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How to Watch Stream for Less on Firestick Plus SO Player App Download and Installation

Before you can watch live channels and on-demand videos, there are some Streams for Less on Firestick steps to follow. The review video #2 above takes you inside the SO Player app that connects to the IPTV service (StreamsForLess) that delivers all the streaming content. Understand that the SO Player is not a standalone TV app nor is it a subscription. You need to subscribe to an IPTV service such as the one being introduced here.



New customers are no longer being accepted but there is an alternative SO Player IPTV service you can subscribe to. The free trial comes and goes so you want to get it when available. Just click the link below to visit the website or read the full review…

To Learn More and Get Your Free Trial or Subscription, Click Here or Read Our Full Review

DO NOT CLICK BELOW THE DOTTED LINE – Streams for Less is No Longer Available to New Subscribers – All Streams for Links Have Been Permanently Removed Below – You Must Sign Up to Sister Site 1 or 2 (still the same ownership; content, features, prices are the same).

StreamsforLess IPTV delivers 500+ live premium TV channels and 1000s of VODs to watch movies, sports, TV shows/series/episodes, and news online. Besides USA channels, they also deliver UK, Spanish, French, and Filipino channels.

In review video #1, you get an introduction to the Streams for Less IPTV service. I encourage you to watch it so that you won’t missing any information.

Remember, SOPlayer is just a free app download. You will need an IPTV service to activate the app. Once you sign up for the IPTV service, they will email your activation/login credentials. You will get your account information including provider ID, username, password, 4 device pin codes, etc. This is a very important email so make sure to store it somewhere to find it later.

Also, remember the name of the IPTV service (Streams for Less) — not SO Player. When it comes time to renew the one-month subscription, you will open the email they send you, click the link to go to your account. This is how you renew your subscription for another month. There is no recurring billing at this time. You pay as you go. Once the one-month subscription ends, just pay the same fee to subscribe again.

Click Here to Sign Up to Get Free Trial or Subscription to IPTV Service

Watch Review Video #1 Here – Introduction to StreamsForLess

Read Written Review Here

5 Things Needed to Get Started

  1. Internet connection: At least 25 or 30 Mbps. I suggest 2x or 3x time more
  2. Firestick Device: Must connect to TV first; Have Amazon account; learn more below
  3. HDTV or Smart TV with Firestick connected
  4. Downloader APK (see video tutorial below)
  5. SO Player App (learn more below)

Internet Connect Speed

Let’s start by getting your Internet connection speed up to par. Many IPTV services say the minimum requirement needed is 25 or 30 Mpbs. If you have less, then you need to increase your Internet connection speed by contacting your ISP (Internet Service Provider). This will come as an extra cost. If you have around 25 or more Internet connection (download) speed then you are good to go.

I recommend having 2x or 3x more Internet connection speed. This helps to avoid buffering and playback issues and provides better performance when needed. For instance, many people are home during peak hours in the evenings. this means many of them will be online using the same ISP you are using. Same thing during holidays, weekends, or when there is a special event.

If you come across consistent buffering issues all of a sudden when playing different TV channels or VOD, then increase your Internet connection speed. Also, you may decide to connect more devices to the IPTV service when using your Streams for Less on Firestick. The IPTV service allows you to connect up to 4 devices such as Windows or Mac computer, Android device, iOS device, smart TV, and so on.

You can connect the Amazon Firestick for each one of your HDTVs or smart TVs in your household. This setup will enable family members to watch whatever they want also.

This is what I did…

I connected my smart TV via Ethernet cable with my modem/router. This gives me a faster Internet speed than connecting wirelessly. For all other devices (computer, smartphone, etc.), I connect them wirelessly to my WiFi network.

Amazon Firestick

If you have a smart TV and can find the SO Player app inside your smart TV app store, then you don’t necessarily need the Firestick. However, many smart TV users cannot find this app which means their smart TVs are not compatible. I have a Samsung smart TV and could not find the SO Player app in my smart TV app store. This is when you need Streams for Less on Firestick instructions to get set up and watch everything on the big screen.

If you don’t have the Firestick, get one. Most streaming services including IPTV and OTT services are compatible with the Firestick device. Learn More Here. You are required to create an Amazon account if you don’t have one already. Your Amazon username and password will be needed when setting up the Firestick on your HDTV or smart TV.

You can create an Amazon account right now if you want — Click Here. Expect to receive an email from Amazon immediately.

You can always find video tutorials on on any subject matter. If you want to learn how to do something or understand something, go to and search for videos.

HDTV or Smart TV

You can use either an HDTV or smart TV for the Streams for Less Firestick setup. As long as the TV has an HDMI port, you’re ready to go. You can watch the video tutorial Here. For more help, just go to and search for a video turotial.

Downloader APK

Before you can download the SO Player app, you must first sideload the Downloader APK. This app can’t be found in any app store so it has to be sideloaded. For instructions, watch the video tutorial below and follow all the steps…

Note: When following the video below that takes you into settings, your Firstick my not have a section called Device. Instead, it may be displayed as My Fire TV. Both are the same.

If you cannot find the Downloader APK when searching for it the way the video tutorial shows you above, then watch video below…

SO Player, Free App Download

Once you downloaded and installed the Downloader APK, the last step requires you to download/install the SO Player. Remember the email I told you about that Streams for Less sends you? This is the time to open that email to get your provider ID, username, password, and device pin code. You will need these activation/login credentials to activate and use the SO Player app to watch TV online.

Note: It really doesn’t matter if you download/install the free SO Player app first or sign up to the IPTV service first. Just remember that you must activate the app from the IPTV service to watch television online.

Watch the video tutorial below on how to download/install SO Player on your Firestick…

I suggest that you follow the steps in the video tutorials above. The video tutorial below will repeat some of those steps which you can ignore if the Downloader APK is already installed on your Firestick. There is an important URL in the video to download the SO Player. You should be able to use the same URL to commence the download/installation process.

Streams for Less on Firestick Completed

Great news! You’ve just completed the Streams for Less on Firesticck steps and now ready to watch TV online. The I create video at the very top takes you inside the SO Player app that was activate by the IPTV service (StreamsforLess). Enjoy!


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