IPTV That Uses Lenox App

Whether you are searching for an IPTV that uses Lenox app or Lenox Media Player alternative, you’ll get the answer here. No doubt you were subscribed to an IPTV service provider that allowed you to use the Lenox IPTV app. Perhaps that IPTV service went out of service or it’s time for a change.


The Thorium app/apk is new and the upgrade to the old Lenox and Unlimited Player. Thorium is the go-to Media Player now. Read Move Below…

A new IPTV service is not open for business. Actually it’s a revamped IPTV with a new brand name and TV app called Thorium. This IPTV provides the Service ID, Username, and Password. If you have the Unlimited Player or any similar app installed that requires the Service ID (Not Provider ID), you can subscribe to the new IPTV.

If you are going to use Lenox or Unlimited installed on your device, Do Not contact the new IPTV service for support. Meaning, should you experience a performance issue, you need to uninstall the old Media Player. Install Thorium Player the upgrade and contact support if you require it.

You can contact the new IPTV to confirm what I said. Or, opt into the Free Trial and test the TV app your old app/apk. Again, You will get the Service ID, Username, and Password via email. If your old app doesn’t perform well, then you should install the Thorium app.

NOTE: I was not permitted to post a link here that takes you directly to the new IPTV website. Just click the link below to visit our IPTV Comparison Chart. Look for the IPTV service listed for Thorium and provides the Service ID, Username, and Password. Or, contact us to inquire about the new IPTV service and where to subscribe.

Watch the video below regarding the update and where to find the IPTV service to get the Service ID for your app. Then click the link below the video to visit the IPTV Comparison Chart to find the IPTV service with the Service ID.

Click Here for IPTV Service Alternative and Subscribe (Get Service ID, Username & Password)

DO NOT READ BELOW… IPTV Service URLs Have Been Removed…

Before I tell you where to go, let’s make certain you are crystal clear on the following so that there’s no confusion. As a tester and reviewer of many IPTV services that different app, I found many TV app users don’t know the name of their IPTV service provider. Instead, they tell me the name of the TV app when asked.

All TV apps just like the Lenox IPTV app or whatever name you want to call it must be activated by the IPTV service. The TV app is a free download/install that does not require signing up for or subscribe to download/install it. The app does not deliver any streaming content by itself.

Once the app is installed on any compatible device, you need to activate it to have streaming content delivered to it so you can watch everyone online. This is where you need an IPTV service subscription. The IPTV will send you the Service ID, Username, and Password to activate and use the Lenox app to watch all the streaming content that comes from the IPTV service.

When signing to the IPTV free trial or subscription, always keep the emails they send you file. Never, ever forget their name. They are ones you must go back to their website renew your IPTV subscription and get support from. Do Not search for Lenox if something goes right. Trust me when I say that in most cases it’s the IPTV service, not the app.

So now you should be crystal clear on this so that we can move forward.

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Lenox IPTV App

The Lenox IPTV app was replaced in 2020, according to my findings. The app is no longer available to download but there is now a new replacement TV app. I have seen and tested two apps so far that became the replacement for Lenox. Here they are:

  1. Generic TV app
  2. Unlimited Player TV app

I tested both apps used by two different IPTV services and yet both services offer the same everything. As for the Generic app name, I could not find it in any Google or Apple Play Store. But I could find the Unlimited Player TV app. Both apps require the Service ID, Username, and Password.

The two IPTVs that I’m going to point you to told me they allow Lenox users to use that app if they want to. But if the old Lenox app has poor performance, uninstall it and use the new/replacement app– #1 or #2 above depending on the IPTV you get your subscription from

You should be able to use either app above regardless of which IPTV service you choose. Both apps look and work the same and require the same activation. Get the Lenox Media Player alternative so that you can continue watching your favorites online or continue using Lenox.

IPTV that Uses Lenox app

There is an IPTV that uses Lenox app for those who already have it installed. In fact, I found two IPTVs and tested/reviewed them. But, neither IPTV service mentions Lenox on their website. The best thing to do is enter into the free trial to test before shelling out any money. No credit card is required when entering into the free trial.

I could not test Lenox on my compatible devices because the app can no longer be downloaded. You are encouraged to use the new/replacement apps instead of the old Lenox.

Here are the compatible devices that can be used:

  • Computers (Windows OS)
  • Amazon Devices (Fire TV/Firestick w/ Downloader app)
  • Apple TV
  • iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • Android Devices (Phone, TV, Box)
  • Tablet
  • NVIDIA Shield

So if you are determined to continue using Lenox, go right ahead. If there’s no performance issue, then keep using it. Otherwise, uninstall the old app and installed the new replacement app. The IPTV service will tell you the app they prefer you to use.

But you should be able to use the other new app that I mentioned above for any IPTV service that tells you what app to use.

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Lenox Media Player Alternative

I am not going to give you the actual Lenox Media Player alternative name here. Actually, there are two you can review and choose one to get the trial or subscription. Some IPTV merchants don’t like to be mentioned with other IPTVs that closed down or app closings.

I will point you to our Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart where you can find the IPTV that will allow you to use the Lenox uses Lenox app. But they are using the UnliPlayer app which replaced Lenox. When visiting the Comparison Chart, look the IPTV that list Service ID, Username, and Password. This will tell you that you can use the Lenox MP app.

More than likely, we will be posting another IPTV in the Comparison Chart that will allow using Lenox. That IPTV service will be somewhat the same as the other. However, both will have different brand names, ownership, and prices. If you find one IPTV that’s no longer available or has an issue, you have the other IPTV to choose.

Again, I suggest entering into the free trial. In the Comparison Chart, I included a ‘Review’ link and ‘Visit Site’ link. When clicking the ‘Review’ link, you will find some video review buttons on the star-rated review. You can take a look inside the new/replacement app to see everything including watch streaming content play.

In Conclusion…

I have answered both inquiries that pertain to Lenox Media Player Alternative and IPTV that uses Lenox app. Now it’s up to you to take the next step and enter into the free trial to test. You can also contact the IPTV service to ask them can you use the Lenox IPTV app if you want to confirm what I told you.

Again, if one of the IPTVs that you are looking for in the Comparison Chart isn’t available or there’s an issue, you have the other IPTV service to review further. Enjoy!

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