How to Pay-Renew My Bill-Subscription

Created on August 13, 2022 at 11:16 pm by Philip Sumpter [Web TV Guy]

If you are trying to pay to renew your subscription bill when using a TV app to watch TV online, I can only help you help yourself. The search term you are using when typing it in the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) gives a list of websites. More than likely that’s not the search term you should be typing in. The websites you see listed are not the ones you should be contacting.

This article is designed to help you think so that you can get back to the source where you paid your subscription. If this doesn’t help, then you need to start over. This means finding another IPTV service which you probably don’t even know what an IPTV service is let alone other basic things.

If you do know what an IPTV service is, good for you because most individuals don’t.

Are you ready to find a new IPTV Service Provider and get a new subscription similar to the one you had if not better?

You can resume watching your favorites online in no time. If you are ready to do that, you can skip ahead and read the section further down… “None of the Above Helped – What to Do Next.” Otherwise, keep reading below and let me try to help you think to find your IPTV service provider.

Do Not Contact Us regarding your subscription, where to pay, or support, this is not the website. Keep reading to try to find your IPTV service to get support or subscription renewal from them.

First thing First…

Let’s start with the basics so that you have a better understanding so as not to continue what you are doing wrong.

There are two basic things you must understand before doing anything else if you want to continue watching TV online:

  1. IPTV Service Provider. Always start with finding/identifying the IPTV service. They are the ones that activate the TV app that you use. They also deliver all the streaming TV/VOD content. They are the ones to go to (website) to signup and pay your subscription. When your subscription ends, you must revisit the IPTV service website and pay to renew your subscription to continue using the TV app to watch TV online. When you need support for the app or IPTV service (streaming content), you go back to them to get support.
  2. TV App. No matter what app you download/install (free or paid), it won’t deliver any streaming TV/VOD content on its own. For free TV apps, you don’t need to signup or pay anything to download the app. There are all kinds of free TV apps available online. But you should start by downloading an app without knowing the IPTV that supports the app. The app is not the IPTV service provider and must be activated by the IPTV provider. The IPTV service provider will also provide support for the app when needed.

Now I assume you already found and paid an IPTV service provider in the past if you are reading this article post. If not, then you are probably just curious. If you understand numbers 1 and 2 above, you can start to think a little more clearly moving forward.

Never search online with the name of your app to get help such as SO Player renewal, SO Player pay my bill, IPTV Smarter Pro support, and so on. Searching with your app name will get you nowhere every time. You must know the name of your IPTV service provider and where their website is located at all times.

So let’s try to help you think a little further. Read below…

Putting On Your Thinking Cap…

IPTV Service Email: When you first signed up to pay your subscription, more than likely you received one or more emails for your subscription service. Find those emails and you will know the IPTV service name and will probably find the support link also. This could include any email renewal notice from your IPTV provider.

Be sure to look in your Spam/Junk mail folder for those emails. Sometimes emails go there. If you find your IPTV provider’s emails, then you resolved your issue.

TV App Installed on Your Device. Sometimes opening the app will display the IPTV provider’s name. Remember, the app you are using is not the IPTV service provider. If you still have time on your subscription and can get all the way inside the app to watch TV online, then you might see the IPTV name. If you have the name, do a Google search or use any search engine search and try to find the IPTV website.

Bank/Credit Card Statement or PayPal. Check your statement or PaPal account, whichever one you used to pay the subscription. See if there is a name when you paid to subscribe. This may not be the actual name of your IPTV service but try anyhow. Do a Google search if you have the name. Hopefully, you remembered what the website looks like.

Someone Else Setup/Paid Your IPTV Subscription. If someone else helped you get your IPTV subscription, then you need to get back to that person. I heard many times from people saying someone set up their account or paid and they can’t get a hold of that person. That individual should know the IPTV name.

Check your Computer, Smartphone, or Other Device. Whatever device you used to visit the IPTV service website, you want to check that device and history. Maybe you saved the information that you received from the IPTV service somewhere and forgot. Did you bookmark or save the IPTV website?

Activation/Login Credentials. You had to receive the activation/login credentials from the IPTV service. This would include the Username & Password, and perhaps the Provider ID (Service ID), Device Pin Codes, or any combination thereof. Did you write this info down somewhere when typing the info into the TV app to activate/login? Did you write down the name of the IPTV service somewhere?

Wording on the IPTV Service Website. Do you remember any exact phrase or sentence on the IPTV website where you subscribed in the past? I am not talking about one word or two words. If you remember a certain phrase or sentence, you can do a search on that phrase or sentence.

For example… the best iptv service … if this is what you remembered. Go to Google and enter the search term… “the best iptv service” and see what comes up in the listing. I only made this term up and not telling you to use it to find your IPTV service. Be sure to include quotes as typed. Of course, you must remember what the IPTV service website looks like where you paid.

Clear your Mind. Take a break. Sometimes things will come to you when relaxed. You might remember a name, one part of the name that could be your IPTV service provider.

IPTV Service No Longer In Service. Perhaps you know the name of your IPTV service but can no longer find their website. Understand that some IPTV services come and go and will do so without notifying you. Some IPTVs close the doors on new customers/subscribers after reaching the max number of subscribers. When that happens, some of them may eventually go out of service.

If you have the IPTV website URL (link) and/or the email address for support but everything and everyone appears to be gone, then it’s time to move on. It’s time to start over and find another IPTV. You might find one that supports the same TV app. You can click the link below to find another IPTV.

Nothing Helped So Far – What to Do Next?

If none of the above helped you and it’s been days, weeks, or months trying to find your IPTV subscription service (website), then you must start over. There are many other IPTV services out there and you might find one supporting the same TV app you installed. If not, just install the other app supported by the new IPTV service. They will provide installation instructions.

I am now going to point you to our Top 10 IPTV Comparison chart where we test reviewed them in the past. You will find a lot of information on each IPTV including app name, device compatibility, prices/subscription plans, etc.

Each IPTV comes with a ‘Visit Site’ link that takes you directly to the IPTV website to signup to get your subscription. The ‘Review’ link allows you to read the full review with pros and cons. You will find links in the review that also takes you to the IPTV website.

Also, you will find a video link to watch the video tutorial. When going there you can also scroll down to read the article. In that article, you will also find video links to get more info. If you are ready to move on and want another IPTV service, just click below.

Click Here to Visit Our Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart

In Closing…

There’s no reason not to trust what’s here. I know what I’m talking about. We get many visitors coming to our website with no clue, don’t know the terminologies or understand the basics, are impatient, don’t trust, and can be very stubborn in their thinking.

Do Not contact us for any support. We are not here to provide support.

Do Not ask us about your renewal, subscription, IPTV service name, contact phone number, or anything about your subscription service. We are not a subscription renewal website, IPTV service, or streaming TV website. We provide free Internet TV information to help visitors watch TV online.

Do Not give us your email address, home address, phone number, account info, etc.

Asking us about your previous subscription service we don’t know. No one knows but you and your IPTV service provider. Either you must start over and find another IPTV service or continue your search elsewhere.

We cannot help you but we can help you think as well as point you to another IPTV website. the decision is yours. Just click the link below to get started. You can start watching your favorites online again real soon.

Lastly, you must be better organized going forward. If you are going to signup and subscribe to a new IPTV service, you need to do the following:

  • Remember the name of your new IPTV service
  • Bookmark or save the IPTV service website to find them again
  • Save all emails from the new IPTV service provider to refer back to them
  • Look in your Junk/Spam mail folder if you don’t get any emails
  • Understand the basics of what the app and IPTV service does

This will help you so that you never go through another time trying to figure out how to renew your IPTV subscription.

Find Your Ideal IPTV Service Here and Resume Watching Your Favorites Now


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