Viper Streamz GenPlay App for Firestick

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This article post as well as the video above talks about the Viper Streamz GenPlay App for Firestick issues. If you have been going through viper Streamz not working or any GenPlay TV app (Generic Player) issues, continue reading. There are issues you need to know about and understand.

You will find some users of this IPTV service and app experiencing issues. You can read about them if you want Here. I never tested ViperStreamz before but I have tested the GenPlay app in the past. The app was ok but nothing really to rave about.

If you are new to all of this, don’t download the GenPlay TV app. If you have done so already, then read on. You need to uninstall it to save storage space and use a different app.

Soon I’m going to show how to resolve the issue when choosing a top IPTV service out there that’s available. You can subscribe to any one of four that uses the SO Player. If you don’t want to read any further and you know what you’re doing, you can click any link below. Signup for one of the IPTV Service Trials or Subscriptions Using SO Player listed below…

If in a hurry, chose 1 of the 4 IPTVs below to get the Free Trial or Subscription. All of them have the same ownership and streaming content/features:


NOTE: I suggest reading the remainder of the article post below. If you don’t have the Downloader app installed on your Firestick or Fire TV, you must install it first. Then you must install the SO Player app. Click Here to Learn How to Install. Next, you must enter the SO Player apk URL into Downloader.

Lastly, you will need a SO Player IPTV subscription to activate and use the app to watch TV online. Just click any one of the links above to signup for the trial or subscription.

All other compatible device users can find the SO Player app in the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. As for streaming devices and LG smart TV with built-in app stores, you can find the app inside.

Rules to Remember…

The following applies to all IPTV services with apps and not just the Viper login and GenPlay App for Firestick…

Rule #1: If you have not found the ideal IPTV service yet to pay the subscription, then you need to find one first.

Rule #2: Never download any TV app until you have found the ideal IPTV service. Of course, this is related to #1 so let me explain? If you start by downloading a TV app first, you might not find an IPTV subscription for that app. Let’s say you completed the GenPlay app for Firestick or Fire TV installation. But you can’t find an IPTV service subscription. Or, maybe you didn’t know you had to pay for a subscription.

You cannot use any TV app to watch TV online without a free trial or subscription. You get this from an IPTV service such as ViperStreamz. If you were thinking about subscribing to this IPTV service with app, you cannot. The Store Viper Streamz is closed to new customers.

The IPTV service tells you what app(s) they support. Or, you can contact them to ask what app(s) they are using.

Viper Streamz Not Working

It appears Viper Streamz started out using the SO Player app. Sometime during 2021, all SO Player IPTV services started experiencing an issue. All of those IPTVs closed their doors to new customers. But allowed current customers to renew their subscriptions. This is what ViperStreamz is doing now.

However, Viper is no longer using SO Player. So this tells me that they’ve reached the max number of subscribers. As a result, they can’t let anyone else in but current customers.

If you’re going through a Viper Streamz not working issue right now, you need to switch to another IPTV. Same thing if you don’t like the GenPlay TV app or GenPlay app for Firestick. You can opt for an SO Player IPTV service instead. These services are now slowly appearing online with doors open to new subscribers.

I don’t know exactly what caused the SO Player issue back then that caused those IPTVs to shut their doors. Not all of them reached the maximum number of subscribers. But understand this is one of the downsides to dealing with IPTVs. You can always switch from one SO Player IPTV to another SO Player IPTV service if more are available online.

Newcomers to IPTV Services and TV Apps

If you are new to IPTV services or never watched TV online before, I suggest signing up to get our Free IPTV Setup Guide. You can learn more while getting many questions answered. You’ll learn the basics, how to be prepared, get set up, and learn a great deal more. Click Here to Get the Free guide.

There is nothing on the GenPlay app for Firestick but you do get info on other apps that IPTV services use. And you will be directed to some IPTVs as well as our IPTV Comparison Chart. The SO Player IPTVs that I am recommending you will find one of them listed in the Comparison Chart also.

Now that I’m getting you ready to move away from the GenPlay app for Firestick download, you can avoid issues that others have been experiencing. This also includes the GenPlay TV app issues.

SO Player IPTV Services – Where to Find Them

We can say goodbye to any GenPlay IPTV service which I have not been able to find. We will focus our attention on SO Player IPTVs. The SO Player app is one of the easiest installations out there. You can find the app on the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store.

You can find it inside the LG smart TV built-in app store. However, you can’t find the app on the Samsung smart TV. In May 2022, I could no longer find the app to install on my Samsung smart TV. As for Fire TV and Firesticks devices, users must first install the Downloader app.

You are required to do the same thing with the GenPlay app for Firestick setup. The Downloader app had to be installed first. Then the Genplay TV app which is actually the Apk version of the app had to be installed next. The SO Player on Firestick or Firestick must be installed the same way.

If you want to move away from the Viper Streamz not working issue, then this is what you need to do.

I have listed 4 SO Player IPTV services above and below. Each belongs to the same ownership. If one has its doors closed to new customers, then signup for the other.

Top SO Player IPTV Subscriptions

Make sure you click the link below to be taken to the right IPTV website where you can get the Free Trial or Subscription. It doesn’t matter which one you subscribe to. They are all the same, just different brand names. Some have different plans and prices. But all the streaming content and features are the same.

N95 Streams
Superman Streams
Streams Empire

In Closing…

If you already have SO Player installed, simply choose any one of the IPTVs above and subscribe. If you are new at this, you might want to signup to get our Free Guide. You can also read the full review for one of the IPTVs listed above.

I have addressed the Viper Streamz not working, GenPlay TV app issue, while moving you away from the GenPlay app for Firestick setup. These issues will be resolved when switching to another IPTV which I have provided 4 top IPTV services above.


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