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How to Watch Live Sports Online via Windows/Mac/Linux Computer, Tablet or Smartphone


Watch Live Sports Online ImageThere’s an easy, quick and cheap way to get access to web channels to watch live sports online. In fact, you can have more sports channels than what you have at home. There’s also a way to avoid paying high Satellite/Cable subscription fees, TV blackouts of your local teams and if you can’t watch the game because you have to be somewhere else, simply take the ballgame with you on your laptop.

If looking towards the Internet for a solution, then you are on the right track. But rather than take the long hard approach to watching sporting events online and high cost, consider taking the cheaper short easy approach instead. You can save time and effort when using a great web-based TV service that delivers 100s of live streaming sports from around the world to your device.

Third party Web=based TV services direct-connect you to all kinds of live sporting events worldwide on a daily basis. They deliver the best of web TV entertainment has to offer with live sports and if interested video-on-demand content also. With VOD, you can watch entertaining movies and TV shows including news broadcast. If you are into live sports talks shows, like ESPN, you’ll get them as well — all online. Certainly beats the high cost of cable and satellite TV.

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You don’t have to go looking for them online. There’s no need to figure out how to set up a super web sports TV system on your computer (Windows, Mac or Linux), tablet or smartphone. A web-based service already have everything setup for you so that you can sit back and watch. You can also connect your computer to TV via HDMI cable, like me, and watch everything on the big screen.

Just a 3rd party web-based Sports TV package/service and computer with broadband connection will do the trick — nothing more is needed. No downloading software, hidden fees, or high cost.


How and Where to Watch Sports Online on PC, Mac, or Small/Large Screen TV

How to watch sports online isn’t hard to do with these services because there’s no need to search online for anything. There are literally 100s of live and vod sporting events, matches and news worldwide that can be accessed with a stroke of a key. In fact, there are loads of radio channels with sports as well, depending on the service you choose. And if that’s not enough, there are popular (premium) live TV channels to watch entertaining old/recent movies, TV shows/episodes, news, and other free content from the web.

Whatever type of sport is preferred, you can get access to it online. This includes boxing, golf, soccer, American or European football, basketball, baseball, hockey, wrestling, NASCAR racing, martial arts or something else that interest you.

You can watch live sports online such as playoffs, championship games, Superbowl, and special sporting events like boxing on your device or TV. Got a smart TV with web browser or Google Chromecast? If so, you are in great shape to login and access all the content from a web-based sports TV or TV/VOD site that allows you to watch everything from one area.

To narrow down your search to watch sporting events live online, at low-cost, you can find a service that direct-connect to all and all live sports worldwide such as NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, MLB Baseball, Soccer, Eurosport or Watch NFL Online and so on, see below…


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Top 3 Third-Party, Web-Based Services to Watch Live Sports Online




LiveWebTv (Watch Live Sports Online Plus Live TV Entertainment)

LiveTvWeb Banner Image Seriously… If you’re searching for a website portal that’s designed exclusively for watching live sports one, this is it! There’s no need to look any further if HD-like picture quality and low cost are high on your priority list. You’ll have the ability to watch live streaming sports online on your PC, Mac or Mobile device.

Out of the two best two services to watch sports live online, this one has over 60 sports membership packages (subject to change): You can choose 3-day trials[– NO LONGER AVAILABLE], 1,2,3 month licenses, 1,2,3 year licenses, or package that includes a specific sport or all sport live TV. This service delivers live sports TV channels/networks, not just links to watch sports live online. They direct-connect you to ESPN, Eurosport, TNT, HBO, Big Ten, Sky Sports, CBS, NBC, CBS, Fox, and other sports channels online.

Over 150 sports channel feeds (clickable links) are included in this package that provides more sporting events in high quality than than any free sports website.. That’s why they are number one. However, you should read the full review (see link below) as there are few downsides. There’s also a membership package with live sports plus satellite channels with live channels to watch entertaining movies, TV shows, news, and music videos.

Also included are sports TV guide to see what game are listed that day to watch online. If you choose the package with live sports and satellite channels, US and UK TV guides are included.

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Choose Any 3-Day Trial to Watch Live Sports Online or Specific Sport via Windows/Mac/Linux Computer, Tablet, Smartphone, or Computer-Connected TV (Watch Everything on Big Screen) – Click Below…

Click Sports Package Image You Want to Purchase Below (sports for all countries)…

Prices Listed in Pounds. May Need to Convert to Your Country. To Use Currency Convertor Calculator – Click Here. Just enter price amount under Euro box and your country in right box when clicking the link above.
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Note: All trials rebill to full low price; Can cancel anytime in members area or continue to use service

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Direct PCTV (Watch Sports Online Plus Live TV/VOD Entertainment)

Direct PCTV Banner Image This web-based TV/VOD service website direct-connects to worldwide sporting events to watch at your leisure online. They no longer offer a TV software software to download; everything is web-base for more device compatibility (Windows, Tablet & Smartphone).

Besides live sports, this service also delivers live TV channels and video-on-demand content to watch over the web. You can watch popular news channels and all kinds of TV shows including entertaining movies (old and recent) as well as other video-on-demand content.

There are over 9,000 channels with live/vod content worldwide (TV channels, radio stations, music and videos) that can be accessed through clickable channel feed links. This low-cost service delivers 100s of live sports worldwide that allows members to watch their faovorite teams, matches, and games (local, national & international) via computer, mobile or computer connected TV, as does the #1 service above.

This service that allows you to watch sports online also provides links to daily live sporting event schedules so that you know ahead of time when the game or match begins. Some of the sports networks/channel feeds this service provides are:

CBS Sports, ESPN, Eurosport, NFL Network, Bigpond, Universal Sports, and many more. This means you can watch all the pro and collegiate sports, premier soccer, including playoffs, Superbowl, and championship games.

Also included in the membership package are free bonuses. Members receive 1000s of radio stations, security software suite, and Weblook TV. These type of bonuses are generally not included in any web-based site or Internet TV software packages

Members get the same perks when signing up to become a member. Free tech support, upgrades, and channel updates. And of course, some of the same downsides mentioned in other products (common to all these service that delivers or connects to streaming live and vod online. However, there is more high picture quality content, than Internet TV software because you are direct connected to the actual streaming live/vod websites to watch the content you love.

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StreamDirect Pro (Watch Sports Online Plus TV Entertainment)

StreamDirect Pro Image This is a new, up-coming web-based TV/VOD service that direct-connects to over 11,000 live TV channels and on-demand streaming content worldwide. They have a dedicated live sports section that enables sports fans to watch any pro, college or European sporting event online.

Imagine getting access to popular sports talk shows like ESPN and daily sports listing to watch literally any live ballgame or sporting event worldwide that’s broadcast daily. Well, wake up… because it’s here. Like the other two great services above, this one also lets you watch live sports online from one source. Everything within your fingertips. And you can watch many sports in full screen.

Connect your TV and computer to watch everything on the big screen. Never miss a sporting again or suffer through another local blackout. This service delivers a wealth of entertaining live TV and on-demand content; they continue to expand features, services, and add more content.

You can search sports channels by name genre and start watching quickly. Whatever sporting event is broadcast over-the-air, more than likely you can watch it online. This low-cost service offers a 7-day trial that lets you have full access to everything. A small one-time fee with lifetime access makes this another winner.

You can watch NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and many other ballgames. Watch your favorite teams (pro, college, European). It doesn’t matter… local, national, or international sporting event… you can watch sporting events online with ease. Watch anywhere you want, in or out of the home when using an Internet connected computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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fuboTV (Watch Premier Live Streaming Soccer)

fuboTV Image For the serious soccer fans that want access to any and all games, can watch all of them online. And can do so from just one source for only $9.99 per month. You will get direct-connected to games through a daily live soccer sports TV listing with all the events within your fingertips.

In a nutshell, fuboTV is a premier live streaming platform that soccer fans can use no matter where they live in the world. The service bundles live sports and entertainment premium channels across multiple digital platforms. They grant access to live matches from many big soccer leagues in the world. You can watch from a number of Internet-connected devices with web browser such as computer, desktop, mobile, OTT, and Smart TV platforms.


Some of the Premium Live Sports TV Channels/Networks You Get Access To:

  • Bein Sports
  • Univision
  • LIGA Portugal
  • ONE World Sports
  • TyC Sports
  • GolTV English
  • GolTV Spanish
  • El Rey Network
  • RTP International
  • Revolt
  • Fubo TV Network
  • And Many More

To make clear, you can use any Mac or Windows computer, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone & Tablet, Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV. In fact you can connect your computer to HDTV and watch everything on big screen.

You receive 24 hrs. of free access to a full fuboTV subscription. After the 24 hour free-trial is over, your card will be automatically charged $9.99 per month — until you decide to cancel.

What leagues Can You Watch with fubo PRO?

  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • MLS
  • Liga MX
  • Ligue 1
  • Primeira Liga
  • Brazilian Serie A (from beIN Sports, Univision Deportes, UniM├ís, GolTV HD & Benfica TV)

In addition, you geat access to many championships, including the following:

Copa America
Copa America Centenario
Football League Championship
English League Cup
Swiss Super League.

Note: Many of these matches are also available on-demand through the DVR feature.

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