Subscribe or Renew Lenox TV Subscription

The Lenox app is no longer supported by most if not all IPTV services that were using that app. If you already have Lenox installed and still want to know how to subscribe to Lenox TV, then continue reading. Same thing if you are looking for the renew Lenox TV subscription or renew Sentra TV subscription website but can’t find it.


Both the Lenox Media Player and Unlimited Player have been replaced with the Thorium Player which is the go-to app/apk now. Lenox is no longer supported by IPTV services. Read on…

A new IPTV service is now open and serving new customers. Actually, it’s a revamped IPTV with a new brand name and TV app called Thorium. This IPTV provides the Service ID, Username, and Password. If you have Lenox or any similar app installed that requires the Service ID (Not Provider ID), you can subscribe to the new IPTV.

You can also contact the new IPTV support agent to confirm what I said. Or, opt into the Free Trial and test the TV app you have. Again, You will get the Service ID, Username, and Password via email. If your old app doesn’t perform well, then you should install the Thorium app.

NOTE: I was not permitted to post a link here that takes you directly to the new IPTV website. Just click the link below to visit our IPTV Comparison Chart. Look for the IPTV service listed that provides the Service ID, Username, and Password. Or, contact us to inquire about the new IPTV service and where to subscribe.

The video posted below covers the update and where to get access to the IPTV service (subscription) with the Service ID for Lenox. Click the link below the video and visit the IPTV Comparison Chart to find the IPTV service with Thorium Player and provides the Service ID.

Click Here for IPTV Service Alternative and Subscribe (Get Service ID, Username & Password)

DO NOT READ BELOW… IPTV Service URLs Have Been Removed…

If you are in a hurry and can’t wait, click the link below but you do need to read further so that you fully understand.

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Actually, you are not renewing with the same IPTV service. You are going to sign up for a new account with a different IPTV service provider. So get the old IPTV service out of your head because you are going to start over since you can no longer subscribe or renew your subscription there.

So to be clear, you are on the right post with instructions to get the subscription to watch your favorites online again. After the subscription ends with the new IPTV service, you can get a Lenox TV renewal and continue to do so for as long as you like. This post also covers Bomba TV make a payment. and renew Sentra TV subscription.

Lenox TV Subscription (Lenox IPTV Subscription)

Keep in mind that a Lenox TV subscription is really a Lenox IPTV service subscription because you are dealing with an IPTV service. Always remember the name of the service and where they are located online so you can refer back to them to renew or get support.

The IPTV service delivers all the live TV channels and VOD movies/TV Series. They also activate the TV app that you are going to use. The app is free to download and doesn’t require signing up or paying anything at this point. However, to use the app to watch TV online requires a trial or paid subscription.

Feel free to watch my old Lenox app post with a video that I updated to get you up to speed HERE.

There were never that many Lenox IPTV services to begin with. Many of all switched to the UnliPlayer (Unlimited) and sometimes called Generic app whereas that name is in the URL to install UnliPlayer. If Lenox is mentioned on any IPTV website, more than likely you will be downloading/installing the Unlimited Player (new app).

How to Subscribe to Lenox TV

The IPTV service that I’m going to point you to uses the Unlimited Player which is the preferred app that’s supported. This is the new replacement app that many Lenox IPTVs are now using. Don’t worry, you can still use the old Lenox app if you want. You will get the same Service ID, Username, and Password from the IPTV provider. But if you experience a performance issue. Uninstall Lenox and install UnliPlayer (Unlimited Player).

You can find the Unlimited Player app inside the Google Play Store and install it depending on the streaming device being used. Other compatible streaming devices can use the UnliPlayer URL provided by the IPTV service. Click the link below…

So that I don’t confuse you, no free or paid-to-use TV app delivers any streaming content by itself. All the streaming content comes from the streaming TV service or IPTV service. They will send you the activation/login credentials via email to activate and log into the app to watch TV online.

In other words, you can only subscribe to and renew Lenox subscription with an IPTV provider, so be sure to remember the name of the IPTV service. Also, save the emails they send you via email to refer back when needed. The activation/login credentials include the following: Service ID, Username, and Password. Hopefully, you are clear on this if you thought differently. Now let’s move forward.

Lenox MP Apk download can be found HERE for streaming devices that cannot find the app inside the internal app store. But I advise you not to do anything. Go directly to the IPTV service website instead. If you already have Lenox installed, you can continue using it. But if you don’t have it installed, I advise you to install the UnliPlayer app. You can opt into a free trial to test everything on your streaming device and app before paying the subscription.

How to Subscribe to Lenox TV

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Note: When clicking the link above to visit the IPTV service website, you are not going to see Lenox written anywhere. Remember that app is no longer supported. You can either continue using your old Lenox app or use the new Unlimited Player app which is supported.

Renew Lenox TV Subscription – After 1 Month Ends

When clicking the link above to visit the IPTV service, you will see four subscription plans (1-Month, 3-Month, 6-Month, and 12-Month).

There is no recurring or automatic billing so your credit won’t get charged until you put in for a Lenox TV renewal. All you need to do is re-visit the same IPTV service website to renew. Be sure to read the FAQ/Help section on their website to get more info. You can purchase any renew Lenox subscription again when time — 1, 2, 3, 6, or 4-Month.

Normally the IPTV service will alert you before the subscription expires. This means you would need to check your email. Or, you can check the Account inside the TV app to see your expiration date.

Making A Lenox TV Renewal Payment

When placing your order, you may see PayPal which is a 3rd-party payment processor. If you don’t have a PayPal account, don’t worry. Just read closely when making the order and you will see a statement that says you can pay without an account. You can just use your credit card while using the PayPal platform.

You will take this renew Lenox TV subscription approach each time you place another order. At some point, you may want to get a free PayPal account. PayPal offers several benefits. You can pay other people, services, make product purchases online when the merchant uses PayPal.

PayPal users can also pay family and friends if they have a PayPal account and receive money from them online. You must link your bank account to PayPal so that you can receive and pay money online. Millions of people and businesses worldwide use PayPal. Again, they protect consumers.

There were times when I ran into a scam or never received my order that I paid for and had to submit a dispute. Good thing I used PayPal to make the purchase.

PayPal took care of the rest and I got my money back. When the merchant didn’t follow up, PayPal took the money right out of their merchant account and paid me. I highly recommend using PayPal.

In closing…

Again, it’s very important that you remember the name of your IPTV service provider where you got your initial subscription. You’ll be surprised how many people leave me a message and don’t know the name of their IPTV. Many of them refer to the name of the app instead. How can someone get a renew Lenox subscription if they don’t know the name of the IPTV service or where to go?

When you sign up for the IPTV service subscription, make sure you save their emails right after signing up for the trial or subscription. You will need to refer back to those emails when needing support also. Either that or bookmark the IPTV service website when you visit so that you can find them again.

Lastly… You now know where to go and how to subscribe to Lenox TV (Lenox IPTV) where you also go to get the renew Lenox TV subscription. I have not come across any IPTV service website saying you can continue using your Lenox app. I am giving you inside information to continue where you left off in watching all your favorites online.

Just click the link below and head over to the IPTV service website. Sign up for the trial to test your Lenox app and IPTV service first. If you like what you see and are happy with the streaming content delivered and features, go ahead and get the subscription. Enjoy!

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