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Don’t worry… You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to follow the how to install Rockspheres on Firestick setup. In fact, I made it even easier for you when watching the video above. Of [More]
You can opt into the Rockspheres free trial or the Rockspheres subscription. However, if you are new to watching web TV or IPTV services, then I suggest entering into the free trial. In the video [More]
Here you can watch and see the Rockspheres-SO Player on the Firestick in action. See the entire attractive layout, navigations, categories, and sub-categories, and watch streaming content play. Click to Get Your Free Trial or [More]
Rockspheres is an IP Lock IPTV service that supports the SO Player app and delivers all the streaming content to you. You get support for both the TV app and IPTV service when subscribing, nowhere [More]
Now that you have some knowledge of SO Player IPTV (SOPlayer IPTV), let’s expand on that and move forward. I’m sure there are things you don’t know. I’ll break some things down to you as [More]
ShowJacks for Unlimited Player is the ideal IPTV service to use for this type of app/apk. Since the latter part of 2021, all IPTVs that provided the Service ID, Username, and Password went through a [More]
You will look over my shoulders as I take you inside the Thorium app connected to the ShowJacks IPTV service. See the entire layout with channel categories and sub-categories including VOD movies and TV series, [More]
In a nutshell, ShowJacks is an IPTV service that caters to North and Central America including some parts of South America as well. They deliver 100s of live channels (premium USA, some US local, Canada, [More]
In the video below, we cover the setup instructions and the steps that need to be followed. I’ll break down some important things for Amazon and Android device users, including the webplayer for iOS and [More]
The video above provides how to Install ShowJacks on Firestick instructions or I should say Install ShowJacks-Thorium Apk on Firestick instructions. That’s because you will be installing the Thorium Player apk on the Firestick. Fire [More]
Whether you opt into the ShowJacks Free Trial or ShowJacks Subscription, you’ll see that they cater more to North and Central American television. And you can watch some parts of South American TV as well. [More]
IPTV Nora Go Subscription for Smart TV and SO Player for All Other Devices Perhaps you have or use to have a Nora Go Subscription (Nora Go TV Subscription) whereas you paid for an IPTV [More]
Play the video above to see what’s inside the TV app and watch Canadian TV channels play. There were only a few channels that didn’t work as you will see. But they may be working [More]