Lightening Streams on Firestick

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How to Download, Install, and Watch Lightening Streams on Firestick or Fire TV

The Lightening Streams on Firestick video above doesn’t show any steps to download and install the SO Player app. Instead, I provided the link below for you to click and watch another video that shows how. So you might want to do that first if you want. I recommend going ahead and watch the video.

You will be able to conclude whether or not this IPTV service is for you. Just understand the TV app itself cannot deliver any streaming content by itself. Once the app has been installed on the compatible device, in this case, the Fire TV or Firestick. You must activate the app to use it to watch TV online.

You get the activation/login credentials after signing up for the IPTV service free trial/subscription. I provided links throughout this post article to visit the Lightening Streams IPTV service where you can sign up to use the app to watch TV online.

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I found out on July 15, 2021, that the SOPlayer app can longer be found inside the Google Play Store. This means compatible devices such as Android, Tablet, and Windows computers cannot download and install the app. But we can still find the app inside the Samsung and LG smart TV internal app store including other compatible devices. As for the Fire TV and Firestick devices, we still have to sideload the app via the Downloader app.

Lightening Streams Firestick/Fire TV Requirements

All you need is a fast Internet connection, a compatible streaming device, and IPTV service subscription. As for the Internet connection speed, you should have at least 30 Mbps but the faster the better. If you have 50, 100, or more Mbps download speed, you should be able to eliminate consistent buffering issues.

No other equipment is needed unless you want to use an indoor HDTV antenna to watch all your local over-the-air TV channels. There’s a free local TV streaming service website that you might want to check out HERE. You can check to see if your city is included and if so, you are in luck.

Once the Lightening Streams on Firestick setup is complete which doesn’t take long, you can sit back and enjoy watching your favorites. The Firestick is a great device for IPTV services. I use this device mostly all the time if I’m not using my smart TV where the app is also installed.

In closing…

I must add also that it would be better to install the app first. You want to make sure no issue occurred when trying to install the app to your device. You should also consider entering into the IPTV free trial which comes and goes to test everything. If the trial is available, get it right then and there before it temporarily disappears.

Read my full written review to get more information. The video at the top will get into some of the downsides as no IPTV service is perfect. I consider SO Play IPTVs very newbie-friendly, from downloading/installing the app to using the app when connected to the IPTV service.

Always remember the name of your IPTV service such as LighteningStreams. They will send you emails immediately after completing the signup process for the subscription or trial. Make sure you type the correct spelling of your email address when signing up. If you don’t get any email, then you need to check your Junk/Spam mail folder for them.

This completes the Lightening Streams on Firestick process. Perhaps you will give it try after watching the video. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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