Install Best Cast TV on Firestick

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The video above shows how to install Best Cast TV on Firestick which is the same thing as how to install Unlimited Play on Firestick. Unlimited Player or unliplayer is the app being used by this IPTV service. Lenox app users can use this IPTV service that will send the Service ID, Username, and Password.

However, keep in mind that Lenox is no longer being supported. No one can download the app anymore so if you experience an issue, you need to do the following: Uninstall Lenox and install the replacement app which is Unlimited Player. That app is supported and can be downloaded to any compatible device.

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How to Install Best Cast TV on Firestick | How to Install Unlimited Player on Firestick

As the heading above appears both are one and the same. Some people refer to the IPTV service while others refer to the TV app. So to be clear, you are actually downloading/installing the Unlimited Player (unliplayer) app that Best Cast TV is using. Lenox users can use that app if they want and if it works well enough for them. Otherwise, install the unliplayer app.

Both the Lenox MP app and unliplayer app are similar. You cannot find the Unlimited Player app in the Apple Play Store. But you can find it in the Google Play Store. This means iOS devices are not compatible at the moment but they will be in the near future.

As for the Firestick and Fire TV Amazon devices, you cannot find the app inside the internal app store. This being the case you must install the Download app first. That app requires entering the unliplayer URL which is an apk file found in the apk directory. As a result, there are extra steps involved.

But never fear, you will find setup instructions on the BestCast website and email they send you after signing up. I also provided a video link at the top that you can get the step to install the Downloader app. Note that you must install Downloader first so you need to watch that video. The video above takes you through the other steps that require entering/typing in the unliplayer apk URL.


By now you should be clear on how to install Best Cast TV on Firestick and How to install Unlimited Player on Firestick is talking about the same thing. Once the installation process is completed, entering the Service ID, Password and Username will activate the unliplayer apk. This will enable you to log in and get access to the streaming content inside the TV app.

I consider the Amazon Firestick to be the best streaming media device for IPTV services. Once you get the hang of the Downloader app and keep it installed on the Firestick, you can install any TV app. The Firestick is low-cost but powerful and comes with Alexus Voice. The controls on the remote work very well with the TV app.

So if you don’t have NVIDIA Shield which is the only other streaming media device to use right now, get the Firestick. I have 3 household TVs (1 HDTV & 2 smart TVs [LG, Samsung]). I have the Firestick connect to each one of those TVs whereas everyone in the household can watch something different.

BestCast allows up to five device connections which is enough to commodate a large household with many TVs. If you have not watched the video at the top, do so now to install Best Cast TV on Firestick a.k.a. install Unlimited Player on Firestick.


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