How to Get SO Player Provider ID

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Obviously, you are very new to SOPlayer if you don’t know how to get SO Player provider ID (3 digits) which comes with the activation/login credentials. SO Player is not a standalone TV app which means it doesn’t bring streaming content to your compatible streaming device all by itself.

The streaming content comes from the IPTV service or streaming TV service that delivers all the streaming content, whereas the app must connect to the service. Before I tell you where to get the SOPlayer provider ID number, let me break some things down to you so that you get a clear understanding.

Whether or not you already installed the SOPlay app on your compatible streaming device, you are going to need the activation/login credentials as follows…

Activation/Login Credential

  • SO Player Provider ID
  • Username
  • Password
  • Device Pin Code(s)

You will also get an account number (not needed to activate the free SO Player app) after you subscribe to the IPTV service. You can start with the IPTV service website by getting a subscription first or download/install the free SOPlayer app first. You must pay for the subscription, it’s not free to watch your favorites online.

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What is the Provider ID for SoPlayer

The reason why you don’t know the what is the provider ID for SOPlayer is because you didn’t start with the IPTV service first. Many people hear about the SO Player app somewhere and download it from the app store which is free to do. Many individuals think that’s all there is to it and they can watch free streaming content online.

Sad to say, this is not the case. The streaming content is not free. If you want access to 100s of live channels (premium, local, sports, news, kids, etc.), PPV, 24/7, US/CA/UK and a few other countries, 1000s of VOD movies and TV series, then you must pay to play. I am not going to cover everything the IPTV service delivers in this article post. For that, you will need to read the full review – just click the link further up.

Let’s take for example the SOPlayer Provider ID 455 whereas IPTV service providers tend to use the same ID or different ID. This identifies the provider where the streaming content comes from. But this number alone will not get you inside the app to watch TV online. In other words, it won’t activate the app alone.

Depending on the device you want to use, you may need to enter the Provider ID, Username, and Password. Or, you may be required to enter the SO Player Provider ID and Device Pin Code. When entering the activation/login credentials you get from the IPTV service, it activates the app and you’re able to get inside to watch TV online.

Get Provider ID for SO Player Including Username, Password, Pin Codes From Top IPTV Service

The SO Player is a very good app. There is an old and new version but I’m going to keep you focused on the new version. Some SO Player users in the past complained about the performance being better in the old version. But I’m not going as far to say that. Some things are different in the app. I happen to like the new version so enough said.

I tested and reviewed many SO Player IPTV services over the years and not all of them passed the grade. The ones that did passed I wrote a full review and created video reviews. The #1 SOPlayer IPTV service that I’m going to recommend checking out offers more than most other SO Player IPTV services.

Not only will you be using a very good TV app but a very good streaming TV as well. Both will make your Internet TV viewing experience great. However, when you read or hear people talk about poor performance a lot of this has to do with their Internet connection speed. There are some things you need to be aware of to avoid buffering and playback issues. I posted a link further up to avoid or fix buffering issues should it occur consistently.

No IPTV service is perfect but I try to stick to those with very little buffering and playback issues. This explains why you should find an IPTV service with either a free trial or low-cost trial to test on your device. I’ve already done this for you.

How to Get SO Player Provider ID Right Now

Here’s where to get your SOPlayer Provider ID (SO Player Provider ID) including the rest of the activation/login credentials…

Now you know how to get SO Player Provider ID with other activation credentials and where to go. You can also click any link at the top to read the full IPTV service review, watch SO Player tutorials, or other helpful videos.

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