So Player Channels, List and Guide

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Inside View of SO Player App (SOPlayer Channels) with Local, Premium and Global Channels, Guide & List

Whether you know it or not the free SOPlayer app does not deliver live SO Player channels and VODs by itself. So let’s explain what you must do to watch live SOPlayer channels through the app installed on a compatible device. A paid IPTV service subscription is required. They will activate the app that connects to their servers which gives you full access to watch all their live and on-demand streaming content.

So when you speak of SO Player TV channels you’re really talking about the IPTV service with the app connected. Both work seamlessly to bring you all sorts of live channels from major television networks as well as other types of streaming content such as CatchUp TV and VOD movies/TV Series.

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SO Player Channel Guide (SOPlayer Channel Lineup)

I tested and reviewed many SOPlay IPTV services and never have I come across any that give you a channel guide, list, or lineup on their website. You can only see what’s available inside when signing up for an IPTV free trial, low-cost trial, or subscription payment.

But I made the SO Player channels guide (SOPlayer channel lineup) and list available for you to see. You will see what all is included when watching the video above that takes you inside the app.

What does the SO Player channel list include?

When entering the SOPlay app main/home screen, you will see the TV category as well as other categories for Movies (w/ TV Series), CatchUp TV, EPG, etc. Not all IPTV services include CatchUp but I’m going to recommend a top IPTV service that does. Click the TV category inside the ap and you get access to the SO Player channels list with the following…

  • All
  • English
  • USA Locals
  • Canada Locals
  • Sports
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • NFL
  • NCAA
  • ESPN+
  • US Open
  • Spanish
  • French
  • UK
  • Adult
  • All Day
  • Music Channels
  • Gospel

This would be your SO Player channel list or lineup which are sub-categories of live channels or streams that are grouped. You will not get lost finding what you want. Everything is made easy when searching, finding, and watching what you want. There’s also a Search tool that allows you to search by title, even search for your city when looking for SO Player local channels.

SOPlayer Channels Access Code

Before we continue, you read where I mentioned the app must be activated by the IPTV service provider. In order for that to happen, you must first sign up to get the trial or subscription. The IPTV service will then email your activation/login credentials. This includes the Provider ID, Username, Password, and Device Pin Codes.

We don’t call this the SOPlayer Channels Access Code. It’s call the activation/login credentials or just call it activation credentials. You will find links to visit the recommended top IPTV service throughout this post. Just click it to visit.

SOPlayer App Channels – Final Notes

As for the SO Player Channel guide, this can be referred to as the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) or TV Guide. This guide is programmable whereas the IPTV service listed sub-categories of channels. The same channels’ lineup (list) that you see above is listed inside the EPG. Clicking any sub-category of channels in the EPG will load those channels in the EPG or SO Player channel guide (if you want to call it that) with those channels.

You can program the EPG with local channels only, Spanish only, sports channels only, etc. And speaking of local channels, I am not certain all USA cities are included. If your city is included, there may be only 3 or 4 local channels whereas 1 or 2 may not work.

This about sums up everything regarding SO Player channels or SOPlayer channels. Watch the video above to see everything. However, you won’t find me playing any of the streaming content. You will find another video posted at the top to see everything in action. You will now be directed to the Top IPTV service provider for the SOPlay app. Enjoy!

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