What Happened to GluedTV (Glued TV)

If you are looking for answers and want to know what happened to GluedTV (Glued TV) that used the Lenox Media Player (Lenox app, LMP, Lenox Player), you can find it here. Same thing if you are inquiring about the shutdown, renewal subscription, app not working, or looking for an alternative IPTV service.


For your understanding… The Lenox app can no longer be downloaded to any device. The app and developer’s website are both gone, no longer online. There is another IPTV service that delivers basically the same streaming content where you can continue using the Lenox MP app. They are mainly using the new replacement app which can be downloaded to any compatible device.

If you experience poor performance from Lenox at any time, then uninstall it and install the new replacement app the recommended IPTV service provides.

If you want to watch TV online using a different device, you will need to install the new replacement app the IPTV service tells you to use. To be clear, you need an IPTV service to activate the app and deliver the streaming content. They will email you the Service ID, Username, and Password.

No TV app does this alone so always remember the name of your IPTV service and how to get to their website to renew your subscription when time. They will send you important emails after signing up for the trial or subscription. If you don’t see any emails, then check your Spam/Junk mail folder.

There are links in this post that take you directly to the IPTV service you are looking for to continue using Lenox or the new replacement app. However, that IPTV service website is undergoing a technical issue right now.

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If you are in a hurry and want to get the Service ID, Username, and Password to keep using your Lenox app or install the new replacement TV app, CLICK HERE. You can subscribe to that IPTV service when clicking that link. Otherwise, continue reading below so that you don’t miss important information.

Make sure you see what devices are compatible and read the FAQs for the new/replacement app. If Lenox is installed on your smart TV or other devices, you can continue using it. But if you are experiencing an app performance issue, then it’s time to uninstall Lenox and install the new replacement app that the new IPTV service provides.

I am a streaming TV/IPTV service tester and reviewer. I tested many IPTV services like GluedTV (Glued TV) and still do. So I know a thing or two about them and will explain what happened including where to find the alternative IPTV service should you be looking for one.

If you are looking for the GluedTV customer service, contact/phone number, there isn’t any. Therefore, I will save you some time if you are willing to read the below and trust what I say.

Glued TV, Glued TV Shut Down

I never got the chance to test and review this IPTV but I did with some of the other IPTVs that used the same Lenox app such as Expedite TV that I no longer recommend. As for Glued TV, there are usually one of two reasons what caused them to go out of service:

  1. They were notified by the license content holder to cease and desist streaming the content. Either they will remove that portion of streaming content or shut down altogether
  2. The payment processor decided to discontinue accepting new customer orders for whatever reason

When 1 or 2 above happens, generally the IPTV service no longer accepts new customers. Current customers may or may not be able to continue paying renewal subscriptions. When you no longer can find the IPTV service website home page online, cannot contact support, the streaming content is missing from the app such as in Glued TV not working anymore, can’t renew your subscription, then you must know there’s a greater issue at hand.

So when new and current customers can no longer find the website online, get support, no more streaming content from the app, can’t subscribe or renew, it means there was a GluedTV or Glued TV shut down.

The sad thing is most times customers won’t be notified if or when this happens and you are left with nothing. If you paid for the month ahead, more than likely you won’t get your money back. This is the name of the game when using IPTV services. So understand this if choosing an alternative IPTV service, speaking of which I will direct you to a Top IPTV service (click below).

You can pay the subscription to use Lenox TV or a different app/IPTV service when clicking the link below. Get your Service ID, Username & Password.

Click Here to Visit New IPTV Service (Lenox App or Replacement App

Read Full Review Here

NOTE: I’ve already tested the app and IPTV service. Soon we will post a full written review and video review but if you can’t wait, click the link above and test the service and new/replacement app yourself.

Glued TV Renew Subscription

Again, if you paid a subscription for 1 month or more months ahead, I understand your frustration. But lesson learned when finding and paying a GluedTV alternative IPTV service. When searching for one, don’t get stuck on finding one using the same Lenox app. If you do, then you are missing out on the top IPTVs I’ve tested and reviewed.

Next time, you might want to use two different IPTV services with different apps. Why? So that you are never down when watching your favorites online. One IPTV service channel may stop working especially during the best part of whatever you are watching, such as a sporting event.

I go to my backup IPTV and start streaming the live show or sporting event again. You have that option as I make it easy to find the top IPTVs out there. If an IPTV service like Glued TV goes down (no Glued TV renewal), you have your backup. If one IPTV with the app doesn’t have a particular type of streaming content or feature such as Record, you can go to the other. Get my point?

When an IPTV service offers you multiple subscriptions with different rates, you may want to do the 1 month only. It’s a matter of longevity or reliability. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 months if you feel you have confidence in the IPTV service.

You would like for the IPTV service to guarantee a refund should they go out of service. But even at that, there’s no sure thing or guarantee. This is why it’s very important the read the Refund Policy if there’s one post on the website.

If there is no Refund Policy, you ought to inquire about it with the alternative IPTV should they ever go out of service. I’m hoping you are starting to understand what happened to GluedTV to read further.

GluedTV Not Working

It happens all the time when other IPTVs go out of service or are no longer accepting new customers. Everyone seems to come to my website or my other Internet TV site looking for answers. Even now many visitors are coming here to get answers to GluedTV not working, Glued TV shut down, what happened to GluedTV, etc.

You really do need to put your thinking cap on. As I said earlier, if the Lenox app is no longer streaming any content for you to watch online, it’s the IPTV service. If you can no longer get support or find the IPTV service website online, something else happened.

You must also be a little patient because the issue could be something entirely different such as an issue with the server or hosting. This is usually temporary and the IPTV service is up and running again. But if the IPTV website, support, streaming content are all gone and that continues for several days, you can kiss everything goodbye.

GluedTV Alternative

If everything I said so far is understood and you trust what I said, then it’s your decision whether or not to look for a GluedTV alternative. We are now pushing ahead of what happened to glued TV whereas as we are moving to a solution – top IPTV service. There have been a limited number of IPTVs that use the Lenox app that I tested and reviewed. Currently, there are no more of them listed on my sites. They all went out of service. Some may be using a different name now.

Nevertheless, I made your job easier. I would like to recommend a top IPTV service that uses the DuplexPlay app which is very easy to install on a compatible device. Features include PIP, Add to Favorites, Record, etc. You get a wealth of live premium channels, VOD movies/TV Series, PPV events, CatchUp, and so on. Countries include the US, UK, CA, and many more. You can also use a VPN service if you want.

On top of this, I will also give you another link that takes you to my Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart. You can quickly compare the top IPTVs side-by-side. Take a look at the apps used, pricing, streaming content delivered, features, countries provided, and so on.

Each IPTV listed comes with a Review link to read the full review. My review is also star rated and includes a button to watch the video review. Also, you will see a Visit Site link for each IPTV listed in my Comparison Chart. Click that link and it will take you directly to the IPTV service website to learn more, get the trial or subscription.

So if everything I said so far pretty much clarifies what happened to GluedTV, by all means, do continue…

What Happened to GluedTV – Summary

Now you are aware of the risk involved when dealing with IPTV services. There are pros and cons but many see the pros outweighing the cons. However, only you can be the judge of that. You learned a lesson when dealing with GlutTV-GluedTV shut down and now you are in the know.

If you lost money and feel ripped off, angry, I do understand. But if you can get over that, you may once again journey into the IPTV service world. You probably wouldn’t want to pay for many months ahead if an IPTV service offers many plans. What happened to GluedTV is no different than what happens to many other IPTV services without notice.

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