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After installing Wakanda Media-LUX Player on Roku and activating it, you now get to see what’s inside. Watch me as I navigate through the TV player to see categories and subs-categories of live channels and VOD movies/TV shows.

This is the only IPTV service that I could find with a TV app compatible with Roku. However, there’s an issue but still doable when using the LUX Player on Roku. When going to the Live >> See All section of any channel sub-category and scrolling down, an issue occurs. The LUX Player app abruptly closes and you have to relaunch the app again.

Even when you try to play a live channel from the ‘See All’ section, the app will shut down and you have to relaunch it.

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Watch the video tutorials below:

What is Wakanda Media — Watch Video Here

How to Signup for Free Trial or Subscription

How to Download/Install LUX Player on Firestick

Download/Install LUX on Roku

Watch Wakanda Media on Roku

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Additional Info…

You can play live channels and there is a workaround to find your favorites. However, this will be a little time-consuming but it works.

Simply play a live channel. Using your Roku remote, use the Up/Down arrows to scroll through channels. You can find the one you like and play to watch. You won’t be able to search for a channel/network name because you need the ‘See All’ to do that.

Everything else is working inside LUX Player installed on Roku. There’s some kind of flickering glitch in the TV Shows >> See All section that I noticed. This may intermittent. But this does not stop you from playing what you want to watch. Everything else works for the most part


You can watch the video tutorial above to see everything. I will also show you the issue to see for yourself. The LUX Player developer was made aware of the issue. But no one knows when the issue will be fixed.

You can opt into the 3-day trial with no credit card to test for yourself. As I said before, you can play live channels and I told you how you can find your favorites to watch.

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