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Clutch TV Review – Tried and Tested by Real User. This No IP Lock IPTV lets you use a VPN service if you want to hide your IP address. Not only that but you can connect any compatible device to the service when you travel. You are not restricted to using just a smartphone when traveling. If you are looking for a way to cut your cable bill, want to cancel, or living without cable, Clutch TV IPTV is a TV service to consider.


During 2021, we were notified by this IPTV service they were undergoing complete infrastructure upgrade. As a result, they said no more new customers would be accepted. However, they said after the upgrade they would allow new customer subscription but this never took place until now.

I’m happy to inform they are back with a new brand name. We tested, reviewed, and posted the review and videos on our website. This IPTV service now supports the Thorium app that requires the Service ID, Username and Password.

If you have the Unlimited Player (UnliPlayer) already installed or any similar TV app that requires the Service ID, you can subscribe to this IPTV service. In other words, you can continue using those Media Players.

You can enter into the Free Trial to test the app you already installed that I mentioned above. I’m not referring to any Media Players requiring the Provider ID. I’m talking about the Service ID.

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If you are searching for Clutch TV Canada, check the Comparison Chart by clicking the link above. All IPTVs listed deliver Canadian TV channels. Or, you can read this article Best IPTV Canada Reviews. There’s a top Canadian IPTV service revealed. Click the link that will take you directly to the website to get the free trial or subscription. I must warn you. There’s a lot of streaming content available, not just Canada TV.

DO NOT READ BELOW… IPTV Service URLs Have Been Removed…

More good news… If you are a Lenox Media Player app user. You can use that app to connect with this IPTV service. However, it’s suggested to use the new/replacement app for Lenox which is no longer can be downloaded. If you are experiencing a performance issue using the Lenox app, then it’s time to make the replacement.

After testing and reviewing ClutchTV, I’m happy to say that this IPTV is one of the better ones out there that uses the Unlimited Player app. There’s a wealth of streaming content available that everyone wants and something for the entire family. But let’s be truthful. No IPTV service is perfect and neither is Clutch so you will want to read the pros and cons listed further down.

What I particularly like about this IPTV and app is that everything worked during the short time I tested it. But don’t cancel cable just yet. I advise testing the service for at least 30 days after opting into the 24-hour free trial to make the initial test.

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NOTE: You can even use the Lenox app if installed.

Clutch TV IPTV Review Videos

If you haven’t clicked the two buttons in my star-rated review above, you need to click one or the other to watch the video. The written review here doesn’t cover everything and you won’t be able to get a clear picture of everything. So do yourself a favor and take the time to watch the video review.

One video will cover the Clutch IPTV website where I break everything down to you. Then I walk you through the signup process whereas you will watch me opt into the free trial.

The other video review lets you see everything inside the app connected to Clutch whereas the app is installed on my Firestick. Either button you click will take you to the How-to video website to watch the video. Below the video when you get there, you find links such as how to install the app on the Firestick, other videos, as well as a link to visit the Clutch TV website.

Remember, you can find the Unlimited Play app inside the Google Player Store on some devices with a web browser. But for the Fire TV, Firestick, and Android devices, you will need to sideload the app (apk file). Make sure you watch the video that shows how to install the app on the Firestick even if you are going to use an Android device.

Requirements and How Does It Work

You need 3 essential things to make this work for you:

High-Speed Internet connection (30 Mbps or more download speed). As for your primary device you are going to use to watch everything online, I recommend connecting an Ethernet cable (hardwire) instead of a wireless connection. You get a faster Internet connection speed with the Ethernet cable. For all other devices, use a wireless connection. For my Amazon Firestick, I order an Ethernet Firestick adapter. You can find it HERE if you have a Firestick or Fire TV.

Compatible Devices you can use are the Fire TV/Firestick, Android Device (Box, TV, Phone), Windows PC/Laptop w/ bluestacks emulator, NVIDIA Shield, or Tablet. No other device can be used. Depending on your device you can find the Unlimited Player app in the Google Play Store. For the Fire TV/Firestick and Android devices, you will need to install the Downloader app first.

The IPTV service provider, which Clutch TV will provide the credentials to activate the app. The activation credentials include the Service ID, Username, and Password. Again, Lenox app users can also use this IPTV service. The app doesn’t deliver any streaming content by itself.

You must pay an IPTV subscription and this is where Clutch IPTV comes into play. They deliver all the streaming content both live and on-demand.

You do not need to sign up or pay a subscription to download/install the free Unlimited Player app. There is no other hardware needed to watch TV online. If you experience an issue with the streaming content, it’s usually not the app. Besides buffering if any, the issue is usually with the IPTV service. That’s where you go to get support.

Watch Exactly Do You Get and Who Can Use It

Clutch TV is for anyone worldwide that wants to watch US, Canada, and Spanish channels with access to the same streaming content. There are a great many live premium channels from major TV networks including 24/7, local channels, PPV events, and so on. With that also comes a huge selection of on-demand movies with all the popular genres and new releases plus TV series with seasons/episodes. And there’s still more.

There are plenty of TV networks to watch movies, sports, news, shows, kids, etc. Surely your favorites are included as mine were included. If you speak and understand English and/or Spanish, then this IPTV should work for you. The on-demand movies and TV series are fully loaded. Take a look at the organization of channels and VOD I found inside the app…

Main Screen with Categories inside App:

Account (icon), Home, Television, Channels, TV Guide, Movies, Series, CatchUpTV, Search, Logout.

Television Category Includes:

USA, Favorites, Sports, News & Weather, CatchUp Channels (recorded every 7 days), Canada, Kids, Locals, Religious, Music, 24/7, International, Espanol, PPV, Adult.

You will need to click the Clutch TV review video button at the top to see inside the app and watch everything in action. Not only do I take you through the IPTV website details and explain everything, but I also take you through the signing up process (free trial), and let you see everything inside the app once it’s connected to the IPTV service (Clutch).

EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) or TV Guide

Besides just a TV guide preloaded with live channels, you have the ability to select a sub-category of channels of your choosing that can load another group of channels in the TV guide. Inside the EPG there are many sub-categories. These are the same sub-categories found in the Television Category (see above). I was able to click Sports and the TV guide was loaded with all Sports. I then clicked the USA link and it replaced all Sports channels with all USA channels.

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Interfacing, Channel Delivery & Performance

There have been customer complaints about buffering issues for all streaming TV services, not just IPTVs. When going through my Clutch TV review, I did not experience any buffering issue. One reason for this is I get over 200 Mpbs download speed from my ISP which is Comcast. This doesn’t mean you need that much. You may be able to get by with 30 Mpbs download speed but keep in mind more or faster the speed the better.

If you experience consistent buffering issues, more than likely it’s coming from your end. If this is the case, then you need to watch this video HERE. I am not saying no buffering at all comes from the IPTV service but what I do say is that I find IPTVs with very little buffering. In most cases, the buffering works itself out or I go to another channel to play it then go back to the buffering channel to play it again.

This sometimes corrects the issues but if the same channel always has a buffering issue, then it’s time to contact support if that channel really interests me. As for the interfacing and channel delivery, I was quite happy with both. Newcomers to Internet TV and TV apps will take longer to learn everything inside the app but the navigating part is quite simple.


I recommend using the Firestick with remote control. The functionality of the remote works great with IPTVs. that streaming devices makes it easy to maneuver around the app and perform all the features it has. You get fast and smooth action when playing a live channel or VOD. The picture quality is indeed HD (1080). There’s probably SD and FHD picture quality as well. I say probably because I didn’t test 1000+ channels and 1000s of VOD.

This is why I recommend you enter into the one-month or three-month subscription after you enter into the free trial. This way you’ve tested the reliability of the IPTV service and if satisfied, then cancel cable if this is what you wish to do. I canceled cable years ago and saved a bundle.

Clutch TV Sport

Sports fans and fanatics both should love using this service to watch local, national, and international sports live online. This includes seasonal sports and PPV events. You get access to many major sports television networks including ESPN. Watch any college or Pro game, Olympics, preseason, playoff, championship, you name it. You’ll get all the Clutch TV sports you want and PPV events to watch the big fights/boxing matches on Saturday night.

Feature Enhancements Included

In my Clutch TV IPTV review, there were not that many features but the ones that were there are very beneficial. See below…

  • Add to Favorites (Channels and VOD)
  • Parental Controls
  • PIP (4 Picture in Picture)
  • Search tool for live channels & VOD
  • EPG (Programmable TV Guide)

The PIP displays 4 channels whereas you can play the audio for one channel at a time. You can also go to the previous channel or the next channel when clicking the arrow. The app itself makes everything easily accessible. You just need to play around with it and you will begin to figure things out.

Anyone can point and click, search, find, and play channels or VOD, unless you are a complete newbie on your device including Internet TV, apps, IPTVs, etc. If you happen to be the latter, I recommend getting someone who can help you get set up. I also recommend signing up to get my Free IPTV Setup Guide HERE.

Compatible Devices

Only the compatible devices listed below can be used. If you don’t see your device, it is not compatible.

  • Andriod Devices (Phone, TV, Box)
  • Windows PC/Laptop (w/ bluestacks emulator)
  • Tablet
  • Fire TV/Firestick
  • NVIDIA Shield

You can use an Android smart TV. Or use the Fire TV/Firestick/NVIDIA Shield to connect to an HDTV or smart TV. I recommend that you use an Ethernet cable for your primary device to avoid buffering issues. The Ethernet cable will give you a much faster Internet connection speed. All other devices can connect wirelessly.

Keep in mind that you can connect up to 5 streaming devices at one time. I have one HDTV and two smart TVs (LG & Samsung) where I have the Firestick connected to each. I can watch everything from the IPTV service on any TV in my household using the Firestick that’s connected to each television.

Lenox App Users

There is good news. You can end your search if you have the Lenox Media Player app installed and want to use it. This IPTV service allows you to do exactly that when providing you with the Service ID, Username, and Password. Simply sign up to subscribe and get their emails delivered to your inbox immediately to activate the app.

However, you should consider installing the replacement app (Unlimited Player)–especially if the Lenox app is underperforming. Watch the video here.

Clutch TV Subscription Plans, Cost, Free Trial & Support

I opted for the free trial. You can watch my review video to see it (click the button in the star-rated review at the top). It’s very simple to sign up for the trial — no credit card is required. Same thing if you want to pay the subscription. See trial and subscriptions below…

UPDATE: No more free trial. Ignore below…

You can opt into the 24-Hour Clutch TV Free Trial to test the app with IPTV service.

What’s even better is that no credit card is required. Just sign up for the trial and get your free IPTV account. The service will send you emails with your activation/login credentials, and other information without delay. However, sometimes unknown emails are sent to your Junk or Spam folder.

If you didn’t get any emails, look in that folder and move all those emails to your regular email inbox.

For each Clutch TV subscription cost, you can connect up to 5 Devices…

  • 1-Month Subscription Plan: $24.00 USD
  • 3-Month Subscription Plan: $59.00 USD

There is no automatic or recurring billing. You simply pay as you go. When the one or three-month subscription ends, you can renew the subscription again, either 1 or 3-month. You must subscribe again through the Clutch TV website. The payment processor is PayPal where you can use a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay the subscription. There is another option you can use to make a payment without a PayPal account.


As for support, use the chatbox. You’ll get a quicker response. If the agent is online, you will be attended to immediately. Otherwise, wait an hour or so or maybe less to get a reply. You can also use the Contact Form at the bottom of the home page if you have any presell questions. Keep in mind this depends on the time of day or holiday.

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Clutch TV Review – Pros & Cons

You can see from the bullet points where I list the Pros and Cons in my star-rated review at the top. Below I will cover them briefly but rest assured the pros outweigh the cons.


If you are looking for an IPTV service that has all the major TV networks to watch movies, kids, sports, shows, news, or whatever else, you can put a checkmark on your list. If you are a sports fan or fanatic, put another checkmark. And if you are a movie buff or love watching TV series, put a check there too.

But there’s a lot more that should get you interested in subscribing to Clutch TV IPTV with the PPV events, CatchUp TV, and other streaming content included. You can add channels and VODs to favorites and use the PIP feature to watch 4 channels at one time. The IPTV service does all the recording for CatchUp. You simply search, find, and watch. Recordings of many TV programs from television networks are updated every 7 days.

The EPG is something else to marvel at whereby you can program the TV Guide to change from one channel sub-category to another such as News or Sports or USA. You can do this seamlessly as well as play those channels directly inside the EPG.

This is a No IP Lock IPTV service which means you can use a VPN service if you want to hide your IP address. And you should be able to connect any compatible device to Clutch when traveling. No mobile device restriction when traveling like other IPTVs. The Clutch TV cost compared to cable TV will provide great savings year in and year out.


Don’t count on any IPTV service including Clutch to watch all or most of your local TV channels. You will be very disappointed. I suggest you buy an Indoor HDTV antenna which you can go to your electronic store or Amazon. Either that or check Locast TV, a free local TV streaming service to see if your city is included. If it is, you’re in luck.

Clutch IPTV is not high on global channels (from other countries outside the US). You will only get access to US, Canada, and Spanish channels but many of them. The International and 24/7 channels only have 2 channels each. This IPTV service is not compatible with iOS devices and all other devices not mentioned previously.


You already know how much does clutch TV cost and see the great savings without losing your favorites to watch. If you don’t have cable but some other TV/Video subscription, you need to compare the streaming content you get. There’s nothing wrong with having both if one service has what the other does not.

You see the pros are far more than the cons which mean this is a good IPTV service whereas I gave them a big thumbs up. I did the test and felt good about writing this review with video reviews which you can watch to see and learn more. The setup is easy, even though the FireTV/Firestick and Android devices require more steps. Also, know that everything in this review also applies to Clutch TV Canada.

Just watch the videos to get a visual and follow along. I have reviewed many IPTVs in the past, this one was good enough to be included in my Top 10. The free trial is a no-brainer which I recommend opting into first. Do a test and check for yourself whether or not this is something that really interests you. Enjoy!

This Completes Our Clutch TV Review

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