How Gen2 TV Won Cable-Cutters Over

Gen2 TV, Favorite Go-To Source for Watching Favorites Online at Low Cost… And Good Enough to Tell Family and Friends

Gen2 TV continues to win me over. First I want to say that anyone who takes the time to come here and read my blog I consider him/her a friend. So from one friend to another, I have something to tell you. This may cause you to rethink what you are shelling out for cable/satellite TV or lacking in streaming content from a streaming TV service that you may be using.

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UPDATE: Gen2 TV is No Longer Being Recommended. We have something else far better. Read Below…

We found a better IPTV service that makes a great alternative to what you’re looking for. You get the same number of live premium channels with sports, news, shows, movies, etc, including live PPV events. The same VODs with movies (new releases), TV series, NFL & PPV. Some global channels available and catchup TV. Also, includes EPG (TV guide) and uses the same app (SO Player)

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Gen2TV Channels (live), VOD, CatchUp TV, Sports w/ PPV, and More

Gen2 IPTV deliver 100s of live premium TV channels and 1000s of on-demand content. This includes local TV, CatchUp TV, Sports TV w/ PPV as well as Spanish, French, and Filipino TV. I’m able to watch my favorite television networks with news, movies, sports, and shows. They even have networks for kids, documentary, shopping, cooking, and many more. Watch sitcoms, soaps, talk shows, and the list goes on.

I love to watch live sports so they won me over in that department also. I can watch my local teams play (pros & college) as well as national and international sports. All the major sports networks are available including ESPN. And they also provide PPV/UFC events where I can watch all the special boxing events with no extra cost.

There’s a CatchUp TV w/ DVR section that allows me to watch what I missed. I can watch everything on my schedule. Gen2 TV does all the recording so I don’t have to lift a finger. Just search, find and watch. The EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) is really a cool feature. Not only is it a TV guide but I can program the guide.

In the Movies section, which is the on-demand section, are plenty of movies from all the popular genres. And there’s a New Releases section to watch the latest. I’m not even close to finish telling you about the other content and I won’t. You just have to check everything out for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it.

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Canceled Cable TV

Where I’m at now with Internet TV is nothing like where I was a few years ago. I canceled my Comcast Xfinity TV but kept my Internet connection and phone service with them. What a cost-saver that has been. Before I made the decision to switch from traditional TV to Internet TV, my initial thought was I’m going to lose many of my favorites when making the switch.

I actually signed up to Sling TV first and didn’t know of anything better at the time until Gen2 TV came along. I wanted to see if they had more of my favorite TV networks with sports, movies, news, and shows. It was a no-brainer when entering into the free trial. To my surprise, they had all the popular movie networks, news networks, kid networks, and sports networks that I wanted.

I thought I was in heaven. In fact, they also had PPV events whereas I could watch all the special fighting events. And did so without any extra cost. If you are like me, you want the best of entertainment at a reasonable price which I’ll get into that a little later. Live channels come in 1080p crystal
clear quality with perfect audio.

The Movie section has old/recent movies and many popular TV series with episodes. They also have all the popular genres as well as PPV events on-demand. If you are especially interested in the TV series, I believe you will be delighted.

The CatchUp w/ DVR is a site to see whereas I don’t need to do any recording. The IPTV service does all recordings for me. They have many popular TV networks with DVR labeled next to each. There are about 7 days worth of recordings that are constantly updating. I can pinpoint the TV show that I missed on the exact day and time. No longer do I need to record or forget to do so. I can catch up on what I missed during my free time.

What I get from Gen2 TV are live movie channels and on-demand movies, live channels with TV shows and on-demand TV series, all types of live sports to watch local, national, and international sports. I can watch my local teams play without cable. And there are on-demand PPV events as well. I haven’t told you about all the other streaming content available. There’s just too much to cover.

What you can do is visit Gen2 TV for yourself and have a look around. Here is the link to visit.

EPG (Electronic Programming Guide)

The EPG is the TV guide and what most TV viewers want to use to watch their favorites. I’ve learned a little trick after installing the app to my Amazon Firestick. For instance, there are several sections of live channels. With my Firestick remote, I can select one of those sections of channels such as the US section. Next, I play a channel. It doesn’t matter which channel/network it is.

Then I click the 3-dotted line button on my Firestick remote which sends me directly to the EPG section. There I find all my US live channels appearing first inside the EPG. How cool is that? I can do this for sports also. To see the Gen2 TV Guide, just Click Here and go to the Channels section.

Gen2 TV App & Download

SO Player is a high performing app that Gen2TV recommends using. It’s not a standalone TV app, meaning it requires an IPTV service to activate it. And did I say no set-top box or antenna is required? Say hello to one easy setup. All one has to do is follow simple instructions to download/install the app to his/her device.  You’ll find all the instructions with steps at the Gen2TV website.

When signing up for the free trial or one of the subscriptions, Gen2 TV sends an email with the activation/login credentials. This is what I used to activate the app when entering one of the 4 device pin codes including provider ID, username and password.

Gen2TV Cost

If you’ve found all this information very interesting so far, then you should enter into the free trial first. No credit card is required. There are 3 Gen2 IPTV subscriptions but I suggest you sign up for the monthly subscription once the 48-hour free trial ends. The reason for this is you want to test the IPTV service and free app reliability. One month of testing will help determine whether or not to cancel cable or satellite TV.

You can choose the $30 per month subscription and connect up to 4 devices. Or choose the $50 per month subscription and connect up to 8 devices with two IP addresses. Each one of my family members can watch something different on their devices that are connected to my WiFi network at home.

How Gen2 IPTV Won Me Over Again

Connect Up to 8 Devices

They also have a $50 subscription plan for 8 devices that allows two IP addresses. This is how it works. The 8 devices are split up into 2 accounts with 4 devices each. In this case, you can use 1 account for two separate/different households and connect up to 4 devices in each household.

So if you subscribe for the 8 devices plan, you’ll receive the second activation credentials that you can give to another person living in a different household. Both accounts with 4 devices each will be under your account name when you subscribe.

Household 1: Connect up to 4 devices at one-time (1st IP address)
Household 2: Connect up to 4 devices at one-time (2nd IP address)

Compatible Devices

There are many compatible devices that can be used with the free SO Player app. Use a smart TV with Firestick if the SO Player can’t be found inside the smart TV app store. Use the Firestick for any HDTV with HDMI ports. Other devices can be used such as Windows/Mac computers, Android devices (TV, Boxes, Phones), iOS devices, Apple TV, and NVIDIA Shield.

Watch Gen2 TV on Mobile

I can use my mobile phone away from home to watch what I want when traveling via different WiFi locations. No other device except mobile phones is allowed to do this, not even a laptop.

What I’m saying is there’s more than one way to watch your favorites online. Just compare this IPTV service to what you are using right now. More than likely, you will see the benefits. More exciting streaming content at a much lower cost. User-friendly, high performing app and IPTV service. No other streaming TV service that I tried in the past comes close to giving me what I always wanted.

Getting Help From Support

I found Gen2TV support very courteous, professional and answered many of my questions. They are readily available when using the chatbox providing the representative is online. Otherwise, you will need to leave your email address with a message to get an answerback.

You can also use the support email or contact form for questions and to get help. I found all the instructions with steps to download/install the app including FAQs section very helpful.

From one friend to another, I wouldn’t stir you wrong. You should explore this IPTV service further. Feel free to contact their support people via chat box with questions. You can use this link to visit the website.

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