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My Fire Plex Firestick and SO Player Information

The My Fire Plex on Firestick video above walks you through the features, navigation, sections, and content. You will see many live channels and on-demand content play to get an idea of the picture quality (1080p) and audio. Live channels are conveniently organized in categories and sub-categories to easily find what you want to watch. Using the Search tool makes finding local cities, network names, and movie/TV series titles much quicker.



MyFirePlex is no longer accepting new subscribers due to what appears to be reaching their max number of subscribers. Current members can renew their subscriptions when visiting the MFP website and clicking the ‘My Account’ link to sign in. As for New Subscribers, go to the top alternative IPTV site to sign up for the Free Trial or subscription.

Click Here to Sign Up to Alternative IPTV Site Now

Note: You get the same everything (streaming content, features, app, prices, same ownership)

How to Install SO Player on Firestick

Amazon Firestick Info and Where to Buy



You will see just how good this IPTV service is when seeing the content, performance, and interface. The SO Player and My Fire Plex Firestick performance and interface come second to none. You’ll like what you see and will receive when trying this out for yourself. I suggest signing up to enter into the free trial first. It cost you nothing and no credit card is required when signing up.

Keep in mind, like many IPTV services out there, My FirePlex only has a one-month subscription. You must renew the subscription after the one month ends. You can do this by visiting the MyFirePlex website and clicking the ‘My Account’ link at the top of their website. When signing up, you’ll be asked to enter your email address and create your password. This information will become your login details needed to sign in to your ‘My Account.’

What Can You Watch

Subscribers get access to popular live channels/networks to watch movies, news, sports, and shows as well as on-demand movies and TV series with many episodes. You get access to seasonal sports, PPV events, catchup TV, local channels, music/radio channels, some global channels, EPG (TV guide), and so on.

How to Install My Fire Plex on Firestick

You will need to watch a video tutorial on how to Install My Fire Plex on Firestick. There are several steps that must be completed to get set up to watch streaming content from My FirePlex. You must download/install the Downloader app first in order to download/install the SO Player apk. You won’t be able to find the SO Player app in the Play Store when searching for it inside the Firestick.

Click Here to Watch Video Tutorial – How to Set Up Your Firestick and Install SO Player

You can also use the Amazon Fire TV or Fire Cube. Streaming media devices are the best devices to use. The Firestick is very popular among IPTV services and you get a great experience when using it. If you don’t have a Firestick or want to know more about it, Click Here.

Keep in mind that you are allowed up to 4 device connections. So if you have, for example, 4 TV (HDTVs and/or smart TVs), You can use/purchase a Firestick for each household TV. This way other household members can watch what they want also. There are other compatible devices that can be used. Just visit the My FirePlex website for compatible devices that can be used.

I decided not to write the steps to set up My Fire Plex on Firestick because the video tutorial that I provided (click the link posted above) allows you to see the steps.

Click Here to Sign Up for the FREE Trial or Subscription


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