Watch Sports Without Cable: Live, Local, Fox, NBC, Football & College

How to Watch Sports without Cable or Satellite: Watch Sports on TV; Watch Live Sports; Watch Local Sports; Watch Fox Sports 1 (FS1); Watch NBC Sports; Watch ESPN; Watch College Football; All Live Sporting Events

If you don’t have cable or satellite or thinking about canceling, you can watch any sporting event you want online (local, national, international). You can save a bundle without opting into a bundle or contract. At this time, there is no web TV service out there that provides access to local TV channels, in your area, to watch online. But you can get access to national channels and live premium channels found on cable/satellite.

If you don’t want to read this entire article and want to learn how to watch sports without cable or satellite as quickly as possible, here’s a 3-step setup to follow:

Best 3 Ways to Watch Live Sports Online and Offline

  1. Access to local OTA TV channels from TV stations in your area to watch live and local sports (offline) without cable or satellite: Purchase a 50 or 100 mile, amplified, indoor HDTV antenna that connects to any TV/HDTV/Smart TV – Where to Buy. Connect coaxial antenna cable to TV and place flat head antenna on window or find open area for best reception. Grab TV remote to scan channels on your TV. Otherwise, use an outdoor antenna. See Video Tutorial Here
  2. Access to live, local, national, international sports online to watch on Internet-connected computer or any device with web browser: Watch live premium sports TV channels from popular TV networks and daily live sports TV schedule. Purchase lifetime membership (low one-time fee) or low-cost subscription. For live premium TV (sports, movies, TV shows, news, etc.), review eDigitalplace TV. For live premium TV and on-demand streaming content (sports, movies, TV shows, news, etc.), review DirectPcTv. Or see Top 10 Comparison Chart
  3. Ignore the following if you have a smart TV with web browser. Connect Internet-connected computer to TV and watch all sporting events on big screen from the Internet: Buy HDMI cable (or compatible audio/video cable) – Where to Buy. Connect one end to computer HDMI port and other end to TV HDMI port. Grab TV remote and hit ‘Inputs’ or ‘Source’ to get input options menu to appear on TV screen. Select HDMI port number where computer is connected. Whatever appears on computer screen now appears on TV screen. This is how to get the Internet on your television, which used as a monitor. Use either service, or both, in step #2 to watch sports on the computer and big screen. See Video Tutorials Here

Note: Laptop is preferred. When using setup for #1, you must use your TV remote to get the input options menu to appear. Select TV (television) to watch local OTA TV channels/sports. When using setup #3, you must switch from TV (television) to HDMI1 or HDMI 2 or whatever port number your computer is connected. In other words, get in the habit of switching from TV to HDMI to watch sports on TV (offline) or Internet-connected computer (online). Buy long HDMI cable (15, 25, 40 feet) to move computer near you. Have a question? Use ‘Chat Now’ box at bottom right.

Watch Sports without Cable: In Multiple Ways

If you want to know how to watch sports without cable or satellite TV, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll discover…

  • Best way to watch NFL games
  • Best way to watch Olympics
  • Best way to watch Superbowl online
  • Best way to watch NHL games online
  • Best way to watch NBA games without cable, including NBA playoffs
  • Best way to watch premier league in USA or outside USA
  • And much more

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It doesn’t matter what sporting event you want to watch without cable or satellite and there’s no contract to opt into. You will learn how to watch your favorite local games including national and international sporting events/ballgames from various sources. The quickest way to get started is following all 3 steps above.

You’ll learn how to watch sports online without cable (also offline), while saving money and time with no hassle. And you’ll learn how to watch everything on your computer as well as TV/HDTV/Smart TV. You can use other Internet-connected devices such as smartphone and flash-enabled tablet to watch live sports online. Go to to watch video tutorials to learn how to use those devices, if interested.

That said, the setup will not be expensive at all or hard to do. If you can afford a sports TV access of $40 (one-time fee) lifetime or $30 annual subscription fee, including $30 or less for a good indoor antenna and $25 or less for an audio/video cable (total: $95 or less), this will be your only cost. You can do each setup now or parts of the setup for now and later if money is an issue or want to experiment.

Compare the cost ($95 or less, one-time payment) to shelling out $90 or more per month ($1,080+/yr.) for a cable/satellite TV subscription. What you are about to discover is the next best thing to paid television that’s easy and quick to setup. This is how to watch sports without cable to save money when using an offline and/or online setup.

For online setup, all you need is an Internet connected computer, web browser, and ability to point and click. Watching sports without cable or satellite only requires a click or two. A computer is the best streaming media device, which can connect to any TV/HDTV/Smart TV via audio/video cable connector or connect wirelessly.

I’ve been an Internet TV enthusiast for years, who also happens to love watching live sports — particularly my local teams (Eagles, Sixers, Phillies & Flyers). I’ve tested, reviewed and used many WatchTvOnline services, both free and pay-to-use. Some of these low-cost services had me download 3rd-party TV software. Other services had me log into a members’ area. You will soon find out what services offer the easiest, quickest way to watch live sports online that are most cost-effective.

I recommend not using any free-to-use, 3rd-party websites out there to watch sports over the web. It would be worth your while to spend a little money to opt for a good low-cost 3rd party web-based sports TV service. These services offer the best way to watch sports without cable. Why? Because members can watch live sports online two different ways (more on this later).

How to Watch Live Sports without Cable

2 basics ways to watch live sports without cable and satellite TV:

  1. Access to live sports channels online
  2. Access to live sports channels offline

Access to live sports online: You will need a web browser, high speed Internet connection, and computer. A computer is the best streaming media device to use because there are no restrictions or limitation. There are no TV/VOD apps to deal with. Instead, you have full use of the World Wide Web to access all the streaming content available.

Your Internet connection speed should be, at least, 25 Mbps (download speed or higher). Higher the connection speed, better the picture quality and overall performance. If you don’t know how much Internet connection speed you have, then go to and run a test.

Last time I checked, my wireless connection was 73+ Mbps. My wired connection is near 150 Mbps, which is the speed I wanted from my ISP (Internet Service Provider), Comcast. If your Internet connection is a little below 25 Mbps, you can still try the setup and services I recommend.

However, you need to avoid buffering and playback issues when having less bandwidth. During peak hours (7am – 11pm ), when more people are online watching the same sporting event, it can cause a buffering or playback issue. This issue can occur when connecting more than one device to your wireless (wifi) network.

To watch live sports without cable, it would be in your best interest to invest more money to increase your Internet connection speed. But only do this is buffering or playback becomes a problem. You want to watch a sporting event over the Internet without it stopping and playing repeatedly, or cutting off.

You can use a wireless, wired or both wireless and wired modem/router. I have a smart TV and two HDTV TVs at home. My smart TV is using the wired (Ethernet cable) and my computer, smartphone, and wireless keyboard are connected wireless to my modem/router. If this is a little above your head, don’t worry.

I promise you will discover how to watch live sports without cable in the easiest, quickest way. My guess is you already have an Internet connection and computer. We’ll work with those for the time being.

Access to live sports offline: You need to buy an antenna for your TV or TV tuner card with antenna for your computer. If you want to turn your computer into a television to watch television offline, a TV tuner card with antenna will be needed.

If you are not a techy person, don’t have time or don’t feel comfortable opening your computer to insert a TV tuner card, there’s another way. Buy a USB TV tuner card, which can be connected directly to the USB port on the computer. See Video Tutorials Here.

I don’t use a tuner card. Instead, I purchased a 50-mile radius, amplified, indoor HDTV antenna [] from You can do the same and watch all local OTA TV channels with sports, from TV stations in the area. What’s interesting is the picture quality is far more superior than cable/satellite TV.

How to Watch Local Sports without Cable

To watch local sports without cable or satellite TV, you have decisions to make. Do you want to watch sports online, offline, or both? Do you want to use a computer, television, or both? I do everything. You can use an Indoor HDTV antenna mentioned earlier, and I highly suggest you do so. Here’s one way that shows how to watch sports on TV without cable and save:

  1. Connect amplified flat head indoor antenna with coaxial cable end to the television
    Place flat head antenna on the nearest window, higher the better. If not, find open area for best reception
  2. Grab TV remote, hit ‘Inputs’ or ‘Source’ or whatever command to open input options menu on TV screen. If not already selected, choose TV (television) and close the menu
  3. Open another menu and hit the command to scan channels. When all channels are scanned, you can now watch local TV channels. You may have to move the flat head antenna around to get the best reception

Another way to watch local sports without cable or satellite is the Internet. You can do what I do. I use two 3rd-party web-based TV/VOD services that also have a dedicated live sports TV section. One service serves as a backup to the other. This way I never miss a live sporting event, whether I’m in or out of the home.

If I’m traveling far or near or somewhere inside/outside my home, I can still watch all my local sports online without a television, provided I have an Internet connection. Both services I recommend are reliable. There’s also an additional bonus I get when using both services (more on this later).

Best Way to Watch Sports without Cable and Satellite

The best way to watch live sports without cable comes from using one or both web-based sports TV services I recommend. This way you get access to worldwide sports, not just local sporting events.
Here are the benefits:

  • Get access to live premium sports TV channels from popular sports networks online
  • Get access to daily sports TV guide schedule that list all sporting events and ballgames day to day. The sports listing is updated every 30 minutes to ensure access to scheduled sporting events on the hour

Think of any sports TV network, more than likely you can watch sports over the Internet without cable. Sports fans can watch ESPN without Cable or Satellite including many other popular premium live sports TV networks. There’s also a daily live sports TV schedule that list all sporting event broadcasts daily. You get access to every sport and ballgame by day, with times and names of the event. You simply click the sporting event name to start watching it immediately.

However, there’s a bit of a downside concerning sports from the sports TV schedule. Popup ads may appear that must be closed to watch the sporting event. Just a small price you pay when buying into these services that are cheap but well worth it. You do this by waiting for the countdown timer on the TV player to reach zero (0). Then click the small ‘x’ on the popup ad or wherever it appears.

I recommend downloading the free AdBlock browser plugin to limit popup ads. Open your Google Chrome web browser and Click Here to download the free add-on. By default, it will be enabled when visiting a website. If you get a notice from the website to turn off AdBlock, simply click the red ABP icon on your browser to open it. Click where it says ‘Enabled on this site’. This will disable AdBlock. Now refresh the website or web-page and try again.

Last time I checked, the free AdBlock add-on can’t be installed to Mozilla Firefox. There is a problem with Mozilla. I suggest you use the Google Chrome web browser, which is the best browser to watch steaming content online.

Here’s a brief breakdown of both third-party, web-based sports TV services I use:

Best Third-Party, Web-Based Sports TV Services to Watch Sports Online Free and Why…

Direct PCTV: Streamlines and organizes free live sports TV feeds including many other free feeds for save, easy access. Direct-connects to all live sporting events and ballgames worldwide online. Delivers many premium sports TV channels/networks including daily live sports TV schedule that list every sports event by name, day, and time. Also includes premium channels from popular TV networks to watch entertaining old/recent movies and TV shows, news broadcasts, and so on.

This service gives you Live TV, Local TV, Global TV, VOD Movies, and VOD TV Shows. Not only do you get access to a wealth of sports online including ESPN live TV through their dedicated sports section, but access to over 200 premium live TV channels (last time checked). Can also watch college football live without cable, as well as pro and European live sports. There’s plenty of on-demand streaming content included and all streams can be accessed from one source.

How to Watch Sports without Cable

Now, understand there is some gray area here. I have been using this service including other services like them for many years. This came after cutting cable a long time ago to save cost. Direct PCTV is 3rd-party. This services including the one below don’t own the content delivered. They are not connected or affiliated with any cable or satellite TV company.

All the streaming content comes from the web, but not from any P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networks []. The setup for how to watch sports without cable comes easy when using these 3rd party web-based services.


>>> NOTE: As of 2/1/2017, the following service is no longer recommended, due to many complaints by consumers. See complaints Here and Here. Buy at your own risk! Until this service improves and eliminates existing problems, this notice will remain. I highly recommend using the service above.

eDigitalplace – 247TvStream: This service delivers nothing but live premium TV channels, no on-demand content. They are very much like Direct PCTV. You get access to the same sports both ways: Premium live sports TV channels and daily sports TV schedule. There are over 30 live sports subscription packages available with many different price sets. There are trials, monthly, yearly, and other subscriptions to choose from.

This service allows you to choose a specific type of sport(s) such as NFL and NCAAF only or all sports. The subscription package I chose and still use today is the ‘Sports and Entertainment Channels’. If you are living without cable or satellite, then why not have your cake and eat it too. Not only do you get access to every live sporting event daily, worldwide and locally, you also get access to over 150 live premium TV channels from popular TV networks. Popular movie channels, TV shows, news channels, even music videos.

To Read Full Review and Start Watching Favorite Sports Online with HD and HQ Picture Quality – Click Here

As I said before, I use both services. One service serves as a backup to the other and offers additional channels the other service doesn’t give me. This is how to watch sports without cable to save money and avoid contracts.

How to Watch College Sports without Cable

To watch college sports without cable or satellite, all the information previously mentioned allows you to do this. You can watch any NCAA game using the offline and/or online setup. Setup the indoor HDTV antenna to watch your favorite college sports or team directly on your TV/HDTV/Smart TV. Or one of the 3rd party web-based services I recommended to WatchTvOnline. You’ll get access to college networks to watch NAACB (college basketball), NAACF (stream college football online live), and so on.

Whatever college, pro or European sport is broadcast that day can be seen online. This includes NFL football, MLB baseball, NHL hockey, NBA basketball, preseason games, playoffs, championship, world series, and Superbowl. Unlike OTA (Over-the-Air) local blackouts, there are no local blackouts online. This is because you have access to multiple TV networks airing the ballgame or sporting event. Perhaps now you are beginning to see how beneficial this really is.

How to Watch Sports on TV without cable

There are two ways to do this: 1. Offline – Connect a 50-mile, amplified, indoor HDTV antenna [] to any TV/HDTV/Smart TV. Scan for local TV channels on TV; 2. Online – if you don’t have a smart TV with web browser, then connect a computer (preferably laptop) with an Internet connection to TV via HDMI cable [] (or compatible audio/video cable, whichever applies.

Choose one of the 3rd-party live sports services I recommended above to watch all sports from one source online – See Direct PCTV and LiveTvWeb (eDigitalPlace) above.

Watch Sports TV Channels/Networks Online Without TV Provider

You’ll get access to many of your favorite sports TV networks, both online and offline. And if you are really a sports buff, you can get them internationally also, including Eurosport. Here is a small list of some of the sports TV networks you can watch with just one 3rd-party web-based service:

  • Bein Sports
  • eir Sports
  • ESPN
  • Pac-12
  • Premier Sports
  • Racing UK
  • TSN
  • Sports Net
  • Tennis HD
  • TNT
  • Eurosports
  • Fox Sports 1 (fs1 online stream), plus other Fox sports channels
  • Sky Sports
  • BT Sports
  • Box Nation
  • Watch NBC Sports
  • And Many More

As you can see, you can watch fox sports without cable, watch fox sports 1 without cable, watch NBC sports without cable, or whatever you like.

All these live sports TV networks, including others not listed above, come at a fraction of the cost compared to cable TV and satellite. How to watch sports without cable is easy when knowing the sources and setup to use. If you still have cable or satellite but reluctant to cancel. I know how you feel, I’ve been there and done that. But like anything new, sometimes you just need to jump on board and see for yourself.

Don’t Have Cable: Best Way to Watch Football Live

When using an online streaming and offline OTA setup, anyone can watch NFL without cable as well as any sporting event worldwide. To watch NFL games online, watch NFL preseason games and other sports, requires a high speed Internet connection. Greater the speed, better the picture quality and overall performance. Any one of the 3rd party web-based Sports/TV/VOD services mentioned above can be used for quick, easy access.

How to Watch Live Sports Without Cable or Satellite and Record: Video Recording Software

By this time, you are probably wondering how to record live sports or ballgame to watch later. Or record and burn to CD/DVD to watch offline. There is an easy, cheap solution to do this and you can schedule a recording if you like. There’s a good video recording software I recommend. It functions like a DVR.

You can record anything playing on your computer such as CD/DVD, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and other TV/VOD websites, TV player software, record skype calls and webinars, etc. See Applian Replay

You’ve just learned how to watch sports without cable and satellite, offline and online, with computer and TV. The cost savings doesn’t come close to what is paid out for paid TV per year. If everything is applied, with all the steps included, you’ll have access to 100+ live sporting events and networks. You can watch sports without cable from any location, in or out of the home, with or without a TV.

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