What Is Lightening Streams

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What is Lightening Streams? It’s an IP Locked IPTV service that uses the SO Player app to deliver live and on-demand streaming content. The IP Locked system means that your IP address will be locked once you activate the app. Therefore, you cannot use a VPN service that changes IP addresses. Don’t worry about not being able to use a VPN service. Many subscribers worldwide are using these services without any issues including myself.

The free SO Play app does not require signing up, paying a fee, or subscribing to download and install it. You can go to the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store when using a compatible streaming device. Some streaming devices have an internal app store that you can search, find, and install the free app.

The TV app doesn’t deliver any streaming content by itself. For that, you will need to subscribe to an IPTV service. They will activate the app when emailing your activation/login credentials such as the Provider ID, Device Pin Codes, Username, and Password.

Only the IPTV service delivers all the streaming content. You get access to 100s of live channels and 1000s of VODs. You basically can watch the same channels found on cable TV. The other benefit to using these SO Play IPTV services is that you don’t need to install any extra equipment.

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What’s Required

All you really need is a High-Speed Internet connection of 30 Mbps or more. Faster the Internet connection speed better the picture quality and overall performance. You want to eliminate buffering as much as possible. Having 50, 100, 150, or 200+ Mbps will certainly improve performance.

You need a compatible streaming device such as a smart TV (Samsung or LG) with an internal app store, Fire TV or Firestick, iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android Device (Box, TV, phone), NVIDIA Shield, Apple TV, Table, Computer (Windows or Mac).

And of course, you will need a top IPTV service provider to deliver all the streaming content to your device. There is nothing more needed unless you want to purchase an indoor HDTV antenna to watch all your local OTA TV channels. You can also check Locast TV to see if your city market is included. If so, then you will have access to many of your local channels online that you can watch free or pay a low-cost subscription.

When deciding what will be your primary streaming device to watch TV online, you should use the Ethernet cable (wired connection) from your modem/router. A wired connection gives you a faster Internet connection compared to WiFi or wireless.

In other words, if you are going to make your smart TV the primary device, make sure to use the Ethernet cable. If you are going to use the Firestick connected to your HDTV or smart TV, do the following: Purchase an Ethernet Firestick adapter from Amazon. This will help eliminate buffering issues should any occurs. You can connect one compatible smartphone to the IPTV service when traveling which is the only mobile device you can use.

What Is Lightening Streams Costs

You can see all subscription plans and fees including a free trial when visiting our recommended IPTV service. You can find links throughout this article post to click and visit the IPTV website. I rather not break down subscription costs here due to IPTV services sometimes making subscription fee changes.

There are 3 subscription plans (1-month, 2-month & 4-month) to choose from at low cost. You can connect up to 4 devices at one time to the IPTV service. Connect three compatible devices in-home on the same IP address and 1 outdoors (any WiFi area). Or, connect all 4 devices in-home.

In Closing…

SO Play IPTV services are great for newcomers to Internet TV also. Not only do you get access to live premium, local, and global channels, you also get access to PPV events, 24/7, seasonal sports, dedicated live sports section, VOD movies & TV series, Adult, and more.

If you are looking for a low-cost alternative TV service and don’t mind watching everything online, then the IPTV service recommended here will serve your purchase. However, this service is better suited for USA TV viewers and English-speaking individuals. You can read the full review and watch video tutorials — see all the links above — to gather more information.

There’s a 24-hour free trial that comes and goes so you might want to grab it when available. You now know what is Lightening Streams to take the next step and try it out for yourself.

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