Net TV Review (MyNet TV Review)

How to Get All if Not Most of Your Favorite TV Channels Online Including Great Movies, All Sports, PPV & More Without High Cost of Cable

Net TV Review (MyNet TV Review ) with 800+ Premium Live Channels, 100s of VOD Movies & TV Series, Day Free Trial, No IP Lock, and More. Also, an alternative to Expedite TV. If someone told you that you could watch all or most of your favorite channels online for $24.00 per month, you would probably say that’s a lie. Maybe so but there’s no harm in saying it because you’ll see what I mean soon.


There is a new IPTV service alternative that you must see. They support the Thorium Player but Lenox and Unlimited Player users can subscribe. This ends your search whereas you can use a top IPTV service like before. When you enter into the free trial or subscription, they will email the Service ID, Username, and Password.

If you are going to use the Lenox or Unlimited Player and it doesn’t perform well, Do Not contact the IPTV support. Like I said you can use those Media Players but the Thorium is supported. Consider that app/apk to be the upgrade.

Install Thorium should you have an issue. The thing is you just want to watch your favorites online while using a Media Player that’s similar.

Here is what you need to do to visit the alternative IPTV service and Media Player…

Visit Our IPTV Comparison Chart Here (Look for Thorium and Service ID listed)

5/19/22UPDATE: The original Net TV is gone, out of service. There is another Net TV service that offers a lower number of channels and from the looks of it. We are not recommending them. Get to get the best web TV has offered, I recommend clicking the link below to visit our IPTV Comparison Chart.


Unfortunately, the IPTV service recommended in this post has shut down for a two-month maintenance upgrade period to improve the infrastructure to enhance better performance and better customer experience. It was said they will return in early January 2022 after the upgrade is completed.

As a result, we had to remove two IPTV services (very similar alternatives) due to both undergoing the same upgrade. Both IPTVs used the Unlimited Player (UnliPlayer) app and allowed Lenox users to continue using their app already installed if they wanted. This upgrade would apply to the same (other) IPTVs out there and we don’t have another one to post at this time.

However, we suggest you visit our Top 10 IPTV Comparison Chart to find another IPTV service that meets your needs and uses a different TV app. We have some good ones listed starting with the #1 Recommendation. Click the link below to review…

Visit Our Top 10 Comparison Chart Here to Find Alternative IPTV Service

DO NOT READ BELOW… IPTV Service URLs Have Been Removed…


This IPTV service is no longer accepting new subscribers. Current subscribers can renew their subscriptions but we don’t know how long this will last. We don’t know if this service will open its doors again to new customers.

You can pay the subscription to use Lenox TV or a different app/IPTV service when clicking the link below. Get your Service ID, Username & Password.

ATTENTION: If you want to continue using the Lenox app or want to renew the subscription, there is an IPTV that will let you use Lenox. The IPTV service will email the Service ID, Username and Password.

However, they prefer you to use the new replacement app (UnliPlayer). If the Lenox app causes poor performance, you need to uninstall it and install the new replacement app the IPTV has for you.

But again, you can use Lenox if you want. You just can’t download the app to any compatible device because there is no app. It is not supported anymore. I am giving you a solution to continue watching your favorites online via Lenox or new replacement app. See below…

Click Here to Visit IPTV to Get Subscription for Lenox or Replacement App or Read Full Review Here

DO NOT READ BELOW the Line… All Net TV Website Links Removed…


What you get is an all-in-one IPTV service that happens to be one of the better ones out there. Before I go any further. Do Not confuse this IPTV service with MyNetworkTV. This is not the review for that service. Another thing is MyNetTV is very similar to Expedite TV that also uses the same Lenox Media Player app.  So if you are looking searching for an alternative, I encourage you to read this Net TV IPTV Review below.

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How to Watch Local TV Online (May or may not include your city)

Indoor Antenna for TV to Watch Local TV without Cable

Amazon Fire Stick for TVs Info
Note: Best streaming media device for TV that’s low-cost and has great performance with remote included.

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For individuals looking to downsize or cancel their paid TV/Video subscription, living without, or want an upgrade, Net TV delivers pretty much what you want. So whether you are on a tight budget or fixed income, this could be the solution without losing what you love to watch.

The Net TV channels from popular TV networks are what most people want without the high cost. This includes 100s of live premium channels with some local and regional channels. Adding to that the subscriber can also watch PPV events, religious and music channels. You get something for the entire family that even kids can appreciate. There are US, UK, CA, and Latin channels and I haven’t touched on the VOD yet.

The Movies and Series section both bring a wealth of streaming content. All the movie genres are there including Recently Added and New Releases. It’s the same thing for TV Series, you get different genres, Recently Added, episodes included. There is more entertainment available than meets the eye and some really nice feature enhancements as well.

Net TV Review - All Channels Net TV IPTV - Sports
Net TV Movies Net TV Series

Getting Setup

I recommend that when you visit the Net TV IPTV website, read everything provided for you. One of the things I particularly liked about this service is the website. It’s full of information that will help you. Be sure to read the FAQ section including the Terms of Service and Refund Policy. You will find those links at the bottom of their website.

You can download/install the free Lenox Media Player app on your device before signing up for the IPTV service subscription or free trial. But visit the IPTV service website first to know what compatible devices you can use. They are working on the Roku app and other apps so I’m told. Below, I have listed the compatible devices that were listed during the time of this Net TV review.

The Lenox app is not a standalone TV app. It won’t deliver live and on-demand streams to you without an IPTV service provider. In other words, the app must connect to the IPTV service provider. They are the ones that activate the app and deliver all the streaming content. Net TV will send an email with your Service ID, Username, and Password. When I signed up for the Free Trial, I received 3 emails quickly. One email had the Service ID and my Username and Password.

If you don’t see any emails immediately after signing up, check your Junk/Spam mail folder. They could be there. If so, simply move those emails to your regular email inbox. Getting back to installing the app. Once you know and have the compatible device(s) you want to use, I recommend installing the Lenox app first. You want to find out if an issue occurs.

If no issue occurs, you will need to enter the Service ID, Username, and Password.  This is where you need to signup for either the Free Trial or subscription package to get what you need to activate the app. Once activated, you can watch TV online through the IPTV service and app.

Signup Here to Get Your Free Trial or Subscription

Note: I suggest you watch the Free Trial & Subscription Signup videos above before you do.

MyNet TV – 5 Things Needed:

  1. ISP (Internet Service Provider) w/ modem-router
  2. Internet connection speed (30 Mbps or higher; higher the better)
  3. Free Lenox app or Net TV web app from IPTV service
  4. Downloader app depending on the device used
  5. IPTV service provider subscription or Free Trial

If you plan to use an HDTV or smart TV, here’s what you need to know: If your smart TV has an internal app store, you probably won’t find the Lenox app there. I have a Samsung smart TV and the app wasn’t there. To watch everything on your smart TV or HDTV, you need a streaming media device such as an Amazon device, Android Box, or NVIDIA Shield.

If you don’t have any of these devices, I highly recommend buying the Amazon Firestick. It gives you great performance and really works well with the app and IPTV service. It’s also cheaper than other popular streaming media devices out there. And you get to use a remote. Click Here to Learn More. Before I go any further, I encourage you to watch all the videos above inside the star review. You will see the links.

If you are concern about not being able to get all or most of your local TV channels, be sure to check out the links I provide after the 1st paragraph at the top. If you have a computer (Windows or Mac) with an Internet connection, you can connect that device via HDMI cable. Learn More Here. You will need to sign up for Net TV on your computer.

You can play streaming content from the app once it’s connected to the IPTV service. Or, with a computer, you can also sign into to use the web browser app and watch everything that way. I didn’t test this part yet but I plan to do so in the near future.

My Net TV – Device Compatibility & Apps (MyNet APK)

Here’s is a list of compatible devices at the time of this review…

  • Computers (Windows PC & Mac, Laptop)
  • Tablets
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Amazon Devices (Fire TV/Firestick/Cube)
  • Android Devices (Smartphones, Android box 5.1 or higher)
  • Apple iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad)
  • Apple TV

Note: Roku app was said to be coming in the near future; If you don’t see a device listed more than likely you can’t use it but you can contact support.

Here are some of the benefits/features…

  • Intuitive & easy to learn navigation
  • Continue Watching to continue where you left off
  • Watch TV, Sports, Movies, Kids, Series, News Music
  • Free apps many devices & web app
  • PPV events
  • Adult content (locked by default)
  • PauseTV, ReplayTV and USB / HDD Recording (Catchup TV)
  • Vertical & Horizontal TV Guide
  • TV Anywhere, share content across devices
  • One unified look & feel across all supported devices
  • No IP Lock (connect any compatible device when traveling)
  • Quad View (up to 4 PIP)
  • Channel Preview
  • Connect 5 devices at one time
  • Can create/setup profiles exclusively for kids, you, etc., with access to certain streaming content

Net TV Review – Passing the Test

I reviewed and tested many IPTV service providers. Many of them don’t offer as much as My Net TV which is another name they use. Here’s where I’m going to dive deeper into my review. I provided a 4-part breakdown of how everything works together. After that, you’ll get other important information including the pros & cons.

1. Net TV Channel Delivery

Although the CatchUp TV section wasn’t working during this My Net TV review, overall the channel delivery still gets a high rating. I contacted support about the non-working CatchUp TV section. I was told they are working on it but no timeline was given. When testing many live channels to see if they would play, the vast majority of them worked. Only a few MyNet TV channels didn’t work.

There are so many live channels from the US, CA, and the UK sections including Latin channels. I did not test all of them. I’ll leave that up to you to test what interests you when entering into the free trial. Not only did the live channels play quickly in HD (1080p) picture quality but on-demand movies and TV series played quickly as well. There is no delay which is a big plus for me which I’m sure it’s important to you also.

I did not review the Adult content category. That’s something I’m not into but it’s there. I believe it’s locked by default and they give you an unlock code. Remember, they do have a child-lock feature for the other streaming content as well.

2. Performance

I did not experience a buffering issue, picture freezing, no audio, or no video. Again, there are 100s of live channels and 1000s of VODs. I couldn’t possibly test them all. I’m sure those issues do exist but I didn’t come across anything like that. One of the things I liked was one of the sub-categories for Support. If there is a non-working channel, you can report it right then and there to notify support. They have simplified the process.

Playing on-demand movies and TV series was a breeze and a pleasant surprise as I didn’t experience any issues. Everything that I clicked worked with the exception of the ‘Record’ feature (support is aware) and ‘CatchUp TV’ (update: Now working). Still, I gave the performance a high rating as well since they also have more features than most IPTV services out there.

The other feature enhancements included are ‘Add to Favorites’, ‘Quad View’ (up 4 PIP), creating profiles, and the MyNet TV guide which of them worked seamlessly. Even live TV and VOD controls worked very well. However, I’m 100% sure the ‘Interactive TV’ feature works. I’ll get back to that one to see if I can figure it out or contact support. Another feature is the TV menu that you can open while a live channel is playing. You can easily scroll up/down the TV menu to find and watch another channel.

Honestly, I did not experience anything that frustrated me. Of course, there was some familiarization I had to go through first. The Lenox app did close on me once but that could have been something I did when familiarizing myself with app and IPTV service. There wasn’t enough time in the Net My TV review to test the reliability of the service. After the Free Trial ended, I decided to enter into the 1-month subscription. This gives me more time to check how reliable the service is.

3. Interface

My Net TV gets another high rating in this department. With so much to see and do, you almost think you’re going to be overwhelmed. But the more time I had to test everything and familiarize myself the more it got easier. Granted I’m more experienced than you but I’m confident you will figure everything out eventually. There is no guide or instructions that explains everything to you.

The NetTV website does have a video tutorial to learn the ‘Quad View’ but nothing more. Remember, you can always contact support if help is needed.  You get an easy-to-use interface that’s relatively fast and smooth as the Lenox app connects with the Net TV IPTV service.

4. Support

According to their website, support is available from 9 AM to 9 PM. You can use the Contact Us Form or website Chatbox. I highly suggest using the chatbot on their website. That’s where you get the quickest response when a representative is online. I contacted support several times with questions prior to signing up and after. They are quite helpful and answered all of my questions so I gave this section of my review another high rating.

Net TV Cost, Subscriptions, Free Trial & Refund

The 24-hour Free Trial is a no-brainer to enter into but I didn’t get the full 24 hours. Nevertheless, there’s no risk whatsoever because you are not required to give up your credit card info for the Free Trial. They will ask you to enter your Billing info but not your credit card info. I suggest watching the Free Trial Signup Video (at the top) as I got crossed up a little. You will see this and how I was able to complete the signup process.

Note: The Free Trial does not include PPV Events. PPV is only included in the paid subscription.

There are 4 Subscription Plans with 5 device connections each as follow:

  1. 1-Month: $24.00
  2. 3-Month: $60.00
  3. 6-Month: $110
  4. 12-Month: $215

There is no automatic or recurring billing. You pay as you go. For instance, if signing up for the 1-month subscription and when it ends, no money is automatically charged to your credit card or Paypal account. You decide whether or not to renew your subscription or choose a different subscription. You have the option to use PayPal when paying your subscription or pay with a debit or credit card.

By the way, when I paid for the one-month subscription after the Free Trial ended, I was given the option to choose ‘One Time’ or ‘Subscription’. I was almost thrown off there. But there’s an explanation directly below when you toggle ‘Subscription’ that says they will alert me via email when my subscription is about to end. I went ahead and toggled ‘Subscription’ as I would like for them to send me an email reminder.

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Pros & Cons


As you can see, my Net TV IPTV review and test were broken down into 4 sections. This included Channel Delivery, Performance, Interface, and Support. Each one got a high mark that impressed me so much that I entered into the 1-month subscription. The low-cost compared to the high cost of cable TV is something to marvel at when choosing any one of the 4 subscriptions. You get tremendous savings in whatever you choose.

From what my tests revealed of the IPTV service and app working together, I was quite pleased. And I think you will be also. If you are tired of paying the high cost of cable TV or living without or want to upgrade your TV entertainment, I have no doubt you’ll be happy. Seeing that all of us want the best affordable TV alternative, this IPTV should definitely be on your list of alternatives.

Getting access to over 800 live channels (US, US, CA, Latin), PPV, Sports, Movies, Shows, Kids, News, Local & Regional channels, is quite awesome. There’s a lot of entertainment for the entire family. The feature enhancements are second to none and a winner in my book.


Net TV isn’t perfect which can be said for all streaming TV services. When I conducted my full review, I found the ‘CatchUp TV’ and ‘Record’ feature non-working. Support said they are working on them. You just have to wait and see if both will be fixed. I’m still not sure about the ‘Interactive TV’ feature just yet. I couldn’t get it working at the time.

UPDATE: CatchUp TV and more local channels now working

They do have international channels but there aren’t that many available. I’m not sure why they added those channels since the service caters more to North America. It would have been nice had they made the Adult content optional that allows you to choose whether or not to include it in your subscription. But you can lock those channels.

I don’t recommend this IPTV service if you are solely interested in watching local channels. You will only get a few of them and I’m not sure all U.S. cities are included. You can always purchase an indoor HDTV antenna to get access to all your local channels in your area. Just connect the antenna to the back of your HDTV or smart TV and then run a channel scan. This is how you watch local channels without cable TV.

I did come across a couple of channels where the picture froze. I had to click to play the channel again to continue watching it. Still, I experienced the same freezing issue periodically with those channels. I tested more live channels in the 1-month subscription than I did in the 24-hour Free Trial. Most played without an issue. As for broken live channels, there’s a support icon you can click to alert support to the issue. By the way, the Free Trial only lasted about 12 hours or so before it terminated. I don’t know if this will happen to you.


Despite the cons mentioned, there’s a lot more here to be desired. I can only say that out of the many IPTV services I reviewed and tested in the past, I am very please with this one. Mostly everything passed with flying colors. I can wait for them to fix what’s broken and will update my Net TV IPTV review when that happens.

The ‘Record’ feature is not working which may the deal-breaker for some folks. But you shouldn’t dismiss all the other perks. You can always contact support if something is broken. Perhaps if they get more responses from people they will speed things up to fix the record feature. Otherwise, go ahead and give it a go. But remember I didn’t get the full 24-hour Free Trial so you might not as well. I highly recommend this IPTV service and would even recommend it to my family and friends.

This Concludes Our Net TV Review (MyNet TV Review)

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