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When testing the Best Cast TV IPTV service and Unlimited Player app, I contacted their support people to ask some of which they answered. I am sharing those questions and answers in the video above [More]
Everything you need to know about SO Player Streaming Service (a.k.a. SOPlayer Streaming Services) is revealed in the video above and within this post. I have reviewed and tested many of these providers using the [More]
TV Team Review (a.k.a. TVTeam) with Pros and Cons. For starters, this IPTV service is European-based. Although they deliver streaming content from the continent of Europe, they also deliver streaming content from other continents including [More]
How to Install Smart IPTV on Firestick or Fire TV Watch the video above to learn how to download and install the Smart IPTV app on your Amazon Fire TV or Firestick device. Be aware [More]
Video 4 demonstrates the workings of the app with Topeba Streams on Firestick to help you can decide if this is something you want. You can use either Amazon Fire TV or Firestick, perhaps the [More]
In Video 2 above, you will look over my shoulders as I take you through the signup process when entering into the Topeba Streams Trial. It’s relatively the same process when entering into one of [More]
In video 5 above, You get to see several important features that can enhance your Internet TV experiences. The IPTV service (TopebaStreams) doesn’t provide instructions for the features. You are pretty much on your own. [More]
Video 1 is above. You may be asking yourself exactly what is Topeba Streams after visiting their website and reading what they told you. Simply put, TopebaStreams is an IPTV service that is somewhat similar [More]
The video above gives you a tour of the Duplex IPTV Media Player App after it’s been downloaded/installed on the Amazon Fire TV Stick. But this isn’t just a tour of the Duplex Media Player. [More]
How to download and install TruView TV on Firestick instructions are in the video above and written below. You must pay attention to details when following step-by-step instructions. I will try my best to make [More]
Watch the video above to learn how to Record on AirTV IPTV when using the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the video. You can record live TV channels, one or [More]
Because I’m a great fan of the Amazon Fire TV Stick for IPTV services, I’m going to give you the AirTV IPTV App Player on Firestick instructions. I’ll also refer to this as AirTV IPTV [More]
Step-by-step instructions for the AirTV IPTV Free Trial and Subscription are provided in the video tutorial above. You will also find written steps below if you rather get set up that way. I suggest opting [More]