recommend you use IPTV Subscription. They are the top streaming TV service compare to all others out there. You get over 500 live premium TV channels and a huge VOD section to watch movies, TV shows/episodes, news, and sports.

When subscribing to the IPTV service (free trial or paid subscription), they will email your Activation/Login credentials. You can use up to 5 devices at one time. The service will activate the Nora Go to watch streaming content online when entering your login/activation credentials. The first link below will take you to the IPTV service to learn more and sign up. The second link takes you to the full review to learn from a real user.

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Nora Go App Review: What Is It, How to Download and Use It, Is It Legal or Scam

What Is Nora Go (Nora Go IPTV)? If you are asking yourself what is Nora Go, then know this: Nora is owned by Setplex, a revolutionary application that allows content providers to stream their content on any number of major APP platforms within a few hours. It’s available on most leading app stores. Also, know as IPTV service. Click Video Below to Learn More…

NoraGo App

The Nora TV app is also called Nora Go IPTV player, which is similar to many other TV players online but not as robust. There are many free downloads online but none of them compares to this app when used in conjunction with a top IPTV service.

The IPTV Subscription service is more robust in the delivery of live channels and on-demand content than most other 3rd-party services. Individuals worldwide can download/install the NoraGo app after signing up and subscribing to the IPTV for a low fee. There’s actually no Nora Go free trial. Instead, you download the free app to your device. And there is not a subscription.

The subscription comes with the IPTV service that you choose. More on this later in our review of Nora Go TV Channels. You can also get the free Nora Go download from the Play Store. But to use the app to watch TV online, you must subscribe through the IPTV website service

My experience with the Nora Go app was surprisingly good and entertaining. You can download NoraGo to any number of compatible devices (computers, smart TVs, smartphones, Android Boxes, Fire TV or Stick, and other devices). More on this later, as I’ll cover all the devices that can be used.

How the App Works

The app connects to the IPTV Subscription service database, which allows access through the Nora Go app. This enables subscribers to watch many of their favorites when connected to the Internet. Yes, you do need an Internet connection and it’s best to have at least 20-25 Mbps download speed.

But I will say this, faster the Internet connection speed better the overall performance. You might need more speed when connecting multiple devices to the service at one time. Or when more people are online sharing the same ISP (Internet Service Provider) you use. We are talking about avoiding buffering and playback issues.

Nora Go Subscription / Nora Go Sign Up

How to Use Nora Go? When you become a paid IPTV subscriber (Nora Go subscription) either through the free trial or paid subscription, you get full access. The service sends a series of emails with one important email. That email includes instructions, links, plus your username, password, provider ID, and pin codes.

Click Here for the Nora App and Get the FREE Trial/Subscription

Nora Go Pin Code

Use one Nora Go pin code per device. You can connect up to four devices to the service at one time. For example, you can use one Nor Go TV pin for your computer, another pin for a smartphone, another for smart TV, and the last one for Fire TV.

Nora Go Pin Code

You can get the NoraGo download free prior to or after subscribing to the service. There are many free apps for compatible devices such as smart TV, smartphone, Amazon Fire TV/Stick, and Windows/Mac/Linux computer.

How to use Nora Go is pretty straightforward. Use it to watch live premium TV channels found on cable and satellite TV and to watch any live sporting event. Use for catch up TV to watch on-demand movies, and TV shows/episodes. It doesn’t matter what country you are from. Anyone can subscribe to use the service and Nora Go TV channel app. You can use the app on different types of devices, which you get to choose.

Nora Go App: To Sign Up and Subscribe to Top IPTV Service – Get Trial, Activation Codes & download App, Click Here

Note: Free Trial not available during PPV Fight Promotion Period. Will be available again when the special event is over.

IPTV Service

IPTV Subscription delivers over 800 live premium TV channels that are organized under different categories. The NoraGo TV app connects to all the streaming content available on your command. You simply point and click to play the streaming content. There’s also a search bar available to search liveSmarthphone Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Charger and on-demand content by title.

You can get instant access to all live TV channels from a specific country such as the UK or the US. Get access to all channels from the live sports section. Or get access to all movies and TV shows/episodes from the on-demand section. The Nora Go TV App delivers everything to you from the IPTV service database.

The Nor Go TV app Interfacing is quick and smooth. Most live streams worked when playing them and all on-demand streams played during my Nora Go app review. You’ll see that maneuvering around is very user-friendly once the NoraGo app was downloaded and installed. All the live and on-demand streams played in HD quality, so there was no disappointment there.

If you never downloaded/installed a TV app/TV software/TV player before, you can watch videos on how to download NoraGo, and how to do a NoraGo install.

Watch Video Tutorials to Learn More Here


Is NoraGo TV Any Good?

Good is an understatement. How about very good. When you opt into the Free Trial, you’ll discover just how good it really is. Having tested the Nora Go app myself on 4 different devices, it does work. Both apps and services get a high rating because of the technology, entertaining content, and delivery, including quality, support, and free trial.

There’s no doubt that you’ll find everything really good once the app and service are working together on your device. You need not worry about your device getting a virus, malware, etc. Both Nora Go IPTV and the top IPTV service that we recommend are safe and secure.

If you are going to use a computer, you may want to use a VPN service (computer or smartphone) to safeguard what you do online. Whether you use Nora Go app or not, you should think about hiding your IP address so that no one finds out what you do online.

Is It Legal or Scam? You’ll have to use some discretion if deciding to use this service. When visiting the IPTV Subscription website, you’ll find legal documents to read. Be sure to read over the Disclaimer, TOS including Privacy and Refund Policies. From that standpoint, they seem to have taken appropriate measures to be safe.

When searching for this service background, I did not find any negative complaints or scam postings online. However, this doesn’t mean something won’t show up in the future. But you can rest ashore, there is no scam. The free trial gives you the opportunity to try out the Nora Go App with full access.

If you decide to opt into the recommend IPTV service/Nora Go subscription, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee (1st month only). However, refunds apply to certain criteria you must meet first. Learn more in the Money Back Guarantee section further down.

How to Download Nora Go

During my Nora Go app review, the service updated some things. More compatible devices and steaming content were added. Since then, download instructions for the Amazon Fire TV and Firestick Nora Go download have changed. Watch Video Here.

You can find instructions on how to download Nora Go to your device when visiting the IPTV website or Watch Video Tutorials Here.

There are instructions for the following devices: Amazon Fire TV/Stick; Android devices, iOS, Windows PC or Laptop, and Mac. The NoraGo app for computers can be downloaded directly from the website.

Some apps (Nora Go download) can install directly from your device. Watch Video Tutorial on Smart TV Here.

You can watch one or more videos on how to download Nora Go and Get More Information Here.


Nora Go Channels and Guide

As it stands today, you get 800+ live premium TV channels (from IPTV Subscription / Nora Go Channels. Watch Video Channel List Here. The service continues to add more channels and on-demand content from time to time. You get plenty of live movie channels, news channels, and channels with TV shows/episodes.

Nora Go Channels

Moreover, you get a wealth of on-demand movies and TV shows/episodes, including a huge selection of live sports channels. All the popular sports networks are available, which should make sports fans happy. Watch any sporting event live online. Think of any sporting event or network and more than likely this service delivers it.

The Nora Go Channel Guide is called EPG. Although the Nora Go TV channel guide is available in all apps, only some apps show the entire guide (smart TV app, computer app, Fire TV/Stick).

A couple of other things: All live channels and on-demand content are streamed in HD. None of the content is streamed in SD (Standard Definition). The audio is great also. There is an Adult section that’s locked by default. This content was not reviewed simply because I don’t approve. However, there is a pin code (sent by email) to unlock that content.

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IPTV Service – Nora Go Free Trial

The 48-Hour Nora Go Free Trial is available to everyone worldwide. You get full access to all features and streaming content. You are not required to use a credit card to get access to the NoraGo free trial. After the two-day trial is over, you decide whether or not to purchase the subscription. Watch Review Video Here.

IPTV NoraGo TV Support, Cost, and Refund


Support has a quick response time when answering questions and resolving issues. You can contact them by toll-free phone number, email, or chatbox. I have used the chatbox a few times. If a representative is online, s/he will take care of you immediately. Otherwise, they will contact you by email in an hour or two.

IPTV Service – Nora Go Cost

There is no cost to download the NoraGo app. The IPTV service has one subscription package at the time of this review. They deliver live premium TV channels/VOD and will activate Nora Go when giving you the activation credentials.

Click Here to See FREE Trial/Subscription Plans/Costs

The one-month subscription is non-recurring which means your credit card won’t be billed automatically. You have the option to pay the Best IPTVs Nora Go subscription again. Simply revisit the IPTVs website and sign in to your account. You don’t need to contact support to cancel your subscription. Just don’t pay to renew.


Nora Go App Review – Pros and Cons


What more can be said about the Nora TV app with all the benefits explained in this Norago app review? It’s not a TV app or subscription.  It works well with many devices and IPTV services that deliver 100s of live premium channels from popular networks.

The app’s interface is relatively fast and smooth. The streaming content that comes from the IPTV service is reliable and steady. But this comes when having 20 or higher Mbps Internet connection speed. For smartphone users, 14 Mbps should work well enough not to cause any buffering issues.


A while back the NoraGo was experiencing issues with some devices when using an IPTV service. I recommend using the service we reviewed to watch TV online. There were no noticeable issues that really matter. In any case, no doubt developers at Setplex are constantly upgrading the app to avoid issues.


It’s important to know how well the IPTV service works with the Nora App. It’s considered one of the better apps for TV today. There is another app called SO Player that works basically the same. Both apps are free to download for those who want to watch television online. However, you must subscribe to the service that delivers live channels and VOD.

This Concludes My Nora Go App Review

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