What is SO Player App and How Does it Work

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SO Player App vs. Nora Go App: Which One is Better

What is SO Player? It’s a free app download, middleware, that provides an IPTV/OTT platform but does not deliver any streaming content such as live television channels, VOD, Radio Channels, etc. The app is not a subscription and no signing up is required. The SOPLayer app can be installed on any compatible streaming device which helps deliver TV, VOD, and interactive services to users in an IP-based network.


Many Nora Go and SO Player IPTV Service Providers have closed their doors to new customers/subscribers for reasons unknown. We are no longer recommending any Nora Go or SO Player IPTV Service at this time. We have been receiving a lot of messages from visitors that they can no longer renew their subscriptions–no support, no website, no nothing.

Here is what we recommend doing…

Start over and choose a new IPTV service provider that uses a different app. We removed 7 SO Player and Nora Go IPTV services. There are currently 3 top IPTVs left that don’t use either app. They use a different app.

We are updating our sites, testing/reviewing new IPTV services with different apps. We will post our reviews and videos as time goes on. Right now, you can click the link below to…

Visit Our IPTV Comparison Chart Here which is being updated to add more IPTVs.

DO NOT READ BELOW… All IPTV service provider links have been removed…


For example, an IPTV service provider is needed to activate the SO Player app which can be found in Play Stores. Simply install the app and enter the activation/login credentials provided by the IPTV service that also delivers live channels and VOD streaming content.

This app is very similar to the Nora Go app can’t tell the difference. However, NoraGo was said to experience some performance issues with some of the compatible devices according to IPTV service providers.  I generally use for Nora for smart TVs such as Samsung and LG where the app may be found inside the smart TV app store. I use the SO Play App for the Firestick and all other compatible devices

However, before you install the app, you might want to choose an IPTV service first. They are the ones to activate the SOPlay app. Neither NoraGo nor SO Player is a standalone TV app. When signing up the to IPTV service for the free trial or subscription, they will email your activation/login credentials. Enter this information into the app to watch TV online.

Best IPTV service with FREE Trial for the SOPlayer app, click below…

Click Here to Sign Up to Best IPTV Service – Activate SOPlay and Watch TV Online

How to Download, Install, and Activate SOPlay App on Firestick and Other Devices

See Videos on How to Remove Devices from IPTV Service and Prevent Device Lock (SO Player or Nora Go)

Some IPTV service only recommends using the SO Player, while others still use NoraGo. In any case, if you experience on-going issues with Nora Go, just download the other. Enter the same activation and login credentials as before. If this doesn’t work, then contact the IPTV provider that you subscribe to.

See Update. Local Channels Now Available…

Get IPTV Service Free Trial or Subscription Here

SO Player Subscription

Keep in mind, neither the Nora Go app nor SO Player app delivers live TV and on-demand content. Both apps must be activated by an IPTV service. It’s always best to start with the IPTV service first. Simply choose the one that best suits your needs. Don’t worry, I provided a link below for the best IPTV service to use.

They will email your activation codes and login credentials when you subscribe. There’s also a free trial which I suggest you opt into first to test everything including the device you want to use.

Compatible Device

You can download and install the SO Player TV across a number of compatible devices. Use up to 4 devices such as:

  • AndroidTV
  • Android Phone & Tablet
  • Android boxes 5.1 or higher
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Amazon Fire TV Devices (smart TVs)
  • iOS Mobile
  • Apple TV
  • iPhone, iPad
  • Mac Computer (Macbook)
  • Windows Computer

Below, I provided video tutorials on how to download and install the SOPlayer app for each device. Just click the link for the device that you want to use.

Again, I recommend that you choose the IPTV service first. But if you already have the player, then you just need to get your activation and login credential Here.

In the video above, it walks you through the navigation, features, and streaming content. Not much is different from Nora Go. You use it the same way and there shouldn’t be any issues. But if you do run into an issue, just contact the IPTV provider through the support email, chatbox, or phone number.

Now that you know what is SO Player which connects with the IPTV service to watch TV online, it’s time to take the next step. Click the link below that takes you to the recommended TV service provider.

Recommended IPTV Service Provider that uses SO Player (Get Subscription, Activation Codes, Free Trial, etc.)…

Best IPTV Service for SOPlay – Get FREE Trial or Subscription


Robert Kimble says:

as of 8/10 i am lo longer able to download SO player on my macPro any ideas what happened ?

Web TV Guy says:

We are a support website. Perhaps you should go to YouTube and find a video that may provide a solution.

Dorothea De Luca says:

Help! soPlayer will no longer accept my sign in information.. I have emailed them 3 times with no response. I sent them my acct #.

Web TV Guy says:

You mean your SO Player IPTV service provider where you paid your subscription, not SO Player which is a free app download.
You must know the name of your service provider that activates the SO Player app and delivers live channels and VODs so that
you can go to their website for support, not here.

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