My25DollarBucket on Firestick

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How to Install My25DollarBucket on Firestick with Download Instructions

In video 1 above, I go over the My25Dollar bucket on Firestick setup whereas you must download/install the SO Player app. Unfortunately, when you use a Fire TV or Firestick, you won’t find the SOPlay app in the Amazon app store. So you must sideload the app from a different directory. The directory that I am speaking of has the apk file version of the app. There are many apk files for other apps in this directory.

First, the Downloader app must be downloaded and install so that you can download/install the SOPlay app. There is an important URL that you need to write down to enter into the Downloader app. See further down.

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Go to the My 25 Dollar Bucket website FAQs section to find the ‘Fire Stick Installation Guide’. I don’t use the Fire TV device but I’m sure you can follow the same guide to get set up. The instructions will also provide the SOPlay URL. Make sure you write down the URL or you can write it down from below…

Type in this URL inside the Downloader App:

Activation/Login Credentials

Watch the video at the top to see the setup in action. Once the SOPlay app is installed on the Fire TV or Firestick, you must enter the activate/login credentials. Just follow the instructions. Keep in mind that you will get the credentials right after completing the signup process for the free trial or subscription.

The IPTV service will also email you the activation/credentials. Expect to receive 2-3 emails immediately after completing the signup process. If you don’t see any emails or not all of them, be sure to look in your Spam/Junk folder. Any emails from the IPTV service found in that folder must be moved to your regular email inbox. This is where you normally receive important emails.

Once you activate the app, you can complete setting it up. Select the background color, either white or black, and create a profile name. Now you are all set to watch TV online. Now the watch the video at top where you look over my shoulders to see everything.

Navigation, Interfacing, Features, and Streaming Content

When going through the My25DollarBucket on Firestick review, you get to see me navigate throughout the app to different sections where the streaming content is stored. There are 5 categories: 1) TV; 2) Movies; 3) TV Shows (no streaming content); EPG (Electronic Programming Guide); 5) Settings.

The features are very minimum. There is no record feature and I could only Add to Favorites VOD movies and TV Series. I couldn’t figure out how to Add to Favorites live channels. Perhaps this was done on purchase. One thing for sure the new version SO Player is different from the old version. I couldn’t program the EPG (TV Guide) as I did with the old version of the app. There is a search tool to search by title or city name.

Navigating though the app and finding what you want to watch online is a cinch. Very user-friendly and live channels played rather quickly. I played channels randomly without knowing which one would work or not. But most channels tested played very well. You get all kinds of streaming content for the entire family including children.

Be aware that adult 18+ is also provided and locked by default. The IPTV service will provide a code to unlock that content.

If you watch the video at the top, you will see the Buy25DollarBucket on Firestick in action. This may be enough for you to make up your mind to buy into this IPTV service. Make sure you watch video 1 and video 2.

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