Replay Video Capture Review

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Software by:
Applian Technologies
$39.95 USD

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System Requirements: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Mac Computer: See... Video Capture Software for Mac... towards bottom of page.

Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

One of the better low priced video capture software on the market today that comes from Applian Technologies. Records any video and live streaming content when playing on computer. Records any media type coming from any video/movie website or portal, live streaming content such as live sports and other sources where record is not offered.

Ease of use, fast and smooth interface that does away with recording restrictions. This tool comes with many features, customizations, a 'Scheduler, 'Video Capture Option', 'Recommended Settings' and 'Help'. Also offers free trial (demo) download with full access. that's fully functional to try out. One good use for this technology is connecting a computer (with this video capture software installed) to any small/large screen HDTV via HDMI connection and watch what you recorded.

Not much here other than the software isn't compatible to Mac computers but Applian does offer a Mac version (See link in product review at left). The free download only allows capture up to 2 minutes of video in demo mode.

The small one-time fee for a tool that comes with many different features including a scheduler has everything one might want to record any video (online or offline) instantly or live streaming content. Can be a good solution for anyone looking to record often.


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Replay Video Capture Review (Applian Technologies): How To Record Any Video Anywhere

New!… Replay Video Capture 8 is Now Here.

Replay Video Capture ReviewReplay Video Capture Review. People who watch TV shows online, videos on YouTube, sitcoms on Hulu, live streaming sporting events on ESPN or watch movies on Netflix come to realize one thing. There is no way to record. This might not be an issue for some individuals but for those who disparately want to record videos when playing on their computers, whether the video/movie is coming from a web browser or DVD, can do so with ease. What makes this a reality is the technology that many claimed to be the best video capture around today.

Perhaps the best work-a-round one might consider to break the unable-to-record issue is a piece of hi-tech software like Video Capture by Applian Technologies. This company has been around for years and offer plenty of support that also includes a forum. They offer a line of similar products that are designed to get around media issues and at the same time manipulate all kinds of video and audio content for users.


Applian Replay Video Capture – How Does It Work and Is It Legal

Applian Replay Video Capture software (RVC) makes use of sophisticated technology that lets the user operate it to capture any video or live streaming content (coming from any source) that plays on a Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP operating system – may it be an offline or online source – the software can record video in high quality. That said, Applian Technologies claim if you can watch it, then you can record it!

Subsequently the content can be recorded from any website. Read again, recorded from any website, regardless of the format used. This tool can also record DVD’s when playing on a PC. If worried about legal issues, Applian technologies claim there is nothing to fear; their product doesn’t circumvent Digital Rights Management, a.k.a. DRM, or any copyright protection, thus re-affirming their Video Capture software is perfectly safe (100%) worldwide.

Just watch the videos below for an introduction to Replay Video Capture 8 and see how to use the new Background Mode feature inside this tool as well…



To Visit the Official Applian Technologies Website Now, Click Here


If you’re looking for a way to produce quality video recordings from sources that don’t offer a record feature, video replay capture eliminates a common barrier that one faces in these matters. It gives users the ability to record any content online. The user can choose to save some or part of a DVD recording or produce high quality movies from anywhere on his/her computer screen.

What’s new in the Replay Video Capture 8 version that wasn’t available in previous versions is the ‘Background Mode’ that records from hidden windows. This means the user can either hide or cover the video with another window or browser and Replay Video Capture will continue to capture the content as it plays without any interruptions during the recording – You even record when the video plays in full screen.

Compare to other screen capture software out there, RVC produces high quality video output. It has the ability to record up to 50 frames per second which is something that should be compared to other brands on the market. The free brands don’t offer the technology needed to create high quality videos coming from any and all sources.

Some of the RVC Video Benefits Include:

  • Capable of recording any video website, using any streaming protocol
  • Capable of recording any live streaming content such as sports
  • New Background mode – Records even if RVC is hidden behind windows/browsers
  • Great for video chat sites, webinars, webcams, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • Skype video call recordings
  • Record DVDs (offline)
  • Very high video quality
  • Can run from Thumb drives and USB
  • Supports dual monitor setups
  • Watch recorded videos from Applian software on HDTV when connecting computer (How to connect computer to TV)

I found using the software to record worked pretty well. This included recording videos from websites like Netflix, ESPN, Hulu, ABC, NBC and CBS – live sporting events, TV shows, sitcoms, movies, events, and so on.

Watch the videos below that show how to download/record the 2013 VMAs streaming online, automatically record Netflix movies with Replay Video and how to capture live streams on ESPN using Replay Video…



To Visit the Official Applian Technologies Website Now, Click Here


Ease of Use. When replay capture video appears on your desktop there are a few features to get familiar with and learn before recording something. The ‘Quick Guide to Recording’ that automatically opens each time the video capture application is launched and video tutorials are available when needed. The layout of the small Replay Video Capture window that appears in the right bottom of the computer screen is rather simple to use. I did watch a video to make sure I was doing everything correctly and saw that I missed one step. That’s how simple it is to use this tool as everything is well designed and organized for quick, easy recording.


Applian Video Capture Guide


3 Steps to Record

  1. Click ‘Get Video’ – A semi-transparent rectangle marks the video window
  2. Re-size – If necessary re-size the rectangle to fit the recording area
  3. Record – Click record and that’s it

When the recording starts there is an option to ‘Stop’ or ‘Pause’ and resume.


ESPN Recording 1 ESPN Recording 2


The user also has the option to choose high-quality, smaller Windows Media (WMV) or high-speed MPEG-2 files including USB/Thumb drive to save videos externally.


Applian Director

The Applian Direct is a recording tool command center that also comes with the Applian Replay Video Capture download and sits on your desktop also.

What this does is it gives you a choice to use the ‘Replay Media Center’ (additional price) that records and saves the exact digital copies of streaming videos and MP3 audio files coming from 1,000s of websites. However, this feature isn’t something you would choose if you haven’t already downloaded and installed the RMC on your computer.

There is a free demo available. It’s fully functional to try all the features and capture 100% length of all YouTube videos but only 50% length of everything else. Making a purchase will enhance more functionality. Note: You are not required to use or purchase the Applian Director to record media with the Replay Video Capture tool.


Applian Director


There’s also the choice to select ‘Replay Video Capture’ which is something you would chose. This feature makes production quality videos from any website or portal, media or Online TV Software player, other programs, and so on, by recording directly from a computer screen. However if the Applian Replay Media Capture for some reason cannot record the media file, then ‘Replay Video Capture’ will.


Free Trial Demo

Applian offers a Replay Video Capture free demo that lets you download and test. The software is fully functional with all the available features to check out. With this being a demo version, you only get two minutes of recording time. When that time is up the only way to record more is signing up to the paid version (one-time fee) to get unlimited video recordings. Video Capture Button

Applian also makes it easy for Replay Video Capture 7 users to upgrade to version 8 or any future upgrade when that time comes. There’s an incentive where the user can use their existing product activation code or email address to take advantage of a discount. Now if the user doesn’t have this information, s/he can click the ‘About’ button inside the Applian software to get it or visit the official website to request the code.



Replay Video Capture retails for $39.95 USD – a one-off fee for unlimited recordings that allow you to use the tool year in and year out. You have the option to pay via major credit card or an alternate payment processor (RegNow). This processor allows you to pay through PayPal which is a very secure online payment center. So if you decide to request a refund, you can go directly to your PayPal account or contact PayPal directly when using their toll-free number. The safety-net should you decide this software isn’t for you is the 30 day money back guarantee.

There are several audio/video products developed by Applian Technologies with different price-sets. Here are there names:

  • Replay Capture Suite
  • Replay Media Catcher
  • Replay Converter
  • Replay Music
  • Replay Telecorder for Skype™
  • Video Padlock
  • Replay Media Splitter

    Each software and description of what it does can be found at the official website. There’s also a way to get a backup CD sent to you in the mail for an additional fee.


    Replay Video Capture – Pros and Cons


    For the low one-time price and with everything the Replay Video Capture does, you could say that it’s a no-brainer and deserves a try. I’ve used the software to record and noticed the quality of the recording is only as good as the source where the video comes from. The ease of use, interfacing and features are very good.

    Without this tool, it leaves no way to get around recording restrictions when visiting different media websites of interest. So if you are someone who wants to record a favorite TV show, sitcom, movie, ballgame or event and watch it at a later time or start a video library, then this technology offers a quick, easy way to get beyond any restrictions to record, and thus making it a must have tool.


    Replay Video Capture isn’t compatible to Mac computers. However if you are interested, Applian Technologies created a software for the Mac (See further down). Other than that there aren’t many downsides beyond the free demo download that only allows 2 minutes of recording. That may not be enough to come up with a decision to buy, but at least this gives you the opportunity to use the software, feature enhancements and record to some extent.

    Also keep in mind that just because a piece of software worked on other people’s computer, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work on yours. The same goes for any software application. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the 30 day money back guarantee and where to go to request it if needed. You will receive information via email on who to contact for support (payment processor) once your payment is received.


    RVC with LiveTvWeb


    Is There Video Capture Software for Mac Users?

    Applian Technologies does offer a Mac version (Jaksta Media Recorder for Mac). However, it’s not a video screen capture software. Instead, it’s a video downloader and audio capture software. You can download YouTube video and over 100,000 other video sites, download music, and automatically convert the media to many devices and file formats. To Find Out More, Visit Jaksta for Mac from: Applian Technologies Inc.

    To actually record what appears on your Mac computer screen, you might want to check out two different brands…

    Movavi Capture Studio for Mac or TechSmith Camtasia for Mac (higher price)


    Movavi - Screen Capture Studio for Mac replay video capture



    By the end of the day, you could have the solution that enables you to record any media that’s playing on your computer. Getting pass the recording restrictions while keeping in mind you won’t be violating any illegal acts, according to Applian Technologies, is good to know. So if you are comfortable with this technology, then it would be to your best interest to read everything when visiting the official website and send them an email with questions – if any.

    In fact, you can join their forum right now to ask questions or read what others are saying. After conducting my Replay Video Capture review, I found the pros outweigh the cons and became happy with using the software to record media that was playing on my computer. You can do the same and take advantage of the free trial if you think this tool offers the solution to record at your leisure.

    To Find Out More and Visit the Official Applian Technologies Website Now, – Click Here or Click Below…


    Replay Media CaptureVideo Downloader For Windows RVC DownloadFor Windows Jaksta Media Recorder for MacFor Mac


    Also See Replay Capture Suite… All-in-One Video and Audio Tools Needed to Capture Media Online…

    Replay Capture Suite
    Records radio, saves music as MP3 files, Downloads video, and converts and edits your recorded files.

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