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If you are searching for a catch up TV app to watch pre-recorded television programs online, consider the best all-in-one service with a free app download. Not only do they bring hundreds of DVR (recorded) TV shows from 79 top television networks but a lot of other streaming content also. I’m talking about a streaming TV service that can put a definite end to the high cost of cable or satellite TV.  Savings is just a small part of the reward.

App for Catch Up TV Plus Local Channels, Premium Live Channels (US, UK, Spanish, French, Filipino), Sports w/ PPV Events, VOD, and More

There is an IPTV service that I covered in the video here that has a great free app for catch TV. You can watch what you want from a number of compatible devices. More on this later. You can quickly tap into the CatchUp section inside the app to see all television network names. Each name has DVR written to the right of it. You don’t need to record anything. The IPTV service does all the recordings for you. Just sit back, watch, and enjoy.

Get IPTV Service with CatchUp TV or Check Our Top 10 Comparison Chart for More IPTV Services with CatchUp

NOTE: If you decide to click the link above to go to the Top 10 Chart instead, scroll down to find the ‘Streaming Content’ section at the far left side. Then look to the right at each IPTV service to see which ones includes CatchUp TV. Some of them also include a trial.


You get eight days of catch Up DVR recordings with numbered days of the week, which refreshes with a new set of DVR recordings are posted. The other section includes two columns with all the television programs in their respective time slot. It’s a breeze finding what you missed or want to see over again. There’s a Search tool with a keypad to type in the name of the TV network. Or, you can simply point, click, and scroll to find what you want.

You simply click the TV network name, click one of the numbered days of the week you want, and then click what you want to watch from the list of pre-recorded TV programs. Included are shows, news, sports, movies, and so on. That’s how simple it is to search, find, and watch online.

The IPTV service and catch up TV app which also includes other streaming content works extremely well together. All streams play quickly and many of the channels tested worked/played with crystal clear picture quality. I have been using this service and free app for some time now. I even recommended the service and app to family members.

NOTE: Clicking the link directly above will take you to the IPTV service that uses two apps, DuplexPlay and SOPlay. Get the subscription for SOPlay to get CatchUp TV also.

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More Entertainment Than Imagined

Consider the big picture. Whatever you are paying for cable or satellite TV, you save a bundle without having to opt into a bundle. There is no contract, hidden/cancellation fee, geo-restrictions, or set-top box to install. Any person across the globe can get access to both the app, service, and all the content.

There are hundreds of live premium channels from top networks to watch movies, news, kids’ channels, sports, and so on. Also, PPV events (no extra charge), thousands of on-demand movies, and TV series with episodes. And there’s plenty more that may interest you as well. When you see the subscription price along with the free trial (no credit card), it’s a no-brainer. There should be nothing keeping you from trying everything for yourself.

App for Catch Up TV and Other Content Brings Ease-of-Use, Hi-Tech, and Tons of Entertainment

The free SO Player or catch up TV player with other streaming content can be downloaded and install on any number of compatible devices. There is no sign-up or subscription to download/install the free app. The SOPlayer is not a standalone TV app. It doesn’t deliver streaming content by itself. You need to subscribe to an IPTV service which I’m recommending the best one for you. Click any link you see posted to visit now.

The IPTV service activates the app so that it can be used to watch TV online. After signing up for the free trial or subscription, the IPTV service sends a few emails to the subscriber. One important email contains account information with a link to log into his/her account online. This is where you would go to pay the subscription. When the subscription ends, you visit your account again and pay to subscribe again.

The other email will have the provider ID, username, password, device pin codes which are your activation/login credentials. You need this information to activate and use the app for catch up TV player (SOPlayer). But you will gain access to all the other streaming content as well. With  Catch Up TV, Live TV, On-Demand TV, Local TV, and Sports, you would think that’s all there is to it. But not so!

What also makes this the best catch up TV app and IPTV service is the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide). You get a TV guide that shows all the TV networks with TV programs in their respective time-slots. Click whatever it is you want to watch online.

The IPTV service website has all instructions to download/install the free app player. You also get this information via email. Just make sure to type the correct email address when signing up. And if you don’t see any emails from the service, be sure to look in your Spam or Junk mail folder.

Get IPTV Service with CatchUp TV or Check Our Top 10 Comparison Chart for More IPTV Services with CatchUp

Catch Up TV Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Smart TV & Other Compatible Devices

The Android or iOS app for smartphones is the only device (with an app) that can access the IPTV service from different IP addresses. You cannot use different IP addresses for other devices that are not mobile. A laptop is not a mobile device but a portable device instead. You can get catch up TV app iPad and catch up TV android instructions when visiting the website for download instructions.

If you have an HDTV with HDMI port and don’t have the Amazon Firestick, you need to purchase one. Learn More Here. Firestick is the best streaming device to use. You get the best web TV experience. Most streaming TV services are compatible with the Firestick. If you have more than one household television, simply connect a Firestick to each TV. This way other family members can watch television programs they want to see online

Catch Up TV on Smart TV. If you have a smart TV, you may or may not find SO Player inside your smart TV app store. I have a Samsung smart TV and couldn’t find the SO Player. When this is the case, it means your smart TV isn’t compatible. Just purchase a Firestick and you’re good to go.

If you don’t see a device that you have on the list of compatible devices, you contact support to see if that device can be used. Keep in mind that Xbox, Roku, Chromecast, PlayStation, and other gaming devices are not compatible. Mag devices are compatible but you must download/install the Nora Go app.

As for NoraGo, I experimented sometime ago when I couldn’t find the SOPlayer app inside my smart TV. I did find the Nora  Go app and downloaded/installed it directly to my Samsung smart TV. Then I entered the IPTV activation/login credentials and it worked. I could watch everything on my smart TV via NoraGo.

You will find also Apple TV Catch Up TV download instructions. Just remember that there’s a great deal more streaming content included.

Get IPTV Service with CatchUp TV or Check Our Top 10 Comparison Chart for More IPTV Services with CatchUp

Another Option

Here’s a workaround if you have a computer and no Firestick and want to watch everything on your TV. Connect any Mac or Windows computer to any HDTV or smart TV via HDMI cable. As long as the TV has an HDMI port, this connection can be made. Whatever appears or plays on the computer screen will appear/play on the television screen.

With access to the IPTV service, you download/install the catch up TV app with other content to the computer.  I suggest that if you are going to use this setup to purchase a wireless keyboard. Learn More Here. This way you don’t have to keep going to your computer to change a channel or watch something else. Unless of course, you like the exercise.

Best IPTV Service with Best Catch Up TV App

Don’t think for a second that you are getting some run-of-the-mill service and Catch UP TV app. Instead, you get more than what you originally thought. There are 3 subscription plans that you can choose: 1) $11.99 for 7 days; 2) $29.99 for 1 months (connect up 4 devices); 3) $49.99 for 1 month (connect up to 8 devices). The 48-hour Free Trial gets you in with no credit card. You get full access to everything with the exception to PPV and UFC events.

Get IPTV Service with CatchUp TV or Check Our Top 10 Comparison Chart for More IPTV Services with CatchUp


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